15 Pictures That Define Michael Jordan's Billionaire Lifestyle

Michael Jordan is a man who needs little introduction. His "Airness" has been a staple in the minds of sports fans for nearly three decades now. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Michael Jordan's climb to the top started in high school when he was cut from his team. That's right, the man who would be the greatest of all-time, got cut. It would be the last time Jordan would taste that kind of defeat during his career. A fire burned in this incredible athlete like none that has ever been seen before and none that has been seen since. Jordan went to the University of North Carolina, won the 1982 NCAA championship (literally-his shot won the game) and his legend only grew from there.

Once in this NBA, Michael Jordan quickly became one of the premiere players in the league during a time where great players were scattered all across the league. It was the "golden age" of the NBA with so many greats battling against one another for supremacy. But Jordan stood above them all and would go on to win six NBA Championships, six NBA Finals MVPs, five NBA MVPs and earned 14 All-Star appearances, nine All-Defensive First Team selections and was the NBA Scoring Champion 10 times.

That's a serious resume and just the tip of the iceberg. Michael Jordan has also amassed a fortune, setting the standard by which all athletes are measured when it comes to endorsements. Jordan, in addition to his NBA and financial success, has been extremely charitable with his time and money. His "Airness" has a tremendous world and is the best of the best. Thus, Jordan enjoys some of those perks. Here's a glimpse into Michael Jordan's amazing world. These are 15 pictures that define the wealth of NBA legend Michael Jordan.

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15 Dream Catcher

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Many people don't get to snap their fingers and have a dream come true. For example, some people dream of traveling to Paris, France. Most people have dreams they never get to. Some are able to achieve them over a lifetime of trying. The difference when you are Michael Jordan is that you can execute a dream by simply walking through the door. Jordan had always dreamed of bike racing. He wanted to be part of an actual event; not just ride around in circles by himself. That is when he was given a Ducati and allowed to participate in an official race. The red Ducati Desmosedici was especially exciting for Jordan because he grew up riding dirt bikes. This was a passion of his for years. In Valencia, Spain, he raced his butt off and achieved one of his childhood dreams.

14 Nike

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If there is one thing that defines Michael Jordan as much as his basketball skills, it must be the shoe apparel line that is named after him. The Air Jordan collection is not only extensive, it currently outsells all NBA stars playing in the league today by a very large margin. Michael Jordan and Nike go together like peanut butter and jelly. The two have enjoyed a tremendous partnership in which Jordan gets a piece of every shoe and piece of clothing sold with his famous name or logo on it. Remember, Mel Brooks always said in Spaceballs "Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising!" Indeed. And thus, Jordan still pulls in a whopping $100 million a year due to his Nike brand! That's insane for a player who has long since been retired from the league. Jordan still proves he is the man to this very day.

13 Homes

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There is no better way to flex your financial muscles than to show off your many, many homes. The lifestyle of someone wealthy often includes numerous luxurious homes. In many cases, the person has business in multiple cities and therefore likes to spend the time in their own dwellings, as opposed to trying to make appointments at hotels and dealing with the public. This is the case with Michael Jordan who owns mansions in numerous cities in addition to penthouse condos to-die-for. Michael Jordan's Florida home is gigantic in scope; he spent $12.8 million to build this "dream house." He also owns a home in Charlotte for a cool $2.8 million to spend time in during the NBA season. He used to own a massive Chicago mansion that he unloaded for $29 million. Jordan has earned the right to live large and large he does live!

12 Young Wife

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Older rich man, beautiful young woman; ever hear that one? Not many of us think of Michael Jordan as the old man. To many, he is still the incredible athlete who flies through the air. And to be honest, he can still beat most of humanity in a game of one-on-one on the blacktop. So when Jordan and his long-time wife split, we all knew it was just a matter of time before he hit the jackpot with a new mate. That's where Yvette Prieto came in. The beautiful model married Jordan back in 2013. Prieto is 15 years younger than Jordan and actually used to date Julio Iglesias Jr. She met Jordan in a Miami nightclub when she was putting on the moves back in 2008. They were living together less than a year later. A massive line of celebs attended their wedding. Nothing says money and fame like a hot model on your arm!

