15 Rare Must-See Pictures Of The WWE's Four Horsewomen

No matter what the field might be, everything needs a change after a while. In the world of sports and entertainment, that is especially key with fan interest being a vital part of the company’s succe

No matter what the field might be, everything needs a change after a while. In the world of sports and entertainment, that is especially key with fan interest being a vital part of the company’s success. In order to re-create something, we’ve seen in the world of professional wrestling it takes a cast of talented performers to do so. The nWo did it with WCW, while the likes of Rock, Austin, Triple H and various others did so with the WWE. Together, these wrestlers helped to change the landscape of pro wrestling.

A facet of the industry that was long overdue for a change was the women’s division. It grew insanely popular in the 90s because of the edge climate but began to subside in the 2000s with a lack direction. It just became an afterthought nobody cared for.

The WWE finally decided to change things up by recreating the division down in NXT. Known as The Four Horsewomen, Charlotte, Sasha, Becky and Bayley redefined the division letting their in-ring work tell the story. Today the division is hotter than ever and it’s all thanks to their contributions. In this article we pay homage to the Four with 15 rare must-see photos of the WWE’s Four Horsewomen. Enjoy!

15 Becky and Her Man

On the road pretty much five days a week, one can imagine the personal life of a WWE Superstar isn’t the easiest, especially when it comes to dating. Even Lynch herself has admitted in interviews that dating isn’t always easy with such a hectic travel schedule.

Well, as it turns out that all changed recently as Lynch has posted some pictures via her social media accounts with her new love interest. Becky is currently dating undefeated UFC fighter Luke Sanders and the two seem to be very happy with one another. If there’s anyone that gets the grind of being a WWE Superstar it’s Luke, who is in and out of the gym on the regular. The two recently spent Christmas together, so I guess you can say things are pretty serious. Also, it doesn’t hurt that her MMA boyfriend can teach her some new submissions to enhance her already strong technical in-ring abilities.

14 Charlotte’s Mugshot

Divorces and arrests seem to run in the Flair family as Charlotte has suffered from the same consequences as her father in the past. At the age of 30, Charlotte has already underwent two failed marriages (two more and she catches up to her dad), along with a scuffle that led to an arrest.

The situation transpired back in September of 2008, when the WWE Women’s Champion was arrested in North Carolina for assaulting a police officer during a fight with her ex-boyfriend. The charges were pretty severe and Charlotte was sentenced to over a month in prison. Thankfully, Flair was able to reduce the sentence to a supervised probation along with a mere $200 fine. We can all agree, that with all her in-ring success at the moment, maybe it’s best she stays single for a little while longer. To all the men lining up to date her, beware, she seems to be quite feisty!

13 Humble Beginnings

What makes the Four Horsewomen so special is their passion for the business. For Sasha, there truly was no other plan other than the world of professional wrestling. Already in 2008, at the age of 18, Sasha was training for an in-ring career. By 2010, she was already making her debut for Chaotic Wrestling competing under the alias of Mercedes KV.

She gained some valuable experience on the Indie circuit competing across the Boston area (her hometown) for a couple of years. Her efforts caught the eye of the WWE and after a tryout in 2012, Sasha was signed to a deal to join developmental. The company would completely resurface her image turning Sasha into The Boss. Shortly after, she began to dominate the NXT scene becoming one of the most iconic Superstars in history to come out of the brand. Her match against Bayley at NXT TakerOver: Brooklyn continues to be talked about as one of the greatest WWE matches in the last decade. She’s truly come a long way.

12 Bayley Engaged

2016 was a strong year for the beloved WWE Superstar Bayley. She finally made her main roster debut (which was long overdue) in the summer of 2016 and has been prevalent on the main roster ever since. She started 2017 off even stronger feuding with the Champion Charlotte, as the two are set to compete at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV.

Outside of the ring, her personal life seems to be doing just as well. Bayley is currently engaged to Indie wrestler Aaron Solow. The two crossed paths during their time on the Indie scene back in 2010. Bayley wrestled the independents for four years before making the jump to the WWE, signing a developmental deal. As for Solow, he remains on the Indie scene for the time being. The happy couple recently got engaged at the end of November capping off Bayley’s brilliant 2016 campaign. As for all her little fans, some boys might be upset to find out that their crush is officially taken and off the market.

