15 Recent WWE Backstage Stories Vince McMahon Doesn't Want You To Know About

One of the most frustrating things in WWE right now is just how frequently inside information will become public knowledge. Wrestling rumors leak with backstage stories getting passed around within days of the incidents. There is a lot of drama in WWE today regarding the state of affairs. The brand split has cut rosters in half to give wrestlers more opportunity to shine with their respective shows. It not only gives more opportunity, but also adds more importance on each show, given we can only see our favorite wrestlers once per week.

The stories backstage that can paint wrestlers or the company in a negative light are the ones that Vince McMahon hates most. There are also the spoilers of future plans being revealed and ruining the surprise of the company. WWE clearly does not want these stories to break. Sadly for them, the wrestlers and other employees backstage leak the information to online sources. We will take a look at some of the recent stories that proved to be controversial in the WWE world. Each topic will detail why WWE is not happy about it getting out. These are fifteen of the recent WWE backstage stories that Vince doesn’t want you to know about.

14 Lana and Sasha Banks drama

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The women’s division in WWE has not seen as much drama in the current era as past years. That appears to be changing with the current issue between Sasha Banks and Lana on social media. Lana has liked negative tweets about Banks on social media for the past few months. It reached a new peak when Lana liked tweets of Melina's criticizing Banks’ work as an egotistical face in the ring looking down at her opponents.

Banks posted subliminal messages about Lana proving the two clearly dislike each other. WWE clearly doesn’t want to have two of their high profile female stars getting catty in a public forum. The perception they want to portray is a united front of legitimate athletic women working together for the betterment of the division. One of the non-wrestlers starting a flame war with a top star is not good for the company at all.

13 Brock Lesnar Only Won Universal Title To Put Over Roman Reigns

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The first two Universal Champions in WWE being Finn Balor and Kevin Owens gave fans excitement that new stars would be made on Raw following the brand split. That ended when Goldberg defeated Owens to win the title before dropping it to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33. Vince McMahon specifically went this route with the title changes all for a future big moment for Roman Reigns.

The ultimate plan is to have Lesnar hold the title for a full year defeating all challengers on the Raw brand. WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans will be the moment where Reigns gets yet another shining moment on the big stage by being the one to dethrone Lesnar.

This backstage plan being leaked so early just adds extra hatred from the fans when Reigns eventually wins. A part-time wrestler holding the title for such a long time only to drop it to the chosen one that fans can’t stand is not something McMahon wants out on the internet, but it’s too late.

12 Jinder Mahal PED Rumors

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Jinder Mahal is getting the biggest push of his career out of nowhere. Wrestling fans were stunned when Mahal was named the #1 contender for the WWE Championship at the Backlash PPV. Mahal spent the majority of his career in WWE as an enhancement talent. The physique of Jinder is what eventually gave him such a high profile push with no reason behind it. Many are wondering how the hell he is actually passing the WWE drug tests.

Former WWE star Ryback was adamant that Mahal is clearly taking performance enhancing drugs to improve his physique. It is improbable for someone to look like that without something being done to get there. There are ways to beat the drug test and it is possible that is what Mahal is doing. Regardless of if it is true or not, WWE definitely doesn’t want the fans to talk about potential drug use for a new main-eventer that is being pushed specifically for his muscles.

11 Braun Strowman Injury Timetable

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A recent WWE report stated that rising star Braun Strowman is expected to miss up to six months following surgery to repair his elbow injury. It was a huge change from the expected one-two months expected when the injury was reported. WWE is lying and wrestling insider Dave Meltzer revealed why. The current WWE summer plan is to have Strowman return earlier than fans expect in time for Summerslam.

Fans will likely react more positively for getting the guy that has done the most damage to Roman Reigns back earlier than they were told. WWE wants to book Strowman against Brock Lesnar in a Universal Championship match for Summerslam. There’s no doubt that Vince McMahon is upset that this secret regarding Strowman’s timetable is being discussed. It could diminish the surprise element of his eventual return, likely beating up Reigns again en route for a title shot on the second biggest show of the year.

