15 Things Nikki Bella Doesn't Want Us To Know About Her Life Pre-John Cena

Nikki Bella is arguably the face of the Women's Division currently, which many fans believe is because she has been dating former WWE Champion John Cena over the past five years, even though she has been on hiatus from ever since WrestleMania, recovering from a neck injury and competing on Dancing With The Stars.

Nikki holds the record as the longest-reigning Divas Champion and was able to work alongside John Cena at WrestleMania back in April when they were up against The Miz and Maryse. Cena then proposed to Nikki after they were victorious in their match and now the plans have begun for what will potentially be the biggest wedding in WWE history.

Nikki's rise to fame has been a quite a quick one over the past few years, but because of this, the WWE Universe has found out a lot of facts about Nikki when it comes to her life before Cena. Nikki obviously had already had a stint in WWE before she left the company in 2011 and then returned in 2012 and she had quite a lengthy dating history as well. The following list looks at 15 facts about Nikki's life before she became John Cena's fiancée that she perhaps didn't want the WWE Universe to know. It's only since Nikki has been part of Total Divas and Total Bellas that she has happily shared many of her childhood secrets to get views on their show.

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15 Nikki Broke Up With Dolph Ziggler

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It has become fairly well-known thanks to his many appearances on Total Divas over the past few years, that Nikki once dated Dolph Ziggler. The duo were together for a number of years before they split up back in 2011 and Nikki obviously then went on to date John Cena.

Dolph obviously still harbours feelings for Nikki, which could be why he has had a number of unsuccessful relationships with both Amy Schumer and Dana Brooke over the past few years. Dolph appeared on Total Divas a few years ago and admitted to Nikki that he still had feelings for her and that he would give her the marriage and children that she wanted. Nikki obviously turned Dolph down in favour of John Cena, even though he was still refusing her marriage at the time. Nikki obviously broke up with Ziggler, in order to pursue a relationship with Cena, which has seemingly left him heartbroken over the past few years. Ziggler is a popular WWE star which could be why the couple won't reveal the actual details about their break up to the public.

14 Nikki And Brie Weren't Chosen From The Diva Search

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Nikki may be one of the best known female wrestlers in WWE right now, but it seems that just over a decade ago, she didn't exactly make the cut. Nikki and her sister decided to audition for the 2006 WWE Diva Search, which was a competition to find the next female wrestler based on looks alone.

Nikki and Brie had the unique selling point that they were twins, something that WWE had never had before. Even this didn't help the duo to make the cut, though, since they weren't considered for the finals of the Diva Search that year, which was later won by Layla. Many of the WWE Universe can't even remember Nikki and Brie from the time they participated in the competition but it seems that despite the fact that they didn't stand out in the early rounds, WWE still decided to take a gamble and sign them to the company.

13 Tony Atlas's Allegations

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Nikki and her sister Brie came to WWE at a time when the women in the company were not treated very well. It was a time when the women were only there to be pretty faces and everyone knew that there was only one way for the women to get ahead.

Paige once commented in a WWE promo that everyone knows the "real reason" the Bellas got to where they are. It seems that she isn't the only one who has this opinion of The Bella Twins since WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas once shared this opinion of the two women in a shoot interview where he said that the women were known for "performing acts" with other WWE stars. The women never responded to this comment and there have been stories like this circulating about the women over the past few years. While the women have never felt the need to reply to these allegations, it seems that there is no smoke without fire.

12 History With John Laurinaitis

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John Laurinaitis has played a small role in E! Network show Total Bellas over the past few seasons since he recently married the mother of Nikki and Brie, Kathy Colace. John has been around WWE for a number of years as a backstage executive, but is perhaps best remembered as a former General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

In their earlier career, Nikki and Brie were seen backstage with Laurinaitis a number of times, but it was current WWE star Maria Kanellis that really got the rumour mill turning when she alleged that she saw The Bella Twins in a hot tub with Johnny Ace and then said that they were "cozying" up to him. The trio did always seem to be quite close, but this kind of allegation about a man who is now the stepfather of both women is perhaps something that The Bella Twins would rather keep under wraps.