11 Seth Beach Chilling With Half of The Horsewomen

Oh, how fans envy Seth Rollins in this picture as he enjoys some beach chill time along with Horsewomen Charlotte and Becky. The three seem to be taking some well deserved time off as they engage in some beach fun. Rollins is very popular in the WWE locker room and is said to be a very down to earth and a humble human being away from his brash and confident demeanor inside of the squared circle.

Seth and Charlotte remain on the same brand while Becky is off on her own with SmackDown Live. One would think the travel schedules would die down a little bit but that hasn’t been the case as the company now has the chance to put on even more shows. The current crop of stars are travelling five times a week along with putting on three shows a week. On the norm, the Superstars work Raw or SmackDown Live, along with two live event loops which normally take place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or even Monday (for SmackDown Live events). Rest time is limited, so once in a while, the wrestlers take an impromptu trip as you see in the picture above.

10 Sasha & Snoop

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Breaking into the entertainment industry motivated Sasha more so than the average person. Why, you might ask? Well, when you're cousins with the ever so popular rap icon Snoop Dog, the hunger and process seems to be much quicker just adding to your desires to make it into the business.

Sasha says her cousin was very influential in her career pursuit to make it into the WWE. Banks even says Snoop helped her develop the persona of being labelled as The Boss. She dreamed that one day, her cousin would sing her out to the ring at WrestleMania and that’s exactly what happened at WM 32, when Snoop escorted his cousin down to the ring.

Little does everybody know, Banks is surrounded by a family of musicians. Her cousin Daz Dillinger, is a music producer while her other two cousins Brandy Norwood and Ray J are also in the business working as musicians. It seems like the family is quite ambitious, wouldn’t you say?

9 Love At First Sight

Hard to find a wrestler in the WWE with more passion and love for the business than Bayley. Ever since she was a kid, Pamela Martinez obsessed with the reality of one day making it in the WWE. She even had journals discussing her goals of making it in the company, truly surreal that she gets to see her fantasy play out today.

Growing up, Bayley idolized several WWE Superstars including Eddie Guerrero, Randy Savage and The Hardy Boyz. As you see in the picture above, she was also a big fan of Bret Hart. Bayley has even admitted to dressing like Lita at one point in her life thanks to her love for the WWE Superstar.

She started attending shows at the age of 11 and by 18, she was already wrestling the Indie scene. In December of 2012, Bayley signed a deal with the WWE’s developmental brand and she would debut under her real life persona as a WWE super-fan. I guess we can say the gimmick worked out pretty well.

8 A Young Becky & Finn

Unlike Sasha and Bayley, Becky struggled with her career choice at one point in time. Although she always wanted to become a wrestler, she lacked the confidence and couldn’t properly muster up a vision to make it in the big time one day.

Lynch started wrestling as a teen, and it's there where she first met WWE Superstar Finn Balor who trained Becky at the time. She attended the school in Ireland alongside her brothers with Balor being the head teacher. She grasped a lot during her time and began to work the Indie scene shortly after.

Lynch would end up leaving the business looking for something steadier. She would then start working as a flight attendant for a brief amount of time only to make the wise decision to return to the industry she loved deeply. In 2013, Becky was signed to the biggest deal of her life inking a two-year contract with the WWE. Morale of the story here, never give up on your dream.

7 Charlotte’s Previous Marriage

We touched base on this a little earlier in the article, but yes, Charlotte was married twice already ending both prior relationships in divorce. The picture you see above is from her first failed marriage which took place back in 2008. Her second failed marriage would actually happen alongside a fellow pro wrestler as Charlotte was married to former WWE wrestler Bram, who currently works the Indie scene. The two met down in NXT in 2012 and got married soon after in 2013. Bram’s WWE run was short-lived as the company released the wrestler for a charge of assault on a law enforcement officer after being intoxicated. This was his second offense claiming a DUI to his record before that.

The couple would finalize the divorce in 2015. Bram would go on to work the Indie scene and join TNA, the promotion he’s still with today.

6 Sasha & Her Man

Along with being a pretty darn good butt kicker in the ring, Sasha has grown her popularity because of her tremendous good looks. At the age of 24, Banks is regarded as one of the hottest female stars in the entire company.

