15 Reasons The WWE Desperately Needs CM Punk To Return

During his incredible tenure with the WWE, CM Punk cemented himself as one of the greatest wrestling talents on the planet. A performer of his caliber is incredibly rare, and the WWE was more than happy to have his services for a number of years. Punk held the promotion's grandest title for over a year, and fans around the world were lucky to witness the man doing what he does best. After Punk decided to pursue his dream of competing in the UFC, the WWE had a gigantic hole in its roster, and truly hasn't been the same since. Fans everywhere have been patiently awaiting his return.

Unfortunately, Punk's split with the WWE wasn't a pretty one, and as it stands, the reunion of our dreams is quite a long shot. Stranger things have happened, though. Honestly, did any of us actually expect to see Sting in the WWE? The sight of him in a WWE ring was truly incredible, and many fans finally got to see the legend compete in the world's biggest promotion. Sadly, Sting's entry into the WWE came super late in his career, and he only wrestled a handful of matches. For now, we can only hope that Punk returns sooner rather than later.

So, who would stand to benefit more from Punk's return? In my opinion, the WWE needs Punk now more than ever. The company, while still putting out quality cards, can use an injection of something new, and CM Punk is the man to deliver the goods. While I'm content with what the company is offering, I can't help but wonder how much better it can truly be. For those of us wishing to see CM Punk drop another pipe bomb, we all know the truth. He's the best in the world, and the WWE desperately need him back.

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14 Incredible Matchups With New Talent

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Since his departure from the WWE, there has been a bevy of new talent to enter the promotion, and some of the potential bouts are absolutely incredible to dream about. NXT has done an incredible job at developing top-tier talent, and the performers making their way to the main roster have more than held their own against already established stars. Just imagine a bout between CM Punk and Kevin Owens, or Punk taking on the likes of Finn Balor. There are still plenty of incredible performers that are still around from Punk's tenure in the WWE, and it would be great to see him rekindle some of his old matches these days.

While relations remain sour between Punk and the powers that be, fans can still play matchmaker in their heads and put together an event that would feature Punk doing what he does best against some of the promotion's newer talent. With a number of performers still abroad or in NXT, the WWE will continue to funnel in amazing talent that will only fuel the desire of all to have Punk return.

13 His Promos Would Be A Thing Of Beauty

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Aside from being one of the very best to perform in a WWE ring, CM Punk also holds the distinction of being just as impressive on the microphone. He is after all the man responsible for delivering the pipe bomb; a promo so infamous that it will continue to live in wrestling lore until the end of days. I have no doubt that upon his return, Punk could hop back on the microphone and deliver promos that would make the WWE Universe explode. There are some performers in the WWE that are blessed with the gift of gab and can cut a great promo, but very few are in Punk's league.

Most every promo is scripted these days, and they are able to get their point across and effectively captivate the audience. I have a sneaking suspicion that Punk would go ahead and do things his way, much to the delight of the fans. If you thought he was pissed off then, just imagine what would come out of his mouth now.

12 The Potential Return of AJ Lee

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Ah yes, AJ Lee. What more can you say about the performer that hasn't been said already. She's an incredibly gifted performer, and she's as beautiful as any woman in the WWE. She also happens to be the wife of CM Punk, and his departure from the promotion affected more than just the men's locker room. Shortly after her husband had parted ways with the WWE, AJ Lee saw herself out as well, much to the dismay of fans everywhere. Thankfully, the WWE had a talent-rich female division in NXT, and the calling of those women up to the main roster has been a godsend.

If Punk were to ever come back to the WWE, the promotion may also gain the talented AJ Lee back on their roster, and she would fit in nicely in the landscape of the women's division. AJ Lee would inject another dose of excitement for the women's division, and the fans and the WWE alike would be forever thankful for her services in the ring.

11 Potential Feuds

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Along with the potential matches with newer talent, Punk could instantly catalyze a number of feuds with some of the newer performers on the roster. Given his popularity, Punk wouldn't suffer the same fate as Alberto Del Rio and get stuck doing something lame. Punk would be able to come in and wreak havoc on other performers. As I mentioned earlier, some of the newer performers are fantastic on the microphone, and a potential feud with someone like Punk can do wonders for their career.

