15 Secret WWE Storylines Triple H and Vince McMahon Might Be Thinking About

Vince McMahon loves to push the restart button following WrestleMania. A tactic he deploys features lots of fresh new faces joining the main rosters from NXT. Another element we see year-round features a Shakeup, as numerous Superstars switch brands. It makes the product fresh and exciting for the fans, even if it means SmackDown got the better of Raw this year!

The speculation is now starting to rise with future matches and character changes that might be on the way. We take a look at possible storylines Vince might be thinking about for both Raw and SmackDown. We’ll also dip into the mind of Triple H and discuss rumored scenarios for both 205 Live and NXT. It’s a great time to be a wrestling fan with lots of rumors currently circulating!

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. From possible character changes to rumored future title holders, these are 15 rumored stories Triple H and Vince might be thinking about. We begin with a possible program featuring Roman Reigns and one of the newest additions to Raw.

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15 Roman Back On Top, Works Program With Baron Corbin

The Superstar Shakeup wasn’t the nicest to the Raw brand. The show lost an abundance of talent including Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and The Miz, just to name a few. Two of those names were linked to feuds with Reigns following his rumored championship victory over in Saudi Arabia. It appears as though different opponents might be on the horizon instead.

Despite losing his MITB contract and failing to cash-in, the current report claims that Vince remains high on Baron Corbin.

With McMahon still trying to get Reigns over as a babyface and given the natural heat generated by the Lone Wolf, such a program seems to be a no-brainer at this point. Other possible opponents for Roman include Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal or perhaps a storyline with Zayn and Owens.

14 Cruiserweight Tag Titles

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205 Live is now in the hands of Triple H and he’s already thinking about ways to make the show better. Well, since he took over, not only is the viewership up but the action seems to be a lot better. The brand is also unique nowadays, as we rarely see the Cruiserweights on Raw these days.

A rumored scenario that is likely to take place for the division is the announcement of new titles. We’re already getting lots of hints in the recent episodes with tag matches closing out the show. A recent episode of 205 Live saw a brilliant tornado tag match featuring Itami and Tozawa taking on Metalik and Dorado. The match received a “this is awesome” chant; we hope that this rumor is to be true given the possibilities of several tremendous tag teams on the show.

13 Lesnar Versus Lashley Not Happening

The Raw after WrestleMania features debuts and returns every year, and for this year’s Monday program, the biggest return was Bobby Lashley appearing. With Lesnar’s future in doubt, this rumored match was in jeopardy. However, despite signing a new deal, it appears as though the WWE isn’t planning on going through with the match. According to Dave Meltzer,

Roman Reigns and perhaps Braun Strowman are to be Lesnar’s only opponents before parting.

Lesnar is likely to drop the Universal Title in Saudi Arabia leading to a hiatus. His new contract pays him per appearance and match along with a small base. He’s set to be paid a little under $650K per match along with near $200K per appearance, a deal similar to The Undertaker’s in terms of structure. This likely means we’ll only see Brock at major events such as SummerSlam or Survivor Series.

12 The Undertaker Is Not Done

Every year Undertaker claims it’s his last WrestleMania following the match, however when the event looms near he’s always tempted to return. Seriously though, can you blame the guy? He’s given an excessive pay for one match. Wouldn’t you do the same once a year?

Well, it seems like it’ll be more than just one more match.

The current rumor going around claims that Taker might fight Cena in one more match at next year’s show. The rumored stipulation is a loser-retires match. Now, given the fact that he made his name be known at Survivor Series, it’s possible such a match can also take place at the event. Another ongoing rumor links Taker to winning the WWE Title and facing Cena for the strap, which would lead to John’s record breaking 17th championship reign.

11 Ronda Feuds With Natalya

A surprising part of the Shakeup featured the veteran Natalya making her way to the Raw brand. Now at first glance, it was puzzling a bit but when we saw her conversing with Rousey, it all made complete sense. The two are now working together but we expect Nattie to turn on Rousey at some point, leading to a massive bout between the two.

Such an opponent makes total sense for the former MMA star. The two have hours of experience together in the ring; Nattie was a huge factor in helping Rousey get accustomed to the in-ring work. Bringing the veteran over to Raw was a wise choice and one that’ll pay off immensely when the two enter the ring at some point.

10 Lars Sullivan Continues Monster Push With NXT

Down in NXT, a match for the North American Championship at the TakeOver event stole the show. Everyone who took part in the match had their moment and that includes the monster Lars Sullivan,

a wrestler Triple H has massive plans for in the future.

The original rumored scenario had Sullivan taking on Almas at the New Orleans show, tough plans changed and Black was wisely put in the slot instead. We expect Sullivan to continue to thrive, likely ending his feud against Killian Dain with a massive victory. Triple H might be thinking about slotting the big man in a championship program against Aleister Black, a bout that might push Lars to the top of the NXT totem pole.

9 Big Cass Gets Major Push On SmackDown Live

If you thought Jinder Mahal, Baron Corbin and Mojo Rawley leaving SmackDown would lead to fewer talentless pushes, boy, were you ever wrong! Okay, in truth, Cass is a marginal talent with a tremendous look, we hope that he proves us wrong in the massive push he’s about to get. Cass is set to enter a main event level program against Daniel Bryan. Seriously, would it shock us all that much if he goes over on Daniel? We hope the WWE isn’t leaning in that direction just yet.

