15 Superstars Who Have Been Working For WWE For More Than A Decade

WWE has become a conveyor belt over the past few years. It seems that many superstars come into the company and end up leaving quite quickly following their debut.

Many wrestlers all over the world still consider WWE to be the ultimate dream, it's the goal that many wrestlers work towards and it is the reason that many are still wrestling at a high level, which means that when they finally make it to WWE, they want to make it count. There is only one WWE star who has been part of the company now for more than 26 years, and that is The Undertaker, who made his debut back at Survivor Series in 1990. Undertaker is yet to announce his retirement and is still contracted to WWE, which means that he is still technically part of the company. There are other wrestlers like Mark Henry and John Cena who are part of this list despite not being seen for a while and even being considered part time stars.

There are a number of other stars who have been with WWE for more than a decade now as well, which is considered to be quite a long time in a world where everyone seems to be replaceable regardless of the role they once played on WWE TV. The following is a list of WWE stars who have been with the company now for more than a decade and technically could remain part of WWE for much longer, which is shocking considering how hard it is to remain working at the highest level for as long as they have.

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15 R-Truth: Debut - November 13th, 2000/August 29th, 2008

R-Truth recently had a good run on WWE TV as the partner of Goldust when the duo were known as The Golden Truth before Goldust turned on his former friend and R-Truth was then taken back into his usual jobber role. Truth has recently been relegated to his usual jobber position given that he was easily beaten this past week to make Elias look strong.

R-Truth has had two stints with WWE that add up to more than a decade, he first made his debut on WWE's main roster back in November 2000 when he was added to a DX style reunion alongside Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and Chyna before he made a name for himself as a singles star. Truth then left WWE back in 2002 and made the switch over to TNA before he returned to WWE in 2008 and has been a main part of the locker room ever since.

14 Natalya: Debut - July 2007

Natalya has been an integral part of the Women's Division on both Raw and SmackDown for a number of years. Natalya is the only third generation female wrestler that WWE has ever employed and the only female graduate of the Hart Family dungeon. Natalya is a former Divas Champion in her own right and has the opportunity to win the Women's Championship this Sunday at SummerSlam, but considering she has been part of WWE now for more than a decade, it seems that she doesn't have a lot to show for herself for the past ten years.

Many fans have been quite outspoken about the fact that Natalya hasn't been given the opportunities she deserves over the past few years even though she has been a main part of Total Divas for the past four years, which has opened a lot more doors for her alongside the main stars, Nikki and Brie Bella.

13 Kofi Kingston: Debut - September 21st, 2006

Kofi Kingston has been part of WWE floating around its mid card now for almost eleven years, after coming through the company as part of their ECW brand. The brand was rebooted under the WWE banner and is widely considered a flop, but the likes of Kofi Kingston and CM Punk were two of the shining stars that came out of the promotion and were able to make names for themselves in WWE.

Kofi has held 13 Championships in WWE over the past decade and has made history when it comes to the number of days he has held Tag Team gold with four different partners. Kofi made more history last year when he and fellow New Day members Xavier Woods and Big E became the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history. Kofi is also well-known for his incredible skills to avoid elimination in The Royal Rumble match every year.

12 The Miz: Debut -  June 2nd, 2006

The Miz came into WWE back in 2006 as a reality show contestant who was good on the mic. He lacked actual wrestling skill until he was teamed up with Daniel Bryan and the duo were able to help each other. Miz has since become one of WWE's biggest stars and is widely considered to be one of the best true heels in WWE right now.

Miz has main evented WrestleMania and even been able to hold the WWE Championship at one point over the past eleven years that he has been seen as an active star. He has also held the Intercontinental Championship seven times, a title that he currently holds even though he isn't scheduled to defend the title this weekend at SummerSlam. Miz was ranked number one in the PWI 500 back in 2011 and it seems that this year will always be seen as Miz's most successful as a WWE superstar.

11 Dolph Ziggler: Debut - Jan 23rd, 2006

Dolph Ziggler has become a well-known mainstay in WWE over the past eleven years, is a former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, a former Money in the Bank winner, and has won the Intercontinental Championship five times.

