15 Things FIFA Doesn't Want You To Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

In his nearly 15-year football career on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo has grown into more than just a football player. He is an icon, a brand, and a name that evokes emotion out of all fans who get swallowed up into the beautiful game of soccer. And it comes as no surprise that he's been named one of the top athletes in the world, not to mention he's also the highest paid athlete in the world, even above LeBron James.

He has mesmerized fans and opponents alike with his impressive footwork and goal-scoring expertise. Not only has the 31-year-old Portuguese star set the standards immensely high on the football field, this Real Madrid icon has also known how to keep it classy with his expensive suits and stunning arm candy when he’s not dominating on the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo has proved time and time again just how talented he is when it comes to his passion. He has also proven he can make mistakes that land him in sticky situations, create controversy for himself and others, and get him splashed across the front pages of newspapers countless times. However, there are still a few things that FIFA has done their best to try to bury about their all-star player and on the other hand, times when they have just grown plain sick of Ronaldo’s behavior and bad ego. Check out the 15 Things FIFA Doesn't Want You To Know About Cristiano Ronaldo:

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15 Girls Girls Girls

As of recently, this hunk has settled down with a woman he’s claimed to have known since childhood. And the two of them are a gorgeous pair. But back in the day, it became a little challenging to keep up with all of the new women who were coming and going in his life. Ronaldo was doing a tremendous job of setting the bar high, and it wasn’t just on the soccer field. He also managed to do so with extraordinarily beautiful woman that other men could only ever dream of; whether it was the average Joe or another multi-million dollar athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo was constantly being looked up to.

However, Cristiano’s personal life began creating a stir. The former bachelor was coming across as being more addicted to the women and party life than playing football. It’s no question that Ronaldo can easily throw down tens of thousands of US dollars to entertain himself for a night, that's a known fact, but the real question is, does he eat football, drink football, think football, and talk football every day? Hate to say it, but his known rival Lionel Messi seems to be getting on very well with that "Football Diet." You won't see the Argentinian man's name making the headlines for relationship issues. And what seems to be completely horrifying, is that this Portuguese superstar has been rumored to have gone down with around 80,000 women in his life so far! Perhaps it sounds iconic and legendary, but really this football player might have to make a few more visits to the clinic just to be safe.

14 "Ronaldo Is Unhappy"

That was the headline that had been plastered all over the world back in 2006 when Cristiano Ronaldo was playing in the World Cup qualification rounds. This took place over 10 years ago when he was only 20 years old. The camera’s had caught sight of Ronaldo crying during one of the games and thus began the media frenzy claiming that,"Ronaldo is unhappy.” It was a controversial title that made a global sweep with a front page view of Cristiano’s tears. Claiming that he had been “unhappy” and “sad” for several reasons, but the one they forgot to mention was the truth.

And later, the truth came out, as it always does with time. During one of the qualifying games for the 2006 World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo had gotten word that his dad had died. And if you know about the Ballon d’Ors-winning player, you’re aware that he had never been close to his father on a personal level due to his alcoholism. The tabloids did, however, get one thing right: Ronaldo was, in fact, unhappy, but it had been because he couldn't fulfill his promise to his dying father. But instead, the media had managed to make him live up to his old juvenile name, "crybaby."

13 His Ego

With any athlete, it takes fans from around the world by no surprise when they are reminded of the players' outrageous egos. Now, I'm not saying FIFA doesn't want you to know this because most people know this by now, but perhaps they’ve got just as much second-hand embarrassment as the rest of us when we remember that Cristiano Ronaldo opened his very own museum all about himself in his hometown of Madeira.

Don’t get me wrong, Ronaldo is an exceptional player and an amazing asset to the world of FIFA, but he took his ego to a whole new level back in 2013 when the doors had opened for his museum that was practically screaming, "Look How Fu**ing Great And Rich I Am!" But being a legendary athlete usually comes with these sort of achievements anyway, you just don’t pay for them and make them yourself. His museum contains all of his awards and trophies (over 150), and even has extra room available for future trophies. Confidence is key…right?

12 Pays Off Rape Victim

If you follow this flashy athlete when he turns up in the press, then this is very old news to you, in fact, its over 10 years old. In October 2005, Ronaldo was accused of rape by two women after an incident at the Sanderson Hotel in London and it was said that the charges were later dropped by the police due to a lack of evidence.

But here’s what you may not know: Der Spiegel claims to have obtained the six-page letter from whistleblowing website Football Leaks, as well as documents detailing a $375,000 settlement paid by Ronaldo to the woman - named only as "Susan K." in the article. This means, Ronaldo allegedly paid off the women or woman who had accused him of being sexually abusive. Whether he paid her off to drop the charges, or to save his career from the truth, it definitely wasn’t one of the proudest moments in Ronaldo’s career.

