15 Things You Didn't Know About Noelle Foley

If you’re into your wrestling, you already know all about Mick Foley, Dude Love, Cactus Jack, Mankind, or whatever you want to call him – the guy’s a legend in the industry. Mick was wresting for a remarkable 35 years, and won a ton of titles and accolades with various different promotions in the process. He acquired quite a fan following too, and was much-loved amongst his peers. It’s therefore no wonder that the wrestling business wanted to keep a hold of him, and so when he finally waved goodbye to in-ring action - only a few months back actually – he stayed an active part of the industry in another capacity, as a commentator and wrestling personality, which is what he’ll always be.

Although Mick’s retirement was a sombre occasion for his fans, it’s not the last time we’re going to see a Foley in the ring. Noelle Foley, Mick’s 23-year-old daughter, has exploded onto the scene in recent years and is one day hoping to carry on her father’s legacy in the ring. We’d all love her to compete, but at the moment she’s made a reputation for herself as one of the finest wrestling personalities around. She’s only in her early 20s, but this blonde bombshell, the new girl on the block, is certainly going places. She’s absolutely stunning, a real head-turner – obviously having gotten her looks from her mom – and is more than decent with a mic in her hand too. Her antics to date in the industry have already attracted a considerable amount of attention – not that she’s done anything bad, it’s just that whatever Noelle’s doing, people will be watching – and she’s the woman everyone’s talking about, which is pretty amazing considering she’s not even a full-fledged wrestler yet. But give it some time, and she’ll certainly be there, and will eventually be up there as one of the best divas in the industry – that’s for damn sure.

Here are 15 things you didn’t know about one of the most famous and loved wrestling kids, who’s not actually a wrestler, Noelle Foley.

14 Daddy’s Inspiration For Her Name

Mick Foley strikes me as someone who likes Christmas. I can’t quite put my finger on it, not sure what it is, but it’s just his appearance and what he’s gotten up to in life that makes me think he loves the festive period. The hair the beard, his paunch, the fact he writes kid’s books and how he is just a jovial guy – you can bet Christmas was a happy time in the Foley household. He even starred in the 2014 documentary, I Am Santa Claus, regularly tells Christmas anecdotes, is WWE’s resident Santa Claus at events, and has been seen belting out "Jingle Bells" when driving alone in his car.

The guy just lives for Christmas, so, when his daughter was born, giving her a Christmas-themed name was always going to be on the cards. He and his wife, Collette, went for it, but didn’t just go for a name with a Christmas theme, they picked a name that means Christmas itself. Noelle means Christmas in French; it’s a beautiful name and will always remind Mick of his favorite time of the year – a great choice and one that you have to say suits his daughter superbly.

13 Massive Social Media Personality

Noelle Foley’s looking to follow in her father’s footsteps and enter the ring, eventually, and at the age of 23, she has plenty of time to make a serious go of things in the wrestling industry. She’s already on the road to making that happen, and has one aspect of what it takes to be a wrestling star sorted. You’ve got to have the wrestling ability, the skills in the ring – Noelle still needs some work on that – but in today’s day and age, you also need a strong social media presence, and that’s something Noelle already has. She’s got over half a million followers before having even stepped into the ring, so she’d bring an almighty fan following to whichever promotion signs her up, which they inevitably will at some point. She’s a shrewd character and markets herself on the web superbly, and because of her strong social media presence (and good looks), she’s already one of the biggest, most-loved wrestling personalities around.

12 Wrestling Obsession

You’ve probably clocked by now that Noelle is absolutely obsessed with wrestling. She of course loves her dad, and surely watched everything he got up to in the ring with keen interest, but over the years her interest has expanded, and she’s now just a pure wrestling nut. Her life pretty much revolves around the industry, and she’s already deemed by many – although she’s not contracted to a promotion – to be a full part of it.

Noelle doesn’t live the normal life of a 23-year-old. She’s living the dream – her dream anyway – and basically travels the world attending wrestling conventions, shows and just immersing herself in all aspects of wrestling. She loves wrestling so much, she even travels to shows on the indies – she’s not just a WWE girl. You only need to see her line at meet and greet events to know that Noelle’s one popular woman. Her line’s normally bigger than that of some of the wrestlers at these events – someone sign her up, quick!

11 Sibling Love

Mick Foley actually has four kids with Collette, which might come as a surprise to a lot of you because Noelle is the only one of his offspring who really gets spoken about, for obvious reasons too.

Noelle lived in a male-dominated household growing up. She had her mom, but then there was Mick and three brothers she had to contend with – yet another reason why she’d make a good wrestler, because growing up with three brothers, she’d have definitely had had to shout to be heard and learn to handle things. She could have resented having three brothers, but the Foleys are a tight-knit family and there was, and still is, plenty of love between the siblings. She’s a doting older sister, and is especially close to Dewey, who’s also in the wrestling business, as a writing assistant with WWE. No doubt she’d be hoping to join him, and maybe soon he’ll be writing scripts for her, if and when she joins the promotion.