Sadly to all the men out there, Sasha is happily married to Sarath Ton. Known has Mikaze to those behind the scenes, the two tied the knot just recently in the summer of 2016 on August 4th. Mikaze is actually the seamstress for the WWE and has been designing the costumes for years now. The two are currently happily married and although Sasha is the youngest of the group, she's currently the only one that is married. Crazy to think she’s still only 24 years of age. It’s especially astonishing when looking at her body of work claiming the Women’s Championship three-times already along with becoming the first female ever to main event a WWE PPV in 2016, headlining the Hell in a Cell PPV. The future is still so bright for the former champ.

5 Bayley Chillin’ With Seth & Cesaro

What makes Bayley so unique is the fact that she plays the role of someone she truly is in real-life, a WWE super-fan. She loved it back then and still loves it today. Time and time again when a legend is present backstage, Bayley almost always posts a picture alongside the WWE alum. Her passion for the business is truly something we can all respect and seriously, how can you not root for somebody like that?

Her way of life and passion for the industry has allowed her to create some connections backstage. This picture, which was posted on Bayley’s social media account, shows her enjoying a cup of coffee with some of her buddies which you might recognize. Of course, the two are Raw Superstars Seth Rollins and Cesaro. The three are enjoying a nice cup of coffee before heading out to an event later that night. Oh, the life of a WWE Superstar!

4 Foreshadowing With Dad

Who would have thought that this picture would foreshadow the future of Charlotte Flair holding some gold of her own. Since she signed with the WWE, it truly seems like it was Charlotte’s destiny to be doing this as she’s an absolute natural and arguably the very best in the industry today, looking at her impressive body of work thus far.

As great as she is, wrestling wasn’t always the plan for Charlotte who branched out into different avenues early on in her life. Blessed with tremendous genetics, Charlotte was an outstanding volleyball player during her high school days at Providence High School. She would pursue her schooling career at the North Carolina State University receiving a Bachelor’s in Public Relations. She would later get a certificate to become a personal trainer.

Fast-forward to May of 2012, and Flair would ink her first ever WWE deal which brings us to this point, which sees Ric’s daughter at the top of the mountain and arguably the best performer both male and female currently in the WWE. Not too shabby.

3 A Young Sasha & Charlotte

Without these women, you find it hard to visualize where not only NXT would be today, but the entire women’s division. As you see in the picture, they started off as young prospects but truly blossomed into something special shortly after.

Charlotte enjoyed the first bit of success winning the NXT Women’s Championship during a tournament that saw the title vacated. Flair defeated Emma, Alexa Bliss and Natalya in the finals on route to her first and only Championship in the developmental brand.

Soon after, Sasha Banks rose up the ranks and became the face of the brand. At NXT TakeOver: Rival, Sasha won her first and only Championship, defeating all four horsewomen in a Fatal-Four-Way match. The two would end up getting called up and completely redefining the women’s division in the WWE. They’ve come a long way with still, so much left to give.

2 WrestleMania XXX Cameo

Although the older wrestlers of the generation like to bury Triple H, the new school performers have nothing but good to say in relation to The Game, Triple H. Hunter has redefined the industry down in NXT creating a bright future for the WWE. Now, more so than ever before, the WWE has a plethora of prospects getting properly trained down in development while getting some key television time on the NXT program. The experience has proven to be invaluable for a plethora of the performers.

Along with his close relationships, Hunter loves to reward the hard work of his employees. Time and time again, Hunter has brought up NXT stars to attend WWE Live shows appearing in some type of minor role. In this instance, Hunter rewarded half of the Horsewomen as Sasha and Charlotte got the honors of accompanying Triple H down to the ring during his WM XXX entrance. Alexa Bliss also took part in the festivities as the three dawned some wicked outfits along with masks that hide their identities. Who could have predicted that two out of the three would be the current Women’s Champions today? Maybe Hunter could have?

1 Behind The Scenes With The Four Horsewomen

To properly revolutionize something, you need a cast of performers and not just a single act. WCW did it with the nWo, while the WWE countered with their fantastic depth featuring the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker and Triple H. For the women’s division, it was ultimately four close friends that helped to resurface the identity of a gender class that seemed to be fading. It all started down in NXT as the four put on some of the greatest matches in the brand's history. The WWE grew confident in the four and before you knew it, they were main eventing various NXT programs.

Not surprising, the four have continued to keep the ball rolling on the main roster as the four are already a combined eight-time WWE Women’s Champion (with Bayley not winning the title yet). What truly makes it even more remarkable is how close these four remain and continue to be today. Until they retire, their careers will continue to shine alongside one another.

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15 Rare Must-See Pictures Of The WWE's Four Horsewomen