15 Things We Didn't Know About Mick Foley's Daughter (And Her WWE Plans)

Mick Foley's daughter Noelle has become a figure in her own right over the past few years, even though she hasn't yet been able to make an impact in the industry where her father will always be seen as a legend. Noelle is the only daughter of Mick Foley and even though he also has three brothers and her oldest brother has already secured a job with WWE, it seems that Noelle has tried and failed to become a part of the company in the past, which means that she has been unable to follow in her father's footsteps.

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Even though she hasn't been able to become a female wrestler in WWE yet, it seems that Noelle is already making a name for herself as part of Holey Foley on the WWE Network and as a person that many fans enjoy following on Twitter. Despite not being a wrestler for the biggest promotion in the world, it seems that Noelle has been able to be part of a number of projects with the company outside of the ring and still has aspirations to join the company in the future or even be part of the show backstage much like her father and brother right now.

The following list looks at all the things that Noelle has done over the past few years with WWE and the plans that she has for her wrestling future. Will Mick Foley's only daughter  finally be able to follow in her father's footsteps one day?

15 Noelle Was A Huge Part Of Holey Foley

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Noelle Foley has been around the wrestling business for a number of years and grown up in front of our eyes, but it seems that she became completely famous when she was part of Holey Foley on the WWE Network a few years ago.

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Being the only daughter of Mick Foley meant that Noelle and Mick's relationship played a main role in the entire show. While Noelle's brothers and her mother Collette were also part of the show, it seems that the producers wanted to concentrate on the relationship between Mick and his daughter since Noelle has already proved that she has a likeable personality, which has allowed her to become popular with the WWE Universe. It seems that her appearance on the show, which hasn't been renewed for another season on the Network, has only helped to boost her popularity further and allowed her to become a household name around members of the WWE Universe.

14 She Has Appeared On WWE TV Before

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The WWE Universe can't wait for Noelle Foley to finally step in a WWE ring, but it seems that the cult internet celebrity has already appeared on WWE TV. Noelle appeared on an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2015 alongside her father Mick Foley.

Noelle was dressed up as Mrs Clause alongside her father, whose biggest passion in life is Christmas and being able to dress up as Santa. Noelle delivered in the best way possible in the segment were she was promoting WWE's Shop. But it seems that this didn't become a regular occurrence, but if social media is anything to go by, the WWE Universe was definitely happy to see the beautiful blonde making an appearance on the show that they were all convinced she would one day wrestle as part of. Noelle has made numerous appearances on WWE TV since, but sadly they weren't in a physical capacity.

13 She Was Rumoured To Be Training To Become A Backstage Interviewer

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Noelle has a number of clips of her online talking to WWE superstars and it seems that her likeable personality has allowed her to become a star over the past few years. Noelle definitely knows how to talk, which could be why there were rumours that she would be part of the company in a different format as a backstage interviewer.

Noelle definitely knows her way around a mic and with a number of women who have become part of the company as backstage announcers over the past few years, it seems that this could have been a great career path for her to aspire to if the company was open to training her. Despite these rumours coming a few years ago, it is something that WWE has still yet to act on, so it is unknown if this is something that Noelle would be interested in at present.

12 Noelle Tried Out For WWE But Failed To Make The Cut

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As part of Holey Foley, which was a huge hit on the WWE Network, Noelle was seen training to be a WWE superstar alongside the likes of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. The women helped Noelle to learn all of the basics ahead of her tryout, which was something that even she admitted she was nervous about.

She then went on to complete the tryout before she was told afterwards that she wasn't what they were looking for at that moment but the door would always be open to her if she continued to train and decided that she wanted to try out again in the future. Even though Noelle didn't make the impact that she hoped she would, it seems that she made a number of friends that could come in handy if this is the future that she wants. Hopefully, Noelle has continued to train and will attempt the tryout once again when she feels she is ready.

11 Noelle And Dolph Ziggler?

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It seems that even though Noelle didn't inherit her father's in-ring ability, she has inherited her mother's incredible looks, which could be why she has turned a number of WWE stars' heads over the past few years.

While Noelle was known to be in a relationship with a man called Frank Mustari throughout their time on WWE Network show Holey Foley, it seems that Noelle had other interests before their relationship originally began. Her father talked about the fact that his daughter is hit on by a number of WWE stars in the locker room on Pete Rosenberg's podcast a few years ago. Even though Mick himself said that he didn't want to go into names he did mutter Dolph Ziggler as one of the men who obviously has his eye on his daughter. Does this mean that there is more to Dolph and Noelle's story than just a friendship?

10 Noelle Aspires To Be A WWE Superstar

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At the age of 24, it seems that Noelle could be coming in late when it comes to training to be a WWE star. Noelle has mentioned the fact that she wants to become a WWE star like her father, but she doesn't have an athletic background to fall back on, which means that it would be a hard climb to the top.

Her father wasn't happy when he found out that she wanted to follow in his footsteps and it seems that even though he was unsure about it at first, he has warmed up to the idea and actually tried to help his daughter as best as he could. The Women's Division is the best that it has ever been right now, so it seems that if Noelle wants to be part of the company at that level then she has to throw herself into training and commit herself, since she doesn't have anything but her father's name to cling on to right now.

9 Her Brother Dewey Already Works For WWE

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Anyone who tuned into Holey Foley will know that Noelle's brother Dewey has already followed in her father's footsteps and is a part of the company. Even though Dewey doesn't have the social media presence of his sister, he has already been able to make an impact in the company and currently works as a creative assistant as part of the company.

