15 Pictures That Prove Trish Stratus Is Hot AF

Cast your mind back to over a decade ago, when Trish Stratus last appeared in the ring. She left after a hugely successful six-year spell in the industry, and fans were distraught to see her go. She had endured a lot over those years too – she was around at a time where women were basically in the industry to be sexualized – she was able to withstand everything that came her way, did everything that was expected of her, and was thus able to leave with her head held high. But she didn’t just survive, she flourished, and flourished to such an extent that she’s arguably the greatest diva of all time – certainly one of the most loved and the hottest. But she left so that she could get married and start a family, and after all she’d done to women’s wrestling, her wish was granted.

But after retiring from in-ring action, Trish hasn’t disappeared from the limelight. She’s still very much a part of the industry, and has also explored other ventures. Her yoga career’s taken off, and today she’s primarily known for promoting yoga. But those of us who’ve followed Status’ career from her wrestling days, and even before WWE, will see her in a totally different light. Some of the photoshoots she did during the initial stages of her career were just ridiculously off-the-scale hot. Take a look at these pics, and any of her pics for that matter, and you’ll realize why she’s deemed to be the hottest diva of all time. These are 15 pics that prove Trish Stratus was – and still is in a lot of people’s eyes – hot AF.

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15 Sensual Seduction

This is a favorite pic for many people of Trish. There’s no real nudity involved – not that we can see anyway – and we can’t see much of her awesome body, except for that tushie in the air, one of her best ASSets. It’s just that look that drives people crazy. Firstly, it’s a pic of Trish laying on a bed – that’s hot enough. But that look makes the pic. Trish is looking up at the camera – you can kind of imagine she’s looking up at you, which is enough to get the pulse racing – in a super-cute but at the same time sexy and seductive manner, and I don’t really need to explain why that’s hot. You get lost in her eyes and are drawn to that beautiful, cute, and seductive smile. She looks kind of foxy in this pic too; a vixen who’s in the mood for some mischief – again, let your imagination run wild, no one’s going to judge!

14 Wedding Dress


This was probably around the time most people had serious crushes on Trish. She’d acquired plenty of fans as a babyface, but then turned heel and a gained a load more fans because of it. Kudos to WWE too, because it occurred at the perfect timing, at WrestleMania.

Trish looks sizzling hot in pretty much everything she wears, but her hotness was off the scale when she strode into the ring in this white bridal lingerie attire. It was actually part of a pretty infamous storyline. Kane and Lita were preparing to tie the knot in the middle of the ring, but were rudely interrupted by Trish, in all her splendor, who by the way, was in a really sassy and sarcastic mood. But as great as that particular segment was, and the level of sassiness from Trish, it’ll only be remembered for that outfit – or lack of it – making Trish look angelic and super-sexy at the same time.

13 Damsel In Distress

Trish had to deal with a lot during her time in the industry. She was humiliated, stalked, was part of a lesbian angle, had some memorable feuds, and ended up being held hostage; all in all, it was a pretty eventful time for Trish, the leading lady in wrestling. In all of these situations, Trish shone, looked amazing, and it was she who stole the storyline. She even stole the show when she ended up being kidnapped by Melina, strapped to a chair and gagged. Restrained and unable to speak, people watching that segment still didn’t give a sh*t about Melina – everyone had their eyes on Trish.

The way it worked, it was obviously meant to be a kind of a sexy kidnap angle. Everything about it had huge sexual undertones, and it was all because of Trish. Trish in distress – it was one of her hottest scenes in wrestling – and certainly proves she was hot AF.

12 Flexibility

This pic proves that Trish not only has a great face and a terrific body, but that her physique’s functional too. What I mean by that is, is that she hasn’t lost any mobility from her wrestling days. Most wrestlers have the looks, train hard to get lean and muscular, but that comes at a price. They lose functionality, but Trish has still managed to maintain it over the years. In fact, after retiring from in-ring action, she’s probably fitter than she’s ever been. She certainly hasn’t been slobbing out on the sofa, enjoying her retirement, not having to partake in the gruelling schedule that’s part of life in the wrestling industry.

She’s turned her attention to yoga, and it’s certainly been working for Trish. But she does more than just do a bit of yoga from time to time. She’s heavily involved in yoga, so much so that she opened her very own yoga studio, Stratusphere, in Toronto. Look at this picture and tell me you wouldn’t want Trish as your yoga instructor. She’s super-flexible, looks great in her yoga attire, and seems to have found a new lease on life after wrestling. Mind, body, and soul are all healthy, and she’s definitely still hot AF.

