15 Strangest Confessions Made By Wrestlers

Once upon a time ago, kayfabe was a sacred thing to be held as a standard in the wrestling business. Kayfabe, of course, refers to those within the industry keeping the illusion that wrestling is 100% legit and not scripted entertainment. If this illusion wasn't kept up at all times by those within the industry, there would be severe consequences for those who broke kayfabe. Even Triple H, as a rookie, had to answer for some punishment when he broke kayfabe during the now infamous Madison Square Garden curtain call between himself, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. Yet, somewhere along the way, the veil between the illusion of realness of wrestling and the truth behind the sports entertainment was severed. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when those in the industry accepted that kayfabe was pretty much dead and that everyone and their mother knew that the sport was a work (aka a farce in wrestling terminology), but since then, no one in the wrestling business even tries to hide the fact that wrestling is worked anymore.

In 2017, this shift in kayfabe acceptance is more evident than ever. We now live in the age of the internet where everyone who ever has ever worked in the industry gets asked to give their honest opinion on the business on social media, in podcasts, and especially shoot interviews (which refer to interviews where wrestlers go completely off the cuff and spill the dirt about any and all going-ons within the business). Several wrestlers have given shoot interviews where they provide the most scathing of remarks, but there are just as many interviews where wrestlers have admitted some pretty strange things. The wrestling business breeds to an entire industry of stories regarding sex, money, pain, and debauchery for many wrestlers and when given a platform to riff on such topics, wrestlers tend to say some pretty damning and strange things. Here are some examples.


15 Chris Jericho Tries to Kiss The Undertaker

Upon debuting the very first episode of his Talk is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho started things off with a bang. Not just because he had Stone Cold Steve Austin on as his first guest, but because the first episode featured a strange, yet hilariously captivating, tale that helped establish Talk Is Jericho as one of the most must listen podcasts in the industry. At one point in the interview, the two were singing the praises of The Undertaker when Jericho starting telling a story of when him, Taker, and the rest of the boys were having a night out on the town during a tour in Japan right after a house show. While at a bar, Jericho (perhaps a little drunk) spent three hours trying to get Taker to allow Jericho to kiss him on the lips. To even ask a question like that once, yet alone for three hours, to a guy like The Undertaker was ballsy on Jericho's part, but Taker kept his cool and even (reluctantly) allowed Jericho to kiss him on the cheek.

14 Tammy Sytch and Her Sunny Days


There is a perception that when people get a certain age, they tend to spill the beans about every wild story from their lives, right down to the most innate of details, to anyone who'll listen because they are at a point in their lives where they are too old to care what people think. Based on everything that spills out of her mouth in her interviews, Sunny is long passed that stage in her life. There is a long line of shoot interviews where Sunny has been shockingly candid about what went on backstage in the glory days of her WWE career. This includes mentioning that Vince McMahon let her and Shawn Michaels fool around in his office, her brief affair with the British Bulldog, and her one night stand with Dolph Ziggler. It isn't so much "strange" what Sunny says in these interviews, but rather strange that she is so open to telling it. Again, we get that she doesn't care what people say or think of her in light of her comments, but it is just surprising to hear her be so blunt about her backstage liaisons.

13 Kevin Owens Plays With Dolls

Prior to coming to WWE, Kevin Owens used to wrestle under his real name, Kevin Steen, and in his spare time, he used to interview his fellow wrestlers on the indie scene with his own internet talk show, The Kevin Steen Show. In one episode, he interviewed one of his best friends and current WWE writer, Jimmy Jacobs. While shootin' the breeze, Steen reminisced on his childhood where he used to play with his wrestling action figures. He used to cue up special entrances for his toys, especially during Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance, which he would throw a mug at the wall to produce Stone Cold's glass shattering theme effect. Everyone was amused at the tale of a little kid playing with his dolls; nothing unusual about that. Until Steen dropped the bombshell at the end of his story that he was 17 years old (almost a legal adult). Jacobs was so flabbergasted that he nearly spat out his drink. Feeling a little embarrassed seeing everyone laughing at him, Steen cleaned up his story by saying he might've been "at least 14," but the cat was already out the bag. What makes this story even better is knowing that if he was 17, Steen was already working the indies as a full time wrestler for a year when he was playing with his dolls.

12 Stone Cold's Shower Fall


WWE always like to give their audiences the impression that their roster is filled with some of the toughest SOBs to ever grace a wrestling ring. This is especially true regarding someone like Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was always promoted as the biggest badass to ever stomp a mudhole and walk it dry in a WWE ring. Which is why WWE may not be quick to mention that The Rattlesnake injured himself in the shower while trying to dance to Michael Jackson music as it doesn't sound like the makings of a tough guy. Despite his tough guy exterior, Stone Cold mentioned this himself on an episode of his podcast. He said that while on location filming episodes for his Broken Skull Challenge game show, he was taking a shower in his trailer while Michael Jackson played on his Pandora. While in the mood, he tried to do the moonwalk, but in mid-walk, he fell. Not only did he fall, but his legs got tangled, his shoulders pinned down, and he was stuck in the tiny shower. His wife called the fire department to help get him out. For all the superstars who Stone Cold toppled in WWE, it was the mighty shower which had him down for the count.