According to Dave Meltzer, other scenarios exist to add even more heel heat to Cass’ persona. Like McIntyre joining Ziggler, rumored possibilities include Cass joining either Miz or Nakamura, forming a dominant heel duo over on SD Live.

8 Becky Lynch Turns Heel


Given the new additions to SmackDown Live, the brand is thriving with a stacked women’s division. However looking at the female roster, the most talented Superstars are all babyfaces; comprised of Asuka, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Naomi. One of them is going to need a dramatic turn and all signs point to Lynch, who’s currently undergoing a standstill with her character.

With Asuka and Carmella working a program together, SmackDown Live needs another compelling story in the division.

We can see Charlotte and Lynch working together to take on the IIconics or Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, which eventually leads to Becky turning to the dark side and joining the heels. It’s a possibility Vince and his writers might be thinking about at some point down the road.

7 Lashley’s First Program Against Elias

A surprising name to stay on the Raw brand saw Elias remain on the show despite the rumors that he was set to part. Prior to WrestleMania, the company gave him a big time push and it seemed as though he did everything he could have at that point. However, given what took place on a recent episode of Raw, he might have a new opponent to deal with in the very near future.

You can expect a long-term program between the newest member of Raw Bobby Lashley, and Elias. Surely, the company’s decided to put Bobby over ultimately but don’t expect Elias to look like a complete pushover in the angle between the two. The Backlash PPV is a rumored possibility for a match between these two Superstars.

6 Making Bobby Roode Great Again

Bobby Roode’s NXT run was booked to perfection by The Game. He became an upper-card heel and eventually, claimed the championship for a lengthy run. His SmackDown Live debut got the fans excited, however there was one problem and that’s the fact that he was booked as a complete babyface. With such a gimmick, you need to book this guy as a heel. For that reason,

he lost a lot of momentum on the show and perhaps Raw is a re-launch for the gimmick.

If he stays a babyface, the possible programs are really few and far between. However, a heel turn would open the doors for lots of long-term mouth-watering programs against the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, just to name a few.

5 Dakota Kai Becomes The Next Major NXT Babyface

Poor Triple H continues to see his NXT talent roster thin out. The women’s division took a huge hit most recently, losing the most over face Ember Moon, along with a pair of talented heels: Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Looking at the current roster, you would think that the brand needs a loveable face to take on Shayna Baszler, enter Dakota Kai.

It seems as though the company’s taking their time with Kairi Sane, so instead, expect a big push for Kai, who’s a fan favorite among the NXT crowds. Now we don’t want to spoil storylines for those of you that love the element of surprise so we’ll give you a chance to scroll to the next entry.... Okay, so for those of you that stayed, the recent NXT spoilers indicate that a program is in fact in the works between the two.

4 Monster Push For Ziggler And McIntyre

As we stated earlier, the heel pool on the Raw show isn’t exactly stacked. The Shakeup needed to bring someone special to the table and we got it in the form of a revamped Dolph Ziggler character. Now in truth, the company has made a complete mess of his gimmick over the last couple of years, however this time, the decision to add Drew McIntyre into his act certainly adds lots of legitimacy. For the most part, fans are excited to see what the duo has in store for the show moving forward.

In all likelihood, they’ll work a minor program with the Titus brand and later, move on to bigger things such as an IC Title program with Seth Rollins,

another possibility can see McIntyre challenge for the championship once Roman holds the title.

3 Strowman Kept Away From Universal Title Until Major PPV

Without a doubt, Strowman became one of the most over acts in the entire company during the 2017 year. His work forced a character change and he’s now a babyface on the show. Fans were disappointed with his WrestleMania match as he was slated in a tag match meant for comedic relief more than anything. Rumors swirled that he might be involved in the Universal Title match on the show but that wasn’t meant to be.

It’s unknown what program he’ll work heading into Backlash, but what we do know is that he’ll revisit a Universal Title shot at some point. However, that’s likely to take place at a major PPV such as SummerSlam or Survivor Series. Look for the company to keep him away from the championship mix until then.

2 Finn Balor Changes Gimmick

In a past article we linked Balor to getting a pair of enforcers; we predicted the Authors of Pain would join the likeable fan favorite. Although the possibility still exists with AOP joining Raw, we don’t think it’ll happen due to the fact that Ziggler just got an enforcer, Vince doesn’t like repetition on the same show.

What we do expect is a heel turn to play out at some point in 2018.

A reoccurring theme in this article is the lack of villains on the show. Finn played the role of a heel excellently during his time in New Japan and it’s an option the company can revisit at this point, given the fact that his character is currently enduring somewhat of a standstill.

1 Building Towards Rousey and Charlotte

The WWE swerved us on multiple occasions during the WrestleMania 34 show. One of the biggest surprises featured Charlotte ending Asuka’s incredible undefeated run. For the longest time (and even before Ronda stepped foot in a WWE ring), the rumored bout pinned Asuka and Rousey against one another for the WM 35 event- that all changed following Charlotte’s victory.

The current rumor going around has Charlotte and Rousey potentially main eventing WrestleMania 35; they would become the first ever women to be put in such a position. We expect a strong booking between the two in the next year, culminating to a must-see matchup between the two biggest draws of the division. However, Ronda has a long way to go before that comes to fruition. We hope she continues to thrive on the road to next year’s marquee event.

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