15 Tag Team Partners Who Went Rogue

WWE is an unpredictable place where friends turn into enemies and most of the time, being family means nothing at all. Tag teams are introduced to the company all the time, and the vast majority of th

WWE is an unpredictable place where friends turn into enemies and most of the time, being family means nothing at all. Tag teams are introduced to the company all the time, and the vast majority of them don't last very long.

Tag Team Championships are only one goal, most of the time teams win these titles and then decide that they would prefer to win solo gold, and this means that in order to put themselves in the spotlight, they have to leave their partner in style. Some of the most shocking moments in WWE history have been when friends have turned on each other and suddenly the landscape of the company has changed forever.

The Shield break-up was one of the biggest shocks of 2014, but it was one man's greed that caused a faction that had been together for almost two years who became one of the most dominant groups in history, to break up so that he could become the chosen one of The Authority.

WWE is all about the shock factor, they like to keep the audience guessing. In WWE just remember that you can't trust anyone, not even your family.

15 Stone Cold Steve Austin - 2001

It turned into one of the biggest feuds in the history of WWE, as Steve Austin turned on Kurt Angle to cost him the WCW Championship in his match against Booker T. Austin had become jealous of Angle and was convinced that he wouldn't win the title, so when he defeated Booker T for the title, Austin came up with a plan.

Austin involved himself in the No-DQ match between Angle and Booker T and hit the Stunner on Angle, allowing Booker to regain his Championship. The rivalry turned nasty after this and leading into SummerSlam, both men thought they would leave a WWF Champion. It was Austin who retained his title that night though after Austin's referee attack saw him disqualified.

14 Matt Hardy - 2009

The Hardy Boyz are one of the most decorated tag teams in the history of WWE and they were certainly one of the most popular, but there was always one brother that stood out above the other, and that was their downfall.

Jeff Hardy was WWE Champion going into his match with Edge at The Royal Rumble in 2009, and after Matt Hardy lost his chance at the ECW Championship, he decided to cost his brother the title as well. Part way through the match, Matt looked like he was going to help his brother with a con-chair-to but instead, he hit Jeff with the chair and helped Edge take the title. He later explained that it was because he was sick of sharing the spotlight with his brother.

13 Christian - 2001

Edge and Christian, much like The Hardy Boyz, were one of the best-known tag teams during WWE's Attitude Era. They were closer than brothers and many fans thought that this was a bond that would never be broken, but it was jealousy that once again came between them.

Edge, Christian, Rhyno, and Kurt Angle, or Team RECK, all made it to the semi-finals of the 2001 King Of The Ring, but when Edge was declared the winner, Christian began to seem rather jealous of his friend. The week later, Christian turned on Edge and delivered a one-man con-chair-to to his best friend and joined The Alliance. This then led to a major feud between the two over the Intercontinental Championship in the coming weeks.

12 Shawn Michaels - 1991

The Heart Break Kid is one of the best-known superstars in WWE history and he didn't get that way by being Mr. Nice Guy. Michaels was part of The Rockers with Marty Jannetty for many years, but this all came to an end in 1991.

There had been signs of problems between the two stars for weeks when Jannetty cost Michaels a match against Ric Flair, before accidentally causing Michaels to be eliminated in the 1991 Survivor Series match. Shawn Michaels had had enough and when the duo was interviewed at Brutus' Beefcake's Barbershop, it seemed as though they were ready to work their differences out, but Michaels instead super-kicked his longtime friend and then famously sent him through the Barbershop window.

11 The Miz - 2009

The Miz and John Morrison made quite a name for themselves as a tag team before they were singles competitors in WWE, but it was a shocking end for the team who began their quest in ECW.

The Miz faced Kofi Kingston as part of the WWE Draft episode of Raw back in 2009, and when Morrison jumped up to knock Kofi off the top rope, he was caught by the referee who disqualified him and handed the draft pick to Raw. Miz was subsequently drafted to Raw and blamed Morrison, so he hit the Reality Check before walking away from his long time partner.

10 Kane - 2003

Kane has always been one of the most unpredictable WWE superstars, but back in 2003 he was teaming with Rob Van Dam frequently and it seemed to be a team that was working. Triple H offered Kane a place in Evolution before Steve Austin then offered Kane a shot at the WWE Championship if he rejected Triple H's offer. But Eric Bishoff stated that if Kane took Austin's offer and lost the match, then he would be forced to unmask.

Kane took the match and lost to Triple H, thanks to interference from Evolution. Rob Van Dam came out and made the save, but Kane was then forced to unmask since he'd lost. Poor RVD was still in the ring and was then hit with a chokeslam after the WWE Universe finally saw what was under the mask.

9 Chris Jericho - 2016

AJ Styles and Chris Jericho never really worked well as a team, since they began as enemies trading victories at the beginning of last year. After AJ was victorious in the rubber match between the two at FastLane, they then began tagging together, known as Y2AJ.