11 Bret Hart Farted In Bam Bam Bigelow's Face

The finals of the 1993 King of the Ring tournament saw the technical wizard that is Bret "The Hitman" Hart go over the human wrecking ball that is Bam Bam Bigelow to win the crowd in a now classic contest. Bigelow talked about the match in a shoot interview of the match and he had some fond words to say. He spoke about the match as one of the best matches of his career and expressed nothing but love for The Excellence of Execution. The interview just seemed like the average run-of-the-mill interview where a wrestler praises his former opponent and comrade. That is until Bigelow shockingly admitted that Hart farted in his face right at the conclusion of the match. The match's finish saw Hart win by rolling up Bigelow with a victory pin, but as soon as he sat on top of Bigelow, Hart farted. Bigelow said in the moment, he couldn't help but holler at Hart "Aw, son of a b*tch!" when he got a whiff of the smell.

10 Good Ol' JR Is A Big Ol' Meanie


Several wrestlers have praised commentator Jim Ross as being one of the nicest guys to ever step foot in the industry. To the surprise of many, Rikishi actually once attested to the contrary. In one shoot interview, he admitted that he always believed that Jim Ross always had it out for "our guys." No, Rikishi was not alluding to Samoan people or minorities in general, but of heavyset people. This in itself is a strange thing to confess because, let's be honest, Jim Ross was never exactly what we'd call "slim" himself. In any case, Rikishi believes this to be true and he believes that to be the reason why JR would mistreat Rikishi throughout his time in WWE. Rikishi cited Bubba Ray Dudley as another big man who JR had it out for, but Bubba never backed up Rikishi's claims. In fact, no one has backed up Rikishi's claims and no other big wrestlers have shared the same sentiment towards JR.

9 Perry Saturn, Raven, and D-----os

Boy, it's stories like this that remind us just how different the wrestling industry is today compared to how it was 20 years ago. While we're not trying to say that current wrestlers are complete squares, we are saying that only in the 90s would there be a story of a wrestler attaching a dildo to his head while in a room with a stripper. For some context, as Perry Saturn himself explained in a YouShoot interview, he used to hire strippers with his former on-screen Flock member, Raven, just for laughs and bring them to a hotel. One night during one of these stripper-laden escapades, the two got bored and came up with a uniquely bright idea. They bought a slip-n-slide from a store, set it up in the hotel hallway, had one of the strippers naked at the other end with her legs spread open, Saturn attaches a strap-on dildo to his head, and Raven chucks Saturn down the slide with the intention of his dildo hitting the woman's, well, bullseye. Unsurprisingly, they all got kicked out by hotel security after that.


8 Brian Pillman's Bowel Movement


While this story was told by Jim Ross rather than the late wrestler himself, we can almost guarantee that Brian Pillman was proud enough of this accomplishment that he would be raving about this today if he were alive. While sharing stories for the sake of the Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon documentary, JR told the story from his WCW days when Pillman approached Ross  and told him that they needed to go someplace private so that Pillman could show him something important. Pillman took Ross to the shower area, swung the stall door open, and unveiled what Ross would call "the longest uninterrupted piece of human waste known to man" sitting in the commode. JR swore up and down that it had to be at least 18 inches long. Apparently, Pillman was so proud of his glorious bowel movement that he had a ring crew member guard the stall throughout the afternoon and all day, Pillman would bring guys in to show them his "masterpiece" and brag about what he had done.

7 "Hard Left" Teddy Hart

Teddy Hart has always managed to be one of the sharp tongued members of the Hart family and perhaps the most controversial wrestler working today. Since controversy tends to breed controversy. Controversy seemed to be the word of the day during his interview on the Best Friends talk show, hosted by indie tag team and best friends Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta. In the interview, he made some absurd proclamations and even more absurd transitions into his stories. One second, he'd be talking about spending his stint in rehab with Razor Ramon. The next, he'd talk about getting Batista to buy him an omelette. In the same breathe, he'd talk about the Hart family gym right before casually saying he sells weed. All while a room full of a dozen wrestlers listen on in stunned silence. Both the content of the interview and the delivery of Hart himself make this one of the strangest, most shocking shoot interviews to ever grace the internet. They don't call him "Hard Left" Teddy Hart for nothing. As Taylor said himself, Hart's stories feel like they're going in a linear path, and then they go left someplace crazy.

6 Homicide Almost Pees On CM Punk


Prior to hitting the mainstream wrestling scene, CM Punk and Samoa Joe earned critical acclaim on the indie scene following a trilogy of classic matches over the Ring of Honor World Championship that took place in 2004. The two talked about the inner workings of their matches in a Straight Shootin' interview that same year, but the two also managed to talk about some crazy road stories as well. One of the long and hilarious stories focused on an insane night on the town with a few of their wrestler friends, most of which were sloppy drunk. One of their friends happened to be Impact Wrestling and ROH alum, Homicide. At the end of their story, Punk mentioned that while all of the wrestlers were crashed out in the same room, Punk just happened to wake up in the middle of the night, for no particular reason, and he awoke to see a drunk Homicide undoing his belt and ready to let a stream flow. A startled Punk arose to tell Homicide he wasn't in the bathroom and at the realization, Homicide staggered away. Punk still had to shuffle Homicide into the bathroom and amazingly enough, Punk heard no pee. Homicide just passed out by the toilet.

