15 Reasons WWE's Diva's Division Isn't Taken Seriously (But Should Be)

Let’s face reality here folks; the women’s wrestling division will never overtake the men’s because men are who the sport was originally designed around. That does not mean however we should have to suffer through subpar women’s action when they step into the ring for our entertainment pleasure.

There was a time when the women of wrestling stepped into the ring and you knew you were going to see great action. Sure, they were never going to be the main event of the evening but the action was never lacking because they were competitive and took pride in what they did. Today’s women may be as competitive but they aren’t nearly as talented. That’s mainly because the WWE has forgotten what talent is when it comes to the women. Instead, they focus more on how they look instead of their wrestling skills. For this reason, the division can’t even come close to being taken seriously. Sure there are a few exceptions but overall the division is a joke and it has been for some time now.

You can start right at the top with the championship title belt. How can you have any credibility when you enter the ring with a large pink butterfly around your waist? Do you think The Fabulous Moolah would have done battle inside the squared circle for over fifty years if the reward was a butterfly belt? I’m going to go out on a limb and say no. Here are several other reasons the current women’s division will never be taken seriously.

15 The Bella’s Are Perfect Examples Of The Word 'Diva'

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One of the definitions of the word ‘Diva’ is “a self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please”. Could you find a better way to describe the Bella twins? When you get an intimate look at them while watching Total Divas you see that this is a perfect description of both Nikki and Brie. Nikki is far worse than her sister is, but Brie does have her moments.

Sure they are entertaining in the ring but that’s more because of their outfits and the fact that they never seem to shy away from trying something new. However, that doesn’t mean that they have skills inside the ring. Nikki is a two-time Diva Champion and her second title reign, at 301 days, is the longest in the history of the title. If she were to be matched up against women from the 80s and 90s that title reign wouldn’t have reached thirty days.

14 Just The Word "Diva"

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The term “Divas” alone is a reason not to take the women in the division seriously. Back in the day when a woman won the Women’s World Championship it actually meant something. It signified that she was the best female professional wrestler in the world. She was someone to be taken seriously. This is not the case when a woman is crowned the new Divas Champion.

A Diva is considered someone who needs attention on them and has a bratty nature to them. A woman is someone who is strong and intelligent. If you are a woman in the world of professional wrestling, oops, I’m sorry, entertainment…which would you rather be? The Divas Champion or the Women’s World Champion? I rest my case.

13 Maria Kanellis Gave Her Opinion On It

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Maria has done a pair of stints in the Divas division. She once told AfterBuzz TV that the women take themselves very seriously but they are the only ones. “You want to know my honest opinion on it? I mean, do you have any idea how much we would love to stay, we would love to be there, how we would love to do everything we dream about? The only reason a lot of us have left is that we didn't get the opportunities we wanted or thought we'd earned, or the opportunities we fought for, that's the only reason! All that 'you're just a diva'; it sounds so trashy. If you are on the road 250...350...days a year there is no way (it's just for fame)...you obviously want to be there."

Unfortunately for them, the way the company handles the division opens them up to more ridicule than respect.

12 Gimmick Matches Are A Joke

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Yes, wrestling matches are scripted and more often than not the outcomes are predetermined. They still put on some very entertaining and respectable bouts in the men’s division. The Divas will never be taken seriously though as long as they continue to have gimmick matches.

Bikini matches, evening gown matches and bra and panty matches are just a few of the stupid ideas that have brought into the squared circle for the Divas. Are they interesting to watch? Well certainly they are but they do absolutely nothing in lending credibility to the participants as real athletes.

Thankfully these types of matches don’t happen as often as they used to. However, the fact is these matches did happen and they damaged the women’s division forever.

11 Alundra Blayze Trashed The Opposition

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Blayze was the reason the women’s division was brought back in 1993. She was also the reason it was dropped again in 1995. She was one tough woman and not many could match her ring skills and intensity. This is why she dominated the women’s division over those years. In 1995 she went over to WCW and on an episode of Monday Nitro dropped her WWE Women’s Championship right into the trash can. There is no Diva around today who would dare make such a bold move.

Maybe it was wrong of Blayze to do, maybe it was disrespectful and maybe she didn’t think it through all the way before doing it. One certainty though is that there isn’t a Diva around today who would have the backbone to cross Vince McMahon, and without that type of personality, the divisions can’t be taken with any seriousness at all.

10 It’s All About Looks Now

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Take a look at the Divas roster today. Other than Nia Jax, each one of them could be a top-earning model. That’s what it’s all about today. Nia isn’t going to be in Playboy at any point but she is the most credible woman in the division. Her talent often gets overlooked because all eyes are on her opponent because she is dressed in some tight fitting, cleavage popping outfit.

Back in the days when the women’s division was taken seriously there was a good mixture of talent or beauty, and then you had some who had both. Rockin’ Robin was never bad to look at back in the day but she could match up with anyone. The Fabulous Moolah was never anything to look at but she was as tough as they came. Other than Nia Jax, there is nobody on today’s roster who can compare to those greats.

9 Charlotte Has What It Takes

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Ashley Fliehr-Latimer is one of three women in today’s wrestling who has what it takes to make the Diva division be taken seriously. She, Nia and Natalya are the only three who would give the tough ladies from the past a run for their money. You would expect no less from Ashley though. She’s better known to the world as Charlotte and her real-life Hall of Fame father is Ric Flair so it runs in her genes to be competitive and successful.

