15 Rumored WrestleMania 35 Scenarios That Might Take Place

We just closed the door on another WrestleMania and you know what that means. Let the speculation begin as we start heading down the road to WrestleMania 35. Wrestling fans have already started to think about next year’s show and in this article; we speculate 15 scenarios that can possibly go down. Most of the entries on this list are fan theories so don’t take them too seriously. However, judging by this list, we’ll be happy if at least a couple of the scenarios go down.

It’s an exciting time to be a wrestling fan. With all the NXT call-ups, new champions and a rumored Superstar Shakeup set to take place, we can expect lots of new and exciting storylines on route to next year’s WrestleMania. From John Cena to Roman Reigns to Ronda Rousey, we’ll speculate on their roles for next year’s classic.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let us know in the comments section which matches you want to see and what the WWE should avoid for the show. We begin with two female stars that have a chance to main event the show next year. Enjoy!

15 Nakamura Versus Daniel Bryan

We hope the WWE stays patient and waits for this match just like they did with Styles and Shinksuke. Now with both of them on the SmackDown brand it might be difficult, however with rumors swirling that Rollins is set to join the blue brand, perhaps that’ll give Nakamura something to do in the meanwhile.

The list of opponents for Bryan is seriously endless. Fans wouldn’t mind seeing him in any type of singles match against other opponents which include A.J. Styles, Finn Balor, The Miz and Roman Reigns, just to name a few. We expect a big matchup for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 and one that the WWE Universe definitely wants to see. For now, we wait in anticipation for his future matchups on the SmackDown brand.

14 Chris Jericho Returns

2016 was a fine year for Chris Jericho as he took his work to the next level alongside Kevin Owens. The partnership between the two worked out beautifully and it eventually led to a WrestleMania encounter. Jericho left shortly after due to his band and getting the itch to wrestle elsewhere. Chris got McMahon’s blessing and put on a five-star caliber bout against Kenny Omega. His decision only enhanced his popularity.

Despite the fact that he left, he and Vince still speak on the regular.

Jericho recently made a hilarious statement claiming he pitched a new women’s battle royal name for WrestleMania, only to get a response from Vince via text simply writing: “thx”. Hey, at least he answered! We’ll see Jericho back in the mix sooner rather than later; expect to see him back in a WWE ring by next year’s WrestleMania.

13 No Brock Lesnar

This one is pretty darn bold but for the first time in six years, we expect Lesnar to skip a WrestleMania. He returned to the event at WrestleMania 29 taking on Triple H. Of course, the very next year he would make history, ending The Undertaker’s streak. His character reached another level and he’s been heavily pushed since. However, it appears as though his current interests have nothing to do with the WWE and more to do with Mixed Martial Arts. Because of that, we expect Brock to skip next year’s WrestleMania, though we wouldn’t be surprised if he returned in early 2019 to work some type of angle.

For now, it’s expected that Lesnar is to leave for a bit. Fans truly aren’t that rattled as Brock’s limited appearances has led them to grow frustrated more than anything else. We expect the WWE to thrive without Brock, leaving his return in serious doubt.

12 Adam Cole’s WrestleMania Debut

Following WrestleMania 34, you can expect lots of call-ups from NXT. It’s the WWE’s yearly routine and this year’s class features some prominent names. Among those included are former NXT Champion Andrade Cien Almas, Johnny Gargano and Ember Moon. Now we still don’t know where Adam Cole stands, however given his recent performances on NXT television, including his role at the recent TakeOver, this guy is just head and shoulders above the rest.

He’s main roster ready and that seems rather obvious.

Perhaps the WWE might wait a little longer to call up Adam so he gets a bigger spotlight when it does occur. Without a doubt, he’ll be on the main roster in 2018 and look for him to appear at next year’s WrestleMania in a big time matchup.

