15 Surprisingly Hot Female Golfers

Although most people consider sports to be a man's thing, women these days have come up and are playing almost as good as men. The only things that make men perform better are their considerably stronger bodies, the unfair coverage, and the fact that men have been playing most sports longer than women have. However, the future might present an opportunity for both men and women to compete against each other together; hoping equality will have been attained.

Women in sports are arguably the hottest category of women out there. They push their bodies to limits the average women would never do because they know the relationship between their level of fitness and their success in their sport.

The hours these women spend working out in the gym and following the instructions of professional trainers burns all the unnecessary fat and builds muscles, leaving their bodies looking hot and extremely beautiful. In addition, these women wear very sexy outfits whenever they are out playing their sports since in almost all of their sports they wear extremely short skirts and tight fitting tops.

Often, men have found themselves watching women's sports to check out the hottest women athletes as opposed to watching the game. Some women don't mind being the center of this attention even when their performance in the game is waning, since they make a lot of money from their looks through endorsement deals.

Female golfers hardly receive the media attention other women in other sports do, but this doesn't mean these golfers are any less sexy. It's hard coming up with such a list because so many women playing golf are so hot, and over half of them deserve to be on this list. However, here are 15 women who made the cut. Who do you think is the hottest?

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15 Holly Sonders

Via WikiFeet

People know Holly Sonders to be one of the most beautiful golfers on the planet, and those people's knowledge is correct. Holly was born in 1987, she hails from Marysville, Ohio, and attended Michigan State University for her higher education. Like all other women on this list, she developed an interest in golf and started playing when she was young and thereafter had an amazing career.

Holly Sonders transitioned into hosting, a move golf fans all over the world applauded because they get the opportunity to see her often. Undoubtedly, she is the most beautiful sports presenter on TV, hosting Morning Drive and School of Golf.

When Holly covered the U.S. Open this year for FOX, fans on Twitter seemed to focus more on her than anything else. Some fans claimed Holly was the best decision FOX ever made and demanded to see more of her and not the other presenters. She got all this attention because of how hot she is.

14 Natalia Ghilzon

Via Imgur

Natalia Ghilzon is a 27-year-old professional golfer who looks nothing short of a supermodel. Natalia is one more reason we can thank God for Canada since she was born in London, Ontario, Canada and gives us the opportunity to see her incredibly beautiful body on the golf course once in a while.

Natalia doesn't need to expose herself indecently for us to notice just how beautiful she is for she can stand out from any crowd regardless of what she is wearing. She has a very beautiful smile, a stunning figure, and flawless legs.

Although she started playing golf at three years of age and continued through her higher education studies at Oakland University until now, she is yet to earn a major title. However, her beauty makes her stand out as a winner wherever she goes as well as in the events she plays in because she attracts all the attention.

13 Sandra Gal

Via Sports 4 All, Popular Sport Players, Hot Sports Players, Female

Sandra Gal is a stunning beauty from Germany, who has achieved considerable success in her golf career so far. She started playing when she was just five years old, and at the age of 17, she earned a spot on the German National Team. At 18 years she won the German National Girls Championship. She went to the University of Florida for college, where she graduated with a degree in advertising in 2008.

She has been playing professional golf for over 10 years and won her first LGPA tournament in 2011. Her tournament win pushed her rankings to number 41 in the world, although she has even reached as high up as 33 at one point. Currently, she is the second highest rated female golfer from Germany.

When it comes to beauty, Sandra ranks comfortably in the top 15 in the world, and people can confidently claim she is the most attractive female golfer from Germany. This image among many others of her online is enough evidence of just how breathtakingly beautiful she is.

12 Natalie Gulbis

Via WikiFeet

Natalie Gulbis is an American professional golfer who everyone considers a sex symbol for the LPGA, and looking at her is enough evidence. In 2005, she released a calendar with her images on it, some while she was playing golf and others in her swimwear, images so sexy the United States Golf Association (USGA) considered them inappropriate and discontinued the calendar's sale. The perceived overreaction by the USGA made Natalie even more famous and the demand for more of her pictures soared.

Natalie's beauty has attracted much more than just attention, because she has numerous endorsement deals from companies such as Adidas, McGladrey LLP, SkyCaddie, Michelob Ultra, Winn Golf Grips, MasterCard, Pure Silk, Lexus, Lake Las Vegas Resort, and more. In addition, she has appeared on covers of magazines, on different TV shows including reality TV shows, and even appeared wearing nothing but body paint on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2012.

