15 Pictures The UFC Doesn't Want You To See

What makes the UFC so unique compared to other pro sports organizations is just how damn cool Dana White is. He’s like the boss you show up early to work for and enjoy a beer with after your shift. Looking at White’s reign, that’s pretty much exactly what he is, enjoying various nights out with a number of fighters.

With that said, Dana is a straight-shooter and holds a lot of grudges with several mega UFC stars which we will include on this list. Dana’s had a rocky past with the likes of the ever so popular trio of MMA stars including Jon “Bones” Jones, Randy “The Natural” Couture and the loveable Canadian, George St-Pierre. This article will feature pictures from these three that Dana and the UFC probably don't want you to see.

In addition to that, we have an abundance of pictures pertaining to some the company’s greatest fighters committing acts which the promotion would rather you didn’t see. Pictures include a variety of club photos, along with some mugshots. One picture in particular actually has an entire SWAT team outside of the house of an MMA star. Yup, these surely are pictures the UFC doesn’t want you to see. With that said, let us begin. Here are 15 pictures the UFC doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy!

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15 Tiki Ghosn Holding Dana’s Junk


Dana White is certainly a unique boss. What makes him so different, is the fact that he’s simply a cool dude. Unlike other faces that run other sports, Dana keeps things real and quite frankly, seems to be a regular average Joe, which is endearing to fans. Compared to how other pro sports see their lead face, White certainly ranks atop the list of one of the few to actually be cheered and respected, which is quite the accomplishment when looking at the reactions others get (like NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who can’t even speak for how badly he gets booed).

This picture, although seems pretty awkward, is quite awesome when you really think about it. What other league authority face can you really say got his junk grabbed by an employee? Seriously, not many. This picture shows Dana enjoying a night out with MMA star Tiki Ghosn. As you can see, this got quite “handzie”. The odds of the UFC publishing such a pic? Quite slim...

14 Rogan Takes A Hit


Even the cool and polished UFC broadcaster has some pictures online that the UFC probably doesn’t want you to see. This one shows Rogan having some fun, taking a pretty big hit of what we can only assume came from a bong (and a pretty big one at that).

If you know Rogan’s political prowess and story outside of the UFC, this picture really isn’t that surprising. Rogan is actually a huge advocate for the legalization of marijuana in the United States, claiming that the substance holds a numerous amount of benefits. He’s been featured in a variety of documentaries discussing his thought process on the matter. Among other things, Joe has taken things a step further and even supported the consumption of LSD, “magic mushrooms” and other image enhancing drugs. Does the UFC want you to know that? Probably not.

If you wish to learn more about Rogan’s views, we highly recommend you listen to some of his podcasts, surely, you’ll be entertained.

13 GSP Having A Moment With His Bros

via:UFC® Fight Club

While the rumor mill continues to swirl with speculation of GSP finally returning to the UFC, Dana White continues to shoot down the possibility claiming he hasn’t heard of anything in the sorts.

So with GSP gone, all we really have are the pictures and videos to remember his legacy for the time being. In terms of pictures, there’s certainly a boat load to choose from, especially pertaining to his life outside of the octagon. Residing out of Montreal, Quebec, the former Welterweight Champion is often spotted out and about at various Montreal nightclubs. Pictures have surfaced online of GSP enjoying a night out with a couple of girls, and why not? The guy’s living the life of a single bachelor.

This picture in particular however is quite comical and raised a couple of questions. Though, all it really is, is GSP just enjoying some deep and sensitive “bro time”. Just admit it guys, you’ve all had this similar scenario thanks to those one too many shots of Jack Daniels. I bet you feel better seeing GSP having his bro moment in this picture as well.

12 Chuck Liddell Getting Low


Seriously, judging by all his rated “R” pictures surfacing online, we could have instead opted for a “top 15 pictures the UFC doesn’t want you to see of Chuck Liddell”. In all honesty, look for yourselves, the pictures seem endless of Liddell living it up at various nightclubs across the United States. One thing’s for sure, Chuck knows how to have a good time.

He was a pioneer in the UFC and helped put the combat sport on the map. His accomplishments will certainly live on for years and years to come. He’s now happily retired, and not surprisingly an owner of a couple of bars. As for his personal life, Liddell had a prior relationship with MMA fighter Casey Noland. The couple had two children, a daughter Trista and a son, Cade. Liddell later found himself in another relationship in 2010, proposing to his girlfriend Heidi Northcott. The two also had one child, Charles David Liddell Jr.