5 Randy Orton Grabs Ken Kennedy's Crotch

If we are to take Mr. Kennedy's words from his YouShoot interview as gospel, then Randy Orton seems to have a tendency to do some strange things for a quick laugh. The strangest part about Orton is that it appears he likes to do things for a laugh even if there are no other parties around. Kennedy told a story of one time, while the two of them were alone in the locker room, Orton would come out of the locker room nude and dip his penis into Kennedy's boot just to amuse himself. Orton often did weird stuff like that simply to amuse himself, or at least he did so while alone with Mr. Kennedy. Things got even weirder when Kennedy and Orton were alone in a car and out of the blue, Orton grabbed Kennedy's crotch. Orton laughed hysterically while a perplexed Kennedy could only respond by reminding Orton that "There's no one else in the car to find that funny." It's not hard to see why these two had a falling out right before Kennedy was fired by WWE.

4 Brodus Clay Was Bullied By Hornswoggle


Brodus Clay is a 6-foot-7-inch mammoth weighing in at 375lbs. Hornswoggle is literally a dwarf. In no world should Brodus Clay ever feel victimized by Hornswoggle the leprechaun, but apparently, the formerly dubbed Little Bastard bullied the Funkasaurus Rex relentlessly during their time in WWE. Clay made the dubious claim in his YouShoot interview where, with the most serious of looks in his eyes with a straight face, told the interviewer "[Hornswoggle's] a bully. He is a bully. He is a verbal assassin. He picks, he judges, he's just an evil little guy." To support his claims, Clay spoke on a few examples of Hornswoggle bullying Clay and even bullying The Miz, one time driving off while Miz was in a gas station and making The Awesome One walk miles up to their hotel. Clay was so fed up with Hornswoggle's bullying antics at one point that he actually attacked him. Most fans were skeptical that such a little man could bully such a big man, but in a response interview with Hornswoggle, the little man confirmed it, admitting that Clay wasn't wrong in his claims.

3 Scott Hall Wants To Have S-x With Paige

In the summer of 2015, Paige used to have a tendency to get overtly sexual while in the ring, going as far as to sexually mount her opponents while pinning them. During one of these 3-count victory moments, WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall tweeted at Paige, calling her "Such a naughty girl" that he has "good mind to bend [her] over one knee and spank [her]." The majority of fans criticized Hall's comments as being pervy, but Paige took it in stride understanding that the former Razor Ramon's comments were meant as a joke. Hall went on to take his joke further in a YouShoot interview. When asked which WWE Diva, past or present, he would give a rimjob to, Hall did not hesitate in saying Paige. The question itself was wild enough to begin with, but for Hall to be quick to say Paige despite all the previous backlash he had in ogling her doesn't help his case against being pervy.

2 Mick Foley and Ron Simmons Hold Hands During S-x


As Teddy Long explained in a now infamous YouShoot interview, while travelling back in his WCW days as a referee, wrestlers Mick Foley and Ron "Farooq" Simmons were his road buddies. While on the road in Texas, the trio managed to score themselves a few women to bring back to their hotel room. What the girls came to the hotel for is obvious, but what is not so obvious is what ol' Cactus Jack did during the act. While Foley had a girl on a bed and Simmons had another girl on a different bed, Foley reached out to grab Simmons hand. He just held Simmons' hand while having sex with a girl because, as Foley told the former WCW Champion, "I need your support." Simmons did not know what that meant, Long didn't know what that meant, and frankly, none of us know what Foley could have meant. All we can assume is that Foley must've thought Teddy Long just booked a tag team match and Foley tried to tag in Simmons while in mid-stroke.

1 Michael Elgin Pees On a Girl

Michael Elgin has become something of a Canadian sensation since arriving to the indie scene and slowly breaking his way into mainstream wrestling. In just the last few years, he's gone from impressive rookie to Ring of Honor World Champion to the resident big hoss westerner of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Before the fame and acclaim, he did an interview on The Kevin Steen Show where he admitted to making an interesting wager with some of his buddies. Elgin was wagered that if he could convince a girl to let him urinate on her, he'd get $100. So while a woman is performing fellatio on him in the bathroom while a camera was present to capture the affair, Elgin politely asked her if he could pee on her. Surprisingly, she agrees to it and in a moment's notice, Elgin does his deed. It seems like though she agreed, the woman didn't actually think Elgin would actually do it. So she's waving her arms trying to deflect the urine, screaming "No! Stop pissing on me!" Needless to say, that didn't stop the piss from flying. When Elgin tried to show the tape to his friends minutes later as proof to get his money, the tape wouldn't play for some reason. Lucky for Elgin, the proof came when the aforementioned woman could be angrily heard in the distance telling her friend, "Cindy, Elgin f*cking pissed on me!"


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