Dewey has held his position in the company ever since October 2015 and has been part of a number of creative decisions throughout the past few years. Noelle's other two brothers are much younger and haven't yet decided to state any kind of interest in deciding to follow their brother into the company or even start training so that they can make a name for themselves just like their father once did. Luckily, it seems that Noelle's WWE future still hangs in the balance which gives fans of the family something to look forward to.

8 Her Father Is Her Toughest Critic

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Many fans would think that having a WWE legend as a father would be a blessing in the wrestling world and it seems that is has done Charlotte the world of good when it comes to her career, but it is quite different for Noelle who's father has been supportive over the past few years. However, he doesn't pull any punches when it comes to talking about how she is doing with wrestling training.

Mick has stated that he feels Noelle has a long way to go before she is at a level that he thinks she needs to be at to be able to compete in the Women's Division. It seems that his comments weren't that helpful for Noelle and they have definitely come between them when it comes to their relationship, but Mick feels that he is being a supportive father. He wants to help his daughter the best way that he can and that includes telling her the truth, even if she doesn't want to hear it.

7 Noelle Originally Wanted To Be A Model

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Coming from a family where her mother was a model and her father was a WWE superstar, it seems that Noelle was always going to be somewhat split when it came to the decision between which career she wanted to pursue.

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Noelle originally looked into becoming a model and judging by some of the shots of her online and the images that she has shared on Instagram, it seems that modelling was definitely passed down in her blood. Sadly for her mother Collette, it seems that wrestling was also something that she inherited and that was the path that she wanted to pursue. Wrestling ability wasn't something that came naturally to Noelle, which could be why she decided to pursue the much harder career. It will feel so much sweeter when she finally makes it if she's able to withstand all the hard work and follow in her father's footsteps.

6 Noelle Didn't Tell Her Father That She Was Training To Be A Wrestler

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It was one of the biggest parts of Holey Foley, but it seems that even though Mick Foley is a legend when it comes to the wrestling business, his daughter didn't know how to tell him that she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Noelle kept it to herself for a while and her father didn't react very well when he found out since he didn't think it was a business that he wanted his daughter to be part of. Mick obviously has a point, since Noelle has already turned a few heads in the locker room and she isn't even part of the company yet. Obviously, Noelle and Mick have a close relationship and after a lengthy conversation, it seems that Mick then went on to help his daughter as best as he could to ensure that she was getting the best possible training that was available to her.

5 She Challenged Stephanie McMahon To A Match

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When Holey Foley was at the height of it's run, Mick Foley was hired as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw and was then able to promote the show throughout his run, but this run came to an end ahead of WrestleMania last year when Mick was reported to have needed hip surgery and Kurt Angle was then brought in his place.

Mick was fired by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and it seems that even though it was something that needed to happen to write Mick off WWE TV for his surgery, Noelle didn't take the news too well and even challenged Stephanie to a match on Twitter. The daughter of the WWE Hall of Famer stated that the match should take place at WrestleMania 33 but obviously, this didn't happen and Stephanie herself didn't even respond to the post, which was obviously only posted as a joke.

4 Noelle Had A Huge Crush On Randy Orton When She Was Younger

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Noelle has been around the wrestling business her entire life and it seems that like many young girls who watched WWE when they were growing up she obviously had crushes on the stars that she used to watch on TV. Noelle revealed in an interview a few years ago that she had a huge crush on former WWE Champion Randy Orton while she was growing up.

Noelle seemingly didn't try to pursue her crush on The Viper since the two have become friends and he is one of the stars that she has become close to. Noelle is one of the most famous wrestling daughters who aren't part of the company itself, which makes her a different kind of entity in the wrestling business and someone that is able to reveal things about her personal life and not be seen as strange because of it. The WWE Universe can relate to her since she is both a fan and someone who's on the inside with many stars in the company.

3 Vince McMahon Is Noelle's Biggest Advocate

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Noelle's someone who has been able to market herself over the past few years and it seems that WWE knows that she has a look that they can push too. Vince McMahon was one of the main reasons why Holey Foley became such a huge deal on the Network because he saw Noelle as a potential star and knew that her climb in the wrestling business was a good story.

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It seems that the past few years have allowed Noelle to get a taste of the business and she could have decided against it. Usually, if Vince wants someone to be part of the company then he gets what he wants. Noelle is someone who has star power of her own, so much so that fans actually attend conventions to meet her now, so why hasn't Vince tried to persuade her to at least become an on-screen presence in the company?

2 Noelle Travels To A Number Of Wrestling Shows

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It seems that WWE isn't the only show that Noelle is interested in. The daughter of the WWE Legend has been seen at a number of WWE events over the past few years and tries to make it to any show close to her home in Long Island, but it seems that she has also been spotted at Independent events as well, which shows that Noelle really is a huge fan of the business that she intends to one day be a part of.

She goes to more shows than many regular fans who perhaps wouldn't be able to afford to go to that many shows. Noelle's friends backstage also mean that most of the time when she attends events she is able to head backstage and talk to some of the stars of the show. So it seems that being Mick Foley's daughter does have some advantages, especially since it has allowed her to find her passion in life.

1 She's Close To Many Stars In WWE

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Even though being the daughter of Mick Foley doesn't give Noelle a whole lot in terms of wrestling ability, it seems that it has allowed her to make close relationships with many members of the WWE locker room. Even though Dolph Ziggler has already been mentioned, it seems that Noelle also has a number of other friends which can be seen in clips on her Youtube channel.

Noelle can be seen alongside the likes of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Nash, Lana, Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Finn Balor as well as the fact that Sasha Banks helped to train her. Noelle seems to have been able to capitalize on the fact that her father's a legend and it's only pushed her online persona forward and made her famous online. It's strange that WWE hasn't snapped her up yet when she could have been quite an asset.

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