Ziggler made his debut back in 2006 as part of The Spirit Squad, a group of five male cheerleaders who were in favour of Vince McMahon throughout his feud with Shawn Michaels. Spirit Squad were sent back to OVW the following year and Ziggler is the only member of the group who has managed to remain a part of WWE ever since. Ziggler is widely considered to be one of the best pure wrestlers in WWE currently, but his concussion history means that WWE are less likely to take huge chances with him as part of WWE's main card anymore. Ziggler is one of a number of WWE stars who haven't been seen on WWE TV for more than a month with rumours that Ziggler could be being repackaged.

10 Zack Ryder:  Debut - April 21st, 2005

Zack Ryder made his first WWE appearance back in 2005 as a jobber who took on Matt Morgan before he went on to debut on the main roster a few years later. Zack Ryder is mostly a forgotten member of the WWE roster but has somehow managed to remain contracted to the company now for more than 12 years even though he has mostly been seen as a jobber by the WWE Universe.

Ryder is currently part of SmackDown Live and was actually able to win the Intercontinental Championship last year at WrestleMania 32, a title he held for less than 24 hours when he was defeated by The Miz the following night on Raw. Luck doesn't seem to be on Zack's side as it seems that just as The Hype Bros were about to be pushed towards Tag Team Championships, Zack had a knee injury and his partner Mojo Rawley went on to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale without him. Zack is back now and even though he hasn't been seen for a while, hopefully, WWE have something good planned for the team's eventual split.

9 Jamie Noble: Debut - December 17th, 2005

Jamie Noble is a former Cruiserweight Champion in his own right and actually made his official WWE debut back in 2005 as part of Velocity. He was also once seen as a member of The Authority under Seth Rollins' reign back in 2015 when he was joined by Joey Mercury and the duo formed J and J security.

Noble hasn't been on WWE TV since July 2015 when he was beaten at the hands of Brock Lesnar but it seems that his real skills are seen every week on Monday Night Raw as he works behind the scenes with WWE now as a producer. Noble was seen this past week on Raw when Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt were seen brawling backstage and he often makes appearances when the WWE needs him to be an extra, but it seems that Noble's days as a wrestler are now over and he is now comfortable sitting behind the camera instead.

8 John Cena: Debut -  June 27th, 2002

John Cena is perhaps the best-known WWE star in the company right now and the undisputed face of WWE, but it didn't start out like this for Cena. John wasn't seen as a future star by Triple H or Vince McMahon in his early years and was forced to prove that he wasn't another wrestler with a great physical presence and no actual talent.

Over the past 15 years Cena has proved that he was much more than that and as well as making history as a 16-time World Champion, Cena has only been defeated clean on WWE TV three times in the past decade and has even managed to create a successful career as an actor, rapper and reality star outside of WWE. Cena has defied all the odds in WWE and even though it seems that retirement from the company is in the future for Cena, he will always return to the company when he's needed because wrestling means so much to him that he wouldn't ever be able to walk away from the company for good.

7 Randy Orton: Debut - April 25th, 2002

Much like John Cena, Randy Orton made his debut in WWE 15 years ago and has since become one of the biggest stars the company has ever had. Orton became the youngest ever World Champion when he broke Brock Lesnar's record at SummerSlam back in 2004 and if it wasn't for his problems with prescription drugs a few years into his WWE career, he would have easily had a career to rival one of his biggest rivals, John Cena.

Orton recently won The Royal Rumble for the second time and then managed to win the WWE Championship for an incredible 13th time back at WrestleMania 33 when he defeated former friend Bray Wyatt, who had only won the title back at Elimination Chamber. Orton is still a main part of the SmackDown Live roster and battles Rusev this weekend at SummerSlam after officially coming out of the WWE Championship picture when he lost a Punjabi Prison match at Battleground.

6 The Big Show: Debut - February 14th, 1999

The World's Largest Athlete made his way through the WWE curtain for the first time at the St. Valentines Day Massacre back in 1999 and he has been using his incredible weight and stature against his opponents ever since.

