15 Retired Wrestlers Who Are Arguably in Better Shape Now

This list recounts 15 retired professional wrestlers who look better now than they did back then.

The profession of professional wrestling is a long and storied one. The business itself has been mired in controversy and has been in the headlines many times. The wrestling industry, as its evolved, has garnered a bevy of accolades and it has transformed the concept of what sports entertainment is. If you’ve ever watched a wrestling show, you’ve probably been exposed to a wide range of wrestling body types. You’ve probably seen the mammoth, 7-foot-tall giants and the small, 5-foot cruiserweights. Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes.

With a wrestling show combining a variety of these body types, it’s interesting to look at how these bodies are kept in tip top shape. After all, it’s not easy to keep your body in shape. It’s hard for a normal person to go out and jog three times a week. Try working out twice a day and keeping your body at its peak. If you aren’t at your peak, you could lose your job.

Some have worked for their bodies through sheer old-fashioned work and grit. Others have gained their respectable bodies through steroids and other means. Still, others have found a combination of those two work well for them. Whatever the case, a lot of athletes (not just professional wrestlers) let their bodies go after they retire. They don’t have to push their body to the limit any more.

But, there are some wrestlers out there who still look great. In fact, arguably, they look better than they did while they were performing in the ring. This list recounts 15 retired professional wrestlers who look better now than they did back then.

15 Vladimir Kozlov


When Vladimir Kozlov entered the WWE, he came into the full push of the PG Era. The programming at the time called for heavy kid-centric material. Thus, Kozlov was brought in as an almost cartoonish villain. He was in decent shape when he made his debut, but wasn’t exactly jacked either. He could have been in a lot better shape.

Almost as quickly as Kozlov entered the WWE, he vanished. His character never resonated and the unrealistic nature of the character didn’t help his cause. Since his departure from the WWE, Kozlov has moved on to various wrestling promotions. And he’s also decided to work his body to the limit.

Kozlov is now the definition of shredded. His abs look ridiculous and he looks extremely menacing in 2017.

14 Hulk Hogan

Via The Daily Beast

Hulk Hogan has never been in quality shape. His big and bulky muscle mass is what makes him memorable and the image of him tearing his shirt in half is a memory almost every single wrestling fan from the 80’s and 90’s can remember. Hogan’s career took an odd path once WCW was bought by Vince McMahon. His last huge match was against Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam 2005. Between 2001 and 2005, he had an on again-off again relationship with the WWE.

Since his last match, Hogan hasn’t wrestled. Hardly at all. In the year 2017, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that he’s retired and that he’s probably not going to step into a ring to officially wrestle ever again. While this may be a bit saddening, Hogan himself looks pretty good. He doesn’t look overweight and his body looks like it’s holding his mass well. The years have been kind to Mr. Hogan.

13 Trish Stratus


She’s the woman who revolutionized women’s wrestling for a brand-new generation. She’s the woman who showed that women could fly and do it just as good as the guys. Her battles with Lita are etched into WWE lore and most of her bouts were instant classics. Hailing from Canada, Stratus really showed how good women could be.

Sporting a rocking body throughout all her career, Trish brought a wonderful combination of beauty and talent. Skill and sizzle. With her career ending at Unforgiven 2006, Trish went on to pursue other things in her life. Whatever she pursues, she’s doing it in style. Trish’s physicality and body hasn’t changed a whole lot since her retirement. She’s still fairly young and has kids. And yet, she could still step into the ring and her body would be ring-ready.

12  Triple H


One of the most iconic wrestlers of all-time, the King of Kings Triple H has etched himself into the history of the wrestling business many times over. With so many remarkable moments and matches, it’s hard to believe that Hunter Hearst Helmsley could be in any better shape than he was when he was wrestling in the mid-2000s.

But, it’s possible. And it’s true. Triple H was always in fantastic shape. His body was always at the top of its game and Triple H worked so hard when he came back from his numerous injuries. Although Triple H has participated in the last three WrestleMania’s, he is an officially retired wrestler. And he’s a retired wrestler who looks as if he is still at the top of the food chain in the WWE.

11 Stacy Keibler

Via StalkCelebs

She’s the woman who successfully transitioned from WCW to the WWE. She also dated George Clooney. Stacy Keibler’s legs go on for days, and it also seems that her fit body also keeps going on. Even in 2017, Keibler’s bod is a picture of perfection.

Even though her wrestling days are over, her successful career in other endeavors hasn’t. She has starred in some films and seems to be living a generally happy life. She’s also the woman who always gets thrown in the conversation with Torrie Wilson, who was also a WCW employee who transitioned from the Atlanta based company to the McMahon led wrestling company.

Keibler’s career may have ended in the early 2000’s, but Stacy and her body will be remembered by many wrestling fans for years to come.

10  Vince McMahon

Via For The Win-USA Today

Ah, the owner himself. The Chairman. The man who took the WWF and catapulted it into superstardom. The man with the plan, Vince was always a man who took care of his body. He was always genetically gifted, and wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Taking a role as commentator in the early 1990s, Vince slowly began changing from an observer to an active participant.

Vince became “Mr. McMahon”. He’s the evil owner who absolutely tortured all the heroes of the company. Nobody was outside of his clutches. Vince’s character called for him to participate in some matches. Thus, he could show off his extremely buff body for all to behold.

His body is still in ridiculous shape. Even over 70 years of age, he looks like he has the body of a 40-year-old.

9  Lita


If Trish Stratus is one of the best women wrestlers of all time, then she has to have the opponent that took her to her limits each and every time. She has to have a yang to her yin. And that yang is Lita. Although they are two completely different superstars in dress and style, Lita is just as good as Tris Stratus (if not better). Lita’s gift to wrestling came in the form of her character.