11 Rampage Being Rampage


He’s ruthless and quite frankly, doesn’t care what you think. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Like some of his other fellow UFC members, Jackson has various pictures surfacing online stemming from his party lifestyle. The guy lives like a rockstar and heck, why not? Jackson basically helped put the UFC on the map with his barbaric in-cage style along with his persona outside of the octagon that could sell a fight at the blink of an eye. He truly brought that entertainment factor to new heights when he arrived on the scene.

Jackson would eventually further his fame working as a mainstay in the entertainment business. Rampage was featured in several films, including The A-Team, playing the role of "B.A. Baracus". Along with this high profile movie, Jackson has appeared in numerous TV shows and lots of other movies following his run as an MMA fighter.

10 Michael Bisping The Annoying Drunk


Bisping looks like that annoying drunk that you secretly hide from throughout the night. Jackson is the other dude in the picture and looks like he’s ready to bolt as soon as the flash hits. Then again, he always looks upset so maybe we’re digging in a little too deep.

What makes Michael so unique is the fact that he’s never afraid to speak his mind and take a fight. Just this past June, Bisping pulled off one of the biggest upsets in UFC history defeating Luke Rockhold via knockout in the first round winning the UFC Middleweight Championship. What made the victory that much more remarkable was the fact that he was a replacement and took the title fight on just 17 days of notice which is pretty mind blowing.

Recently, Bisping made headlines again challenging beloved UFC star George St-Pierre. George agreed to the fight, but the UFC is yet to sanction the bout with Dana and St-Pierre dealing with their past differences.

9 Silva Swag


This picture reminds us of our childhood with that annoying girl that just wants to dance with you while you calmly back her away and chill on the side pretending to bust a little move in hopes that she leaves as soon as possible. Are we looking too deeply in the context of this picture? Probably not, Anderson looks uncomfortable as hell.

The Brazilian-turned-California resident is arguably one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. Everything about him was money, but that came with several controversies. His fighting style was pretty ruthless as he would disrespect opponents by mocking them and keeping his hands down throughout the fights. Even in another instance, Silva pulled off a mockery dance following a victory that was so bad that even our buddy Dana White, was disgusted and almost refused to put the Championship around his waist.

Whether you loved him or hated him, he was always full of moments. This one however, is a moment the UFC probably wants you to forget about.

8 Nick Diaz Mugshot


If there’s a mugshot, you can bet TMZ will be all over it. Nowadays if you live in the spotlight, it’s pretty much impossible to get away with anything.

This picture shows the older brother of Nate Diaz, Nick, taking the awkward picture that seems to be a nightmare photo for most regular human beings. In 2015, Diaz found himself once again in custody following a third DUI. Diaz actually turned himself in following a night of reckless behavior being heavily intoxicated. As we stated, the UFC star had two previous DUIs, which he only saw two days of jail time for. He did however, also get a three year probation period along with an educational DUI course. Remember folks, knowledge is power.

Diaz is set to return shortly, being rumored to face Michael Bisping at UFC 206 in a huge clash for the Championship. The offer is apparently on the table and it remains to be seen if Diaz will accept the fight.

7 Mayhem Miller Mugshot


Man, was this guy ever entertaining to watch. He was a high energy dude that loved to put on a good show for the UFC crowds and for that, we say thank you.

His personal life however, was pretty disastrous and his mugshots were just a snippet of the terrible things he has done outside of the octagon. In one arrest, Miller was found passed out in a church. To make matters worse, the MMA star was completely naked.... Yup, you can’t make this stuff up. The charges were later dropped but Miller would eventually find himself in more trouble a little later. In August of 2013, Miller was once again charged, this time for a serious offense of domestic abuse. He pleaded not guilty and was released on a $100K bail.

Things would later take a turn for the worst when an entire SWAT team stood outside of his house for five hours. Miller would actually provide live coverage of the situation via Twitter. His arrests would only continue from there, receiving other assault charges.

6 Clay Guida Looking Glazed


If you haven’t taken a similar embarrassing picture, seriously, what are you waiting for? Go in your kitchen, pre-drink a little, hitch a ride to the club, buy a glass and a shot glass of what appears to be the exact same thing and make a silly face. However, make sure your eyes are as glazed as Guida's, if they're not, keep drinking till you get there. Let us know how the Guida experience treated you.