Randy Orton Insulting Wrestlers Of The Current Era

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A criticism regarding the new wrestling stars of today are that they put too much effort into doing aerial moves and don’t “sell” enough for effective storytelling. Randy Orton agreed with the critical comments made by wrestling trainer Rip Rogers insulting many of the top independent wrestling stars today like Ricochet and Will Ospreay. The current WWE Champion getting involved in drama with independent wrestlers would be bad enough, but his comments could be viewed as insulting towards current WWE stars.

Most of the top matches in WWE today are based around the athleticism similar to the independent scene. WWE signed the top stars that wrestled that style in ROH and PWG and have made them top names in the company. Orton is essentially ridiculing many of the WWE main event stars and high profile matches. If Orton doesn’t stop speaking his mind, it could lead to issues between him and co-workers.

10 Bray Wyatt Frustrated With Title Reign Ending

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The moment of Bray Wyatt winning the WWE Championship back in February at Elimination Chamber was supposed to be the biggest victory of his career. Wyatt was excited to start his reign as the new top champ on Smackdown Live before it ended at the next PPV. Randy Orton defeated Wyatt at WrestleMania 33 to end the reign quicker than anyone could have expected. It coincided with Bray being sent to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup.

Wyatt did a good job as one of the consistent main event stars on Smackdown Live following the brand split. Rumors circulated that Bray was unhappy about both leaving the brand he was comfortable on and having his title reign end so quickly. It is obvious that Wyatt has no place in the title picture on Raw in terms of actually defeating Brock Lesnar to get the belt. This means he is declining in his place on the card just a few months after believing he was going to be the face of a brand.

9 Management No Longer Believes In Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose had the honor of being the last unified WWE World Champion before last year’s brand split. WWE clearly viewed Ambrose as a top face and someone they could build the Smackdown Live brand around. In less than a year, Ambrose has seen his stock drop dramatically in the WWE world. The drop saw him not even make the main card of WrestleMania 33 with his match against Baron Corbin being bumped to the kickoff show.

It has been revealed that WWE no longer thinks Ambrose is a top level star. The terms “lazy” and “complacent” have been used to describe how the company views Ambrose. WWE’s booking shows this with him falling completely out of the main event picture and once again being a fixture in the mid-card tier as the Intercontinental Champion. You have to believe WWE wants him to change some things up and get back to the top. The negative rumors can’t help the perception as he rebuilds.

8 205 Live Failing Horribly

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The Cruiserweight Classic project on the WWE Network run by Triple H in Full Sail achieved huge success. It was among the most streamed episodes on the WWE Network every week and convinced Vince McMahon to bring the cruiserweight division to Raw along with their own show 205 Live. This has been one of the biggest disappointments over the past year. The cruiserweights have been unable to bring their success during the tournament to the main roster.

TJ Perkins, The Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann all held the Cruiserweight Championship within a few months, showing WWE clearly didn’t have a vision. 205 Live is failing horribly on the WWE Network. We discussed how the Cruiserweight Classic did great numbers, but 205 Live struggles to make the top twenty most streamed shows each week. WWE doesn’t even release twenty new shows each week. The sad fact of the cruiserweight division being a failure is not something the company wants fans discussing.

7 Confusion Over Hardys Gimmick

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The huge buzz of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33 has sort of tapered off over the past few weeks. Both men had tremendous momentum due to their “Broken” characters in TNA and on the independent wrestling scene. Many expected Broken Matt and Brother Nero to be the version of the Hardys we would get in WWE. We are still unsure of their future because WWE is still unsure about what they’re doing.

Matt often will show signs of the Broken character but both Hardys are being portrayed as the legendary tag team we know from their WWE days. Vince McMahon is not sure most fans are aware of their former gimmick in other companies and fears a lawsuit from TNA claiming ownership of the gimmick. On the other hand, you just know WWE wants to make money off the success. The fact that they don’t know what the plans are yet is not a good sign.

6 Many WWE Wrestlers Making Less Money Than Indie Stars

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There is no viable competition to WWE in terms of one major promotion challenging them, but the free agent market makes it tempting to leave. Cody Rhodes revealed that he is making more money on the independent circuit than he did in WWE. A high profile talent can attract big paydays from numerous companies to keep an active schedule every weekend. Various sources have revealed that high level free agents make more money than the mid-card to lower tier WWE main roster star.

