15 Pictures Sports Execs Want You To Forget

Sometimes one has to pity the poor sports executive, even if you don't think you should. You are paid by the owner of a sports team, and you get paid a lot of money. That is not the bad part of the jo

Sometimes one has to pity the poor sports executive, even if you don't think you should. You are paid by the owner of a sports team, and you get paid a lot of money. That is not the bad part of the job of, course, that does not sound so bad at all, right? What an easy job. No, the bad part comes later. The bad part, as you might have guessed, is when you decide to pay an athlete a lot of money, and then the athlete goes out and acts like a a total idiot.

This happens more than you might think. While the majority of athletes are men who take good care of their bodies, work out all the time, and go to bed early, some other athletes do things a little bit differently. And who could blame them, really? All of them are young men, who were handed an enormous amount of money, and more than a little bit of fame. Do you really think they are not going to go out and get wasted out of their minds from time to time? I mean, most guys do, and most guys don't have millions of dollars.

This would be fine up to a certain point of course; who cares really if they are not getting into any trouble? But in the days where everyone in the world carries around a camera of some sort, when these guys act like idiots, they have nowhere to hide. And that makers the general managers and VPs of the sports world very nervous. Here are 15 photos that sports executives wish you never saw.

15 Johnny Manziel


I tell you one guy that no sports executive wants to sign these days, and that is quarterback Johnny Manziel. According to a story in last year, columnist Michael Silver reported "that Manziel showed up at the Browns' facility 'late and noticeably drunk' on the Wednesday prior to Cleveland's Week 17 finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers." The thing is, there are just tons of photos of Manziel getting trashed in public. In fact I could have done an article called "15 Times Johnny Manziel Got Hammered in Public." The sad thing is, though, no one would probably want to read the article. It seems like he may have finally used up his last chance, which is a shame; he just let the lifestyle run him out of football.

14 Alex Rodriguez


These types of things are not always about partying; sometimes sports executives get embarrassed looking at photos they see on websites just because the athlete in question is just doing something completely stupid. Case in point is this photo of Alex Rodriguez. Let's face it, pretty much everyone hated him even before he was outed as a cheater. Then, once that happened it was totally open season on him, where people were lining up to take shots at him. Wait though, did I actually say that everyone hated him? Not so actually, there was one person out there that still loved Alex Rodriguez, and that person was none other than Alex Rodriguez himself. Can you imagine being his general manager when this photo came out of him kissing himself in the mirror? Talk about cringeworthy.

13 Rob Gronkowski


Everyone knows who Rob Gronkowski is. He is one of the best tight ends in the NFL and has a Super Bowl ring on his fingers to show for it. The thing about Rob though, is that he is kind of an idiot. He is sort of cool from time to time, but the simple fact of the matter is, that he is nowhere as cool as he thinks he is. Let's face it, if he had the same looks and personality as he does for real, but was a plumber instead of an NFL tight end you would think he was about the biggest clown in the world.  So because Gronk has a bit of an inflated opinion of himself, pictures like the one that you see above are pretty common, and will probably continue to be so, because we really doubt he is going to change any time soon.

12 Theo Epstein

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Sometimes the guy that gets caught in the photo doesn't make a sports executive mad, but that is because the guy that gets caught in the photo is the sports executive. Theo Epstein is unique in sports, to the extent that he was the general manager of the two longest suffering baseball teams ever, the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs, and led them both to World Series Championships ('04 broke the 85-year Red Sox "Curse" and '16 did the same for the Cubs' 107 seasons of ineptitude).  I don't know about you, but in my world that means that a man earns the right to go out and blow off some steam. Theo apparently thinks the same thing, as one can tell by this photo where he seems barely conscious. I am not positive, but I think this was taken right before he signed Carl Crawford to that huge contract. Just kidding Theo, congrats on the Cubs win.

11 Richie Incognito


Richie Incognito is a sports executive's nightmare. He not only was at one point suspended for his role in bullying one of his teammates, he also was captured on this video stumbling around shirtless in a bar like a drunken rhino on the loose. He also uttered a few racial slurs during the video. Can you imagine being the guy responsible for signing him to a contract and then waking up in the morning and seeing this on the news? Incognito was suspended at one point, but continues to play in the NFL and has even fixed up his reputation just a little bit. But let's be honest, if you do the things that he has done and act as much like a clown as the way he acted in this video, is it even possible to make your reputation worse?

10 J.R. Smith


J.R Smith is known for his partying. When he was with the Knicks his exploits were absolutely legendary- he was a regular at all sorts of clubs in the city, dated Rihanna for a while, and even asked some girl that was in high school at the time if she was "trying to get the pipe." Between all that and the way that he acts on the court, somehow you just know that he is not the favorite of the sports execs that signed him. Just check some of the photos of him partying after the Cavs won the championship last year. After that went down he immediately flew to Vegas and ripped it up. I mean sure, they just won the NBA title, so what is anyone going to say? Not much as it turns out, but it still did not look all that great.

9 Desmond Bryant


Sometimes when you are running a sports team one of your guys gets arrested for something. This is bad and makes you really upset. Then other times an athlete that is playing for your team, gets arrested and the media gets a hold of their mugshot. This is even worse, and is totally embarrassing for all who are involved. Then there are other times when one of your guys gets arrested at nine in the morning for going over to a neighbor's house drunk and causing a scene, and a mugshot gets released of the guy shirtless and obviously so hammered that it is amazing he can walk. This is almost the absolute worst case scenario and is what happened to defensive tackle Desmond Bryant. Hey Desmond, looking good my man!