At the age of 34, Guida’s prestigious career finally seems to be winding down. He lost his last two UFC bouts, the first losing via submission in the first round in 2015. And he would go on to lose his second and most recent bout on June 4th, 2016, during UFC 199. The veteran lost the fight during the third round going down via KO. With a record of 32-17-6, we think it might be time for another celebratory drink, this time giving a toast to his career that was.

5 Dana Gets A Little Too Low With Ronda


Okay, so rumor has it that this picture is photoshopped, but we really couldn’t help ourselves anyways (especially when looking at the past examples of these two together). Dana certainly has his favorites in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, and Ronda Rousey is certainly one of them. The two were seen together quite a bit, spending lots of time with one another mostly on promotional work. Even other pictures see the fighter and promoter walking through an airport side-by-side dressing up in casual and comfy home wear. Are we looking into the situation a little too deep? Well, considering Dana’s married and has kids, along with the fact that Rousey is happily involved in a relationship, we do think we might be, but hey, it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it?

Regardless of what the backstory might be, the UFC most certainly doesn’t want you to see this picture, no matter what the circumstances may be.

4 The Aftermath


It seemed like Rousey was untouchable. Not only was she dominating the MMA scene but she was taking her talents to Hollywood, not only residing in the California area but appearing on various TV shows and movies.

In her defense, she was taking a lot on, including three fights in nine months, which is truly staggering to think about. Her momentum finally came crashing down on November 15, 2015, a memorable day in UFC history which saw Holly Holm pull off one of the greatest upsets in MMA history defeating the previously undefeated Rousey.

A true Champion prevails despite the hurdles. Instead, Rousey took a bitter and childish approach which puzzled fans and hurt her credibility. Ronda was devastated following the loss, and this picture shows her arriving back home covering her face still in absolute shock from the loss. The UFC surely wished she would have handled the entire situation better and it hurt her credibility as a role model to a certain degree as well.

3 Randy Couture With Bellator


As much as we love Dana, he's had some heated battles with some former UFC legends in the past. He currently has an on-going battle with GSP (as we discussed earlier), stopping the Montreal native from returning. Another high profile dispute he’s endured has been with MMA legend Randy Couture.

Couture is arguably the greatest UFC fighter of all-time. The guy was like what Hulk Hogan is to the WWE (well, before the racism incident); a true face to the brand and pioneer in the MMA sport.

Despite all his trials and tribulations, Randy hasn’t been with the UFC since his last bout in April of 2011, picking up a loss against Lyoto Machida. He would never return in any capacity and would pursue a career in acting, along with a new deal to join Bellator, a rival MMA company to the UFC. He is still with the promotion today and claims the UFC still fails to involve the legend (through no fault of his own). Randy blames Dana White and Zuffa for his non-existence in the last couple of years.

2 Jones In The Orange Jumper


Speaking of feuds involving Dana White, here's another one with him and MMA megastar Jon Jones.

His work in the octagon is truly second to none and probably one of the greatest in MMA history, but his contributions outside of the ring have seriously hurt his legacy and the UFC for that matter.

Jones has found himself in controversial situations one too many times. From DUIs to using homophobic slurs to recently failing doping tests, Jon constantly seems to be falling off the rails more and more.

His worst offense of them all was a hit-and-run incident which took place on April 27th, 2015. Jones apparently crashed his rental car into two other vehicles while passing a red light and proceeded to flee the scene. He left on foot and was later found and brought into custody. Jones would end up pleading guilty and was sentenced to 18 months of probation. Despite all his accomplishments, these dark clouds continue to overshadow the brilliance of his career.

1 Conor Caught


When it comes to his personal life, McGregor is very much a mystery. We see him partying constantly, with some of the greatest luxury items we can only dream about, and to make matters even more mysterious he’s always surrounded by women, which seems puzzling considering he’s been in a serious relationship with Dee Devlin since 2008.

A video posted on Reddit finally exposed McGregor. The clip saw Conor heavily intoxicated while spending some time with an unknown woman who was surprised to find out that Conor actually had a girlfriend.

Another girl also came forward claiming Conor was a heavy drug user and hooked up with a variety of women, claiming “he was untouchable” while being in a not-so-sane state of mind. He's currently taking time away from the UFC claiming he wants to see things settle down with himself and long-time girlfriend Dee Devlin. Some also believe that he might depart from the sport entirely, leaving while being on top and taking care of his personal life at the same time.

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