Guys like The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are making tremendous money despite never once having a legitimate run on WWE television. WWE never likes to acknowledge the perks of working for other promotions, but it is a real alternative for unhappy talents. The amount of money free agents can get is not something Vince McMahon can be thrilled with fans knowing. We could very well see many stars leave, rebuild their name value on the indie scene and go back to WWE for a better deal with their stock back up.

5 Kurt Angle Won’t Be Cleared For At Least A Year

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The return of Kurt Angle in the role of Raw General Manager has been a fun edition to the show. Angle once again making his entrance to the adoring “You Suck” chants, cutting promos and interacting with current stars is great to witness. Fans however want to see the recently inducted WWE Hall of Famer have dream matches with the top stars in dream matches. Angle has admitted that’s his goal as well to have one more run as a wrestler on the main roster.

WWE is not planning to have Angle wrestle any time soon. The recent rumors revealed that he likely won’t even take a physical until the end of the year. If Angle can pass the WWE testing, he may be considered for a match at WrestleMania 34. Until then, the fan dream of Angle having a match at Summerslam or Survivor Series is not happening. We can’t even be certain Angle will get cleared, given WWE’s fear of his health risks.

4 Wrestlers Prefer Being On Smackdown To Raw

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WWE has actually done a great job creating two separate dynamics to Raw and Smackdown Live as different shows. The problem is wrestlers clearly prefer working on Smackdown to Raw. Wrestlers have more creative freedom and the ability to grow as a character on Smackdown. The success of AJ Styles, The Miz, Baron Corbin and many others proved that. There is more control and less creativity on the Raw side of things.

WrestleMania season proved this with part-timers The Undertaker, Triple H, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar all being in the high profile Raw matches. The younger talents will take a backseat to the chosen ones of Vince McMahon on Raw. Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman being the top three stars on Raw show that. Someone like Jinder Mahal getting a main event PPV match so quickly on Smackdown showcases that the blue brand will always provide new chances for struggling wrestlers and opportunities for those to show what they can do.

3 John Cena Never wrestling Full-Time Again

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John Cena ended his schedule as a full-time wrestler quietly after his injury towards the end of 2015. The return of Cena in mid-2016 saw him wrestle for a few months before taking time off for other opportunities. Cena’s star power has allowed him to get more opportunities in the acting world along with hosting gigs. Given he’s not getting any younger; Cena has put more importance in outside roles and has taken a part-time schedule wrestling for a few months at a time.

WWE wants Roman Reigns to succeed Cena as the face of the company, but he has struggled to find success at that level. Cena is still the first name most associate with WWE and the biggest draw they have. The fact that this change happened so under the radar shows that WWE doesn’t want it to be a topic that is discussed. Cena no longer participating full-time could hurt public perception.

2 Wanting To Get Rid Of Paige Following Tape Scandal

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Paige has consistently found her way into controversy with WWE over the past year. WWE did not approve of her relationship with Alberto Del Rio beginning last year. It caused tension between the two sides that has not yet been resolved. Things got ugly when Paige was suspended twice last summer for violating the WWE Wellness Policy when failing drug tests. The drama somehow got worse a few months ago when old sex tapes and pictures leaked of Paige.

These videos showed her time with former WWE star Brad Maddox and created headlines online. The leak was done without Paige’s consent, making her a victim in all this. WWE wants to fire her, but clearly can’t due to how horrible it would look to get rid of someone for something that was done against her wishes. The rumor is that WWE plans to let her contract expire without negotiating a new deal.

1 Mauro Paid To Keep Quiet About JBL Bullying

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The biggest negative story about WWE in recent years focused on the bullying antics of JBL. Former Smackdown Live play by play commentator Mauro Ranallo randomly missed a few episodes of television, creating a story online regarding his disappearance. It was revealed that Ranallo’s mental health issues got worse due to having to deal with JBL bullying him. Many more stories leaked about the actions of JBL through the years doing terrible things to WWE employees and Vince McMahon letting him get away with it.

Mauro publicly revealing the torture of working with JBL would have been the next move needed to make this story an even bigger deal that could create issues for the company. McMahon apparently reached an agreement that paid Ranallo to not speak negatively about JBL or the company. In return, not only did Mauro get paid, but he also is able to start working again, calling boxing matches and other projects. The story has essentially been covered up by McMahon using his checkbook to end it.

Sources: Wrestling Inc, Comic Book, WrestleZone

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