15 Things Most Fans Don't Know About Kane

When Kane made his WWE debut on October 5th, 1997, he cost his kayfabe half-brother, The Undertaker, the very first Hell in a Cell match, much to the shock of the dirt sheetless crowd. Glenn Jacobs, the man beneath Kane’s mask, had portrayed multiple characters in the World Wrestling Federation in the lead up to that fall pay-per-view – including Isaac Yankem, DDS, and Fake Diesel – but he really hit on something special as the gigantic, temporarily mute pyromaniac.

Over the next couple of years, however, the mystique surrounding the Kane character began to fade. A combination of lackluster matches and poor booking decisions led to fans losing interest in The Big Red Machine. Today, the WWE Universe is less excited than ever before at the idea of seeing the now physically limited Kane wrestle.

It’s actually quite sad to hear fans chanting “boring” when Glenn Jacobs is in the ring. While he admittedly can’t go like he used to, the guy has given his life to professional wrestling and boasts countless Hall of Fame worthy accomplishments. Whatever your opinion of Jacobs may be right now, you’re going to have a hard time convincing yourself that he isn’t one of the greatest big men WWE has ever seen after reading these facts.

Here are 15 Kane facts and statistics that will make you a super fan.

15 Most All-Time Royal Rumble Eliminations

The most frequently discussed of all of Glenn Jacobs’ accomplishments in the squared-circle is his record for the most all-time Royal Rumble eliminations. In the two decades that he has been competing in WWE, Kane has amassed a total of 44 eliminations in Royal Rumble matches, a record which is unlikely ever to be broken.

For many years, Kane also boasted the record for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match, after removing 11 competitors - including The Rock - from the ring during the 2001 Royal Rumble. That record remained unsurpassed until the 2014 Royal Rumble when Roman Reigns eliminated 12 potential WrestleMania main eventers from the ring.

Although Reigns was later eliminated by “The Animal” Batista, being booked to break Kane’s record for the most eliminations in one Royal Rumble match was the first sign of Vince McMahon’s plans to push him to the moon.

14 Operates An Insurance Company


When Glenn Jacobs abandoned his iconic mask for the second time in 2013, he surrendered it to Stephanie McMahon and joined The Authority, becoming Corporate Kane in the process.

Although many fans were shocked to see Kane in a suit and tie, lecturing fellow performers on the importance of obeying the rules and respecting one's employers, the Corporate Kane character was actually pretty similar to the real life Glenn Jacobs. When not setting announcers on fire or attaching car batteries to testicles, Kane manages Jacobs Insurance Associates, alongside his wife, Crystal.

The agency, which operates out of Knoxville, Tennessee, offers auto insurance, home insurance, and business insurance. In a nod to the owner’s career as a professional wrestler, those at Jacobs Insurance Associates describe themselves as “The Insurance Superstars”.

13 Wrestles Through Injuries


Perhaps backed by some sweet deal from Jacobs Insurance Associates, Glenn Jacobs has been known to wrestle through injuries. When Jacobs first began performing as Kane in the late 1990s, it was commonplace for wrestlers to work hurt and compete through injuries. In fact, if you allowed yourself to be sidelined by some nagging injury, you were looked down upon by your co-workers.

This isn’t the case today. Vince McMahon, not wanting to leave himself open to lawsuits and negative publicity, tends to avoid booking Superstars in matches if he suspects they are harboring some kind of injury. However, Jacobs still has that old school belief that a wrestler must work through pain unless they are totally incapacitated.

After working through minor injuries for several years, Jacobs was finally forced to accept defeat and sit out the 2017 Royal Rumble, which prevented him from adding to his record of 44 Royal Rumble eliminations.

12 Bray Wyatt’s First Target

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When Bray Wyatt first appeared on Monday Night Raw (under the Bray Wyatt character, that is) he made his presence felt by attacking Glenn Jacobs. Accompanied by Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, the former Husky Harris brutalized The Big Red Machine and established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Wyatt and Kane squared-off at the 2013 SummerSlam pay-per-view in a Ring of Fire match, which was basically an Inferno match adapted to fit WWE’s modern PG climate. Kane generously put Wyatt over following an interference from Harper and Rowan.