11 Her Feud With Kharma

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Nikki and Brie have had a number of rivalries on WWE TV over the past few years, which was always going to happen since they have been with WWE now for more than a decade. One of their most horrific ones was when they decided to target Kharma when she announced that she was leaving WWE because she was pregnant.

The Bellas weren't well-known for being very good role models in their early career, and it seems that this feud could have been the reason why. The duo targeted the former TNA star and told her that she was "just fat" in a hope that this would build to a rivalry when she returned to the company. Kharma obviously never returned and was left feeling quite emotional after the segment. She later lost her baby in real life and the company has since attempted to bury the fact that one of their most popular female wrestlers was once seen as nothing more than a bully.

10 She Originally Fought Her Sister For Daniel Bryan

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Before Nikki and Brie were being pushed to the front of the Women's Division as part of two separate TV shows, they weren't given a lot to work with on WWE TV and the company thought it was a good idea for them to fight to be Daniel Bryan's "first."

Whilw WWE stated that Bryan was "vegan" and tried not to make the storyline s*xual, it was obvious what the company were hinting and there were a number of cringe-worthy moments. Nikki even kissed her current brother-in-law at one point as the two sisters continued to fight for his attention on WWE TV. While there wasn't an actual winner on the show since it was later shown that Gail Kim had made a move on the former World Champion, it seems that Nikki was the one who missed out in real life since her sister Brie is now the one who is married to Bryan and the couple have a daughter together.

9 She Used To Work As A Waitress

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Every WWE star has to start somewhere, which means that Nikki and Brie didn't wake up one morning and become successful models or WWE Superstars. The two women were dead set on finding an agent who would help them to go on to pursue a career in modelling and acting after they left college, so they moved to Los Angeles but quickly found out that it wouldn't be as straightforward as they thought.

The two had to support themselves while they were looking for an agent to kickstart their career and may find it a little bit embarrassing now to admit that they once waited tables at The Mondrian hotel on Sunset Boulevard. It seems that the women do know what hard work is and were more than happy to finally quit these jobs when their lives began turning a corner and they finally began turning heads in the modelling world.

8 Nikki Never Wanted To Be A Wrestler

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Nikki is perhaps mostly disliked by the WWE Universe because she has been successful in a career she never actually wanted. Nikki dreamed of becoming a soccer player for most of her childhood before she broke her leg and realized that career was out of the question moving forward.

From then on it seems that The Bella Twins hoped to become famous actresses or models. The two moved to LA to find an agent and pursue this career path. Even though the two women ended up auditioning for the Diva Search, this was a job that their agent had found for them and still wasn't a career that they ever thought they would go on to. There are so many female wrestlers all over the world who have worked for most of their life to reach the level that Nikki has been able to achieve in WWE, which is why there was a lot of negativity aimed towards the former Divas Champion and her sister in their early career.

7 She Doesn't Have A Great Relationship With Her Father

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Nikki and Brie have shared many facts about their life while they have been part of reality TV shows, but it seems that one of the most personal things that has ever been revealed about the former Dancing With The Stars contestant is the fact that she doesn't have a great relationship with her father.

Their mother and father divorced when they were quite young and it seems that since then the twins have grown up and become close to their mother, who remarried last year. The girls invited their father onto an episode of Total Divas a few years ago so that they could vent their issues and inform him that they still loved him, but it seems that this hasn't changed their relationship. Their father hasn't been mentioned as part of the show since, so it seems as though they decided that it was a relationship that couldn't be fixed.

6 She Turned Down WWE When They First Offered Her A Contract

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Despite auditioning for WWE as part of the 2006 Diva Search, it seems that when Nikki and Brie took part in the competition they didn't actually think that they would win or go on to be part of the WWE roster.