11 Veronica Felibert

Via YouTube

We can look at Veronica Felibert all day, owing to just how beautiful she is. Many people, including Golf.com, consider her one of the most beautiful female golfers in the world and judging from this and other images, they are right. Also, people consider her a sex symbol for she is truly hot and attractive.

Veronica hails from Venezuela, where she won the Venezuelan Junior Championship, the Venezuelan Junior Stroke Play Championship four times, the Venezuelan Junior Match Play Championship three times, and many other achievements. Her first top 10 finish in her first year in the LPGA is one of the highest achievements she has so far, and she continues to work on becoming an even better golfer.

She has earned a lot of money from golf so far, and she will continue to do so. Veronica credits her family as the most influential people in her career in golf, and with their support, she will continue to play well.

10 Cheyenne Woods

Via ThoughtCo

Her name, Cheyenne Woods, and her appearance tell a lot about her since we don't need anyone to convince us she has a relationship with the living golf legend Tiger Woods. Cheyenne is Tiger's niece, and her participation and excellence in the game prove golf is in the Woods' blood.

Cheyenne was born in 1990, in Phoenix, Arizona, and she fast developed a love for golf. She had the advantage of following in the footsteps of her uncle and is slowly working towards having a similar impact in the LPGA as Tiger did in the PGA. Her popularity in golf is growing fast, since she is the sixth African-American to ever play on the LPGA Tour, and she believes she can be the first to win one.

Aside from her performance, Cheyenne is beautiful and is undoubtedly one of the hottest women golfers in the world. Everything about her is just perfect, especially considering how attractive her front and back are.

9 Anna Rawson

Via www.annarawson.com

Although Anna Rawson was born in Adelaide, Australia, she is now an American and is proud to be one of the hottest female golfers and models out there. She started modeling at 16 years of age when she reached the finals of the Australian Dolly Magazine cover contest.

You are probably wondering who won the contest, but it doesn’t matter because she is now one of the hottest models out there. Her participation in the contest opened up numerous modeling opportunities in magazines, ads, on TV, and even on catwalks, and this resulted from people realizing she was exceptionally beautiful.

In 1999, she was the Victoria Junior champion and the South Australian Champion, the Jack Newton International Junior Classic winner, and she joined the Australian National Squad. As a professional golfer, Anna played on the LPGA and the Ladies European Tour. She continues to model as she plays golf.

8 Blair O'Neal

Via GOLF.com

Just by looking at her, you would never think Blair was in her thirties, which proves just how hot she is. This professional golfer, amazing TV host, and model graduated from Arizona State University and is a Big Break Dominican Republic winner, a reality show that awards aspiring professional golfers. Although she is yet to win any major titles, her beauty has won the hearts of all golf fans.

Blair is sexy and in addition to knowing it, she celebrates it by having numerous images of her online. A simple Google search will reveal why she always makes it to the lists of the hottest golfers on the planet, despite always being one of the oldest on such lists.

Some of the success she has achieved throughout her career include appearing in the U.S Junior Ryder Cup and finishing in the runner's up position in the Woman’s Western Tournament. She had a five-year break at one point in her career, but she returned and we can never get enough of her.

7 Belén Mozo

Via Golf Punk

Belén Mozo is a super hot professional golfer from Spain, who is now 29 years old and is living in the United States. She plays pro golf on the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA Tour, qualifying from collegiate golf in 2011. In 2006, she emerged the winner of the British Ladies Amateur Golf Championship, after which she ended up joining the USC Trojans.

Although Belén is yet to win major championships, people love watching her play. People might love watching how the best golfers play, but people watch this Spanish superstar play because she is just so hot.

Despite being one of the hottest women in golf, Belén works hard to maintain her stunning looks. She loves spending time working out and her toned body is evidence of the hard work she puts in behind the scenes. She has appeared in many magazines including ESPN’S The Body Issue, where she posed nude.

6 Courtney Harter

Via courtneyharter.com

Have you ever seen an athlete looking as hot as Courtney Harter is on this image? Clearly, Courtney is in a league of her own, and her decent but very sexy outfit helps to make her look even more attractive. As you would have guessed by now, she's not only a golfer but also a model. She turned pro in 2011 and over the course of her career has been a member of the Suncoast Ladies Series, Canadian Women’s Tour, Ladies European Tour, and the LPGA Symetra Tour.

