15 Steamy Pics Of Wrestling WAGs

Wrestlers live a rockstar lifestyle, traveling from town to town, and performing in front of millions of people every week. A huge part of that rockstar lifestyle includes dating beautiful women that they meet because of their celebrity. Therefore, wrestling WAGs (A.K.A. their wives and girlfriends) often get their start through modeling or working in wrestling promotions. What that means is that the wives and girlfriends of these WWE stars are usually very sexy ladies that have a fan following of their own. Even if they weren't famous before dating a wrestler, you better believe that they will be afterward, with loads of male followers tracking their every move on social media.

WWE Superstars are on strict diets and training schedules, which in turn makes them some of the most athletic and attractive male athletes in the world. So it hardly comes as a surprise that their spouses are also rather athletic with absolutely stunning looks, that they like to show off to the public. As they say, beauty attracts beauty.

Therefore, these WAGs are among some of the most attractive women that the WWE Universe has ever seen. But along with these hot girls comes a pack of very large and scary husbands and boyfriends that, can at times, become extremely jealous of men ogling over their sexy spouses. The photos that we are featuring in this article today are the kinds of pictures that their partners most likely do not want you to see. Because, let’s face it, these women are downright sexy and many of them are bearing it all, in the 15 Not So PG Photos Of Wrestling WAGs that are listed below.


15 Lana (WAG of Rusev)

Before joining the WWE, Lana was an experienced model, exotic dancer, and actress. The WWE rarely acknowledges Lana’s controversial past, and that may be due to the fear of bad press, more than anything else. But under her birth name C.J. Perry, Lana got naked…a lot. In fact, there was an article published in TheSportster a while back, featuring many of the sexy photos from her former adult modeling days. The photo above is one of Lana’s more covered up pictures, but you can find pictures of a not-so-PG Lana all over the Internet, with just a simple Google search. Rusev, who married Lana in 2016, has caught a ton of flak for marrying a girl with such a dark past, and it makes you wonder if having so many of these types of pictures of his wife floating around online will eat at his insecurities over time.

14 Sable (WAG of Brock Lesnar)


Sable, the wife of former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, is also a former WWE Women’s Champion herself, and is thought of as one of the first original WWE Divas. Sable retired from wrestling in 2007, after her second stint in the WWE and a brief stint with New Japan Pro Wrestling. She has now settled down, and has two sons with the current WWE Superstar, as well as a daughter from a previous marriage. In 2012, she became a grandmother when her daughter, Mariah, gave birth to a baby girl. But have no fear, this granny still knows how took sexy on camera, as the picture above shows! Sable may very well be the hottest grandma in the history of WWE. And she is obviously so much more than just a WAG!

13 Reby Sky (WAG of Matt Hardy)

Before she married Matt Hardy and became a member of the Broken Universe, Reby Sky was just your average everyday model looking for her big break. Her biggest break, before entering the world of wrestling, was being featured in Playboy Magazine as The Cyber Girl Of The Week in 2010.  Although we could not include the X-rated photos from her Playboy shoot in this article, the photo featured above should give you some idea of what we are talking about here. Sky bares it ALL in her Playboy pictures, and that may be something that the Hardy family doesn’t love having readily available to the masses on the Internet. Especially since Hardy and Sky had their first child together in 2015. I mean what would Senior Benjamin think…

12 Brandi Rhodes (WAG of Cody Rhodes)


Since she joined the wrestling business, Brandi Rhodes has not been known for her sexuality or provocative clothing choices. In fact, she had a very limited role in the world of wrestling until her husband, Cody Rhodes, left the WWE in 2016. Now with Cody on the independent circuit, Brandi isn’t just working as a valet, but she is actually participating in matches as a wrestler. The Rhodes duo wouldn’t want their fans to become more focused on this photo than on Brandi’s current wrestling career, but with pictures like one above it's hard to not notice her outright sexuality.  This picture is without a doubt one of the most revealing photos of Mrs. Rhodes to date, and most of her fans wish there were more pictures of her like this out there on the internet.

11 Kimberly Kessler (WAG of Randy Orton)

Not much is really known about Randy Orton’s new wife, Kimberly Kessler, except that she really really loves her husband! The mother of three joined the Orton clan in 2014, and has since added a fourth child to the mix. Kessler is very open on social media about their lives, which has led to many intimate moments being posted online. Sprinkled in with those pictures of her wedding and family hikes are also photos of Kessler looking pretty darn sexy. Multiple pictures of Kessler rocking bikinis were posted near the beginning of their relationship, but have since come to a halt. This could be due to Kessler having a baby, or Orton not wanting the world to see his wife and the mother of his child scantily clad on the Internet. Orton has always been known as something of a hot head, so it’s not unreasonable to think the latter is the reason.

10 Alexa Bliss (WAG of Buddy Murphy)


Alexa Bliss is rumored to be the girlfriend of former NXT Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy, and is considered to be one of the new generations of female wrestlers that are coming through the WWE with the foresight of changing the business completely. Alexa often accompanies both Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake to the ring as their valet, but she is also an accomplished wrestler herself.  She turned heel in early 2015, and went on to face Bayley in a fantastic NXT Women’s Championship match later the same year. It is unknown when Alexa will be heading to the main roster, but right now she seems to be taking over NXT, and she had the sexy pictures to prove it! With experience doing bikini competitions, there are plenty of steamy photos of the young star online.