11 His Friend The Fugitive

The professional kickboxer Badr Hari seems to be a good friend of Ronaldo’s, and he visits him often at his home in Morocco. But here’s where it gets out of hand: Badr Hari is known for being quite the criminal. With a long and damning list, from assaulting a waiter in an Amsterdam nightclub, to serving a two-year prison sentence back in 2015 for assaulting a Dutch millionaire, you can see why the FIFA association might want this friendship to be kept on the DL.

Not only is Badr Hari a criminal, it’s even been rumored in the past that the two were in an intimate relationship. And everyone knows that playing football is manly, but many would argue that being gay isn’t…which is unfortunate, but when you add all the pieces it nearly adds up. Ronaldo has three surrogate children, always kept the hottest women on his arm in the spotlight, is said to often take his private jet over to Morocco after training to spend time with the kickboxer… Perhaps his relationship is a sham too and the only woman he could trust with his secret was one from his childhood? So the question is, gay or straight, is FIFA perhaps having Ronaldo keep his secret?

10 A Messi Situation

While FIFA and the media keep the heat on Ronaldo and Messi having a deep hate a rivalry with one another, is it the truth? Well, as much as we love a good rivalry on the field, unfortunately, it all seems to just be publicized, illustrating the two men disliking one another, when in fact, they have deep respect for each other.

That’s right. The rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo is strictly for publicity. The two have admitted several times how much they respect one another and continue to show great admiration on and off of the field. But as you can imagine, everyone is reading the headlines stating otherwise because it only makes sense that two most legendary soccer players right now, or perhaps ever, would hate one another. It makes sense that the world of football would want to get a rise out of the public and have them picking sides because that way it’s making more and more people tune in and skyrocket ratings.

9 Too Expensive For Liverpool

Cristiano Ronaldo trained for six years at the Academy and in 2003 he was ready to be traded, knowingly making his decision to play for Manchester United. But before Ronaldo had made his big $12.2 million decision to play for Manchester United, their greatest and biggest rival, Liverpool, nearly managed to snatch him up, but former manager Gerard Houllier decided to pass on the hunk because of his high wage demands. Talk about some serious regrets. I’m sure these days Liverpool is really wishing they had broken that wage gap and signed him anyway because he proved to be worth all the money he was demanding. It’s tremendously embarrassing now to have to admit that you were once interested in THE Cristiano Ronaldo and were thinking about signing him onto your team, but decided against it, in fear that his paycheck, “would cause problems in our dressing room,” admitted Houllier.

8 His Powerful Leg

Surely you’ve read the statistics on Cristiano Ronaldo, and you’re wildly amazed, just like everyone else who learns that his guy can jump higher than an NBA star, has less body fat than most supermodels, and has 5x the power of a cheetah, A F**KING CHEETAH! Talk about a literal beast, and it’s no question that Ronaldo has got one of the most powerful kicks in all of sports history.

Not only do his legs get him extraordinarily high off the ground, they also generate an enormous amount of power in his free kicks. And when Ronaldo’s free kicks have gone south, they have even collided with several fans who have faced some serious injuries, including a broken wrist and nose by two fans.

Although, it hasn't stopped him from showing his compassionate side, in one instance, he hit a young fan in the face with a ball that had gone south while he was warming up, and winced as he realized the extent of the damage his shot had caused, but was ordered to keep playing. Once the final drills had been completed, Ronaldo sprinted to the young boy, taking off his training jersey, and in a kind gesture, offered the young supporter his jersey as a consolation for being on the receiving end of his venomous shot.

7 Young Money Entertainment

This idea nearly makes me cringe. Because first of all, it’s super weird to think about and second, I can’t imagine Lil Wayne and Cristiano Ronaldo having anything in common to the point where they find they can work on a professional level with one another.

I’m serious, Young Money Entertainment, which is a company that was founded by rapper Lil Wayne, is now in business with Cristiano Ronaldo, a rep from Young Money Entertainment confirmed to TMZ. In fact, Weezy is starting his own sports management company and Ronaldo is his very first client to jump onboard.

Cristiano notified the public through social media that there would be no change made to his current management team, the good news is no one was out of a job, but rather he would just be adding Young Money to his team to handle branding, marketing, and other sports management issues in the United States.

6 Tax Fraud

We've all seen this sort of thing before with plenty athletes. They try to get out of paying their taxes, but eventually, it all catches up to them, which they should know by now. These guys make millions of dollars each year and would rather risk getting caught than not paying their federal taxes…? To each their own I suppose.

The Real Madrid star faced a scandal that quickly shocked a large number of fans. Information emerged that Ronaldo avoided paying at least 150 million dollars in taxes by funneling income to a company in the Caribbean, and may face a fairly large legal problem, media reports said.