11 Cars And Bikes

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We now get to the boy-toys! Many celebrities and wealthy folk pride themselves on their array of expensive toys. From extraordinary cars to amazing bikes, the amount of vehicles a wealthy person can acquire is quite extensive. Owning a car dealership probably helps in Jordan getting some pretty good deals on vehicles. Jordan has owned such beautiful vehicles as a Chevy C4 Corvette, the insanely awesome and fast Ferrari 512 TR (with the license plate "M-Air-J," all black), many different Porsches (the 911, 930, 964, and 993), an Aston Martin DB7 Volante, a Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 Edition (purchased for a whopping $450,000) and a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (fire red). These are just a few of the toys Jordan has purchased with four wheels. On two wheels, Michael Jordan Motorsports (yes, yet another Jordan venture), has designed and released an array of motorbikes. The Air Jordan XX8, the #23 Jordan Suzuki GSX-R1000, and Air Jordan XX8 blue camo are just a few bikes Jordan has designed. He rides them all, too!

10 Golf

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Sure, wealth and golf kind of go hand-in-hand. Golf is a "proper" man's game. The sport itself can be expensive to enjoy. The more money you have, the more time you can spend on the course. Often times, business deals are negotiated and completed on the fine green courses all around the world. Jordan started playing golf long ago and rumor has it, he is quite good. In addition to enjoying his time on the links, Jordan has gambled thousands upon thousands of dollars while on the course. Jordan is so into golf, he is designing the private "Hobe Sound Course." The course would be built in Hobe Sound, Florida. Rarely can someone afford to play at an exclusive club, but how about building your own exclusive golf course? That's MJ for ya.

9 The Yacht

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Impressive as they are, yachts come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can read into a person's wealth by the size of their yacht. A huge luxurious yacht often costs in the millions. So the bigger the yacht, the bigger the wallet. And Michael Jordan owns one big yacht! Jordan's yacht is 154-feet in length. The megayacht is nicknamed "Mr. Terrible" for good measure. The massive yacht has a tremendous amount of amenities inside. The Delta Marine Yacht was constructed by three lead designers and an entire management team to ensure that the exterior was modern and sleek, and the inside had all the finest amenities, to go along with both structured design and artistic highlights. The yacht cost nearly $50 million to construct and can be rented for a cool $200k a week when his Airness rents it out.

8 Michael Jordan: Businessman

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Michael Jordan became a brand all by himself during his time in the spotlight. His legend continues to grow in almost every avenue of life. With that, he decided to expand his brand to different areas. He owns seven different restaurants and a car dealership to further his business portfolio. Jordan hasn't let his success in many areas of life slow him down. He continues to grow his brand and by looking at the magnificent photo above, it's no surprise why Jordan's restaurants may be appealing. The restaurant above is a multi level restaurant and sports bar located in Chicago, Illinois. This particular one was closed down shortly after Jordan's retirement. Jordan has moved on from sports bars these days and into steakhouses. No matter what Jordan does, his branding continues to draw attention.

7 Playing Career And Advertising

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Michael Jordan was the most successful NBA player of all time. He also did pretty well financially during his career too. Michael Jordan was so good, that he not only earned the highest salary during the time he played, he earned the highest single-season salary ever. Michael Jordan earned $33.1 million during the 1997-1988 season, a mark that still stands to this day as the highest 1-year salary to ever be made. During his entire playing career, Jordan earned just over $90 million, a small amount by today's standards. However, Jordan made a massive amount through his advertising and still does to this very day. Michael Jordan was so good that every great player is measured against his greatness. To this day he is still a basketball God.