11 MuscleMag

Over the years, Trish Stratus has posed in a number of really sultry shoots. When she became a WWE star, seeing her on magazine covers was a regular occurrence, but she was getting gigs in prominent magazines even before she found the glitz and the glamor of WWE; unsurprising given the way she looked.

This pic of her in MuscleMag was taken in 1998, amazing to think that was almost two decades ago! Despite not being a WWE star, she was still a stunning model and her face and body were getting picked up. She looked like a fitness babe, like she competed on stage or something, and was just a perfect fit for the popular bodybuilding and fitness magazine. It was her first shoot for the popular magazine, and unsurprisingly she ended up on the cover, because everyone at the magazine knew that it was a special shoot. She commanded the camera, as many others would find out throughout her career.

10 Before WWE

When she appeared on the cover of that 1998 edition of MuscleMag, she must have made it fly off the shelves. It was a hugely popular issue, so much so that they just had to get her back to do a shoot for another issue. Look at this magazine and you’ll know, if you didn’t already, why Trish was a cover girl. Trish appeared on the cover of MuscleMag for a second time, exactly a year before she caught Vince McMahon’s attention and signed with WWE. This cover, actually probably did mean she gained Vince’s attention. He’s a guy who’s heavily into the muscle game, into pumping iron, and you can bet your bottom dollar he bought those mags, especially when he saw Trish on the cover.

Shortly after this shoot, Trish began having interviews, and it was in these interviews that she revealed that she actually watched wrestling and was a fan. Beautiful and with wrestling knowledge too; Vince’s mind was made up – he just had to sign her.

9 Let’s Get A Sweat On

If only, if only us mere mortals could look this fantastic when pumping iron or going through a strenuous workout at the gym. Obviously, she wasn’t really working out, it was staged for the cameras, but you get my gist, we can all still dream. By this point everyone knew about Trish Stratus and how fit she was. With a body to die for, and a résumé that boasted being the cover girl of MuscleMag and numerous other magazines, Trish the fitness icon was a pretty big deal, even before she achieved superstardom with WWE. Here she is showing us how she did it, spending those long, sweaty days working out in the gym, and looking fabulous in the process.

Incidentally, that look, that pose, and that attire – what little there is of it – is very similar to that of Teyana Taylor’s, who was seen busting moves in the gym for Kanye West’s music video, "Fade." Not that Trish copied anything though, as the video was released in 2016; if anything Kanye’s team saw this pic of Trish and drew inspiration from her, and who could blame them?

8 Yoga

And here’s another pic of Trish doing yoga. It’s her new passion, her hobby, her way of making a living now that the curtain’s closed on her time in the wrestling business, and with these pics in magazines, on the Internet, and possibly on the doors of her yoga studio, she’s probably doing pretty well.

There’s well over a decade between those MuscleMag pics in the previous entries and this one, and you can see she still looks utterly fabulous. There’s a little less muscle, her set of twins seem to have gotten a little smaller, and there’s a lot less sweating, it’s a lot less revealing, but it still shows off her fabulous figure, and shows how amazing she looks post-wrestling. Yoga’s meant she’s toned up, and from the looks of this pic, she’s not just into the fitness side of yoga, but the whole calm and relaxed lifestyle it promotes too.

7 Domestic Goddess

Before Vince got Trish on board, she – as you’ve probably guessed by now due to all the fitness pics of her out there – was renowned as a fitness babe. But it wasn’t just MuscleMag that acquired her services; other photographers just had to get Trish involved with their organization. One such company managed to sign her up, but thought, what’s better than one smoking hot fitness babe? Two of course. Trish was teamed up with another iconic fitness model, Stacy Lynn, and together they formed one of the hottest partnerships you’ll ever see, The Dream Girls. They were certainly dreamy alright, but the whole aim of them getting together, was so they could fulfil men’s 12 most wanted fantasies. They didn’t do anything too sexual – if you deem such pics not to be too sexual that is! – but posed in racy attire reenacting certain situations. Why 12 most wanted fantasies? So they could create a calendar – one fantasy for every month of the year – and this is one of The Dream Girls cooking up a storm in the kitchen, showing off their bodies in extremely outlandish outfits. Feast your eyes on this pic and it’s little wonder this scenario was rated as one of the most sought-after fantasies involving these two.

