15 Pictures Brock Lesnar Doesn’t Want You To See

At the age of 39, and looking at Brock Lesnar’s body of work, he truly is a once in a lifetime type of athlete. The WWE has never seen a Superstar excel in the world of MMA, along with a tremendous stint as an amateur wrestler (and not to mention almost making the Minnesota Vikings' team, getting cut on the very last day). He’s just a special breed of human.

When he left the WWE for MMA, his brand value skyrocketed to new heights. Once he came back to the WWE, Brock was unstoppable decimating opponents like John Cena at SummerSlam for the title, and ending The Undertaker’s epic WrestleMania run. Say what you must about Brock and his attitude, but the guy can follow up his talk, becoming one of the best Champions in our current era, even if he was MIA for most of it.

He’s gone through a lot of good but has even undergone some bad, like going through his WWE days during the early 2000s consuming huge amounts of alcohol and pain killers per day. According to Lesnar, the travel life took over and everything became blurry. The Beast claims he’d consume a bottle of Vodka a day. In this article, we look at those moments Brock wants you to forget, with 15 pictures Brock Lesnar doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy!


15 His Days As One Of The Boys

What has made Lesnar such a huge draw since coming back to the WWE is the fact that he is exactly the same in the ring as he outside of it. Like he says in countless interviews, “I clock in and I clock out”. Lesnar doesn't speak to any of the talent and basically does his job and proceeds to leave the arena. This demeanor has made him a huge draw in the ring becoming one of the most popular characters in the current era.

Although the WWE would like you to think otherwise for character purposes, Lesnar wasn’t always his “I hate people and co-workers” type of person. Entering the pro wrestling business in 2000, Brock formed a variety of relationships. In 2002, he was brought on to the main roster and began his full-time stint with the company. During that time, Lesnar made several buddies which included the two in the picture above in Tajiri and Brian Kendrick, a picture you’ll most certainly never see again.

14 His Old Residence

When it comes to his personal life, Brock remains tight lipped after all these years. Lesnar simply likes his space and values the private aspect of his life far away from the public eye. As Lesnar has stated in interviews “it’s pretty basic: Train, sleep, family, flight. It’s my life”.

He also loves to live in secluded wooden areas, which is exactly where he lived during his time living in Minnesota, as you see in the picture above. Brock would later sell his residence and move to an even greater secluded area in a farm all the way in Saskatchewan, Canada. Brock moved to the area searching for a farmland (and being a huge activist for hunting-like activities which is great in the cold winters of Canada). He got himself into a bit of trouble in 2010 however, as he was charged with a hunting infraction during a trip to Alberta. Brock pleaded guilty and had his hunting licence suspended for six months.

13 A Young Brock Lesnar

Growing up in South Dakota, the 'Beast' Brock Lesnar was looking anything but that early on in his life. He looked more like a German banker (fun fact: Brock is in fact of German descent). Lesnar grew up on a farm and joined the National Guard at the age of 17. Shortly after, he’d work construction for a little while.

As documented in several WWE documentaries, Lesnar was an outstanding amateur wrestler during his younger days wrestling for the University of Minnesota. He wrestled alongside another WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin, and enjoyed some tremendous success becoming a two-time NCAA All-American along with an incredible four year college record of 106 wins and just five loses to his repertoire.

Shortly after, the WWE took notice of his talent and offered him a developmental deal. Struggling with a depression and not knowing what he would do, the offer was a blessing as Lesnar agreed for financial purposes and never looked back.

12 His WrestleMania XX Match

Long before his recent Survivor Series battle against Goldberg, the two fought one another in one of the more forgettable matches in WWE history. With both men set to depart from the company, the bout was lazily put together and the best part of the entire ordeal was the referee of the bout, Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is a WrestleMania moment Lesnar certainly wants you to forget about.

During that time period Brock was in a dark place. He was sick and tired of the constant travelling and turned to alcohol to remedy his anger towards the lifestyle. Lesnar finally had enough and opted out of his deal in 2004 following his match with Goldberg. Just before, at the No Way Out PPV, fans were shocked that Brock dropped the belt to the huge underdog Guerrero, but that was all done because of his eventual WWE exit.

Following his release, his next move after his failed NFL stint shocked many people and was another moment he doesn’t want you to see, as depicted in the next picture.