Lita’s hardcore character showed women that they didn’t have to dress up in skimpy bikinis and bounce about in pools of pudding (yes, that actually happened). Lita gave a lot to wrestling. She also gave the wrestling fans something to look at when she was out in that ring.

Her body was gorgeous. And she’s still in amazing shape. Life after retirement has been great to Lita’s body.

8  Bruno Sammartino

Via All Wrestling

Most of the wrestlers on this list are retired, but only recently so. Triple H retired about three years ago and Lita and Trish about 10. But, Bruno Sammartino has been retired for well over 20 years. He is one of the best in history. He was there when the company was being built. He saw it rise from a local territory in Atlanta into the worldwide global phenomenon that it is today.

Sammartino held the title for a number of years. He is a legend among legends. He was around during the time of Ric Flair when he was in his prime. Sammartino was also a man who had a chiseled physique. This didn’t dissipate when he retired, either.

Rather, Bruno’s body has been upheld in amazing fashion. He looks just as good in his old age today as he did when he was in the ring.

7 Al Snow

Via YouTube

He was a popular wrestler during one of the most definitive eras of the WWE. Being part of the Attitude Era, Al Snow originally started out as a normal wrestler. He didn’t have an outlandish character. Rather, he based everything in the ring on his skill. Then, the Attitude Era took hold and Snow wanted to stand out. So, he started to come to the ring with a mannequin’s head. And banging it against his head. And talking to it.

Snow was always in good shape. His wrestling style was never over the top, and his move set didn’t require overpowering his opponent. But, Snow is arguably in better shape now than during his time wrestling. He has continued to work out and runs a wrestling school for those who aspire to become professional wrestlers.

6 Torrie Wilson

Via YouTube

Trish Stratus and Lita go hand in hand. When people mention one, the other is sure to be mentioned later in the conversation. The same principle applies to Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. Both Keibler and Wilson came from WCW and wanted to make their marks in the WWE. They would go on to have successful careers as WWE Divas and entertain the masses with their pillow fights and bikini contests.

Like Keibler, Wilson was also in awesome shape. She was always on par as being one of the most beautiful Divas on the show every night, and you could always count on her to show up and give it her all. Today, Wilson doesn’t look like she’s lost a step. She’s as beautiful in 2017 as she was in 2002.

5  Billy Gunn


It always helps keeping your body fit when you’re always in an environment that encourages weightlifting and being in the best shape of your life. This is true of Billy Gunn’s life. He wrestled and became really popular during his DX days in the fabled Attitude Era. His body type was always of a man who was ripped. He was hardly ever fat and looked as if he always worked out, even on his off days.

Although Gunn’s active wrestling career ended in the early 2000s, he would go on to work with WWE. He became a trainer for many years. This easy access to weights and people pushing themselves to their limits helped keep Gunn in fantastic shape. He looks amazing in 2017. And he looks as if he could jump in the ring today.

4  Alundra Blayze


She was a pioneer of women’s wrestling. With the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita years away, Alundra was a woman who had the opportunity to wrestle during the golden era of wrestling. Hulk Hogan was still cool and the raw emotion of the Attitude Era hadn’t even been conceived. Blayze held the title on several occasions, and her skills in the ring continue to stand out as some of the best out of the ranks of women who came before and after.

Blayze was an extremely attractive woman. Since she wrestled in the early days, the term “Divas” wasn’t established. Instead, women were known as straight up wrestlers. Blayze was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015. She wore a stunning dress and showed that she was still wowing people with her body. Blayze is in wonderful shape.

3  The Rock


He’s an icon. The man who coined the term “smackdown” and introduced everyone watching wrestling to the Smackdown hotel, The Rock (also known as Dwayne Johnson) is an array of talents all rolled into one. He can spit a ridiculous promo with hardly any preparation, can still hit the Rock Bottom with precision, and he’s also a mega movie star. He’s starred in blockbusters for years and is extremely successful in a lot of the things he pursues. He also looks as if he’s been chiseled out of marble.

One of the other selling points for The Rock is his hard body, too. He’s the definition of ripped. He looks better today than he did in his prime when he was battling Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock has aged like a fine wine.

2 Sycho Sid


Known by a variety of different names and monikers, Sycho Sid is one of the most memorable wrestlers of the early 90s. Whether you knew him as Sid Vicious in WCW or Sycho Sid in the WWF, his presence was always palpable. His intense promos and piercing eyes are what make him stand out as a man you won’t soon forget. His curly blond hair and tall stature made him stand out.

Even though he was a bit tall and lean, Sid had a really good body He was always in really good shape and his move sets proved that. He could move around the ring with ease. Although Sid no longer wrestles, he still caters to his body. Pictures of himself in his later years showcase his body as a prized possession.

1  CM Punk

Via Chicago Tribune

CM Punk is one of the most controversial wrestlers ever to grace the squared circle. His presence and talent in the ring is undeniable. One of the fan favorites, fans were shocked when he abruptly left the WWE in 2013. Although backstage issues had been going on for a while, the fans were none the wiser.

Punk doesn't wrestle anymore. He does, however, still actively participate in professional sports. He is an MMA fighter. With one official bout under his belt for the UFC, Punk needed to get jacked in order to compete with the best in the UFC. Punk was always in great shape, but he took it to another level when he left the WWE and pursued the UFC. His great body just goes to show you how a body can be transformed with hard work and dedication.

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15 Retired Wrestlers Who Are Arguably in Better Shape Now