15 Things WWE Fans Have To Accept About The Modern Day Product

WWE has a number of different kinds of fans. There are fans who are new to the business while there are also many fans that have been watching the product ever since the Attitude Era. These fans have had to get used to the new product and it seems that there are some new rules when it comes to WWE shows nowadays.

Some WWE fans don't remember the product from a few decades ago and instead can only remember WWE as a PG rated show. This usually only includes the children in the WWE demographic but at the same time, there are fans who often complain about the current product because they wish that WWE could go back to the way it was in the Attitude Era when it was more focused towards adults.

WWE has realized that children are now a big seller for them and they can point a lot of their merchandise towards kids if they keep the show PG, which is good for the money earning potential of WWE but not very good for adults who are slowly falling away from the company as the predictability and repetitive nature of the new WWE is failing to attract as many new fans.

It's a sad reality but there are a lot of things that fans of the product back in the late 1990s need to accept about the company nowadays, there are some things that are definitely not going to change and it's time that the audience gets used to it.

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15 It's Impossible To Watch All WWE Shows Each Week

WWE made Raw three hours long back in 2012 and it seems that this is something that the company are happy to keep the same despite there being many negative reports relating to the Raw ratings. With Raw at three hours, added to the already long lineup of SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT, next week includes SummerSlam and NXT Takeover Brooklyn, so the weekend is more than 13 hours of wrestling that will take place just from WWE alone next week.

Many fans of the WWE product also watch the likes of NJPW, Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor, and sometimes Impact Wrestling as well, which makes it completely impossible for fans to be able to watch all of the shows that WWE put out each week as well as their original content that is released on the Network on a weekly basis and still go to work each day.

14 Heels Are Often Cheered For More Than Faces

The good versus evil dynamic in WWE used to be something that the fans could easily follow. During the Attitude Era fans could easily figure out who the good and bad guys were. CM Punk changed this dynamic quite a bit in his WWE days when he showed that sometimes the heel can be much more fun than the face.

Cool heels have become the thing in WWE now with the likes of Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, and Brock Lesnar often being cheered for as heels much louder than the stars who were opposite them in the position where they were the good guys. Vince McMahon himself once said that there was no such thing as faces and heels in WWE anymore and it seems that this could be true, because WWE no longer dictates superstars' characters, fans do. WWE have spent so long recently trying to push Roman Reigns as a face that they've now accidentally made Braun Strowman a face instead.

13 The Attitude Era Isn't Coming Back

There are a number of fans of wrestling that often share their opinions about the product online during their live events using their social media accounts and it seems that there are many who are not happy with the product because it isn't the same as it used to be and they often openly wonder why the Attitude Era isn't coming back.

The Attitude Era was a time in wrestling when content was risqué; it was aimed towards adults, there was much more violence, more women wrestling men in matches, and a lot of things that WWE wouldn't be able to get away with nowadays without a number of people making complaints about things being politically correct. The world has changed, the Internet has changed wrestling for the better and the worse, and whether these fans like it or not the Attitude Era isn't coming back and it's something that these fans need to accept so that they can begin enjoying the current product.

12 WWE Doesn't Call The Shots Anymore

WWE has been the heavy hitter in the world of wrestling for a number of years, the company will always be seen as the biggest promotion in the world but now there are many other promotions who are challenging WWE every day. Lucha Underground, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Ring of Honor have stepped up their game in recent years as Impact Wrestling has begun their steady decline.

Even though WWE will always be seen as the dream place for many wrestlers to work for, there are many other brands that fans now prefer to watch and often state that Lucha Underground has much better storylines and treats their superstars much better than WWE do. Competition used to be a huge deal for WWE who fought to end the competition of WCW in the late 1990s, but they are aware that there are many enemies in the wrestling world nowadays and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

11 WWE Have No Motivation To Change Their Ways

Despite the likes of NJPW and Lucha Underground being seen as WWE's competition, they aren't really in the same ballpark as the McMahon-led empire. Their global reach is so much less than WWE that, in 2016, New Japan Pro Wrestling had just 4% of the global reach that WWE confirmed for the same period of time.

It seems that WWE are happy to throw money around and to sign up a number of superstars that they don't actually intend to use, if it means that they are able to annoy their competition. WWE proved this when they decided to announce a UK tournament in late 2016 just months after World of Sport announced that they would be presenting a UK based show on terrestrial TV. WWE swooped in and signed up the stars and has hardly used any of them on their shows since, but have ensured that their contracts state that they can't work for any other companies.

10 Vince McMahon Is Still Out Of Touch

If you thought that Vince was out of touch back in the 1990s when it came to the WWE product then you won't be surprised to know that Vince is still exactly the same right now. It is easy to tell which promos and storylines the WWE Chairman has put all of his creativity into because they are the ones that make the least sense and are not relatable to anything currently happening in society.

McMahon is no closer to retiring from the company at this point either, despite many fans expressing their opinion when it comes to the fact that Triple H would be so much better at the creative process with WWE's main roster, especially since he has already proved his worth as the head writer down on their NXT brand. Many fans feel that Vince could singlehandedly be the biggest downfall that WWE has, and his stubborn nature could be preventing the company from reaching much higher right now.

9 WWE Is All About Selling Merchandise Nowadays

Back in the Attitude Era, WWE superstars wouldn't be seen with a huge amount of merchandise and WWE didn't have an online store that they felt the need to promote as part of every show. It seems that the company have now realized that the money is there to be made when it comes to replica shirts of their top stars and now there are only a number of stars in the company who don't have any merchandise.

