15 Shady Things Cristiano Ronaldo Doesn't Want Us To Talk About

Recently, I watched Cristiano Ronaldo's new film, Ronaldo. I immediately regretted it. Not because the movie was terrible, although it was nothing spectacular in that regard, but because I felt like I just been given way too much information about a guy whose only role in life is to play football. I wish now that I could go back in time and never watch Cristiano. Back then, I viewed Cristiano Ronaldo as simply a great athlete. I admired his amazing skill, his intricate dribbling, and his undeniable place as one of the greatest players of all time. But now I see him as more than just a player, I see him for his strange, eerily unsettling private life that he showed audiences with the release of Ronaldo. I want to go back. I want be able to view him as he was meant to be viewed: Simply as an amazing footballer.

The film was only the tip of the iceberg. There is something very strange about this athlete. It's something you can't quite put your finger on... But something is clearly "off." Many have pointed out that the film shows you how alone and empty his life really is. That might be it. But when you consider all of the other strange controversies "CR7" has been embroiled with over the years, it's clear there's so much more to this man that meets the eye.


15 His Surrogate Child

One of the most unsettling things about the movie Ronaldo was the revelation that Cristiano had utilized the services of a surrogate mother to have a child. The boy, now aged 7, was named Cristiano by his father. The circumstances regarding this surrogate birth are clouded in mystery. No one knows who the mother is, or why Cristiano decided to have a surrogate birth in the first place. Around the time his son was born, he started dating model Irina Shayk. But she was not the mother. There have been all kinds of theories about why he decided to have a surrogate birth. The most reasonable of these theories is that he wanted to have a child without allowing another woman to potentially divorce him one day and take both his wealth and his son. But other more wild theories suggest that the reason he chose a surrogate mother is because he is gay or cannot have children himself.

14 His Upcoming Surrogate Twins


If that wasn't weird enough, Cristiano has just announced that he will be having two more surrogate children - this time, twins. A heavily pregnant woman in the United States is rumored to be carrying his twins, and when born, the infants will be flown to Cristiano's mansion in Madrid. Call me crazy, but this is beginning to sound a lot more like online shopping that actual fatherhood. Again, the mother who will give birth to the children is unnamed. The story gets even weirder when you consider that Cristiano is now dating Georgina Rodriguez, and has been doing so for the last few months in secret. So then why couldn't he get her pregnant if he wanted children? And how does she feel about him choosing a surrogate mother to carry his heirs instead of her? For all we know, she agreed to the circumstances. After all, she's a model, and we all know what a pregnancy can do to a woman's body. But the same strange concerns are again raised when it comes to yet another unexplained surrogate birth.

13 He Has His Own Brand Of Blankets

Cristiano Ronaldo has made himself into a very successful brand. It would be hard for you not to notice, as his name and face is plastered pretty much everywhere you look these days. He is widely considered the most marketable footballer and athlete in the world. He has his own brand of underwear, perfumes, and yes, even blankets. But it's the way he's marketing these blankets that is just downright weird. He released a video where he appears to be naked, snuggling underneath his special CR7 blankets, smiling in a totally creepily way at the camera. He then goes on about how comfortable the blankets are, and how he hopes we will like them. Like I said, there's something a little "off" about this guy...

12 His Father


Part of Cristiano's life that is shrouded in both mystery and sadness is his relationship with his father. First of all, his mother almost terminated the pregnancy when she found out that Cristiano was about to be born. Second of all, he never really got to know his father, as he admits: “My father was funny when he was drunk, but I didn’t get to know him for real, from the heart and I don’t know why he drank, maybe he was frustrated with his life." His father, Dinis Aveiro, later tragically died in 2005 as a result from alcoholism. His father also had the job of cleaning up the locker rooms at a local football club. His family comes from very humble beginnings. Dinis Aveiro was drafted into the army during the 1970s to fight in the Angolan War in Africa.