The three women mentioned here could be used to start up a real women’s division and there would never be a lack of entertainment. The rest of women pale in comparison to the wrestling women of yesteryear, who made it possible for the current Diva’s Division to look as foolish as they do.

8 The Championship Belt

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The Divas Champion has to wear a title belt that has a large butterfly on it. Right there, all by itself, the division losses credibility. Where is the respect of being a champion if you have a big pink butterfly around your waist?

The first thing they should do is give the belt to Alundra Blayze so she can reenact her act of dropping a title belt into the trash. Create a new championship belt that is made of gold to rival the men’s titles. We all understand why the butterfly is there but these women want to be taken seriously. If they want to be considered the best in the world it just can’t happen as long as they are wearing a butterfly on their championship belt. Back in the day, the NWA, AWA and WWF Women’s World Champions all had nice gold real-looking title belts. This needs to be revisited immediately.

7 Natalya Is Another Who Could Be Top Dog

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Natalya comes from great stock. Being a member of the famous Hart family will do that to you. Her father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and his former tag team partner Bret “The Hitman” Hart, were major factors in her training. They aren’t the only members of the Hart family who played a part in making Nattie one of the best, but they played the biggest roles.

She has the ring talent, the athleticism and the power to be one of the best women of all time. Unfortunately for her, she is already at the top of her game during today's Divas Division era. If they let her perform to her potential she could dominate any women’s division, back in the day or now. However, the WWE clearly has no respect for her or her family, as that was clearly pointed out during her farting storyline. Vince should be ashamed of himself for that one.

6 There Is No Respectable Women’s Face In The Division


Over the years you always knew who the main man of the WWE was. John Cena, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin are perfect examples. You knew these guys were the top dog in the prime of their careers. The company went to great lengths to promote them at every single given opportunity. The Divas Division doesn’t implement that strategy though.

Oh, they have the talent. Natalya, Charlotte and Nia could be the face of the Divas Division at any time. If Vince would give them the respect they deserve it would work out well and fans would buy into it more. Unfortunately, Nikki Bella has been the face of the division for a long time now and that’s just not believable. Match her up, straight up, no storylines, with the three other women mentioned here and she fails to gain a victory every time.

5 There Is No Wendi Richter Type Woman

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When Wendi Richter was at the top of her game she won Women’s World Championship’s in the WWC, AWA and the WWF. In the mid-80s after she had the title ripped from her in “The Original Screwjob,” and the women’s division was once again shut down for a while because fans knew what happened was above and beyond and they didn’t buy into it. Wendi was so angry after being screwed over that she didn’t even change after the match. She left Madison Square Garden in her wrestling gear, hopped into a cab to the airport, got on a plane to Texas and never came back.

Richter had it all. She had the looks, the talent and the skills. With the way things are run in the Divas Division now, those women are few and far between. We have mentioned the three who fit but they are the only ones.

4 Chyna Was A Groundbreaking Performer

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Chyna was one of kind. She was so tough she even took on the best the WWE had to offer in its MEN’s division. These weren’t obvious fake matches either and there was no man who took it easy on her. If they did they would surely suffer a serious beat down. She even won the Intercontinental Championship during the height of her career.

Her career wasn’t as long as it could have been and we all know by now how her life ended but don’t let that take away from what she accomplished in the ring. There is no woman in the Divas Division who would step into the ring with the top male performers in the company. Maybe Nia Jax could have some success and I’m sure Natalya would put up a good fight, but there is nobody like Chyna was.

3 Sherri Martel Was One Of The Best

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Sherri Martel is known to most of the world as a wrestling manager and this is because during her time with WWE she did most of her work outside of the ring. The women’s division was pretty much nonexistent and it’s too bad because in the AWA Sherri was as tough as they came. She would do anything in the ring to win and she had the skills to pull off just about any maneuver.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone in the Divas Division who would compare to Martel and that’s a shame for the fans. Martel could sell tickets back in her heyday and there aren’t many women today, if any, who can say the same. When Sherri was going to be in the ring you knew you were going to get a match that was as entertaining as any male match that took place that evening.

2 Lita Was One Of The Toughest Ever

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During her time at the top Lita performed as well as some of the best women to ever grace a WWF/E ring, and some men as well. She was agile, never afraid to try new things, and for her time, she was a groundbreaking performer with the things she pulled off inside of the squared circle. She could mix it up in a hardcore match with the best of them and her steel cage matches and bouts with Trish Stratus are some of the best women’s bouts to ever take place.

Unfortunate for the Divas Division there is no Lita type woman on the roster. Maybe Natalya could come close, but a roster lacking that type of character overall is a roster that has problems with credibility. In a lot of cases the term “Diva” is taken too literally.

1 Moolah Is The Measuring Stick For All Women Performers

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The Fabulous Moolah is who all female performers should strive to be like. She was in the ring for fifty-five years and there is a reason for that. She was never a beauty queen but her skills and athleticism were the best there has ever been as far as the females go.

The WWE officially recognizes her Women’s World Championship title reign as 10,170 days but that’s not true. During that time she lost the title many times but the women’s division never got the global coverage that the men always got. This made it easy to cover up these losses. Don’t let that sway your thoughts on her though. To quote Bret Hart, she is “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.”

If the Divas Division could find someone like her they could be taken seriously. Until then, Moolah just rolls her eyes at them from her grave.

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