15 Seriously Hot Women Who Drive Fast Cars For A Living

Seriously hot women have been driving fast cars for decades. They started off as being “eye candy” and used as simple fixtures, or even as navigators for "the real" drivers. There were only a handful

Seriously hot women have been driving fast cars for decades. They started off as being “eye candy” and used as simple fixtures, or even as navigators for "the real" drivers. There were only a handful of brave women who stepped into the sport as actual drivers. In the early years of racing, those strong, independent, and beautiful women were treated as if they were overstepping boundaries, especially since it was considered a male sport.

However, it was women like Sara Christian, who drove at the inaugural NASCAR race and Janet Guthrie, who first competed in the Indy 500 that paved the way for the future women of racing. Now, ladies are seen as fierce racing competitors, in different driving sports all around the world. One thing that hasn't changed through the years is that aside from being some of the best athletes, these women are still seriously hot.

Just think about it: sexy, intelligent women driving really fast cars. Whoever it was that thought women shouldn't be taken seriously in racing was an idiot. These women have all earned a solid income by driving in stock racing, Indy racing, drag racing and more. They are the women that use a combination of beauty and speed to make your heart race. They are 15 seriously hot women who have driven fast cars for a living.

15 Leilani Munter

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Hello, Leilani Munter. Don't you wish all ARCA race car drivers could look as hot as this one? She is model, biologist and environmental activist, all balled up into one woman, who also drives fast cars for a living. Above all else, she uses racing to speak up about saving the environment, but she's pretty great behind the wheel, too.

14 Leah Pritchett

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Leah Pritchett looks nothing like a drag racer. With her long hair, jaw dropping figure, and beautiful brown eyes, she is every man's dream. She also drives a sexy Camaro in honor of one of her current sponsors, Papa John's (Papa John sold his gold Camero in order to start his pizza company).

13 Susie Wolff

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12 Amber Balcaen


This Canadian bombshell is being hailed as the next Danica Patrick. Amber Balcaen is shockingly gorgeous and drives fast cars for a living. She wanted to set a record as the first Canadian woman to win a NASCAR sanctioned race. Guess what? That's just what she did on August 27th of this year, and in her rookie season no less. She has long dark hair that makes her painstakingly beautiful blue eyes stand out even more. Curves that could make your head spin and she is on fire in NASCAR.

11 Shannon McIntosh

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10 Jessica Barton

I know just what you're thinking… Jessica Barton looks more like a car model than an actual race car driver. This is somewhat a correct assumption. However, this is only partly true. She is a model, actress, and believe it or not, Jessica is also an Import race car driver. Could you imagine riding passenger next to her?

9 Milka Dunos

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8 The Cope Twins

via:Motor Racing Digest

7 Claire Louis Jedrek

via askmen

Claire Louise Jedrek is Singapore’s only female race car driver. She looks like she could be in a beauty pageant, but instead she is into any extreme sport that catches her attention. Jedrek only just took up racing in 2013, but has already taken a 2nd place podium finish at the 2015 Malaysian F1 support race. She has only had her license for 6 years and originally began racing as a bet to a fellow racing partner.

6 Natasha Chang

Natasha Chang was a Caribbean race car driver from Jamaica, although her heritage is Jamaican, Chinese and Puerto Rican. She is one of a kind, with her luscious dark hair, tan skin, and seriously hot eyes. They almost seem to be calling your name. Natasha also has a smokin' hot body with toned curves that turns heads at the beach while she is out surfing, which she also loves to do.

5 Danica Patrick

via:Wiver Magazine

Danica Patrick is seriously one of the hottest women and surely the most famous to drive fast cars for a living. She is fierce, competitive, and sexy. It's no wonder she has been sought after as a model for Sports Illustrated with her long dark hair, beautiful eyes, and curvaceous body. It's surprising that she doesn't just stop the traffic mid-race.

Danica is also stunning behind the wheel. She started her career off go-karting as a child after her sister, Brooke pushed their parents to get two go-karts instead of a pontoon boat. She was the first woman to get a win in the IndyCar series and she also holds the highest finish by a woman in the Indianapolis 500. Her current status is full-time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series where she became the first woman to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series pole.

4 Madalena Antas

Madalena Antas does not drive fast cars for a living, but she does drive fast tricked-out pickup tucks over dunes in deserts on the rally circuit. Could anything possibly get any hotter than that? She makes a living getting down and dirty in the desert. Madalena is a Portuguese hottie, who gets paid to do what most models despise, yet she is also a model too. In men's magazines, nonetheless.

3 Carmen Jordá

via Buzz

Carmen Jordá Buades is painstakingly beautiful, but in seriously attractive kind of way. She looks like a beauty queen, but is really a Spanish race car driver. Carmen is currently a development driver for the Renault F1 team. She is also the daughter of former race car driver Jose Miguel. This dreamy vision of a woman is planning on picking up, right where Susie Wolff left off with F1. If you recall, Susie Wolff left because she wasn't making any leeway after three years spent in development.

2 Natalie Decker

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Natalie Decker is a bit of a newbie in the professional racing world, but she has been racing fast cars since she was only 12-years-old. By 2013 she was already ARCA Midwest World Tour and got Rookie of the year after finishing 3rd in points. She also took 3rd in a three-race Midwest Truck Series at Madison International Speedway. All of this before she had even turned 18 years old.

1 Inessa Tushkanova


Okay! Inessa Tushkanova is seriously hot. A curvaceous, beautiful, possibly flawless woman. She drives fast cars in Pro Rallys and in her other life she is a Playboy model. Big job contrast on that one. Inessa is sexy, smart, and even witty. Her personal website is adorned with an assortment of quotes, one of which claims that “boobs are like shoes, good as they are, but there is no place to wear them”.

Inessa may not seem like a race car driver, but she has been for 8 years now, and she's pretty good at it. In fact, she won the 2nd place trophy for ladies in the FIA ERC, which is the European Rally Championship. She has a total of 42 starts in several races, most in Ukraine as that is where she is from. Apparently, PR is the purpose behind her Playboy spreads because men do not like women in racing and it is difficult to get sponsors.

There you have it. These women are seriously hot, they all drive fast cars for a living, and most have been pretty great at it. In fact, they leave the race track sizzling and smoking, and it's not just from their car exhaust.

Sources: TheSportster

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15 Seriously Hot Women Who Drive Fast Cars For A Living