German newsweekly Der Spiegel also said on its website that Mesut Özil, a former Real Madrid star who now plays for Arsenal, and ex-Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho - currently with Manchester United - may also be implicated in the scheme as well. This information emerged from nearly 19 million leaked documents that found their way to the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC). It puts a hell of a damper on the soccer world; it almost looks as if they were doing it all together.

5 FIFA Desperately Wants To Forget This Stupid Mistake

Cristiano Ronaldo has over 80 million followers on his Instagram page, and when you have that many people viewing your posts, you’re bound to offend someone in one way or another. Ronaldo did just that and had been accused of "disrespecting" the Buddhist faith after he posted a picture of himself alongside a statue with his right leg resting upon it. The pose was completely incidental and clearly wasn’t put up to offend anyone, but fans and followers were infuriated with his decision.

Ronaldo's right foot is resting at the base of the Buddhist statue, a detail that prompted incredibly angry responses from an entire religion. The following game, Cristiano failed to make his way onto the scoresheet against Legia Warsaw and later apologized for causing any harm or offense to the religion. It's safe to say that Cristiano Ronaldo and FIFA are going on pretending like this entire incident never happened.

4 Rivalry Causes Murder In India

With something as terrifying and as serious as a murder, I’m sure the FIFA organization and the rest of the football world did their best to bury this story. According to a story by the Hindustan Times, two men in Nala Sopara, Mumbai, India started to argue over who the better player was, between the Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo or his counterpart at Barcelona, Lionel Messi.

Things got pretty insane as they escalated out of hand, Obinna Michael Durumchukwa was reportedly murdered after the argument took a turn for the worst. The incident had taken place at Durumchukwa’s birthday party in a rented home. He had been celebrating with his friend Nwabu Chukwuma, who he later began to argue with.

Durumchukwa allegedly flung a glass bottle at Chukwuma, which had missed him completely and broke against the wall. Chukwuma then picked up a piece of the broken glass from the floor and cut his friend’s throat in a fit of rage, said police inspector, Kiran Kabadi of Tulinj station.

3 This All-Star Might Be Saying Goodbye For Good

Rumors have been swirling recently, claiming that the Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo might not be seeing another season with his current team. It has been said that Ronaldo wants to leave due to his recent accusation of tax evasion and it has also been rumored that he is in disagreement with the rest of his teammates and head coach regarding the new players that are being considered to sign with Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is reportedly “unhappy” Cristiano Ronaldo has not publicly dismissed the rumors that he wants to leave his team. It’s even been reported that the UEFA Champions League winners are disappointed in their star player for refusing to immediately speak out about his future with football. Real Madrid seems to be determined to hold on to their forward.

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, was determined to express his feelings about the player. “Everybody knows I want Cristiano to stay here for life,” said Perez. “He is one of the pillars of this team and also a big part of the history of this club.”

2 Why He Won’t Go Back To Manchester United

The Portuguese superstar's future at Real Madrid is up in the air, however, if Cristiano Ronaldo does decide by the end of the summer to leave Real Madrid, no one knows if he will hang up his jersey for good, or sign on with a different team. But we do know one thing for sure, Ronaldo certainly won’t sign back on to play with his very first professional team, Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho currently plays for Manchester United, and Cristiano Ronaldo still resents him, according to La Liga. It's unfortunate because United has wanted him back ever since he had left. He’d be going back to a club that needs a superstar, he was once theirs and could be again, but there are major barriers. There are still some hard feelings between him and Mourinho which was amplified after he had left Ronaldo behind, and he ended up slagging him off and making unfavorable comparisons between him and the Brazilian Ronaldo.

But hopefully, Real Madrid will be smart enough to sort it all out with Ronaldo, this way he feels completely protected and valued by his team.

1 Trying to Find Another Ronaldo

Thanks to the Portuguese’s ability to mould talent, despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe, that title no longer defines them thanks to their enormous grip on the football League. Former Portuguese teams and individual players have been involved in some of the most eye-catching deals in all of Europe. “People know our players won’t be cheap because we have a good track record,” said Benfica’s chief executive officer, Domingos Soares de Oliveira. “Once we sell them, we want them to be successful. If one player fails once we sold them, then it’s something that will affect our brand.”

Needless to say, Portugal breeds each individual athlete for the most lucrative leagues in the world’s richest sport. Their top three clubs have sold nearly $1 billion of talent over the past six years.

Portugal has exported the best European player in the game today such as: Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and one of its most-decorated coaches—Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho. The country also has the most prominent agent, Jorge Mendes, known across Europe for his network of contacts that have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in soccer trades.

In the Portuguese victory at Euro 2016, 10 of the 24 players used in the final game came through its Academy, Ronaldo being the biggest star. Ronaldo was first sold to Manchester United for 15 million euros, making him one of the most expensive assets the company has ever had to offer European teams. Since the day Ronaldo left the Academy, they have been trying to find another player who is just as, if not better than Cristiano Ronaldo.

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