This then worked out well for them and they were given a shot at the Tag Team Championships a few weeks later. AJ and Jericho failed when they were defeated by The New Day and after the match, Jericho attacked Styles and left him lying in the ring with a Y2AJ shirt in his mouth.

8 Paige - 2015

The Divas Revolution brought Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Paige together, but when Charlotte managed to defeat Nikki Bella at Night of Champions in 2015, Paige decided that she had seen enough of her teammate's celebration.

Paige is a former two-time Divas Champion herself and she thought that she deserved the shot at the title and not Charlotte. She decided to ruin Charlotte's celebration by giving her some home truths about the reason she is in WWE and the fact that she can't trust anyone in WWE, not even her best friends.

7 X-Pac - 1999

X-Pac and Kane had become quite a formidable tag team in the months leading up to Kane and X-Pac's match with The Dudley Boys, but since D-Generation X had reformed, X-Pac decided that he wanted to be part of his old group and no longer needed Kane.

X-Pac tagged Kane into the match and then shockingly hit a low-blow on the Big Red Monster, followed by the X-Factor to give The Dudley Boys the win. Kane obviously got back up and went after X-Pac, but D-Generation X made their way to the ring for a four on one attack. When the monster was beaten down, X-Pac announced that he had rejoined DX.

6 Scott Hall - 1998

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were long time friends and worked well as a tag team, but it seems that the changes in the company were going to affect their friendship. And it did, at Slamboree in 1998 when Scott turned on his teammate and cost them the Tag Team Championships in their match against Sting and The Giant.

Hall had decided that he was joining NWO Hollywood as opposed to the team that his friend had created and decided that this was the perfect time to make his choice clear. Scott Hall picked up the title belt and hit Kevin Nash with it to end the match and hand the titles over to Sting at The Giant. Hall then embraced the new Champions after the match.

5 Eddie Guerrero - 2005

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio are former Tag Team Champions, they were the backbone of the SmackDown brand at this time, and it was decided that they would begin a feud over the fact that Rey's son Dominik (in the storyline) was actually Eddie's.

Eddie left Rey in a Tag Team Championship match against MNM and then beat him up afterwards before he then came out and attacked Rey again the night after when he was ganged up on in a no-disqualification match against Chavo Guerrero. Eddie was frustrated that he couldn't defeat Rey and he said that he was going to reveal a secret about Rey in the coming weeks, the secret was about Rey's child and it led to a lengthy feud between the two stars.

4 Cody Rhodes - 2008

Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly went into their match at Night of Champions in 2008 as the World Tag Team Champions, the team seemingly was doing well and they had held the titles for a number of months and successfully defended them on many occasions.

Ted DiBiase then challenged the duo and said that he would find a partner and defeat the team. There had been a little bit of tension between Rhodes and Holly and this was then taken to the next step at Night of Champions when Ted DiBiase revealed that his tag team partner was, in fact, Cody Rhodes.

3 Shawn Michaels - 2007

WWE put together a lot of combustible elements in the build up to WrestleMania 23, not only was Shawn Michaels facing John Cena for the WWE Championship, but they had also won the Tag Team Championships together as well.

As a team, they were never going to work out, and ahead of their match at WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels delivered a statement to John Cena by hitting Sweet Chin Music. Michaels lost the match at WrestleMania and then decided to cost his team the Tag Team Championships the night after on Raw, when he eliminated John Cena from the battle royale, thus eliminating himself in the process.

2 Undertaker - 2007

Much like John Cena and Shawn Michaels in their build-up to the match at WrestleMania 23, Undertaker and Batista were also put in the same position ahead of their match at the biggest event of the year.

Batista and Undertaker definitely weren't friends but they were forced to work as a team in the weeks leading up to the event, so it didn't come as much of a shock when Undertaker picked up Shawn Michaels and threw him at his own tag team partner before leaving the match and allowing him to be beaten. Undertaker had won the Rumble match that year and went on to defeat Batista for the World Championship at WrestleMania.

1 Seth Rollins - 2014

The Shield were one of the most dominant stables in the history of WWE, and have since been remembered as such. There had been tension in the group for a while since CM Punk declared that there was a crack in The Shield, but it was coming from Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. There was no hint that Seth Rollins would be the one to turn on his brothers, until that fateful night in June 2014.

Batista had left Evolution at the beginning of Monday Night Raw, and after Roman had been victorious in his match, Triple H and Randy Orton made their way to the ring, they knew that they were outnumbered but Triple H declared that there was always a Plan B. Seth Rollins was Plan B. He hit Reigns with a steel chair to take him down before he repeatedly hit Ambrose with a chair until it broke. He then joined The Authority and became a singles star for the first time in his WWE career.

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15 Tag Team Partners Who Went Rogue