11 The Buddha Statue Incident

One of the biggest controversies Cristiano Ronaldo has ever been involved with was his accidental insult to the entire Buddhist religion. This story is as ridiculous as it is predictable. Cristiano Ronaldo has long been known for his larger-than-life ego. That ego has gotten him into trouble many times in the past, but I don't think he's ever topped ticking off an entire religion. That's a pretty massive achievement, even for Cristiano. As you can see, Cristiano thought it would be a good idea to put his foot on top of a Buddha statue, adopting a very dominant, almost conquering pose. Buddhists around the world were extremely offended. Many took to social media to berate the footballer for his insensitivity. Cristiano has since apologized.

10 Banned For Giving Fans The Finger


Despite the size of his personality and ego, Cristiano usually keeps his cool on the pitch. He's not known for violence or unsportsmanlike behavior, and he only has 9 red cards to his name. Not bad for a player with a long, eventful career. But when he was younger, Ronaldo was a little more brash. During his third season at Manchester United, he was given a one match ban by UEFA after he gave Benfica fans the finger while he was being substituted. If you fast forward to the end of the above video, you can see it clearly. Cristiano was still young then, and obviously did not fully understand that the cameras pick up everything, no matter how slyly you flip people off. So why was he so mad at the Benfica fans? The Benfica fans were probably giving him hell because he used to play for Sporting Lisbon, Benfica's main rival in Portugal.

9 The Tax Fraud Scandal

One of the most shadiest things to ever be released about Cristiano Ronaldo was his alleged tax evasion. The allegations came in December 2016, just before Cristiano won the Balon d'Or. He was accused of using a Dublin-based firm to avoid Spanish taxes. So far, it's a case of "innocent until proven guilty" and Cristiano vehemently denies any wrong doing. Although he says that everything he does is completely transparent, one does have to wonder. It seems like all of the ultra rich people on Earth try to avoid paying taxes in some way or another, so why would he be any different? Messi suffered a similar controversy when he was linked with tax evasion. Cristiano complained that the allegations took away some of the joy of winning the Balon d'Or.


8 His Name Links To Unsafe Websites


Cristiano Ronaldo has officially been named the riskiest player to search for on the Internet if you're trying to steer clear of computer viruses. Computer security specialists McAfee released the names of those on the "Red Card Club," footballers who were likely to be used by hackers to lure people to their malware sites. Searching for Cristiano Ronaldo on the Internet will result in a 3.7% chance of landing on a site that uses malevolent software designed to compromise the security of your computer. This is the highest of any player in the world. Representatives from McAfee said that people are likely to get so obsessed with football that they forget about security, and this is what hackers are counting on. They also remind the public never to download anything from a football website, especially if that site has anything to do with Cristiano Ronaldo.

7 Rape Allegations

Another blight on Cristiano Ronaldo was the rape allegation that happened years ago. This was all the way back in 2005, when he was still playing for Manchester United. A woman accused him of raping her in a London hotel. The police didn't take long to drop the case altogether, citing a complete lack of evidence that Ronaldo had raped her. This came as a relief to Ronaldo, who said, "I have been notified that the police investigation has been closed and no action will be taken against me in relation to the allegations made previously." Although he was seemingly innocent of this crime, this was definitely one of the shadiest moments in Ronaldo's entire career. It was the first time people really started to question this man's personality behind that well-groomed exterior.

6 The Reason He Threw The Microphone Into The River


In 2016, Cristiano captained Portugal to their first ever international trophy, the Euro Cup. It was a huge moment for CR7 and history of Portuguese football. But there were some seriously tense moments leading up to the win. Portugal was famously unimpressive in their run up to the final. They drew every game in the group stages, and were the only team to advance without actually winning. Later, they seemed to be unable to score in many of their matches, with penalties coming to their rescue again and again. And to top it all off, Ronaldo was getting more and more frustrated with every game. He clearly wasn't performing at his peak, and everyone knew. No one was more aware of his failures than the man himself, however, and Ronaldo had frequent temper tantrums on and off the pitch.