Even though the two didn't become finalists in the competition, they were still hired by WWE a few months later along with the likes of Rosa Mendes and Maryse. When Nikki and Brie were offered contracts with the company in 2006, they initially turned WWE down because they wanted to pursue careers in modelling and acting. They didn't like the idea of becoming wrestlers, so WWE had to change their terms and offer the women contracts again. It's shocking that the woman who is now seen as the face of the WWE women's division didn't even want to be part of it a decade ago.

5 Nikki Managed To Hide A Marriage For Three Years

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It's quite a common thing for teenagers to lie to their parents while they're in college, but it seems that Nikki took a lie to the next level back when she was in college. The former SmackDown star eloped and married her high school sweetheart when she was just 20 years old without telling her parents or even her sister Brie.

Nikki and this mystery man were married for three years before they decided to annul the marriage and in that time none of her family members found out. Nikki managed to keep the marriage a secret and then the fact that she was once married for the past decade. Nikki finally admitted to her past ventures when she confessed her biggest secret to John Cena on an episode of Total Divas. How can anyone trust someone who can lie that well? It must have taken a lot of cover-ups and little white lies to cover up the fact that she was married for three years in the first place.

4 Nikki Found Other Ways To Get By After She Broke Up With Dolph Ziggler

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Nikki Bella has to be one of the most revealing celebrities in the world. The problem is the fact that she doesn't know when to stop. Nikki has openly talked about the ways she keeps "herself company" while John Cena is away as well as the fact that she once shared her stash of "toys" with Cena.

Nikki's sister Brie once found one of her toys in a hotel room as well and was completely disgusted in her sister. Nikki doesn't have a filter; in a recent episode of Total Bellas Nikki admitted things about her private life to her own brother, who was completely repulsed by the entire conversation. Most of the time Nikki obviously shares this for shock value, but damn, with a drive as high as Nikki's, no wonder John Cena spends a lot of time out of the city. It's probably for his own protection.

3 She Isn't Well Liked In WWE

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It has been well-documented that Nikki isn't well-liked backstage and this is mostly because she and her sister managed to cost three WWE Divas the opportunity to return to the company back in 2012. Nikki and Brie were offered contracts along with Kelly Kelly, Maryse and Maria Kanellis but the five women made a pack to ask for more money and decline the contracts.

Nikki and Brie went behind their backs and accepted the deal as well as convincing WWE not to hire the other three women. The women were not happy about what their "friends" had done and Maryse confronted the twins about it when she first became part of Total Divas two years ago. Maria and Nikki haven't been able to be in the same place at the same time over the past few months since she returned to WWE. It's not a coincidence that Maria was only signed to WWE when Nikki went on hiatus. Nikki has made a number of enemies because of her actions over the past few years.

2 Her First Divas Championship Reign Was Just Six Days

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There was once a rumour circulating around Nikki Bella that stated that John Cena had spoken to a number of WWE executives backstage and was the main reason why Nikki was able to become the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history. Even though Cena denied this on social media, it's easy to see that this is exactly what happened.

Before John Cena became a huge part of Nikki's life, she seemingly didn't have a lot of luck with Championships, considering her first Divas Championship reign lasted just six days and she then quit the company two days after she lost her title. This was two years before Nikki won the Championship for the second time in 2014 and it was before she was the face of Total Bella's and Total Divas, so it seems that having John Cena on her side really helped Nikki's career behind the scenes as well as on-screen.

1 Nikki And Brie Quit WWE In 2012

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As mentioned above, Nikki and Brie decided to walk away from WWE back in 2012 after Nikki lost her Divas Championship at Extreme Rules and was unable to win it back from Layla the following night on Raw.

The ywo were fired by Eve Torres on Monday Night Raw in the storyline, but in reality, the duo had decided to call time on their career. The Twins claimed that they had been on the road for five years and they had reached the point where they were exhausted and needed some time to rest up. They didn't stay away for long, obviously; they returned to the company a few months later and WWE began building the Women's Division around them and the launch of Total Divas back in 2013. It seems that Nikki wasn't happy when she wasn't the focus of the women's division but was happy to return to the company when she found out their plans for her future.

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