10 Mic Skills

If, for some reason, nothing comes of her attempts to forge a career as a wrestler, she certainly has something to fall back on. If worst comes to worst and Noelle doesn’t make it in the ring, WWE would be mad not to hire her anyway and get her involved in the promotion in some way. She’s proven she’s a dab hand with a mic in hand; her mic skills are phenomenal, and due to her looks and personality, she’s a pretty awesome interviewer, certainly not your run-of-the-mill mundane interviewer who’s got the looks but not much else. You need mic skills if you’re going to make it with a top promotion, and Noelle already has that side of her wrestling education well and truly sorted. Mick would be content if she continued interviewing superstars, but Noelle’s keen to progress, eager to climb through the ranks and get some in-ring action.

9 Modeling

Noelle Foley’s lucky because she’s blessed in so many different ways. If wrestling doesn’t work out, she could still be involved in the industry in another capacity, and if a career as an interviewer doesn’t work out, she could go down the modeling route, or combine her love for wrestling and taking sexy shoots and do both. A career as a model was always on the cards for Noelle, and she does dabble in a bit of modeling from time to time. She mainly gets glammed up for pics that she posts herself on social media, but she’s also done a load of professional shoots, and it’s evident that the camera just loves her.

When quizzed about a potential life as a model, Noelle has said that wrestling’s her priority, but she’s also an aspiring modeling. She’s looking to get a major modeling gig with some prominent magazine or other, and has even set her sights on posing for Playboy, which fortunately for Mick, unfortunately for a lot of her fans, is today non-nude.

8 Loves The Fans

Fans love Noelle Foley, everything about her, and one reason they love her is because she loves them too. Not many wrestling personalities truly, and I mean truly, like their fans. They often find it a drag to go to meet and greet events, to pose for pics, and some avoid these situations entirely and are just downright rude. But not Noelle. She laps it up, all the attention that comes her way, all the love and admiration, and a lot of it is reciprocated too. She loves the fans because, sure she’s Mick’s daughter, but they’re the people responsible for essentially making her the huge wrestling personality she is today. She’s got an almighty fan following and just loves doing whatever she can do for them. Noelle will spend her time chatting to fans, putting them at ease, making them feel that it’s special for her to meet them. She really does have a chilled out down-to-earth personality – a really genuine individual who loves to be loved and loves loving too.

7 Wrestling’s Not Up To Par

Noelle’s got everything going for her, but the final piece of the puzzle, the one aspect of being a wrestler she needs to get sorted, is the actual wrestling itself. She’s tried and has undergone training – her dad’s her trainer, which has got to be interesting! – but it hasn’t gone according to plan, and her progression hasn’t been as swift as she would have liked.

Mick wasn’t keen on his beloved daughter’s plans to enter the ring – he would’ve preferred it if she stayed as a wrestling personality – but he eventually came around to the fact Noelle’s mind was set on a career as a wrestler, so he took her under his wing. But he’s certainly not been giving her an easy ride. It was never going to be easy, but Mick’s proving to be a hard taskmaster and has been pretty critical of his daughter’s wrestling ability, deeming it to be “not the best.” Oh well, it’s still early days and there are plenty of mediocre wrestlers out there at the moment, so Noelle’s sure to get a gig in the ring somewhere. As long as she’s improving, she’ll surely realize her dream at some point.

6 First Appearance In 1999

Noelle Foley’s known today for being super sexy and a great wrestling personality, but back in the day, and I’m talking 18 years ago, she was known as Mick’s adorable little daughter who bawled her eyes out on TV. It was a really cute moment, although I’m sure it’s not something Noelle would look back on with fond memories – she’ll probably find it a tad embarrassing.

Most wrestling kids accompany their parents to events and shows growing up to see what they do for a living. Noelle was no different, and made her first appearance way back in 1999, at the tender age of five, to cheer on her dad who was in an "I Quit" Match against The Rock. But poor Noelle, she didn’t do much cheering, and instead spent most of the show bawling her eyes out. That’s because the match was pretty intense, pretty graphic, and of course at that age, Noelle didn’t understand that it was scripted – all she saw was her dad getting pummelled.

5 Clowning Around

Noelle’s got supermodel good looks, brains as well as beauty, and a killer personality to match – she really does have the entire package. You’d therefore think that she could have anyone of her choosing, she could get with some of the biggest names in the industry if she wanted. But she made her choice and is dating someone, but who that is has left a lot of people puzzled. Her choice of relationship has left fans of hers and the wrestling world scratching their heads, because she’s not dating a WWE superstar or anyone like that; no, she’s in a somewhat bizarre relationship… with a clown, Frank the Clown to be exact.