11 His New Japan Stint

Following his failed NFL run, Lesnar rejoined the pro wrestling business heading overseas with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The move shocked many including the WWE, causing quite the stir and could have potentially ended the relationship between both sides. But as you know with Vince, he’s all about business and no wrestler is ever officially blacklisted unless he says so.

The WWE would bring Lesnar to court for signing a no-compete clause with the company which didn’t allow Brock to work elsewhere for a period of time. Lesnar also wanted out of the no-compete clause and it eventually led to a renegotiation between the two sides on a new deal.

Ultimately, the talks ended and Brock won the case as both sides agreed on Lesnar working elsewhere. The WWE would later announce his departure from the company. His New Japan stint was highlighted by a reign as the IWPG Heavyweight Champion.

10 Flipping Off The UFC Crowd

Amateur wrestler, pro wrestler, football player and UFC star was added to the mix in 2008 when Brock made his Ultimate Fighting debut. In his first match, Brock took on UFC legend Frank Mir. Despite grounding and pounding Mir, Lesnar fell victim to an early submission as the veteran won the match via kneebar in the first round handing Lesnar a defeat in his debut.

The two would later face in a heated rematch at UFC 100, this time Brock won the bout in devastating fashion getting the TKO victory in the second round. Lesnar was booed throughout the match and decided to flip off the fans “WWE style” following his victory. Brock furthered his on-slot by criticizing Bud Light for not paying him and instead promoting Coors Light. Brock later apologized for the comments and held a Bud Light sign as a sign of reconciliation.

9 UFC Loss To Cain Velasquez

Following some health issues, Lesnar took some time off from the UFC and cancelled his Heavyweight Championship bout against Shane Carwin. He’d end up facing the brawler picking up a shocking submission win after getting pummelled for most of the fight. In his next defense however, he wasn’t so lucky.

Brock would lose his first fight in convincing fashion (wasn’t dominated in first loss by Mir) to Cain Velasquez. The fighter picked Lesnar apart and quickly won the fight in the first round via TKO winning the Championship. Although his loss was pretty brutal and something he doesn’t want you to see, his pay wasn’t all that bad as Brock became the highest paid UFC star making $5.3 million in salary and PPV bonuses. Say what you want about Brock, but the guy has been must-see-TV no matter what he partakes in.


8 Final Defeat To Alistair Overeem

Following his loss and hiatus from the UFC, Brock took some time off to recover from various injuries. He returned fresh and ready to go taking on Alistair Overeem in the final event of 2011. Brock was again dominated, losing the bout in the first round as Overeem took the victory in convincing fashion via knockout. Following the bout Brock announced his departure from the company retiring from the UFC (which was not permanent).

The match was however, met with some controversy as Alistair tested positive for elevated testosterone levels.

Brock would leave the UFC and return to the WWE following the first round embarrassing defeat to Overeem. To his credit, he’d return to the octagon, this time, winning in convincing fashion defeating Mark Hunt. The match however, was also controversial as Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene, an estrogen blocker. Following the bout, Lesnar was suspended by the UFC and it remains to be seen if and when he’ll return to the octagon.

7 His Wife With Marc Mero

Before meeting Lesnar, Sable was actually married twice. Her first relationship took place in 1986 when the former WWE Diva married Wayne W. Richardson. The two had a daughter together, but the relationship unfortunately ended when Richardson lost his life in a drunk driving accident.

Sable would later meet Marc Mero in 1993, two years after her husband’s passing. The two got married in 1994 and Sable would end up entering the business alongside Mero.

Sable enjoyed greater success than her husband becoming one of the most recognizable faces of the Attitude Era. Her prior relationship with Mero also helped Sable get by her WWE days as she was very unpopular backstage and often secluded behind the scenes alongside her ex-husband. In 2004, the couple would finally divorce which led to Sable dating Brock Lesnar. They got engaged in early 2006 and would later get married in May of the same year.

6 Brock The Biker Boy?

We’d love to ask Brock about this picture but the chances of surviving after showing him such an embarrassing photo are pretty slim. So instead, we’ll put in on this list and stand as far back as possible from Lesnar.