9 Renee Young (WAG of Dean Ambrose)

Renee Young has slowly transitioned into being a featured face in the WWE. Whether it’s hosting shows or being a cast member on Total Divas, Young is slowly turning into more than just an interviewer for the company. The Canadian-born Renee has always had a playful relationship with her boyfriend Dean Ambrose on screen, and it's reached new heights since their relationship has been acknowledged on WWE programming. Her playful banter and role as a journalist for the company often distracts from the fact that Young is also gorgeous. Photos like the one above prove that Young has just as much beauty as anyone else on the WWE roster, and she plans to bring all of that sexiness onto the screen this season on the WWE.


8 Michelle McCool (WAG of The Undertaker)


The Undertaker may be the most private wrestler who ever lived. Even though the wrestling business has been exposed for nearly 20 years, The Undertaker has only ever done three interviews (out of character) during his entire career. Talk about commitment! His hesitance to incorporate his real life into wrestling is something that can be respected, but his wife of seven years, Michelle McCool, has finally lifted up the veil a little bit. McCool may not show off the faces of her family on her social media, but she has shown plenty of herself in photos like these.  Her husband doesn't strike us as the kind of guy that takes kindly to others ogling his wife. So pictures like this are a surprising find to say the least.

7 Natalya (WAG of Tyson Kidd)

The former WWE Divas Champion is widely considered to be one of the most gifted technical female wrestlers in WWE history. While also being married to the former Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd, Natalya is a regular cast member on the E! reality show Total Divas, where she often opens up about her family life, and discusses the life of one of the most famous wrestling dynasties of all time. Living with her husband, who is on the road most of the time, leaves Natalya with plenty of time to take sexy photos like the one seen above. We're sure her husband doesn't appreciate men ogling these photos when he's so far away from his wife!

6 Naomi (WAG of Jimmy Uso)


The former Funkadactyl and wife of Slammy Award winning former Tag Team Champion, Jimmy Uso, Naomi is thought to be the most athletic WWE Diva on the current roster, despite the fact that she has failed to have been a part of the championship match for the past few months. Naomi is a talented dancer and singer outside of the WWE, and as seen in the photo above, she is also gorgeous. It seems like Jimmy hit the jackpot when he met her, and hopefully Naomi will keep the sexy photos coming! We're pretty sure we speak for everyone when we say we're definitely looking forward to more of them.

5 Paige (WAG of Alberto Del Rio)

The biggest scandal in wrestling this year had to be when the private photos and videos of former WWE Diva’s Champion, Paige, were leaked to the media in March. She already had a ton of baggage with her professional career, having taken leave from the WWE due to injury. This leak added insult to injury by showing Paige performing sexual acts with ex-boyfriend and former WWE general manager Brad Maddox…and well… not just Brad Maddox. A video featuring Maddox and Paige along with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods was also released, and the Internet lost its mind. Paige, who has been in a hot and heavy relationship with Alberto since May of last year, was understandably upset about the leaked images. But she probably wasn’t nearly as mad as Alberto was when he found out that Paige used to take turns with the WWE locker room.

4 AJ Lee (WAG of CM Punk)


AJ Lee and CM Punk have remained extremely private since becoming a couple in 2013. With the couple rarely releasing any information about their relationship, unless it’s in a very controlled scenario, that’s why CM Punk was so angry when photos of their wedding leaked in 2014. Punk even went as far as to threaten fans on Twitter who were retweeting the candid flicks saying, “Tweet that pic and I block you. Simple.” Followed by, “And I block you because I can’t punch you in your disrespectful f—ing face. Pigs.” The picture that prompted those tweets was one of Punk and Lee together, but if he was that mad about that picture, he would probably be furious about the photo above.

3 Velvet Sky (WAG of Bubba Ray Dudley)

We have seen on this list already that some people didn’t actually choose to show their goods to the world. Velvet Sky was part of the 2014 celebrity hacking scandal, where dozens of famous women had their risqué pictures stolen from their phones and posted on the Internet by hackers. Velvet Sky was one of those unlucky women, and even though she only had one picture released, it was a major violation of her privacy. Sky had every right to be upset about the picture, but the two-time TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion didn’t comment on the photo, and neither did her boyfriend Bubba Ray Dudley. Dudley, who never bites his tongue about anything, stayed remarkably quiet about the incident, and that may be because he didn’t want to draw any more attention to the pictures than he had to. Regardless, we are positive that both Bubba Ray Dudley and Velvet Sky were infuriated by the incident, and are probably a lot more cautious when taking nude photos these days.

2 Maryse (WAG of The Miz)


Remember when I said that Lana gets naked a lot? Well, Maryse used to get naked… a lot MORE. After winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003, Maryse posed in the buff for multiple publications, the most famous of which being Playboy. Ironically, her appearance on the cover of Playboy came one year after she was signed to the WWE in 2006. This was a time period where the PG era was just beginning, and the WWE was distancing themselves from racier content. Maryse had a great run in the WWE, until she left in 2011, with the running theory being that she was forced to turn down another offer from the adult magazine. She has since married The Miz, and rekindled her relationship with the WWE.  So it’s not unreasonable to think that her husband doesn’t want her former naked pictorials to see the light of day.

1 Catalina White (WAG of Jack Swagger)

Before marrying the recently released WWE Champion Jack Swagger (now going by Jack Hager), Catalina White was a model who tried her hand at wrestling under the name Saylor James in 2008. White parted ways with the company in 2009, and was in a relationship with Swagger when she found out that a sex tape that she made with a former boyfriend was being auctioned off. Apparently, her ex-boyfriend distributed the video without her permission and created a bidding war between adult film companies. Usually, men don’t want people to watch videos of their wives having sex with other men, so I’m guessing that Swagger was no different. The video caused quite an uproar in the wrestling community, and sexy pictures like these only go to further her image of a risqué WAG of the WWE.


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