Defeating a veteran such as Jacobs did wonders for Wyatt in the early days of his career and cemented him as a legitimate superstar; although Vince McMahon may not have handled the Wyatt character very well in the following weeks, months, and years.

11 First Superstar To Win And Cash In Money In The Bank On The Same Night

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As the third Grand Slam Champion in WWE history and the first man to hold the WWE, World Heavyweight, and ECW Championships, Kane has had one Hell of a career (pun absolutely intended). In 2010, he committed another WWE first when he became the first man to win the Money in the Bank ladder match and cash in his contract for an on-demand world championship match on the same night.

After Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the fifth match of the 2010 Money in the Bank pay-per-view, he was confronted by The Big Red Machine, who had won the eponymous ladder match earlier on in the evening.

After announcing he was already cashing in the Money in the Bank contract, Kane defeated an injured Mysterio in just 54 seconds to win his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

10 Charitable

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Although he may be quite the terrifying competitor inside the ring, Glenn Jacobs is actually a pretty nice guy out of it. Those who have worked with him have rarely had anything bad to report about the experience and fans who have encountered him in airports and in restaurants have described him as an affable and welcoming guy, always willing to sign an autograph or pose for a picture.

Throughout his resident state of Tennessee, Jacobs is well-known for his charitable efforts. As well as donating to multiple charities in the area, he pays regular visits to the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville, where he spends several hours talking to patients and handing out gifts.

Much of Jacobs’ work with charities is not covered by WWE or the greater media, which can be taken as assurance he is motivated by a desire to help the less fortunate and as opposed to a desire to gain extra publicity for himself.

9 Longest Tenured Active Performer In WWE

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With the likes of The Big Show and Mark Henry still competing on a semi-regular basis, WWE has no shortage of aging active performers. However, there is no WWE Superstar appearing for multiple dates a year who has been with the company longer than Glenn Jacobs.

Since first debuting as Kane back in 1997, Jacobs has performed regularly for WWE. While current on-screen personalities such as Goldust and Jerry Lawler began appearing on WWE television before Jacobs began performing as Kane, both men have departed WWE on multiple occasions, breaking up their stints with brief stays in other companies.

With two decades of continuous dominance under his belt, Kane is the longest serving member of the WWE roster and is likely to wrestle on and off for another couple of years before hanging up his boots altogether.

8 Strongest Link

Over the years, dozens of professional wrestlers who have had the opportunity to work extensively with Glenn Jacobs have expressed shock at The Big Red Machine’s superior intellect. Even current SmackDown General Manager and noted reader of books Daniel Bryan has referred to Kane as “somebody who looks like a monster but is the smartest man I know”.

Jacobs has exhibited his intelligence through multiple political lectures, blog posts, and radio interviews. Fans were first exposed to Kane’s baffling cranial capacity in 2002 when he competed in an all WWE edition of the game show The Weakest Link.

The Big Red Machine defeated a number of fellow WWE Superstar, including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Debra, Bubba Ray Dudley, Edge, and Jerry “The King” Lawler to win the show and be declared “The Strongest Link”.

7 Married For 22 Years


If you ask a professional wrestler what the hardest part of their career is, nine times out of ten they’re going to tell you it is finding the perfect balance between their home and professional lives. This is particularly true for WWE Superstars, who are on the road and away from their families over 300 days a year.

Maintaining a marriage in the world of professional wrestling is incredibly difficult. When separated from their spouses for such long periods of times, many wrestlers search for love in the arms of another - or others - as has been proven by Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and, more recently, Seth Rollins.

Glenn Jacobs, however, has managed to maintain his marriage to Crystal Maurisa Goins for 22 years. By all accounts, The Big Red Machine has been a loving husband despite his frequent road trips and has been a wonderful step-father to Crystal’s two daughters.

6 Faced The Undertaker At WrestleMania… Twice

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Only a handful of WWE Superstars has faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania twice. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Kane all squared-off with The Dead Man on The Grandest Stage of Them All on two separate occasions (and all were defeated).