Personally, I think that a feud between Punk and Kevin Owens would be huge for the WWE. Both men are incredibly gifted, and there is no doubt in my mind that they would produce magic together. Of course, the rekindling of his feud with John Cena would be great as well. Cena has yet to make a heel turn, and a feud with Punk, while unlikely, could be a step in the right direction. It would all depend on the angle that the WWE uses for Punk upon his return.

10 A Huge Ratings Boost

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The WWE has been the leader in professional wrestling for quite some time now, but that doesn't mean that they are impervious to poor ratings. The company has had a struggle of sorts with ratings, despite having an impressive number of talented performers on the roster. With the return of CM Punk, that could all change in the blink of an eye. His inclusion on the main roster would be highly beneficial for both he and the WWE, and everyone knows it.

Now, I'm in no way saying that the WWE is on the verge of folding or is doomed in any way. I am simply stating that Punk's return would be an incredible boost for the company. Really, it would be huge for any promotion to get Punk on their roster. New Japan Pro Wrestling would absolutely love to have Punk. After delivering what may have been the greatest match of all-time earlier this year, I'm sure that Kenny Omega wouldn't mind Punk making his way over to Japan for some instant classics.

9 Attitude Era 2.0

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Any wrestling fan on the planet will tell you that the Attitude Era is the single greatest era in wrestling history. The WWE, after overcoming WCW, hosted some of the most talented wrestlers on the planet, and thanks to the promotion letting performers have creative control, reached new heights in the late 1990s. The WWE had never been bigger, and wrestling became incredibly popular once again. Unfortunately, the end of that era signaled the end of something special, and the WWE has failed to find the same success again.

Enter CM Punk, who could be used to kick-start a whole new era of WWE wrestling. The company can finally shift away from the PG Era and dive headfirst into another era of brutality and creativeness. Fans have been calling for it for years, and no one would be better to lead the charge than CM Punk. For now, we will just have to settle for what we have been getting for years.

8 He Would Strengthen The Raw Brand

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Towards the end of last year, the WWE once again decided that a brand split was needed. What they didn't expect, however, is that SmackDown would continuously outperform Raw as the promotion's best show. Both shows have incredible stars that are capable of delivering high-quality matches, but Raw just hasn't been able to get it right since the brand split. Raw has had some bad reviews, and the show's rating fully serves to remind the WWE that some changes need to be made to salvage the once incredible show.

Bringing CM Punk to Raw would be a massive opportunity for the show itself and the WWE to inject some new life into homes everywhere. With Raw starting to live in the shadow of SmackDown, a returning CM Punk would help turn the tide for the show, and would restore Raw to the prominence it once had. Until then, I'll just tune into SmackDown.

7 Preventing Lackluster Events

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While the WWE is still able to deliver some incredible events that will go down as all-time greats, they have also had a number of duds, including their most recent Fastlane event that happened earlier this month. Fastlane is the final event before WrestleMania, and the event failed to deliver. This event should have caused huge interest in the promotion's biggest show, but was instead a head-scratching event that had some sub-par matches. Some of the bookings didn't make sense, and the fans were ultimately left disappointed.

While one man can't completely save a show on his own, there is no doubt that putting Punk on any major event would be incredibly smart for the WWE. I can assure you that Punk's inclusion on the main card of Fastlane would have completely changed people's perception of the event. After all, there were some good matches on the card. If he were to return, CM Punk would have a huge hand in preventing events like Fastlane from disappointing the fans.

6 His Return Is Guaranteed Gold

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Over the years, performers have come and gone from the WWE to a mix of both incredible returns, and completely forgettable ones. Not everyone has the same ability as Shawn Michaels, wherein they can make a comeback and continue to deliver classics. But, if there is one man who could come back into the fold and deliver some big-time matches, it would be CM Punk. The performer has dealt with a number of injuries over the duration of his career, including some while gearing up for his UFC fight last year. With enough time to recover, I'm sure that Punk can come in and deliver.

While there are a good number of performers that I would love to see come back, CM Punk is atop the list. I'm sure that I'm not alone in this either. The WWE wants what is best for business, and deep down they know that Punk coming back would be best for everyone.

5 Giving The Fans What They Want

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If recent fan reactions are any indication of what the people want, then it's pretty clear that the people want CM Punk. After all, they have chanted his name several times at shows, despite him being away from the company for some time now. WWE fans are brutally honest, and raining down chants for the former performer says a great deal about how badly they want to see Punk back in the WWE. Punk was too talented for his own good, and his departure left fans reeling for quite some time.

