15 Savage Ronda Rousey Memes That Will Knock You Out

Ronda Rousey is the most famous woman in MMA, and it only makes sense that the Internet has created a whole bunch of memes about her. Most of them are not too kind. The majority of these memes are designed to poke fun at and humiliate Ronda Rousey. This isn't too surprising, seeing as the whole point of memes, for the most part, is to make fun of people and ideas. Most of these Ronda memes were created following her two major defeats. The memes are pretty brutal, and many of them caused a huge reaction with her fans. Some people even accused the meme makers of being misogynistic towards Ronda Rousey.

But even if you're a die-hard fan of Ronda Rousey, you have to admit these memes are pretty funny. And if you're not a fan, well then you were probably one of the people who made these memes in the first place! There is something undeniably satisfying about watching someone as cocky as Ronda Rousey fail miserably. She repeatedly said that she was the best, and that no one could ever challenge her. There's something really poetic about watching someone realize they're not as invincible as they thought. And these memes illustrate that perfectly.


15 Straight Outta Consciousness

This is a hilarious meme from one of Ronda Rousey's defeats. This was of course her defeat to Holly Holms. This was her first loss ever, and it showed everyone that Ronda Rousey could be beat after all. She was knocked out by a kick to the neck by Holms in the second round. As she lay on the ground, the photographers snapped at her sleeping form, and those pictures inevitably ended up on the Internet. And of course, the meme makers found these pictures and used them to make hilarious memes, such as this one. This is of course a play on the American rap group N.W.A.'s debut album, Straight Outta Compton. They merely changed the wording to Straight Outta Consciousness, and hilarity ensued.

14 Holm Schooled


Another amazing and hilarious piece of wordplay was demonstrated by whoever made this meme. One can't deny that Ronda Rousey was well and truly schooled by the superior fighting technique of Holly Holms. This picture perfectly shows just how brutal a kick to the neck can be. In fact, a blow like this can easily kill you. It rattles your spine and stops the connection the brain for an instant, causing you to be knocked out instantly. Ronda Rousey was undefeated at this point, and she tried to use her old tactic of taking her opponent to the ground for a submission. This obviously didn't work, and Holms' striking proved to be too much for Ronda to handle.

13 If You Can't Stand The Heat...

The best memes are the kind that remind you about things in your own life. This is one of the best. That totally is the face you make when you open the oven and a huge blast of heat comes out and you have to pull your face away. I don't know how this meme maker managed to see that, but it's really impressive. This just goes to show that people who make memes have minds that work in a very different and unique way when compared to most people. This picture was taken during Ronda Rousey's second defeat, to Amanda Nunes. Again, Ronda Rousey had no answer to her opponent's superior striking technique. This is probably a huge reason why she was so widely ridiculed, especially when it comes to memes.

12 Ronda Rousey's New Job


During the Nunes fight, Ronda Rousey did not look like she was doing very well. She had previously taken over a year off from MMA, and her return was really hyped up and everyone thought this was going to be her grand return. All of these people were proved wrong when Ronda Rousey got completely owned within seconds. It was hard to watch. She was being thrown around the ring, and as one memer pointed out, she looked a lot like a "Wacky inflatable dancing tube man." All of those blows to the head must have made her dizzy and she was completely off balance. It was cringey to watch and totally humiliating for Ronda Rousey. As the maker of this meme points out, it looks like Ronda Rousey's career would be more successful if she was placed in front of a used car lot instead of a wacky inflatable dancing tube man.

11 Gone In 60 Seconds

Part of what made her defeat to Amanda Nunes so stunning was the fact that it was over in seconds. Actually this meme is generous to Ronda Rousey. It wasn't 60 seconds - it was only 48 seconds before the fight was stopped and Ronda Rousey was eliminated via technical knock out. It was simply savage. In those 48 seconds, Amanda Nunes landed a whopping 27 hard blows to Ronda Rousey. Ronda floundered and could only answer with a mere 7 strikes before the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. So the meme using the poster for the movie Gone In 60 Seconds is totally fitting. The word "Gone" is the most condemning, because Ronda Rousey might really be gone from the MMA. She might never have the confidence to step back in the ring ever again.

10 Did I Leave The Stove On?


Being knocked out is not fun. Nor is it funny or hilarious to watch someone get knocked out. But memes have a real talent for making you laugh at things that you know you shouldn't find funny. This picture of a dazed, brain-damaged Ronda Rousey is almost pitiful to look at, but when you read the caption, "That look when you can't remember if you turned the stove off," you can't help but breaking out in laughter. You know you shouldn't be laughing, but you can't control yourself. A lot of people were laughing at Ronda Rousey after this fight, even before the memes were made. This was of course after Holly Holms landed a crushing blow to Rousey's neck, spelling her first ever defeat.

9 34 Second Fight

Not all memes are critical of Ronda Rousey. Some celebrate her impressive tendency to finish fights before they even begin. One of these fights was against the Brazilian fighter Bethe Correia. The fight only lasted 34 seconds, and many people commented that if you had gotten up to grab a beer, or you ran off to the bathroom, you would have missed the entire fight. This was made even worse for some people by the fact that they paid about $60 for the Pay Per View event. But while those people were feeling like they had just been completely screwed out of their hard-earned money, others were laughing because they were able to see the entire fight on YouTube, Facebook, or any other form of social media. This meme not only makes fun of how quickly Correia was defeated, but all of the people who paid money to see a 34 second fight.