However, Kane holds the distinction of being the first man to face The Undertaker twice at WrestleMania. The pair first met at WrestleMania XIV, where it took The Undertaker three Tombstone Piledrivers to put his kayfabe half-brother away. They fought again five years later in a match which is notable for seeing the return of The Undertaker's Dead Man gimmick after he had spent a number of years as a mortal redheaded biker.

As fans expected, The Undertaker handily defeated Kane in an encounter which was underwhelming in terms of actual wrestling but five stars when it came to nostalgia.

5 Acted In WWE Studio’s Debut Film

WWE Studios has been producing subpar drivel for over a decade (although it may seem like much longer). WWE Superstars such as Randy Orton, The Miz, and John Cena regularly appear in these offerings, but many fans forget that Kane was the very first Superstar to appear in a WWE Studios production.

The first film released by WWE Studios was entitled See No Evil and saw Glenn Jacobs playing Jacob Goodnight, a deranged murderer not unlike Kane. While writers who worked on the script have been outspoken in their disdain for Vince McMahon’s creative decisions, few have had anything bad to say about their experiences with Glenn Jacobs.

Although the film received overwhelmingly negative reviews, Jacobs was more than willing to reprise the role when Vince McMahon called on him to partake in its 2014 sequel.

4 Competed In Every Inferno Match

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The infamous Inferno match sees the ring surrounded by open flames and can only be won by setting your opponent alight. The very first Inferno match took place in 1998 and pitted Kane against his kayfabe half-brother, The Undertaker. Kane came out on the losing end but would go on to compete in a second Inferno match against ‘Taker the following year, which he also lost.

In September of 1999, Triple H defeated Kane in the third Inferno match in WWE history thanks to an interference from Viscera and Mideon. Another Inferno match took place seven years later and saw Kane defeat Montel Vontavious Porter to claim his first Inferno victory.

Glenn Jacobs is the only man to compete in all four Inferno matches in WWE history and also boasts the accomplishment of performing in the first Ring of Fire match, in which he was defeated by Bray Wyatt.

3 Close Friends With Daniel Bryan

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When an emotional Daniel Bryan gave his retirement speech in January of 2016, he thanked only a small number of fellow professional wrestlers. Among the names the tearful former WWE World Heavyweight Champion mentioned were Brie Bella, William Regal, and Kane.

In his autobiography Yes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania, Bryan discusses the rise of Team Hell No - his tag team with Kane - and the evolution of his relationship with The Big Red Machine. While he first found Kane to be very serious and somewhat intimidating, Bryan eventually cracked him through a series of wacky pranks and a close friendship blossomed.

Kane’s willingness to play second fiddle to Bryan was crucial in the future world champion getting over with the crowd as a solo star and catapulted him into the main event scene after Team Hell No disbanded.

2 Running For Mayor Of Knox County

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Glenn Jacobs’ interest in politics is well-documented. He has given countless political lectures, posted dozens of blogs examining the merits of the American political parties, and in 2016 was vocal in his support for presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

In March of 2017, Jacobs finally decided to embark on a political career of his own and announced that he would be running for mayor of Knox County as a Republican. In a well-delivered campaign video, Jacobs voiced his love of Tennessee and vowed to make Knox County an example of that “shining city upon the hill” often spoken about by former president Ronald Reagan.

Although Jacobs avoided mentioning his career as a WWE Superstar in his advertisement, his campaign slogan, “Lighting The Way For Our Future”, can be interpreted as a tongue-in-cheek reference to his pyromaniac character.

1 Only Spanish-Born WWE Champion

Since the inception of the WWE Championship, there has only been one WWE Champion who was born in Spain. That champion was Kane. You read that right. Glenn Jacobs, the man who is currently running for mayor of a city in Tennessee as a Republican, was born in Spain.

Contrary to what those ever convincing WWE writers would have you believe, Kane’s father was not, in fact, a mortician. In reality, he was a member of the United States Air Force. At the time of their son’s birth, Kane’s mother and father were living in Torrejón de Ardoz, where Mr. Jacobs was stationed.

Shortly after, the family relocated to Missouri, where Kane would grow up and attend what was then known as Northeast Missouri State University.

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