15 Predictions For The 2017 WWE Superstar Shake-Up

The night after WrestleMania, Vince McMahon announced that there would be a superstar shake-up next Monday Night where many stars on the current rosters would be drafted over to opposite rosters.

There are many rumours circulating when it comes to the superstars and where they could be heading to next week, including many of the new recruits who only debuted on the main roster this past week as part of the fall-out from WrestleMania on both Raw and SmackDown. The official WWE Draft took place back in the Summer of 2016 and now that many of the storylines have come to an end, it seems that WWE is hoping to start up some new feuds by switching many of the bigger stars to new rosters.

This switch up will give WWE some much-needed excitement as they begin the Road to SummerSlam in a few weeks time, and will allow the WWE Universe to see many matches that the company has never been able to produce before with some of the NXT stars who were called up a few months ago.

While there are huge amounts of speculation when it comes to the superstars who could be switching rosters, it seems that the following 15 stars are almost certainties to be moved in a few days time.


15 Aiden English - Raw

Aiden English and Simon Gotch made an impact down in NXT while they were part of the developmental roster as The Vaudevillians, they are former NXT Tag Team Champions and were promoted to the main roster in the spring of 2016.

The Vaudevillians failed to make the same kind of impact on the main roster and were drafted to SmackDown as part of the WWE draft last summer. Since then both Gotch and English have been used as talent enhancers and have rarely been able to win a match on WWE TV. It was recently announced that Simon Gotch had parted ways with WWE in what was said to have been a mutual decision between the two parties. Aiden English has now been left on his own since his tag team partner left and could now be sent over to the Raw roster as a way to repackage his character.

14 Rusev - SmackDown


Rusev has been on hiatus from WWE for the past month now after it was reported that he needed to have shoulder surgery. The former United States Champion was written off WWE TV when he was defeated by The Big Show at FastLane last month. Since then he has undergone the surgery and could now make a return as a very different character with an improved attitude.

Rusev has been the partner of Jinder Mahal for the past few weeks, but it seems that even he has moved on without Rusev and that could allow The Bulgarian Brute to finally turn face and begin appearing on the SmackDown brand alongside his wife Lana when he makes his return to the company in less than four months time.

13 Kalisto - Raw

Kalisto has failed to make much of an impact on WWE TV ever since he was drafted over to SmackDown without his Lucha Dragons partner Sin Cara. Kalisto has instead become tangled up in a feud with Dolph Ziggler that later included Apollo Crews as well after The Showoff turned heel.

Kalisto hasn't done much on the SmackDown roster since his feud with Dolph ended and Sin Cara hasn't been able to do anything on Raw without Kalisto, so it would make sense for WWE to allow Kalisto to head back over to Raw and rejoin his teammate. Kalisto and Sin Cara always worked much better as a team anyway, this could be the reunion they need to allow them to finally push for gold together on the main roster.

12 Neville - SmackDown


Neville is the current Cruiserweight Champion and self-proclaimed King of The Cruiserweights. He has taken over both Monday Night Raw and 205 Live and it seems that he could have come to the point where WWE might be ready to allow the Cruiserweights to head over to the SmackDown roster.

205 Live takes place straight after SmackDown, so it makes sense that WWE have The Cruiserweights on Tuesday nights because then there can be one match on SmackDown to preview the show and the SmackDown writing team would also book the Cruiserweights much better than Raw have been doing. Raw could easily fill the time with new NXT talent, it would be a win/win for both sides.

11 Dolph Ziggler - Raw

Much like many mid-card talents in WWE, Dolph Ziggler is struggling to find his place in WWE now that he's become a heel superstar. Dolph was one of the most popular stars on the roster until he decided to turn on Kalisto and then superkick Jerry Lawler.

Since then, Dolph hasn't had a decent feud and at WrestleMania, he was instead put into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale, which didn't give him a feud moving forward either. Dolph looks like the perfect kind of star to head over to the Raw roster and be able to push himself into the United States Championship picture when Kevin Owens decides to move out of it. Dolph could make much more of an impact on Raw than he has managed to on SmackDown.

10 Summer Rae - SmackDown


Summer Rae hasn't been seen on WWE TV since before the brand split last year. Even though Summer was drafted to Raw alongside many other former NXT superstars, she is one of the only ones that has never appeared.

Summer was out with an injury, to begin with, and has recently had some of her personal pictures leaked to the WWE Universe, which many fans think could be one of the main reasons WWE are keeping her away from TV. Summer could be used much better on SmackDown and could be integrated with the women who are not former NXT stars like Sasha Banks and Bayley over on Raw. This could be a great move for her if WWE is hoping to keep her rather than release her.

9 Carmella - Raw

Carmella has never really fit in on SmackDown. Her last great feud was against Nikki Bella when she was first promoted to the brand. Since then, Carmella hasn't been able to wrestle much and WWE has instead aligned her with James Ellsworth, which has made her into a jobber just like him.

