15Nicole Bass Sues, Meets A WWE Fan On The Jury

Despite how her career in the industry turned out, one thing that can’t be denied about Nicole Bass is that she looked like a pro wrestler in every way possible. Bigger, bulkier, and buffer than even Chyna, Bass was the most physically impressive female ever to

work for WWE, yet she didn’t spend a whole lot of time there; nor did she manage to accomplish much when she was around. It’s not that WWE didn’t have any plans for the woman but rather that she felt the general locker room attitude was toxic, citing Triple H, Billy Gunn, and Steve Lombardi, aka The Brooklyn Brawler, as some of the worst perpetrators of childish behavior that bordered on sexual harassment.

While the wrestlers were the people named in her suit, Bass would later claim during interviews the real target was always Vince McMahon, as he was the one who harbored an environment where such actions were commonplace and “acceptable.” Unfortunately for her, juries never believed the story and threw the case out immediately, meaning victory for WWE. Perhaps, part of the reason related to a tainted jury pool, with one juror allegedly asking for Stephanie McMahon’s autograph during the trial, something that probably should've caused concern to the judge.

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