After digging through the archives the origins of this mysterious biker boy photo remain unknown. What we do know however, is that Lesnar loved to ride motorcycles, something not many fans actually know about the Beast Incarnate. His love for the bike however almost had some terrible consequences. While he left for the WWE and was attempting an NFL career, Brock dangerously crashed his bike colliding with a van in his previous hometown of Minnesota. Lesnar was seriously hurt and required several stitches after glass had cut him all over, including his forehead. Brock not only survived the scare in Terminator-like fashion but it did not setback his NFL tryout plans as he reported to the camp without any setback whatsoever which is truly remarkable considering the nature of his injury.

5 Brock With The Fans


As we discussed earlier in this article, Brock isn’t too fond of people. This picture above displays that to a tee with Lesnar looking extremely uncomfortable in the group photo. The picture was taken overseas so you can only imagine just how irate Brock was of not only flying but having to meet people right after. Now that’s a mix Lesnar is truly not fond of, so you can only imagine what was going through his mind.

In order to accommodate Brock, his schedule is by far the best in the entire WWE. Lesnar has an “x” amount of days per year and really doesn’t travel all that often. Along with that, his public appearances overseas and in North America are very limited and nowhere near the likes of John Cena or Roman Reigns. Like we discussed, Brock does his job to the best of his ability and leaves right after taking the plane and heading back home. His conversation with humans is quite limited during that amount of time.

4 His WrestleMania XIX Botch

WrestleMania wasn’t too kind to Brock early on in his career, and WrestleMania XIX was another example of that. At the time, Lesnar was one of the top faces in the industry working a full-time schedule for the company. Behind the scenes, Brock was falling apart consuming his life with pain killers and alcohol. He calls those days in the early 2000s a complete blur.

This incident in particular only made things worse. Trying to provide the fans with a WrestleMania moment, Lesnar attempted a move he had only done in developmental, a Shooting Star Press. As he tried to flip, he landed on his neck and head. The move was completely botched because of how far Kurt Angle was. The two improvised the finish as Lesnar won with his F-5. When Brock got his hand raised, you clearly saw he was out of it and rattled. He was later diagnosed with a concussion following the match.

3 His Wife With Vince McMahon

Pretty odd that Brock is married to a woman that made out with his boss on-screen several times. To make matters worse, McMahon apparently had a crush on Sable back in the day and would discuss her beauty with other employees behind the scenes. That eventually led to Sable being heavily pushed and becoming one of the biggest stars of the 90s.

Things would take a bizarre twist later on. Sable would sue Vince and the WWE for $110 million claiming sexual harassment. To make matters even more confusing, she’d return to the company in April of 2003 and work a storyline alongside Vince. Talk about a bizarre turn of events, huh? Sable would work as McMahon’s mistress on-screen making-out with the boss on numerous occasions. Sable would eventually leave on good terms this time around opting to spend more time with Lesnar and the kids at home. No matter how you look at it, Lesnar certainly wants to bury this picture.

2 His Family Exposed

Heading North, all the way to Saskatchewan, Canada, Lesnar made it clear he wants to live a quiet personal life away from the public eye. With that said, he enjoys the privacy for not only himself, but family members as well.

Rarely do you ever see pictures of Brock’s kids and Sable nowadays. This picture however is quite rare alongside Sable which was snapped following his UFC bout. His children however obviously weren’t in sight and remain far from the public eye. The couple has two sons, Turk, born in June of 2009 and Duke, born a year later in July of 2010.

Along with his two children, Lesnar has another pair of twins from his prior relationship to fiancée Nicole McClain. His son is named Brock Jr., while his daughter Mya Lynn, was born in April of 2002. Don’t expect Brock to go public with any of his children any time soon.

1 His Personal Saskatchewan Life!

This rare picture was not of a Big Foot sighting but instead, Lesnar finally spotted in the public eye in Saskatchewan, Canada. Dressed in his hoodie, Brock certainly looks at home with the folks around him.

Brock has admitted that he likes to live an old school life back home which is why he left the Maple Plain, Minnesota area moving to Maryfield, Saskatchewan. Lesnar enjoys the simpler things in life like living in the woods and enjoying family time as opposed to using technology like internet, cell phones and television, as he stated in an interview. Brock loved to farm since a young age as his father raised him on a farm when he was young. The passion never escaped Lesnar as he’s living back on the same landscape today in the cold tundra of Saskatchewan. He also loves to hunt on his spare time both in the hot and cold conditions. Numerous pictures have surfaced of Lesnar hunting in the cold climate and catching lots of prey.



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