15 Rumored WM34 Business Ideas Vince Doesn't Want Fans Knowing (Including Goldberg's Return)

As you’ll see in this article, the WrestleMania card remains a huge question mark, with only a few bouts confirmed for the event. Heck, even A.J. and Nakamura seemed extremely likely, however, with Styles set to defend against Owens and Zayn, you just never know with the WWE. In this article, we will do our very best to speculate some rumored ideas Vince doesn’t want us to know about.

We’ve received some details in the last couple of days including a possible return from Bill Goldberg. His status for the event is unknown, though the rumor mill claims an entry in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal is a big possibility. We’ll explore other scenarios such as rumored returns and what the WWE has planned for some of our favorites like Finn Balor, John Cena and Sasha Banks.

Enjoy the article folks, and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 rumored ideas for WrestleMania 34 that Vince doesn’t want us knowing about. We start off with the recent rumor which has been making all the headlines in the last couple of days. Let’s get started!

15 Goldberg Enters Andre The Giant Battle Royal

In terms of confirmed appearances and matches, this year’s WrestleMania is one of the most unpredictable in recent history. A new emerging rumor has only caused even more confusion with Goldberg’s name now being rumored for the event. Most of us, by now, are well aware that he’ll be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, however it appears as though he might be stepping into the ring as well for a second straight WrestleMania event.

According to the latest rumors, Goldberg’s expected to take part in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal match.

Such an addition would be a little confusing as the match is usually meant as a platform to elevate younger talent. Instead, it looks like the WWE might want more eyeballs on the card with such a guest appearance. We’ll have further news on the story as WrestleMania looms near.

14 Gronkowski To Take On Jinder Mahal

You have to feel a little bad for Jinder Mahal who went from WWE Champion to a bit of an afterthought in the recent months. Mahal at one point was rumored to be facing John Cena for the WWE Champion at the event - oh, how things have changed since! Due to popularity not growing in India, Mahal was stripped of the title and the experiment was a giant fail. Not all is lost however, Mahal is still believed to be taking part in a big match and one many would call an attraction match.

He recently took to Instagram bashing Gronk in his Super Bowl defeat;

many saw this as a possible setup for a match down the line. If such a bout is to take place, we expect a tag match of sorts featuring the two individuals at the marquee event.

13 Plans For Braun Strowman

Looking back at 2017 and into 2018, Braun Strowman remains the most heavily pushed WWE Superstar on the entire roster. However, what’s most surprising is the fact that his WrestleMania plans remain in limbo. At one point, it was rumored that Triple H was to be his opponent at the big event, however plans have now changed with two scenarios recently emerging for the big event and the big man.

As of now, one of the plans is to have Strowman take on Miz.

Many believe Miz has been given such a push since his return to matchup against Braun for the IC Title match. However, that’s not set in stone and another rumor indicates that Braun can slot in as Ronda Rousey’s partner if The Rock is unable to attend the event. Strowman would rekindle his feud with Hunter which would make sense for the match. New betting odds have also listed the match as a possibility heading into the event as a possible match to close out the show.

12 US Title Picture

The US Championship is another big question mark heading into the event. Rumors indicated months ago that the company had massive plans for the championship.

According to the speculation, Roode was set to defend the championship against Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match with two titles hanging from the rafters.

The reason for both belts is due to the fact that Dolph never lost the US Championship in the first place. Although that seemed like the likely outcome, Orton has now entered the US Title picture leading to rumors pertaining to a Roode/Orton match for the first time ever. It was initially believed that Randy was to miss the event due to taking time off, however that remains up in the air as he remains active. Look for one of these scenarios to take place at the event.

11 Plans For Finn Balor

At the very least, the WWE has a plan for Braun Strowman on a week to week basis as he continues to provide the program with chaos everywhere he goes. Balor hasn’t enjoyed the same type of direction as his character has bounced all over the place from rejoining The Club members Gallows and Anderson to losing to Cena in a Raw main event match to even most recently tagging with Seth Rollins. In terms of likely scenarios, we see two main possibilities taking shape;

One, would see a turn by either Seth or Finn, causing a match between the two. This scenario is likely to take place if Jordan doesn’t heal in time for the event. We can also see the scenario of Balor competing for the IC Championship against The Miz.

In what might be more of a long shot scenario, Balor can also face a returning Superstar, whether that would be Rey Mysterio or Batista, however that’s the least likely to occur out of the three.

10 Samoa Joe Off The Card

What’s not best for business is the WWE leaking out the fact that Samoa Joe is likely to skip WrestleMania this year as he’s currently on the sidelines with an injury. The timing of the injury couldn’t be any worse as he was slated to work a program with John Cena after the Rumble. Instead, Elias has taken his place working the angle with John while Joe watches from the sidelines.

A telling part in this tale might be the fact that Joe isn’t slated for any live events until after WrestleMania 34.

This might be a sign that he won’t be at the event inside of the ring - which is a major blow given the heat he was gaining on a weekly basis with the WWE Universe.

9 Cruiserweight Exposure

In the last couple of years, the Cruiserweight Classic was one of the best productions by the WWE. The tournament was booked brilliantly and fans salivated at the brand joining Monday Night Raw. Instead of getting a similar product to the CC, the division has instead worked backwards as Vince decided to put an entertainment spin on the brand. 205 Live has become an afterthought; however, it might finally be on the upswing according to recent news.

Recently confirmed, Triple H now has full authority with what goes on in the 205 Live brand.

He immediately hired a new GM for the show along with a tournament to crown a new champion. The tournament is set to end at WrestleMania and you can expect Hunter to put a great deal of emphasis in the final match by showcasing it to the world at the WrestleMania 34 event.