If Punk and the WWE were to make amends and he was to make his return, fans would rejoice each and every day. Just imagine that pop that Punk would get if he just popped in out of nowhere. As soon as the fans would hear the riff to "Cult of Personality" all hell would break loose, and the WWE would make a fortune.

5. A Much Needed Replacement For Daniel Bryan

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You've really got to feel bad for Daniel Bryan. Prior to his career-ending injuries, Bryan was quickly becoming the biggest star in the WWE. People absolutely loved the undersized performer, and it was impossible not to. Bryan was incredibly gifted, and he was able to deliver amazing performances each time he stepped in the squared circle. Ever since he stepped away from performing, there has been a glaring hole on the roster. The WWE has incredible performers, but Daniel Bryan was something special. Very few performers have the same type of impact on the fans.

In order to fill the massive void that was left by Daniel Bryan, the WWE could turn to none other than CM Punk. While Punk and Bryan are different types of performers, there is no doubt that Punk would be a welcome addition to the roster, and would help pick up where Bryan left off.

4 The Bullet Club Could Makes Its Way To The WWE

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Yes, I'm incredibly aware of the fact that Punk is not a member of the Bullet Club. Yes, I understand that you're irate that this is on the list, but you're going to have to hear me out. Recently, the boys of the Bullet Club extended an invitation to our good friend CM Punk, and this could catalyze a huge angle for the WWE. The Bullet Club boasts some amazing talent, and, fresh off of the greatest wrestling match of all-time, Kenny Omega's stock has never been higher. With some of their member's already in the WWE, the Bullet Club would find themselves right at home.

Imagine, if you will, a Bullet Club invasion of WWE. The WCW invasion was a colossal flop, and a second chance at something great could work in the WWE's favor. With the invasion of the Bullet Club, the WWE will gain a hoard of amazing performers, as well as what could be the modern era's greatest stable. I for one salivate at the possibility of Kenny Omega and Seth Rollins going toe-to-toe.

3 He Could Finally Repair His Relationship With Triple H

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It goes without saying that in the next decade or so, Triple H will be in complete control of the WWE. That means that what he says goes, and repairing a damaged relationship with him would be huge for the WWE and for CM Punk. The two performers have held nothing back, and their relationship is about as solid as Theon Greyjoy's mental state. Punk's pipe bomb while with the company directly attacked Triple H, and I can only imagine the look on his face as Punk was delivering his legendary promo. Unfortunately for us, their damaged relationship is a huge reason for Punk being gone.

While neither man is clamoring to settle their differences, they may want to reconsider their position on the matter. Trying to repair the damage would be huge for the fans. If Punk ever does come back, you better believe that these two could start a feud that would rival some of the all-time greats. There is real heat between them, and I have no doubt that they would make something amazing.

2 He Could Finally Headline WrestleMania

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CM Punk boasts an incredibly impressive wrestling resume, and any person who decides to pursue a career in wrestling would be incredibly fortunate to find the same type of success. He has won championships in multiple promotions, and has had incredibly long and impressive title reigns. After all, what's so good about winning a title if you keep it for less than a day? Despite achieving levels of success that few ever do, Punk left the WWE unfulfilled. Punk never headlined a WrestleMania card, which is one goal that every WWE performer has.

Given the nature of his potential return, it goes without saying that Punk would make sure that he would eventually headline WrestleMania, and ultimately fulfill his lifelong dream. The fans would love it, Punk would love it, and the WWE would make unfathomable amounts of money from it. While I'm excited for this year's WrestleMania, I can't help but wonder what the event would be like with CM Punk finally headlining the show.

1 A Potential Dream Match With Stone Cold Steve Austin

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I think it goes without saying that this match with Stone Cold Steve Austin would be a career-defining match for CM Punk. It's something that fans have dreamed about for years, and it has yet to happen. If you're looking for a match that's worthy of headlining WrestleMania, then look no further than this. Two generations of wrestling would collide in a match that would leave people salivating. The promos for this fight alone would be worth watching. Just imagine the buildup for this match at a future WrestleMania.

Though the chances of this every happening are basically nonexistent, it would be incredible to see. With Punk not in the WWE, the match is surely doomed. If he were to return to the WWE, however, expect rumors to swirl immediately about the potential match. Fans have called for it for years, and maybe, just maybe, it will happen one day.

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