8 Patrick Kane


What happens when an athlete doesn't just go out for a night and make a fool of himself, but goes out for the entire weekend and does that? Well, we could ask Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane, who got drunk and made a fool of himself for a whole weekend in Madison, Wisconsin a few years back. One witness said: "Kane came in at around 9:30 pm and he could barely stand. He got kicked out about 2 hours later for being blackout drunk and generally being the biggest a..hole in the bar." Kane has really made a great impression on people when he goes out on the town, including the woman that he supposedly choked.  Imagine being the sports executive in charge of this guy? I will pass on that, thanks very much.

7 Dirk Nowitzki


Sometimes the guy that you see in a drunk photo is a guy that you don't expect to see in one at all, and even then the guy is not making a big fool of himself, he is just hanging out with a chubby guy in a flannel shirt next to a video game. That is Dirk Nowitzki for you. He is truly one of the NBA's all-time greatest players, but also has always seemed pretty laid back, so if he is going to get all crunked up off his mind, he is going to do it while drinking domestic beer and playing Donkey Kong. Hey, no one ever said that Dirk was cool. If you are a sports exec on this one, I would just suggest that Dirk turn away when someone pulls out a camera when he is hammered. It isn't like he was Brad Pitt in the first place, and this makes him look even worse.

6 Ryan Howard


This one just seems like a case of Ryan Howard being victimized. I mean, it is not that he is not hammered, he obviously is. You can tell by that "thousand yard stare" thing that he has going on; he has a borderline "Runaway Bride" thing happening here. But even so, you can just tell this chick just rolled up to him, threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss, and poor Ryan was just too drunk to do anything about it. There is good news for Ryan though. This photo was obviously taken when he was one of the most feared hitters in baseball, but those days are gone. Now the 37-year-old is a free agent after his option was not picked up by the Phillies. Looks like Ryan might be able to tie one on without fear of either him (or his general manager) being bummed out this year.

5 Steve Nash


Steve Nash was one of the best players in basketball for many years, and is one of the best point guards that ever played the game. He was also well behaved for the most part and didn't do much of anything to cause his GM any stress. Still, though, there are signs that there are some problems here. Yes, I am talking about the hair. Anyone that has a haircut like that is very likely at some point to go wandering around a dance party, drunk as hell, with their shirt unbuttoned and their collar popped. In fact, if you wear your hair that way, you are pretty much 100% going to do that at one point in your life. If you are famous and it happens it is going to bum your general manager right out. At least this photo was not taken at Burning Man.

4 Jason Giambi


Giambi liked to drink - pretty much everyone knew that. He would even do so during games at times according to an article which said  Jason Giambi and Roger Clemens would “routinely” drink beer in the Yankees dugout, “passing back and forth what Giambi called his ‘protein shake,’ code for a cup of beer.” I can't say that I am too shocked, there are numerous photos out there of Giambi looking totally tanked and not only that but we all know Clemens is kind of a tool. Okay, you guessed it, I am a Red Sox fan. Either way, you know that Giambi, despite his ability to launch the occasional blast out of the park, was someone that caused sports executives more than his share of grief because of his behavior.

3 Russell Westbrook


Okay, let's get one thing straight right off the bat. Russell Westbrook is super cool. Not only that, but he is amazingly good; if we did not know that as basketball fans before, we sure found out after Kevin Durant left! Westbrook is averaging a triple double so far, as well as 30 points a game. One thing about Westbrook is, he likes to do things his way. He tells reporters what he thinks, he dresses how he likes, and occasionally he does things that will get photos like this taken of him. But he never gets into any real trouble, and I can tell you one thing, there is not a single executive in the NBA that would not take Westbrook on their team, no matter what type of photos the media digs up on him. Westbrook is the man.

2 Ryan Lochte


Alright, so technically there is no actual sports executive when it comes to Ryan Lochte, but the thing of it is, he has, or had anyway, all sorts of endorsement deals, and he represented the United States in the Olympics, which technically makes the U.S Olympic Committee his boss.  Well, Lochte basically got drunk constantly, and then even made up a ridiculous story about getting robbed to cover up for it. For crying out loud man, no one, and I mean no one, thinks you are cool! This guy is like the walking definition of a thinking error. Just be a good swimmer and party if you want, but stop acting like you are Johnny Depp. This might be hard to hear, but you are not Johnny Depp; you are Ryan Lochte, and people make fun of you.

1 Julian Edelman


This one was not Julian Edelman's fault. Well, I guess it was a little bit, now that I think of it. His team, the New England Patriots, had just won the Super Bowl and he decided to blow off a little steam by going home with some random chick that ended up snapchatting it to the world. Her name was Sabrina Dudish. After she posted the photo she faced a lot of backlash and she said,  "He passed out and I was bored I guess. I was drunk and I made a mistake and I feel terrible about it." Right? See there you go, all's well that ends well. Unless you are a sports executive that signed all of these people in the first place, then things are not quite so cool. If you're that guy then you know tomorrow is another day, and with it will come more awful photos.

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