No disrespect to the guy – actually a ton of respect to him because he’s batting way out of his league – but really? He’s not the best looking guy, he is actually loathed by a lot of people, and is the subject of a lot of ridicule from the wrestling world. He must have one killer personality – or something else! – because any way you look at it, they just don’t seem compatible. Mick’s not Frank’s biggest fan either, but that hasn’t affected things; they’re still together and by the looks of things, are still going strong.

4 Has Got Tons Of Friends In Wrestling

If you haven’t realized by now, Noelle’s all about wrestling, and I mean all about it. She’s not one of these wrestling personalities who goes to events, shows, meets the fans, fulfils all of her obligations, then goes back home and switches off, and does whatever she needs to do to get away from wrestling. She’s all about wrestling; it’s wrestling, wrestling, wrestling 24/7. Even after fulfilling her work commitments, she hangs out backstage, goes and chills with the wrestlers, and has a good time with other figures within the industry.

Due to her awesome personality, she’s made a ton of really good friends in wrestling. Her dad’s profile has got to have something to do with that too; he’s gained a ton of respect over the years, and that’s rubbed off on Noelle – people respect the Foleys and so they have many friends in the industry. A couple of Noelle’s best buddies are Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, but pretty much anyone could chill with Noelle – she’s just that type of woman.

3 Really Is A Daddy’s Girl

Growing up with Mick Foley as your dad could have gone one of two ways. She could have ended up resenting him, hating him for being on the road for the majority of the year, for pummelling others in the rings, and letting other inflict damage on him, or despised some of his antics, but thankfully for the Foley’s Noelle went the other way and just loved everything about her dad, so much so that she wants to follow in his footsteps.

Things could also have become a bit rocky when Noelle announced she wanted to be a wrestler – which Mick wasn’t pleased with – and then when Mick became her trainer. But no, they’ve just grown stronger over the years and really do have a rock-solid relationship.

Amazingly, they’ve claimed they’ve only ever had three fights over the years, three occasions where they’ve fallen out. They’re as close as father and daughter can be, and no doubt they’ll get even closer if and when Noelle enters the ring.

2 She’s A Head-Turner

Obviously, Noelle is a hell of an attractive woman. Everyone knows that, and Mick must think his daughter’s beautiful too – not in that kind of way of course! So, it’s safe to say that when Noelle entered the industry, he was very protective over his little girl, he was looking out her. Dads will always look out for their kids, but Mick knows what wrestlers, these testosterone-fuelled guys, are like, and the kind of talk that goes on backstage and in the locker rooms. So, it must have been tough seeing his daughter in that kind of environment, especially after he got wind of some of the goings on backstage.

Ever since Noelle started coming to shows and hanging out with wrestlers, she’s been getting hit on. Apparently, she was being hit on even when she was underage, much to Mick’s displeasure. Dolph Ziggler is a name that came up during one of Mick’s interviews; apparently Dolph had the hots for Noelle for a long time, and was trying it on with her before she was 18!

1 Holy Foley

Vince McMahon has had some disastrous ideas over the years, but there’s no doubting that he’s a shrewd businessman and has made some awesome decisions too, and one of these is the WWE Network. The business model has undergone numerous changes over recent years, but it still remains a dream for any wrestling fan. Some of its programming has been great, some shows have really worked, but others haven’t done the network any favors. Holey Foley was one of those shows. It was slammed by the critics who deemed it as yet another desperate attempt to get a fading superstar back into the limelight. But there was one person who emerged with some sort of credibility from the show, and that’s Noelle. She already had a presence on the wrestling scene, but after Holey Foley her popularity just skyrocketed. Seeing the Foley’s family dynamic was pretty interesting, but eventually people just began tuning in to see Noelle.

Tough Love

When Noelle announced to the family on Holey Foley that she wanted to be a wrestling superstar, Mick didn’t sugar-coat anything. Being the kid of a wrestling legend like Mick, you might think everything’s going to be handed to you on a plate, that doors are going to automatically open for you and that getting a gig as a wrestler is going to be a piece of cake. But gone are the days where you’re picked up by a promotion just because of your family connections. You’ve got to pay your dues, and Mick knows what’s that like.

I’ve already mentioned how he thinks Noelle’s wrestling isn’t close to the standard required for her to make it in the ring. But he also thinks she’s too soft to become a pro. When he was starting out, he had to drive hundreds of miles to training, on occasions sleep in his car, and just do whatever he could. He put in plenty of blood, sweat, and tears. Now Noelle won’t have to do that, but it’s going to be seriously tough, she won’t always have her daddy around to hold her hand, and Mick’s been candid in saying that he thinks becoming a wrestler is the wrong path for her to go down. Only time will tell, but we want to see more of Noelle, so we all hope she eventually climbs that ladder and realizes her dream!

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