Carmella could easily be switched over to Raw so that she was on the same show as her boyfriend Big Cass and she could also then be able to fight some of the much bigger stars like Sasha and Bayley. Carmella is actually a talented wrestler when she is given the chance and being able to wrestle women who are much more gifted than she is would do her so much good in the long run.


8 Seth Rollins - SmackDown


Seth Rollins is the undisputed future of WWE. He has accomplished everything he dreamed he would on the Raw roster and now that he's managed to defeat WWE COO Triple H, it seems that it could be time for him to be drafted out of his way.

SmackDown could hold much bigger challenges for Rollins, who will be able to once again team up with Dean Ambrose, or rehash what was one of the feuds of the year back in 2014. There is also the possibility that if AJ Styles stays on SmackDown then the fans could finally have the fantasy match they have been dreaming of for years. The SmackDown roster will be very different in a week's time and it could be something new for Rollins to conquer.

7 AJ Styles - Raw

AJ Styles has been one of the best wrestlers in the world for a long time, he finally came to WWE at the beginning of last year and has been one of the biggest stars. When he was drafted to SmackDown as part of the draft in the summer, he managed to continue his feud with John Cena.

Styles then stepped into a rivalry with Dean Ambrose before taking on Shane McMahon at WrestleMania. While the duo say that they have respect for each other and AJ states that he wants to remain as part of the SmackDown roster, it is likely that Shane will decide to send him over to Raw instead, just because he knows that AJ is one of the stars that he is unable to control, which isn't great for the Commissioner.

6 Sami Zayn - SmackDown


Sami Zayn has been one of the stars that were drafted over to Raw that has talked about being moved to SmackDown for the past few months. Sami could have been switched for Eva Marie a few months ago, but luckily he actually wasn't.

He has reached the point of no return on Raw now and it seems as though WWE no longer have anything for the former NXT Champion while he is on the Monday night show. This doesn't mean that there will definitely be something for him on SmackDown, but he will have more options than being thrown at Kevin Owens every time WWE runs out of ideas. Zayn will also be booked much better on SmackDown since Shane McMahon states it is the land of opportunity.

5 Apollo Crews - Raw

Apollo Crews is well known to be one of Triple H's favourites when it comes to stars who have been promoted from the NXT roster. Crews made his debut the night after WrestleMania last year. Apollo hasn't had a lot to work with on the main roster over the past year though, and it was thought that he would finally be given something to do when he was drafted to SmackDown.

Crews has only really had a feud with Dolph Ziggler over the past few months, something that he didn't really have to be part of in the first place. It seems if someone like Sami Zayn is heading over to SmackDown, then there is no reason why someone like Apollo Crews, who is on the same level, can not make his way over to Raw to be his replacement. Apollo would fit in much better on the Raw roster as well.

4 Charlotte - SmackDown


The Women's Division on Monday night Raw has been under the leadership of the queen for the past few months, while the entire roster were part of her reign when she was Divas Champion. Charlotte no longer has a claim to the Women's Championship after she lost at WrestleMania and now since both Emma and Nia Jax have turned on her, it makes sense for her to go.

Naomi is the current Women's Champion on  SmackDown and along with Charlotte, she is considered to be one of the most athletic women in WWE. Given that Naomi is now a face and Charlotte is a heel, it would make sense for Charlotte to head over to SmackDown and step into the title picture now since Alexa Bliss has already tapped to Naomi twice in a week.

3 American Alpha - Raw

American Alpha were one of the best tag teams to ever be called up from NXT as part of the WWE draft back in the summer, but it seems that the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions shockingly dropped their titles to The Usos a few weeks before WrestleMania and were never given the chance to claim them back.

It was strange timing for American Alpha to drop the titles, but it makes sense if WWE doesn't want to give them a rematch and are instead going to allow them to head over to Monday night Raw and ignite a much-anticipated feud with The Revival. This could be an interesting draft if Raw acquire these two, and SmackDown will obviously want a team in return as well.

2 Alexa Bliss - Raw


Alexa Bliss has been one of the most improved female wrestlers of the past few months. She has stepped up to the plate on SmackDown and has accomplished everything she needed to on this roster. Having been defeated by Naomi at WrestleMania and again the following week on SmackDown, it seems there is nothing left for Alexa to do on Tuesday nights now.

Given the fact that Charlotte is rumoured to be heading to SmackDown, then it would make perfect sense for Alexa to be the one to take her place on Raw. Alexa has proved that she is good enough to be put amongst the best on WWE's roster over the past few weeks and it could be interesting to see how many feathers she ruffles on the Raw roster if WWE decide to draft her.

1 The New Day - SmackDown

The New Day haven't exactly been in great form lately, since they lost their Tag Team Championships back in December they have been in free fall. New Day haven't been able to claim the Championships back since Xavier Woods has had his images leaked he has been kept away from WWE Tv and the popular trio were reduced to being hosts of WrestleMania, unable to actually compete.

This past week on Raw, The New Day were the ones who welcomed The Revival to WWE with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder making a statement on the former Tag Team Champions. The New Day have nothing left to prove on Raw, which means that a switch to SmackDown could well be the most likely option, especially since their current Champions are heels.

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