Soon after Courtney graduated from the University of Alabama, she joined the LPGA and qualified for the 2012 LPGA Shoprite Classic and the 2012 LPGA Jamie Farr Classic, two events which helped welcome her into Professional Golf.

She is yet to join the ranks of the champions, but she sure will in due time. However, one place she has already arrived is as a model, because she is super hot.

5 Paula Creamer

Via ThoughtCo

Paula Creamer is undoubtedly one of the hottest and most talented golfers we have today. This image of her makes her look like a princess, and she truly is one, on and off the green. Paula turned pro in 2004, and since then has become one of the best women golfers on the planet, reaching number 2 in the Women's World Golf Rankings.

Just by looking at her image here and numerous others online, you need no explanation for her appearance on this list, because she is stunning, and very few women can match up to her beauty. She has done numerous photoshoots and appeared in many sports magazines, and it's easy to see why.

She has at least 12 pro tour wins to her name, with 10 LPGA Tour wins and the U.S. Women's Open in 2010 part of them. Her beauty and amazing performance make her the obvious choice for endorsement deals, from which she has made tons of money, not to mention the millions she has made just by playing. Her super combination of money, talent, and exceptional beauty make her special in every way.

4 Maria Verchenova

Via Speakers' Corner

Maria Verchenova is a professional golfer, who became the first Russian to gain the Ladies European Tour full membership. Maria is a good golf player but an even more attractive woman who could easily win a beauty contest. She has had a number of top-ten finishes, which are evidence of just how good she is. In the 2016 Summer Olympics, Maria finished in 16th place, which is a good performance.

Her stunning beauty and participation in the sport have led to many people in Russia developing a love for golf. Some of the things that stand out to make Maria the beauty she is are her beautiful long legs and her smashing figure.

In addition to her beauty, we can see how breathtaking she is in her sexy clothing and a few racy shoots she has been part of. Also, she is one among those who have posed nude, and the people who have seen those images are far more convinced she is one of the hottest women on the planet.

3 Paige Spiranac

Via Reddit

When you look at Paige Spiranac, you are sure she is a professional model, because everything about her body is perfect. However, she is a professional golfer who, although is an amazing golfer, attracts all the attention at the golf course owing to how beautiful she is. Paige knows she is hot, which is why you will come across many beautiful images of her, especially on her Instagram.

You would be surprised to learn she grew up with health issues, some of which include asthma and a rare scalp condition. Her asthma attacks would get so severe she would be rushed to the hospital from school owing to an inability to breathe, and she couldn't visit any friends who had pets in their home. Her rare scalp condition resulted in her hair falling out, and for most of her youth she had short hair and people mistook her for a boy.

It's unbelievable how someone so hot today could have had such a tough childhood. This tough background only makes us appreciate her even more.

2 Meghan Hardin

Meghan Hardin is one of the hottest women in golf, and this image testifies to that effect. When she appeared for the Golf Channel’s Big Break Atlantis, she was the youngest competitor, and although she was the first to face elimination, she has no regrets for taking part in the competition. Within a short period, her wisdom and work ethic were evident and comparable to none.

Although she loved tennis as she was growing up, her love for golf far outweighed tennis, and she became successful in the golf tournaments she took part in. Meghan turned down scholarship offers to join a Division 1 school and chose to go pro.

Meghan looks amazing in this and many other images, proving just how much she deserves to be on this list. As she works on improving her game and becoming one of the best female golfers today, she only needs to continue doing what she is doing to retain her spot on the hottest female golfers out there.

1 Sophie Horn

Via Whatmatters

Whenever people think of hot women in golf, almost everyone first thinks of Sophie Horn for she is truly in her own league. Arguably, it's impossible to come up with a list of the hottest female golfers and fail to have this hot Brit as one of your entries, because she is undeniably one of the hottest athletes in sports.

Since she loves being the focus of the camera, Sophie has numerous jaw-dropping images online, including images where she bares all. Possibly one of the reasons we all find her so attractive is because she believes she is hot and she flaunts it, and the more we see her from that perspective the more we think she is hot.

Just because she is famous for being one of the hottest female golfers doesn't mean she is in the sport for her looks. When she was fifteen years old, she clinched the top prize at the Under-21 tournament, she has won the Norfolk County Championship three consecutive times, and in 2001, she was crowned Champion of Champions when she won the Midlands Championship.

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