15 Rumored Storylines The WWE Should Consider Using After WrestleMania 34

WrestleMania season always creates a buzz. Whether it’s chatter about the show itself or possible debuts to take place after the show, the wrestling community is always speculating and gossiping - of course, that’s exactly what the WWE wants. From rumored debuts to returns, it seems as though the post-WrestleMania programming is going to provide us with some serious steam. Rumored storylines also have us feeling invested towards what’s going to happen next following the major show.

In this article, we speculate rumored storylines along with fan theories pertaining to what will happen next following WrestleMania 34. Some stories feature dramatic and emotional returns while others, feature some extreme character changes that might go over with the WWE Universe. From a possible Daniel Bryan return to Finn Balor turning heel, we’ve got lots of speculation in this article.

Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Let us know which storyline you’d like to see the most after WrestleMania. Without further ado, here are 15 rumored storylines the WWE should consider using after WrestleMania 34. Let’s get started!

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15 Heel Seth Rollins Returns/Feuds With Nakamura

Again, Seth is one of the most popular WWE Superstars and extremely over with the audience, however heel Seth is just another level. Who can forget his excellent work during his WWE Title run? The guy was in a class of his own.

According to the recent rumors, SmackDown is going to need a major star with the departure of A.J. Styles, the current speculation among various dirt sheets indicates that Seth Rollins might be the one to make the move. We aren’t opposing such a thought and drooling over this possible storyline featuring Nakamura and Seth Rollins working a program together. However, we’d much prefer heel Seth Rollins, especially with the decreased amount of legitimate heels over on SmackDown. The feud can definitely bring in the viewers and run for a couple of months, easily.

14 John Cena Written Off Program Because Of Samoa Joe

Before he was linked to The Undertaker, it was suggested that Samoa Joe would be the one to take on John Cena. Unfortunately for Joe, another injury derailed his plans and he’s now set for a return after WrestleMania, missing the big event – it doesn’t get much worse than watching the event in a press box rather than taking part in it.

John’s rumored for a match against Taker and the rumor mill suggests he’s taking another lengthy hiatus following the encounter. However, it would be a complete waste to send him packing without putting someone over. For that reason, having Joe return and completely decimate John Cena can set up something interesting for the future. If Cena returns in the summer, it can set up a major SummerSlam bout between the two, one that would surely garner some interest from the WWE Universe.

13 Finn Balor Turns Heel/Starts New Faction With The Authors Of Pain

Out of all the storylines in this article, this one is the most out-there of the bunch and very likely not to take place, especially with rumors swirling that the NXT tag team is set to make their debut on SmackDown. However, we’re not going to lie, this fan theory is a pretty darn cool one.

The WWE loves to shake up the television show after WrestleMania, and why not do so with a dramatic heel turn? One of the most over Superstars in the WWE at the moment is Finn Balor, so why not have him turn heel while putting a pair of youngsters over? The Authors of Pain would add a heel dynamic to his act while serving as the bodyguards. We can see lots of great feuds featuring the group; perhaps the Usos make the jump back to Raw and join forces with cousin Roman Reigns and feud with the group? Now that sounds pretty darn interesting!

12 Lars Sullivan Called To Main Roster/Feuds With Braun Strowman

Expect Lars Sullivan to receive one heck of a push once he’s called up to the main roster. During his time with NXT he’s been pushed to perfection as a dominant monster. WWE is very high on his abilities and that includes Triple H.

He was expected to take on Andrade “Cien” Almas for the championship at the Taker:Over New Orleans event, though those plans were eventually nixed. The Wrestling Observer makes the claim that health issues were the reason for taking him out of the match. A fan theory speculates that Lars might get an early call up as the next in line to finally match Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men is going to need a suitable program; Lars might be the perfect opponent for after WrestleMania.