This all came to a boiling point when he famously snatched a microphone out of a reporter's hands and chucked it into a nearby river. It seemed totally random, even comical. No one knew why he had done this. All the reporter asked is something along the lines of, "Are you prepared for the next match?" But it was later revealed that the reporter worked for a Portuguese news network called CMTV. Ronaldo has a bitter hatred for this news agency. He has actually boycotted them completely, and refuses to answer any questions from them. This is because they publish all kinds of nonsense, often offending Ronaldo and his family with their blatant lies. CMTV is a derivative of "Correio da Manha," which is widely considered to be the worst newspaper in Portugal.

5 Why He Broke Up With Irina Shayk

When Cristiano Ronaldo broke up with Irina Shayk, it was under extremely weird circumstances. When it happened, no one was sure what exactly went wrong. They just sort of stopped being seen together. Irina was most notably absent from Cristiano Ronaldo's visit to the Balon d'Or ceremony. Other sources revealed that Cristiano dumped her because she refused to go to his mother's 60th birthday party. Additionally, sources suggest that Cristiano was disheartened by his lack of interest in his son. It is rumored that he wanted Irina to be more of a mother figure to the young boy. But Irina tells a different story. She claims the relationship went sour because Cristiano couldn't stop cheating on her. Maybe we'll never know the real story...

4 The Famous Fifa Interview


In 2015, Fifa was rocked by a massive corruption scandal. This ended in the resignation of Sep Blatter, after it was revealed that he was basically running Fifa like a dictatorship. In a dramatic bust, the FBI raided a hotel in Zurich and arrested 7 high-ranking Fifa officials. And then came the day that Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to speak about the scandal. This infuriated CR7 immensely. He quickly stormed off the set of the interview, and ended the interview prematurely. You see, he was told beforehand that the interview would be a chance to promote his new brand of headphones. So when he found out that the interview was actually about the Fifa scandal, he understandably felt a little deceived. This is yet another example of Cristiano's ego showing its face in interviews.

3 The Feud With Gareth Bale

Even if you have no background information on the two players, you can watch a Real Madrid game and easily pick up on the awkwardness between Gareth Bale and Ronaldo. The two are clearly rivals, playing in very similar positions. When one scores, the other is often reluctant to congratulate them, or fails to do so at all. The two often refuse to pass to each other. Gareth Bale broke Real Madrid's transfer record, which was previously held by Cristiano, making Bale a more expensive player. Of course the relationship between them is always presented as being warm and friendly - at least off the pitch. But that doesn't change the fact that Bale is seen as Ronaldo's successor, and that makes him a threat.

2 That Time A Witch Doctor Cursed His Knee


The World Cup is always a time when anything can happen. But one of the strangest occurrences happened when a Ghanaian witch-doctor named "The Devil Of Wednesday" predicted that Ronaldo would suffer a knee injury and be ruled out of the 2014 World Cup.  Not too long afterwards, Ronaldo suffered an injury to the left knee ligament, ruling him out of an upcoming friendly with Greece.

The witch doctor, known in his native tongue as Nana Kwaku Bonsam, revealed: “I am very serious about it. Last week, I went around looking for four dogs and I got them to be used in manufacturing a special spirit called Kahwiri Kapam. I said it four months ago that I will work on Cristiano Ronaldo seriously and rule him out of the World Cup or at least prevent him from playing against Ghana and the best thing I can do is to keep him out though injury. This injury can never be cured by any medic, they can never see what is causing the injury because it is spiritual. Today, it is his knee, tomorrow it is his thigh, next day it is something else.”

1 His Criminal Friend

We end with probably the shadiest thing about Cristiano Ronaldo. This is of course his friend, the professional kick-boxer Badr Hari. First of all, this man is a criminal. He has been arrested numerous times for violence at Amsterdam's nightclubs. He was arrested once again after trying to return to Marrakesh after assaulting a waiter. He was given a 2 year prison sentence in 2015 for assaulting a Dutch millionaire.  The list of his violent crimes is simply too lengthy to list. He's also very good friends with Cristiano, and this is where it gets weird. Cristiano frequently visits Badr Hari in Morocco. The two have been photographed in physical situations that some have deemed indicative of a homosexual lifestyle. For all we know, it could just be a very close relationship. But that doesn't stop the rumor mill from churning...


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