8 Nia Jax To Take On Alexa Bliss For The Raw Championship

At the moment, it seems likely that Alexa Bliss is going to walk out of the Elimination Chamber still has the champion. However, we can all see the scenario of Alexa getting out of the match, especially with Nia now entering and replacing Mickie James. Who knows what to expect? However,

the likely scenario at this point sees Jax finally turning on Alexa and two competing in a match at WrestleMania,

one that is likely going to see Jax earn her first ever Women’s Championship reign while Alexa’s run on top finally comes to an end. With Ronda set to compete in tag action, this seems like the most likely possibility of a title match over on the Raw side of things at the moment.

7 Bayley Versus Sasha

Ever since the NXT:TakeOver match, fans have been waiting for the two to lock horns on the main roster; such a match can only take place at one event, and that’s WrestleMania. Banks has teased a heel turn for quite some time now and we can think of no better time than the present. Though, recent rumors are also indicating a shocking heel turn by Bayley.

With the WWE putting a massive emphasis on women’s wrestling during 2018, we expect more than two women’s matches on the card and this is a likely bout to be scheduled as the third one and a potential show-stealer given what they’ve been able to do in the past.

We can also see the scenario of Sasha taking on a returning star like Trish. The WWE teased a program by having an encounter between the two at the Rumble with the WrestleMania sign looming in the background. However, if we’re picking the safer option - Sasha versus Bayley seems more likely with a shocking heel twist set to take place.

6 Asuka Challenges Charlotte

The winner of the 2018 Royal Rumble match, Asuka now has the option to face either champion on Raw or SmackDown. As we stated earlier, it looks as though Bliss and Nia are set to work at the event leading to Asuka taking on Charlotte over on SmackDown at the marquee WrestleMania event.

Sadly, the match could have had even more meaning if WWE didn’t end Charlotte’s PPV winning streak at last year’s WrestleMania, however the match will garner interest regardless.

In all likelihood, we expect the streak to continue with Asuka enjoying a lengthy title run over on SmackDown and getting her unbeaten streak seriously tested at some point against Ronda Rousey. However, for the time being, Charlotte seems to be her major future opponent. Although she’s a heavy favorite to win, we can also see the WWE shocking us all and having Charlotte win, though what a mistake that would be...

5 Kurt Angle’s WrestleMania Role

Kurt Angle wrestling at the event seemed obvious. He was slated to take on Triple H for quite some time, however those plans look to be scrapped with Hunter being involved in a major tag match at the event. Some have indicated that Angle won’t compete; however, most aren’t buying it. Even recently Angle put out an Instagram post teasing a return as the wrestling machine which sparked lots interest.

In terms of possible opponents, we can see Angle stepping in for Jason Jordan and taking on Seth Rollins.

We can also see Kurt finally trying to stop Braun Strowman himself by facing off against him at the event. Finn is another name Kurt has stated he would like to compete against. Like many others, his WrestleMania involvement remains in limbo.

4 Roman Versus Brock

The betting odds have listed Roman against Brock as the heavy favorite to close out the WrestleMania show. Since last year’s show, the match has been rumored for the event and it looks as though Vince has stuck to his guns with Lesnar still the Universal Champion for almost a year while Roman, is set to enter the chamber as the major favorite to earn number one contender status.

Fans seem to be more intrigued with Lesnar’s post-WrestleMania run. The rumor indicates that Bobby Lashley is set to debut after WrestleMania, starting up a program against Brock - one that promises to be must-see television. In all likelihood, many speculate that it’s going to be Brock’s last program before stepping out of the WWE and back into the octagon with the UFC.

3 Undertaker’s Last Ride

Adding more fuel to the fire, a recent post just days ago featured The Undertaker training – many believe he’s now getting ready for WrestleMania 34. It seemed as though the ship had sailed for a match between Cena and Taker, however it’s now regarded as a heavy contender to finally occur this year. We can expect build up for the match following the Elimination Chamber PPV. We’ve said this almost every year for the last four years,

but it seems more than likely that this is going to be it for Taker with a possible induction into the HOF for 2019.

As for Cena, we expect a part-time status from the WWE’s marquee player throughout 2018. Like Taker, we expect Cena to vanish from the WWE following the major matchup.

2 Rumored Returns

As we’ve seen in the past, the WWE loves unexpected returns for the event. The Hardy brothers' return caused one of the greatest reactions in WWE history last year and we can expect the same once again for WrestleMania 34. Rumored returning names include a couple of familiar faces; we discussed Goldberg earlier but he isn’t the only one.

According to Rey Mysterio, talks are going really well with the WWE and that might lead to a contract sooner rather than later, hopefully in time for WrestleMania.

Other possibilities also include Batista, who has expressed the desire to return along with a former Diva, perhaps Trish who would only add more eyeballs for the women at the event. In all likelihood, we’ll at least get a return from one of the names mentioned.

1 The Rock & Ronda Rousey Teaming Up

In order to protect Ronda Rousey, the best scenario seems to be a tag match in her WWE debut. A singles match is a lot of pressure leading to this match being the favorite to take place. Heat between the two sides began back at WrestleMania 31. The WWE has wanted the match to take place for quite some time and it now seems very possible pending The Rock’s status to take part in the match.

Stephanie herself added even more fuel to the fire explaining her desire to return to the ring; it seems like she might get that wish.

As we stated earlier, if The Rock is unable to compete due to scheduling, Braun Strowman seems like a legit possibility as a replacement, especially with his heat brewing up at Survivor Series with Triple H.

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