8 Skydiving


For those who don't know, when you take a picture of someone the instant they get punched in the face, it can look pretty hilarious. It almost looks like there's a gigantic shock wave flowing right across the face, and there were a lot of these photo opportunities when Ronda Rousey fought Amanda Nunes. Her face took a real pummelling, and it began to swell up and bruise within the few seconds it took for Nunes to destroy her. Ronda Rousey is famous not only for her fighting ability, but also her physical attractiveness. She has a pretty sexy face and a sexier body. But there was no sign of that attractive face when Nunes took it upon herself to rearrange Ronda's facial features.

7 Championship Redistribution

Like a lot of celebrities during the election campaign, Ronda Rousey wasn't afraid to speak out about her political views. In the 2016 presidential campaign, she announced that she would be endorsing Bernie Sanders. Immediately it caused a reaction, and when she lost to Amanda Nunes, a lot of people claimed it was somehow because she had endorsed Bernie Sanders. While the whole idea of this was ridiculous, some good memes came out of it, namely this one. If you don't know anything about politics, it probably won't make much sense to you. Basically, Bernie Sanders has been accused of promoting communist policies, and one of the big ones is redistribution of wealth. Since Ronda Rousey endorsed him, this meme floats the idea that she was following Sanders' principles by "redistributing" the championship.

6 It Was Climate Change


This is yet another meme to come out of Ronda Rousey's Bernie Sanders endorsement and subsequent loss against Amanda Nunes. Bernie Sanders, a firm believer in climate change, is seen asserting that it was actually climate change that caused Rousey's loss. It's a running joke among some people that the left seems to blame everything on climate change. While it's a funny meme, we all know why Rousey really lost that fight against Amanda Nunes. And it had nothing to do with melting ice caps or carbon emissions. It was because, as Rousey's head coach pointed out, "Even with all that time to recuperate and prepare, Rousey did not learn an effective jab, the first and most basic tenet of boxing, one of MMA’s core disciplines." If she wants to get better, she needs to reevaluate her fighting style.

5 How Long Would You Last?

This is another rare meme that is actually supportive of Ronda Rousey for a change. As previously mentioned, Ronda Rousey is famous for finishing fights extremely quickly. Probably the most famous of these was her fight against Correia, which lasted just 34 seconds, but she has actually defeated opponents much quicker than that in the past. In 2015, Ronda Rousey faced off against Cat Zingano, and defeated her in just 14 seconds with an arm bar. It was the shortest fight in UFC history. That's what this meme is referencing with the 14 seconds line, in case you didn't get that. But what it's also referencing is her incredible sex appeal, as it's probably true that most guys would "blow their top" within 14 seconds of having sex with this sexy UFC fighter.

4 Bedtime Stories


Holly Holms was the first person to show the world that Ronda Rousey could be defeated, and she did it with style. She didn't just defeat Ronda, she knocked her out cold. And it wasn't just a technical knock out or a moment where Ronda lost consciousness for a few seconds, she was out cold. Holly Holms put her to sleep. And that's why this meme is so hilarious. Just check out what Holly Holms' coach recently said about Ronda Rousey:

"I think Holly broke her [Rousey]. I think Ronda was on top of the world and Holly broke her, because when she came out for Amanda [Nunes] she just wasn't the same fighter by any means. Not taking anything away from Amanda, but Ronda, she didn't have anything, she just wasn't there. She was just basically waiting for the end in essence once she couldn't find a way to grab her. And she did the same thing she's done before in the past, reaching out with her left arm and trying to corral. It was just a one-sided fight just like I said. I think she's done."

3 She Didn't Touch Gloves

What made Ronda's loss to Holly Holms all the more humiliating was how cocky she was going into the fight. She talked a lot of smack about the other fighter, showing her no respect, and when it came time to touch gloves, Ronda Rousey merely stared at Holly Holms, refusing to engage in what is the equivalent of a handshake in the UFC. There is no greater disrespect you can show to an opponent in the ring. This probably enraged Holly Holms, and I think she might have made a decision right then and there to show Ronda absolutely no mercy with her superior striking technique. It was then that Holly Holms decided to break Ronda completely, and many people say that she has never been the same since.

2 Dolce And Gabbana


This is another one of those memes that may have gone a little too far in making fun of Ronda Rousey. The meme is a photoshopped version of a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement that features Ronda Rousey laying on the ground with a bloodied face, in a pose that seems to mock her beauty and legitimize her completely. It's memes like this that make it understandable why so many people are calling the hate against Rousey examples of misogyny. Other notable figures photoshopped into the meme are Conor McGregor, Joe Rogan, and others. Joe Rogan actually spoke out about Ronda Rousey's disappointments recently, saying “For her, it was a competition, it wasn’t life. It was life or death. I don’t know, man. I mean that same mentality is probably why she’s not fighting anymore. Her animosity and her emotions were so riding on that thing. And then when she lost and she lost again in devastating fashion, that’s also the reason why there was so much backlash.”

1 She Conquered MMA. What's Next?

This is another meme that is obviously trying to destroy Ronda Rousey's reputation. If features her on a magazine cover with a shocked and brutalized face, with the caption: "She conquered MMA. What's next?" Obviously this is supposed to be patronizing as Ronda Rousey clearly is not conquering MMA right now, in fact she's the one getting conquered. Amanda Nunes just spoke out about why it was so easy to defeat Ronda Rousey, and she places the blame squarely on the shoulders of Rousey's head coach, Edmond Tarverydan, as she says:

"Yeah because she thinks she’s a boxer. He like put this in her head and make the girl believe in that. I don’t know why he did that. She has great judo and then she can go more forward in this division but he put some crazy thing about her boxing and then her career started like going down. That’s why I went in there and I’m the real striker here. This is the only thing I want to look at him to say.”

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