11 Cruiserweights Get A Spot On The Show

Since Triple H took over 205 Live, the division seems to be trending in the right direction. Yes, it was a letdown that Ali and Alexander appeared on the pre-show but seriously, the two did not disappoint in their excellent bout. We can expect that trend to continue with the influx of talent set to join the division.

Among the prominent names to join after WrestleMania includes Ricochet, Lio Rush and Johnny Gargano – three suitable names to appear on any WrestleMania card. Not to mention rumors are also linking a return of the King of the Cruiserweights, Neville. Just imagine the type of matches these four alone might be able to put on with the brand. We expect some big things for 205 Live and by the time WrestleMania 35 hits; the division will be featured on the main card.

10 Seth In A Classic WrestleMania Match

Ever since his extraordinary gauntlet performance, fans were reminded how great Seth Rollins truly is. With Lesnar hanging onto the championship for so long, we haven’t really seen Seth in the upper-card picture. However, we believe that’s going to change with a rumored brand swap. Many rumors are leading us to believe that he’s destined for SmackDown. Just think about a future matchup against Nakamura... Oh, goodness!

If Seth does change brands, we’re almost certain the WWE would put on the match before Mania.

How can you not pull the trigger on a Shinsuke versus Rollins type of match? However, we believe Seth’s still going to play a major role at the next show. Rumored scenarios include a matchup against Dean Ambrose (that seemed like the choice for this year’s show up until Dean got hurt). Another possibility features Jeff Hardy feuding with Seth over on SmackDown, leading to a potential Mania ladder match. Of course, we’re only speculating, but how good would that be?

9 Rey Mysterio Returns

Rey Mysterio’s Royal Rumble return got the biggest reaction of the night and his YouTube views didn’t lie either as he got a lot more clicks than Ronda Rousey’s WWE debut. Since the return, fans have been salivating over a possible return. Rey has discussed the fact that the rumors are very much true and that he is in talks with the WWE. The company is even working on Rey Mysterio content behind the scenes.

By next year’s WrestleMania, we expect Rey to be featured on the show in the ring. The possibility of which matches he could take part in are truly endless – he can easily step in the 205 Live division and take on someone like Ricochet. On the other hand, you can also pencil Rey in with some of the top heavyweights and that includes Roman Reigns among some of the intriguing opponents.

8 Charlotte Versus Ronda Rousey


One of the biggest surprises from the show featured Charlotte Flair as the one to dethrone Asuka and end her unstoppable streak. Charlotte retained the title in a fantastic match. She’s obviously the chosen one at this point and it looks as though the company might be leaning towards a Charlotte Ronda Rousey match for WrestleMania 35.

It was originally believed that this was the plan to begin with and now with Charlotte ending the streak, we can expect her to hold the championship and be hotter than ever. Perhaps the Superstar Shakeup can even land Charlotte back on Raw setting up the future feud or, Rousey can win the Rumble and choose Charlotte as her opponent. Either way, expect rumors to only intensify pertaining to this match.

7 Kevin Owens Appears As A Babyface

Since his NXT days in 2014, Owens has remained with a similar persona, playing the role of a heel. We’re starting to see lots of talent subtly change paths; Bray Wyatt and Rusev are a couple of the names that come to mind. Heck, Rusev got such a reaction that he was added onto the main card of the WrestleMania show. Again, it’s only speculation at this point but we expect something similar with Owens.

He’s consistently played the role of villain for years now and it’s time to change things up.

Given his charisma and excellent skills on the microphone, it won’t take long for Kevin to get the WWE Universe on his side despite his past antics. This one is a bold prediction but we expect Kevin Owens to walk down the WrestleMania 35 ramp while getting cheers instead of jeers.

6 A.J. Styles Versus Heel Finn Balor

Yes, we saw this match during the TLC PPV and although it was great, there really was no buildup to the match. For that reason, it did hurt the value of the bout just a little bit. But to think we got that instead of Balor versus Wyatt, now that’s a big time: YES!