11 Bray & Broken Matt Join Forces To Feud With sAnity

NXT call ups are going to play a major role in the post-WrestleMania storylines. Lots of acts are expected to get the nod to the main roster and that includes sAnity. Of course, comparisons have been made to the Wyatt family and we can’t think of a better starting point for the faction than to attack Bray. It would be far too predictable if the sides would join forces, instead an attack can put them on the map instantly.

Now this speculated storyline might sound a little out there at the moment given that Matt and Bray are currently feuding, but we could see the scenario of Broken Matt coming to the aid of his former foe and the two partnering up. It would also be something if Brother Nero joins that mix; we hope to see Jeff back in a WWE ring sooner rather than later despite his recent DUI charge.

10 Daniel Bryan Finally Returns To The Ring/Takes On The Miz or Shane

One of the biggest stories to look out for in 2018 is the future of Daniel Bryan and his WWE run. His contract is set to expire in a couple of months and it remains a giant mystery as to whether he’ll return or not. At the moment, he hasn’t gotten any type of clearance from the WWE, though other doctors have in fact cleared him. Daniel has stated that he will wrestle again and we hope it’s in a WWE ring.

If he would get cleared, the obvious storyline would see Bryan feud with The Miz. Of course, speculation also linked a match between Shane and Daniel (we can still see that play out with Bryan rumored to play the role of a referee in a speculated WrestleMania bout featuring Shane, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn). Perhaps Daniel finally takes a bump setting up a match with Shane at SummerSlam? Or, does Miz return to SmackDown (or Bryan swaps place with Kurt Angle and moves to Raw as the new GM) during the shake up and renew his rivalry with Bryan? If he is to return, these are the two likely scenarios that make the most sense.

9 Andrade “Cien” Almas Wins The US Title

Another name that’s getting polished for the main roster is the current NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas. Since the addition of Zelina Vega, the NXT star has taken his abilities to another level; his match against Johnny Gargano was arguably the match of the year and we can only imagine some of the great encounters he’ll have once he’s called up to the main roster.

Now we’re only speculating but joining SmackDown Live seems to be more of a fit and he’ll get a little more attention and exposure on the show. An ideal storyline would have Almas feud with Orton (or whoever the US Champion is) and win the title, giving him instant credibility as a major player. Orton’s set to take time off so a passing of the torch to Almas would make sense. Now we might be looking way too ahead of ourselves but a feud featuring a couple of Mexican talents would also spark interest (619).

8 Kurt Angle Wrestles Jason Jordan

Remember Jason Jordan? Well, don’t forget about him because he’s set to make his return following WrestleMania. Surely, he’ll continue his storyline with his “father” Kurt Angle and one has to speculate that’ll lead to a match sooner rather than later. Jordan was gaining tremendous heel heat before the untimely injury and we expect the WWE to fully capitalize; what better way than to match him up with Kurt Angle for a marquee match at SummerSlam?

In order for this match to take place, Kurt’s going to need a good showing at WrestleMania. Yes, we saw him in the ring as a member of The Shield, though his involvement in the match was quite limited and let’s face it, he didn’t prep for the match and was basically added just days before. This time around, he’s got time to prepare and if the match goes well, we might see a lot more of the Wrestling Machine.

7 Neville Returns To 205 Live/Reclaims Title

For the next two entries, we feature some rumored storylines pertaining to the 205 Live Division. Since Triple H took over, the brand seems to now have a new lease on life. A recent tournament is set to crown a new champion, if you don’t want to read the spoiler then you can scroll down, we’ll give you a minute....

Okay, so the final is set to be Cedric Alexander versus Mustafa Ali – the match is going to take place at WrestleMania.

It’s a great bout but things can get even greater with a rumored return. According to recent rumblings, Neville is currently in talks with the WWE for a return after WrestleMania. The crowd would instantly pop for his return and we see no better storyline than Neville reclaiming his crown and winning the Cruiserweight Championship in his return.