Big Show hasn't always been a favourite of the WWE Universe, but over the past few years he has proved that he is dedicated to the wrestling business and was even able to lose a lot of weight and then gain a lot of muscle earlier this year when there were rumours that Big Show would go on to face Shaquille O'Neal at WrestleMania 33, but the match never happened in the end. Big Show is scheduled to face Big Cass in a match that will see Enzo Amore hanging over the ring in a shark tank this weekend at SummerSlam, making him the longest tenured WWE athlete who is wrestling this weekend.

5 Chris Jericho: Debut- June 13th, 1999

Chris Jericho could be considered an odd case in WWE since he has been with WWE since 1999, but he has left the company many times and made his return for a few months before leaving again as he looks to split his time between wrestling and touring with his band Fozzy.

Jericho has technically been with WWE for 18 years, but his various hiatuses from the company take his total closer to 16 years, which is still incredible considering Jericho can leave WWE and easily return and easily roll back the years to show that he is still one of the most talented wrestlers to have ever stepped into a WWE ring. Jericho may be a six time World Champion but it was that one night back in 2001 that he managed to become the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion that will always be seen as the crowning achievement in Jericho's wrestling career.

4 Kane - Debut October 5th, 1997

Kane was brought into WWE as the brother of The Undertaker and the man who would finally be able to make an impact against the Phenom known as The Deadman after seven years of hell as part of WWE. Kane won his first World Championship on WWE the following year at King of the Ring 1998 and played a pivotal role in WWE throughout the Attitude Era.

Kane is one of very few WWE stars who have matches that were made for him specifically. Kane has an Inferno Match, which shows his love of fire and is one of the most brutal WWE matches in history since the aim is to set your opponent on fire. Incredibly Kane has won 23 Championships over the past 20 years in WWE and even though he's on hiatus from WWE right now as he pursues a career in politics, it is thought that Kane will be back to pick up where he left off in a WWE ring in the future.

3 Mark Henry: Debut - March 11th, 1996

Mark Henry was known as a weight lifter and as The World's Strongest Man before he signed for WWE back in 1996 and somehow Henry has found a way to remain relevant as part of the company for more than 20 years.

Henry still pursued a career in Strongman competitions alongside his WWE career and was last seen as the strongest man in the world back in 2002, something that he has used to his advantage throughout his WWE career. Henry is a former World Champion, European Champion and ECW Champion but it seems that the WWE Championship has always been the title that has eluded him. Rumours recently suggest that Henry has decided to retire from WWE following his lengthy career, and Henry even stated on the latest edition of Table for Three that he was retiring from in-ring competition and will instead be working backstage as a producer.

2 Triple H: Debut - April 30th, 1995

Triple H has been raising The Game in the wrestling world ever since 1995. He has gone through many phases as a WWE star, from Hunter Hurst Helmsley to Triple H, to The King of Kings, The Game and numerous other characters that the 14-time World Champion has been known as over the last two decades.

Triple H is now considered to be a part-time star in WWE since he is the COO of the company and works backstage down in NXT with many of the company's developmental talents. Triple H is still able to perform at WrestleMania every year and is able to be included in rivalries on WWE TV despite the fact that he doesn't usually wrestle on WWE TV anymore. Triple H was once seen as the measuring stick of WWE and over the past few years, his knowledge of the company has allowed him to turn NXT into a phenomenon of its own, proving that he has always had a talent for the business despite rumours that stated otherwise.

1 Undertaker - Debut November 22nd, 1990

The Undertaker has been part of WWE now for almost 27 years. He once had the longest undefeated streak at WrestleMania, that began on his birthday back at WrestleMania 7 and has spanned more than two decades. Undertaker has been a star that many members of the WWE Universe have grown up with, and despite the fact that he walked away from WWE at WrestleMania 33 following his loss to Roman Reigns, without an official announcement, Undertaker isn't considered to have retired yet.

Many of the WWE Universe refuse to believe that Undertaker has left the company until there is a WrestleMania and The Deadman doesn't appear. Undertaker is a seven-time World Champion which is incredible since Taker's career was never really about Championships, and he was able to win The Royal Rumble back in 2007. It will be interesting to see if Taker appears at WrestleMania 34, and  if he doesn't, it will be the first WrestleMania WWE have produced without Taker since WrestleMania 16.

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