We expect their paths to cross again at some point, however it remains to be seen if the WWE might feel the itch to put them back in the ring sooner than required. The rumor mill suggests that A.J.’s returning to Raw and that can cause the match to happen. What we hope to see is A.J. and Finn working together and setting up a stable alongside Gallows and Anderson. They would stay together until a devastating turn took place by Balor, causing him to turn heel. The feud would be a must-watch not to mention the matchup could be a show-stealer. No belt is required in such a match and feud.

5 Hulk Hogan Appears


It seems like Hulk Hogan is slowly getting back on the good side of the WWE. He was invited to the Andre The Giant screening and was photographed alongside Triple H. Now he wasn’t at WrestleMania, however we have reason to believe he might appear at the next one.

Hogan made the claim that he can still wrestle, however we’re not sold on the WWE obliging and putting the legend back in the ring.

Yes a match against Cena is a once in a lifetime but his in-ring days are over and he won’t step foot in a WWE ring as a wrestler. Instead, we expect Hulk to attend the show in some type of capacity whether it is to kick off the show or make some other type of cameo.

4 Braun Strowman Enters Event As Universal Champion

A big letdown for this year’s WrestleMania was Strowman’s involvement. Braun was pushed beautifully by the WWE and he’s become the most over Superstar on Raw. He should have been featured in the main event picture and the word backstage was that he was considered as a backup plan. Though as we know, he was instead placed in a Tag Title match, a bout which he won.

Next year’s Mania is going to be different for Braun. We predict that he’ll enter the event as Universal Champion defending his title. Possible opponents might include NXT’s Lars Sullivan, who’s getting groomed perfectly down in NXT, Samoa Joe or even Triple H (don’t roll your eyes at us!). It remains to be seen when he’ll get the title but rest assured, he’ll have the strap around his shoulder at some point before next year’s show.

3 Roman Out Of The Main Event Picture... Maybe

Since WrestleMania 31, Roman’s been featured in the marquee matchup of the evening. We expect that trend to finally reach a halt at the WrestleMania 35 show. Now that’s not to say he won’t be featured in a big time match, however we predict it won’t close out the evening and instead, be featured in the mid-card.

Match possibilities are quite numerous for Roman. A match we suggested earlier in the article would see Roman take on a returning Rey Mysterio. That type of match has show-stealer written all over it. We can also see Roman give a boost to a younger talent like Adam Cole, however that’s less likely to go down. Most fans are hoping that Roman enters the event as an actual heel, something we’ve been waiting on for quite some time. And hey, what about a match against The Rock? Okay, maybe that would see him featured in the main event again...

2 Heel Sasha Versus Trish Stratus

Aside from Asuka and Ronda Rousey, WrestleMania 35 will continue to highlight women’s wrestling. By the time the events roll around, we expect Sasha to reprise her heel gimmick as a true Boss. The rumor mill also links Sasha to joining the SmackDown brand - during the initial brand split Banks was hoping to join SmackDown but that did not occur. Instead, she’s been out of the title picture for quite some time and fans are now asking for a change.

With Asuka needing opponents, we can see Banks turning heel and working a long term program on the blue brand with the Women’s Champion.

Now this is only speculation, but given the chemistry these two had at the Rumble, it wouldn’t be out of the question to predict that Trish would be willing to come out of retirement for such a matchup.

1 John Cena Makes History

We can expect some big things to go down during WrestleMania 35, but nothing bigger than this rumored scenario. If it is to go down, we expect John Cena to be featured in the main event. This rumor suggests

Cena wins the WWE Championship for a record breaking 17th time. Seriously speaking, is there a better time or place to accomplish the achievement?

Given everything he’s done for the business, we have no doubt that the WWE will immortalize Cena giving him that accomplishment. He’s done so much for the business and we believe he’ll become the 17-time champion at some point. Looking at when it makes the most sense, WrestleMania 35 seems like the logical point. It’ll be a polarizing decision but one that’ll leave the fans on their feet without a doubt.

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