6 The Watches

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Some people love to wear the bling! A lot of successful athletes and musicians will flash their worth with jewelry. They accessorize, showing off all the money they have made, proving they can spend massive amounts of money on things they don't really need. Michael Jordan went a different way with his accessories. He went classy, just as everyone would have expected. He decided to go with watches as a thing. Jordan likes to collect some pretty rare pieces. He has a white gold Ulysse Nardin Sonata which costs well over $70,000.  He owns a Richard Mille RM032, worth an astounding $175,000. He adds a Urwerk-203 and a Rolex Daytona to his collection. These aren't the only watches Jordan owns, but just a few of the exclusive ones he sports.

5 King Of Advertisements

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Everyone knows that Michael Jordan was one of the most successful product sellers of all time. He made such an impact on the world, his shoes are still the stop selling footwear product, outselling today's stars with ease. Jordan has been retired for years, but his legend continues, and with that, advertisers continue to make his "Airness" a focus of their advertising campaigns. Today, Michael Jordan continues to earn $100 million a year from his deal with Nike alone. Jordan sells eight times as many shoes as "The King," Lebron James. Jordan continues to have deals with Hanes and Gatorade as well. Jordan is still a monster grab for advertisers, thus, continuing his dominance and showcasing his supreme relevance (and fortune).

4 One-Of-A-Kind Table

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When you are a superstar, your influence can transcend almost anything. Michael Jordan wanted a dining room table and was taking suggestions from a variety of people. Numerous artists lined up to offer their services for his holy Airness. It would be Michael Sirvet who won Jordan's eye with his uniquely designed table. The aluminum dinner table has 32,292 holes. If you are wondering what that number signifies, it is the total number of points Jordan scored during his NBA career. Jordan was so impressed by Sirvet's design, that he procured another one of the artist's works for his Charlotte condo. No matter how you cut it, having a rendition of your life's work masked as a piece of artistic furniture is truly special.

3 Gambling

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When you are a gambler, you spend what you have. A lot of time the amount of money you dump onto a craps or blackjack table mirrors what you have in your wallet to spend. Some of us cringe when we drop a couple hundred. Big gamblers can risk thousands when they throw down. When you have that kind of money to spend, who knows what you will gamble on. But the fact that everything becomes a challenge, anything can be worth gambling on, shows both the amount of money you have to spend and also the problem you may have. Take an incident when Jordan was waiting for his luggage to come out at the airport baggage claim. He was standing with his Olympic teammates and took out a $100 bill and challenged them whose luggage would come out first. In another incident, during NBA all-star weekend Jordan reportedly dropped $5 million playing craps in Las Vegas. He supposedly would not let anyone roll the dice but him. On the golf course, Jordan reportedly dropped $1 million in side bets. The NBA star is a hardcore gambler as well.

2 Gulfstream IV

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When you are super-rich, you can pretty much buy anything. And when you are rich, you hate waiting in lines. So when it comes down to traveling, time is money. Many wealthy people fork over millions to purchase their own jets. This is the case with Michael Jordan, who has quite a bit of traveling to do. He is a man with a family, many business ventures, and must travel all across the United States, so air travel is important to him. First, Jordan's private jet is painted in Carolina blue. The baby blue underbelly also features the embodiment of Jordan's brand, his silhouetted body flying through the sky with a basketball in his hand. The plane's ID number includes 23 (Jordan's iconic basketball number) and six (the number of titles he has won) and the letters MJ. Yeah, when you are that rich and important, you can customize your plane number.

1 NBA Ownership

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When you are a multi-millionaire who makes over $100 million a year, you can pretty much buy anything you want. When Michael Jordan retired, he didn't want to completely walk away from the NBA. He was interested in having a stake in an NBA team. That is when an opportunity arrived with the Charlotte Bobcats. This allowed Jordan to return back to the state where it all started for him, North Carolina. Jordan bought into the team for $125 million and is prominent at games and even practices. When a few players a couple of years back challenged Jordan to one-on-one games, Jordan threw his patented Air Jordan's back on and reportedly wiped the court with them. Jordan still works out with his team in order to mentor some of the younger players. Since Jordan took over, the team has gone from a last place laughing stock to a playoff contender in the East. And all the while, Jordan has his hands in it all.

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