6 Beach Pic

Trish at the beach; no one can get enough of these kinds of pics! Beach pics are always fantastic, and if you’ve got a sultry woman like Trish posing in them, it just makes them go into another Stratusphere in terms of their level of hotness! Beach pics usually consist of a sultry babe sizzling and sunning herself in the white sand, the sea and palm trees in the background. But you don’t really need any of that when Trish is around; just her in the sea is enough.

This pic tells you a whole lot about Trish; the way she carries herself, of course her stunning beauty, that sultry look, toned physique and rippling abs – it all tells you that this blonde bombshell, who was then a fitness model, was a star in the making. Everything’s just perfect about this pic, and it just illustrates why she’s a photographer’s dream.

5 Favorite Outfit

Wow, just wow! I know you could say that about pretty much every pic in this article, but seriously, wow! The Canadian beauty’s showing a hell of a lot in this pic – her puppies are about to burst out of the racy corset. It’s certainly a pic a lot of people are bound to find titillating – pun intended! – and Trish knows it too, because she hasn’t just worn it the once. This tight black number must be a favorite of hers, because she’s appeared in it a number of times for the cameras. The first time, this time, was for a photoshoot from when she was a fitness babe, before WWE came calling. But once with the promotion, she appeared in it again, not that anyone was complaining. She wore it on an episode of Monday Night Raw way back in 2000, during a little backstage segment in which she ended up seducing a table – yes you read correctly, seducing a table. It’s nice to think she probably still has it around somewhere, and throws it on and gets laced up once in a while when she wants to get racy.

4 Sizzling In The Sun

Here’s another beach pic – just can’t get enough of those beach pics! – of Trish looking absolutely stunning while she's sizzling and sunning herself on the beach. Trish looks like a million bucks in this pic – as she always does – but it’s the lighting that really makes this pic. The photographers were waiting for the opportune moment; they must've had a vision of Trish, the sun setting, gently kissing her face and tanned body, and they made it happen. I wonder how long they had Trish in that red bikini, in that pose, as the crew waited for the sun to fall behind the clouds, to disappear beyond the sea? However long they waited, it was certainly well worth it, because they, and Trish, pulled it off superbly. It’s without a doubt one of her best pics, and that setting sun adds a great deal to it; it gives the pic a sense of some kind of serene elegance, makes us see Trish in a different light, quite literally.

3 Bikini Time

Do I really need to say why this pic makes it on this list? Trish has never looked hotter, and she’s quite simply oozing sex appeal in this pic. This picture of Trish alone just demonstrates why she was such a household name, even before getting into the wrestling industry; I mean who wouldn’t see a picture like this and then want to buy the magazine, poster, or whatever it is she’s on or in, or just find out more about her? It’s photoshoots like this that captured people’s attention, including that of Vince McMahon and his cronies at WWE. You can see from this pic that Trish has an amazing body, is heavily into fitness, but obviously the things that everyone’s drawn to when they set eyes on this picture are her assets, her massive and super hot set of twins. They’re on the verge of bursting out of that bikini, but Trish knew what she was doing.

2 Locker Room Beauty

You walk into the locker room at your local gym or health club, and see a babe looking like this, and you’ll probably pass out because your pulse is racing so much. A lot of guys out there – quite possibly women too – have fantasized about Trish looking like this, or walking into the locker rooms after a session to find a blonde bombshell such as Trish in such sultry attire.

Trish likes those kinds of outfits. I’m not an expert on women’s clothing or anything like that, so forgive me if I don’t know the correct term, but it’s kind of a cross between a corset and lingerie. She looks amazing in both, but combine those outfits and it’s just a new level of hotness here for everyone to feast their eyes on. Her fellow competitors in WWE must have had a really hard time concentrating or remembering the scripts if Trish was present walking around backstage and in the locker rooms in such seductive clothing.

1 Super Hot Ring Attire

Umm, ok, this is enough to render anyone a bit speechless. In this pic, Trish’s days as a fitness model were behind her, and by this point she had begun accumulating a whole new fanbase – it doesn’t take a genius to work out why. She took to wrestling really easily, looked amazing doing her thing, and quickly became one of Vince’s and WWE fans’ favorite divas. Vince and Trish knew what type of thing would sell and what would get the fans interested, and Trish in this sort of attire – or lack of – certainly did just that. That outfit was made for Trish and she rocked it, rocked that look like no one else could. This is more or less what she wore to the ring, her customary ring attire, captured in a photoshoot and put on a poster, and one that would no doubt have adorned the walls of every horny wrestling fan that set eyes on Trish.

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