A few decades ago, female wrestlers didn't have any merchandise. Trish Stratus didn't come out wearing shirts that the WWE Universe could then buy online, but now all the women currently on the main roster have a gimmick and a selling point so that WWE can make money from it. It seems that the company are slowly turning their show into a huge advert to ensure that they are always creating money.

8 WWE Greatest Match Types Will Never Be The Same

WWE has managed to retain many matches that were created as part of The Attitude Era, and the problem is that these matches will never be the same in a PG era. Many fans saw the TLC match at WrestleMania 17 and now they are given an entire TLC pay-per-view that fails to live up to any of the hype when it comes to these matches.

The fact that WWE no longer allows stars to bleed, wrestlers to take chair shots, or the fact that the matches themselves are now being contested under the PG banner, means that these matches will never be the same as the originals, which only leads to disappointment. Fans need to realize that WWE is different in this era now and it's unfair to the wrestlers in this day and age to think that they can recreate these matches under different rules in a different era.

7 WWE Are Very Good At Working The WWE Universe

Back in 2014, the WWE Universe got quite excited when Daniel Bryan was pushed into the WrestleMania main event and left New Orleans with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Fans thought that they were finally getting what they wanted and that their favourite star was finally being pushed.

This was WWE working the crowd once again. They are well aware that if they gave fans what they wanted all the time, then they would get bored and not watch the product anymore, but if they make fans angry and force them to tweet about it on social media, then they are going to get free advertisement and be trending worldwide without having to do very much. Angry WWE fans are much more vocal on Twitter and they are the ones who say they will never watch another show, but they keep coming back and the company knows it.

6 NXT Is Probably Better Than The Main Roster

NXT has become a phenomenon of its own over the past few years, so much so that many of the superstars who are currently main eventing the main roster were once part of the NXT set up. This includes the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Finn Balor.

WWE often makes the mistake of allowing NXT's roster to perform at a Takeover event before WWE's main event the following day, but the problem is the fact that NXT often blows WWE out of the water. One thing that easily proves this theory is the fact that the current match of the year so far actually took place at NXT Takeover Chicago when Pete Dunne took on Tyler Bate. It was an incredible match that stole the entire weekend in Chicago and there hasn't been a contender that has come close on WWE's main roster since then.

5 WWE Doesn't Care How Much You Tweet Your Negativity

Triple H once performed an incredible promo where he imitated a fan and stated that if he doesn't agree with something then he would Tweet his displeasure and then if it happened again then he and his friends would refuse to watch the product again which is exactly what WWE fans do when things don't go their way.

For every bad decision one WWE fan feels the company is making, many other fans are happy with the decision. The company thrives because fans tweet their displeasure and their negativity and make them one of the top trends in the world on a regular basis. WWE will never listen to fans or change the way they do things just because fans are airing their grievances online. They know just how to annoy fans enough that they will do all of their promotion for them, which shows just how smart they are.

4 Familiar Faces Will Always Pop Up Now And Again

WWE seems to love a bit of nostalgia, so much so that their go to option when the company needs to raise the ratings is to bring back a star from a few years ago so that they can push them towards a championship and annoy all of the hard workers in the WWE locker room.

Goldberg was the latest example of this when he was brought back to be a downloadable character as part of WWE2K17 and ended up becoming Universal Champion and was given a WrestleMania match. It seems that Kurt Angle is this year's version of this as well. Regardless of what the WWE Universe wants, nostalgia will always be key in WWE and they will always look to the past more than the future, so if fans really want the good old days to come back, then they should be happy seeing some of the stars return a few decades late.

3 There Are Some Stars Who WWE Will Never Turn Heel

John Cena is one WWE star who has never been able to turn heel in his WWE career. Despite his character often coming across as cocky and confident, it seems that WWE has never wanted to pull the trigger and allow the face of the company to be a villain, because of the promotion that Cena does outside of the wrestling ring.

It seems that Roman Reigns could be another version of John Cena in the modern age. The former World Champion is being booed out of the building on a weekly basis, but WWE sees this as Roman at least being given a reaction. If the fans truly hated him then he wouldn't be given any kind of reaction and he wouldn't be one of the highest merchandise sellers. Whether the WWE Universe likes it or not, it seems that Roman Reigns is set to be a face for the foreseeable future because he is being groomed to be the next face of the company in place of John Cena, when he finally leaves.

2 Nothing Is Ever Certain In WWE

Dirt sheets have become one of the biggest things that have hindered both WWE and TNA over the past few years, but even though there are a number of websites that leak rumours and "exclusive" details about wrestling events before WWE does, that doesn't mean that these websites actually have the inside scoop.

Everything is subject to change in WWE and even though there are a number of fans who claim that they know exactly what is happening on a regular basis, the truth is that most of the time WWE doesn't make final decisions on events until the final hours before the event goes on air. This means that it would be impossible for many of these rumours to be true. Don't let the Internet put you off, sometimes wrestling is much better when the Internet is turned off and the product is enjoyed for exactly what it is.

1 The Internet Is WWE's Greatest Weapon

The Attitude Era came before technology took over and the Internet became both one of the best and worst things to happen to professional wrestling. While dirt sheets and rumour's being leaked have easily become one of the things that has hindered WWE a lot over the past few years, the company has also seemingly been accused of leaking their own information to fans to build interest in the product.

WWE knows how to use the Internet to their advantage, this is why many of the superstars have their own Twitter accounts and often begin feuds on social media that later boil over onto WWE TV and vice versa. In order to fully understand much of WWE right now, fans have to have a social media account and have to follow all their favourite wrestlers on there. The Internet is perhaps the biggest difference for this era when compared to WWE's previous eras.

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