6 Ricochet & Lio Rush Put In A Tag Team

This one might not sound like the best speculated story on the list but hear us out. WWE is set to launch new Tag Titles for the Cruiserweight Division reviving the old WCW Titles. Now in order for the belts to get the proper recognition they deserve, the company is going to need some major names to step up and claim the championships. If they want instant credibility, form a tag team featuring Ricochet and Lio Rush, that’ll get the fans invested in a hurry.

This rumor can actually take place due to the fact that both are getting polished for the main roster behind the scenes. It can be the perfect way to get the two in a story without having them compete for the Cruiserweight Championship right out of the gate.

5 Bayley & Sasha Both Turn Heel & Join SmackDown

The WWE has given us multiple signs in the past of not only Sasha turning heel but Bayley also turning on her PG character. At this point, it would be far too obvious if one turned on the other; instead, how great would it be to see both turn heel while jumping ship to SmackDown?

It can be a brilliant move and one that would receive quite the reaction. Just imagine the two viciously attacking both Asuka and Charlotte over on the Tuesday show - now that would be quite the moment! It can also open the door for a rumored championship to make its debut, of course we’re talking about the Women’s Tag Titles which have been rumored for quite some time. We can see Sasha and Bayley team up as the heels to take on the Iconic Duo of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, another duo rumored to get the call up.

4 Dean Ambrose Returns As A Heel

The return of Dean Ambrose post-WrestleMania is going to be a big deal. We anticipate a major reaction from the WWE Universe, which is why the WWE should pull the trigger on a heel turn right out of the gate to increase the dramatic effect of the turn. In order for the turn to reach its potential, it must be on one of his Shield brothers. If he stays on Raw and Roman wins the championship, a Universal Title feud between the two can be interesting. Imagine Dean turning on Reigns - the WWE might not pull the trigger given the positive reaction it’ll get, so perhaps instead, Dean might turn on Rollins.

No matter how it goes down, Ambrose turning heel sounds like something fresh and exciting for the Lunatic Fringe. Please WWE, don’t have him return as the same old character feuding with the likes of Miz and Elias once again.

3 Asuka & Ronda Rousey Go Undefeated Until WM 35

If the WWE wants the women to main event WrestleMania for the first ever time, WrestleMania 35 looks like the strongest possibility at this point. Though, for this match to happen, a couple of things need to take place.

For one, Ronda needs to stay away from a Women’s Championship conversation for a year. Have both Asuka and Ronda go undefeated on their different shows till Rousey wins the Royal Rumble and challenges Asuka for the championship at WrestleMania 35. The dream match featuring the undefeated streaks would most certainly highlight the event and in all likelihood, get the nod to close out the show which is going to be groundbreaking as it would be the first time ever. Looking at the recent trends of women getting historical match after historical match, this can be a definite possibility for next year’s show.

2 Lesnar & Bobby Lashley Feud Before Brock Parts

With Brock’s contract set to expire, some believe Lesnar is up to his old tricks leveraging the WWE with talks about a UFC return. However, the WWE might not bite this time around as the company doesn’t have interest in Lesnar joining the promotion while under a WWE contract. For that reason, his days might be up shortly after WrestleMania.

If he is to leave, WWE needs to do something big and that involves putting a certain wrestler over – gone from the WWE for over a decade, Lashley might be the answer. A feud between the two can help put the former WWE star over and book him as a monster. It would give Lashley a huge boost of momentum and one that can help him thrive during his second go with the company.

1 Braun Strowman Wins Universal Title

We rip the WWE for lots of storylines and failed portrayals of certain characters. However, we must give them major props for Braun Strowman, as he’s the closest thing we’ve seen to Steve Austin in years and he’s now the most over Superstar on Raw. Don’t expect the monster to be going anywhere during the shake-up as he’ll stay put on the Monday show getting full exposure.

Fans wanted to see Strowman go over at WrestleMania, though Roman looks to be the one to get the honors despite the predictability of such a match. It might not be Braun’s time at the event, though he should get the monster push to the top after the show; perhaps at SummerSlam? Whether he defeats Roman Reigns or whoever else is champion, WWE should consider giving the bug guy the title after WrestleMania.

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