15 Pics The McMahon-Helmsley Family Don’t Want You To See

As the WWE changes, so do Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. When the WWE was catering towards edgy content, so was the couple. However, today with a PG rating in place, that’s all changed with the two h

As the WWE changes, so do Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. When the WWE was catering towards edgy content, so was the couple. However, today with a PG rating in place, that’s all changed with the two holding professionalism to the highest regard and more so than ever before. Along with working on-screen, the power couple is a huge part of the WWE behind the scenes with Stephanie thriving under her role as Chief Branding Officer, while Hunter continues to excel down in NXT. It seems pretty likely that when Vince’s time comes to an end, the power couple will permanently take over.

That’s the good, but man is there so much bad coming from both the careers of Stephanie and Triple H. This article will document several examples of that with pictures that the two surely don’t want you to see. Pictures include in-ring moments, out of the ring moments and some botches that will live in our hearts and minds forever. Some of these images, you just can’t erase and without a doubt, Stephanie and Hunter aren’t too pleased about that.

So without further ado, we dive right in as it’s time to play the game! Enjoy this list of 15 pictures the McMahon-Helmsley family don’t want you to see. Let us know your favorite pictures from the list!

15 Stephanie In A Bikini

With Stephanie gaining more and more power in the WWE ranks nowadays, the Women’s Division has shifted immensely since the 90s. The women of the WWE were once all about the R-rated entertainment, however, today, those day are done with the WWE promoting their women as equals to men inside of the ring. Stephanie is the true ambassador of this movement holding the WWE’s women in high regard, along with dressing professionally to fit the bill of what she supports.

It’s hard to find anything of Stephanie dressed in some non-PG clothing but we did our research and dug deep into the archives, finding a photoshoot of Stephanie alongside her trainer Joe DeFranco, and of course her husband Triple H. In the shoot, Stephanie is sporting some revealing clothing dressed in a bikini top along with some short shorts. Steph has various pictures from the shoot and it’s one of the rare times that we got to see Stephanie without a shirt and wearing some mighty fine beach wear.

14 The Candid Booty Shot

Love them or hate them, both Stephanie and Hunter have excelled transitioning into their new roles today. What’s made the transition so remarkable is the fact that despite their busy lives away from the camera, the two continue to be a part of the program year in and year out. Stephanie continues to be in power as the company’s on air Commissioner for the flagship program Raw, while Triple H is now once again set to lace up the boots ready to compete at yet another WrestleMania. How they find the time to still pursuit on-air roles is truly beyond us.

This picture took place during the couple’s run in power. Although the purpose of this act of love was meant to generate heel heat, it instead made the rounds online for Stephanie’s brilliant candid booty shot. Again, revealing pictures of Stephanie are quite rare, so when one of the revealing nature comes out, fans are sure to pounce on it quickly. The picture above shows Stephanie in some fantastic attire which appears to be skin tight on her backside; most fans did not object to her choice of wardrobe on that night.

13 Steph’s Previous Love Interests

Both Stephanie and Triple H want to forget that some of these moments ever took place. It happened more times than you might remember, which saw Steph engaged in some close incidents with former and even current WWE stars. The most memorable of course took place alongside WWE legend and future Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. The storyline saw Kurt become the third man in on the relationship causing tension between Hunter and Angle. The storyline led to various incidents including a kiss between both Stephanie and Kurt. Seeing Angle leave the company for a decade must have been easier for both Hunter and Stephanie when recalling such a situation.

The love interests didn’t end there however. Stephanie even held a prior on-screen romance with Test when she entered the business as an on-screen character. She even underwent a steamy angle with one of her past foes, current WWE Superstar Chris Jericho, as the two locked lips during an in-ring segment. Without a doubt, Steph and Hunter want all those moments to be erased from not only their minds but the WWE’s archives.

12 Hunter’s Past Relationship

Unlike Stephanie, rarely did Triple H take part in any love incidents during his time as a WWE Superstar, unless you count Sable working as his valet for a brief amount of time as one. Other than that, Triple H was a DX member and regarded as a ruthless heel throughout the prime of his career, so love interests were generally few and far between.

Off camera however, things were a little different. Chyna was brought into the WWE in 1997 and would later start dating Triple H for a couple of years. The WWE would eventually make both Superstars branch off on their own as Chyna enjoyed a solo career pursuing the IC Title, while Triple H was involved in various upper-card storylines. During that point, their relationship would diminish and eventually, cause their real-life breakup. The entire situation had disastrous consequences for the parties involved and ended up tarnishing Chyna’s WWE career. Without a doubt, Hunter and Stephanie want you to forget that real-life relationship ever took place.

11 Steph’s Not So PG Moment 

Although the new era Stephanie McMahon caters to the WWE’s PG climate of today, this most certainly was not the case back in the early 2000s. With the WWE still aggressively pushing edgy content, Stephanie followed suit providing the WWE fans with some memorable moments she certainly wants us to forget about. We discussed some of her steamy on air moments with the likes of Chris Jericho but that certainly wasn’t all. In addition, Stephanie wore some skin tight outfits which made it hard for us to seriously hate her. Along with her heel run, Stephanie would continue with the edgy content in the mid-2000s with her run as the SmackDown GM. Stephanie wore short skirts along with revealing shirt choices which showed off her fantastic “puppies”, as Jerry Lawler would say.

Wrestling fans remember those times fondly, but surely, Stephanie and Hunter don’t, looking at their current roles in the company as big time internal and external players.

10 Pictures Of Their Children

Along with helping to run the WWE empire, Stephanie and Triple H are proud parents outside of the ring. According to Hunter’s mom, Triple H has a big soft spot when it comes to his children, spoiling them whenever he gets the chance. Stephanie is also a great mother and maintains an active relationship with her daughters when she’s outside of her WWE uniform. Stephanie has posted various photos of her and her daughters online partaking in various activities. A constant of the pictures however, is Stephanie hiding their identities.

It might be a safety related issue but Stephanie constantly blocks the faces of her three children; Aurora Rose, Murphy Claire and Vaughn Evelyn. Various pictures have been shown of all the children with their backs to that camera, suggesting that both mom and dad do not wish to expose their identities to the public, likely for safety concerns. Anything exposing the identities of their children is something the couple doesn’t want you to see yet.

9 Fan Flashing

When Shawn Michaels left the WWE in 1998, many fans thought the DX faction would become extinct from the company without its flamboyant leader. Instead, Triple H took over the faction and never looked back bringing the new DX to even greater heights with new members the New Age Outlaws and the returning X-Pac who made his return the night after HBK’s departure.

The faction was beloved by the WWE crowds and it was mostly because of their R-rated antics which took place on a weekly basis. Now a father of three girls, some of the moments Triple H wishes never went down and most probably doesn’t want us to see today. One of them took place during the peak of the Attitude Era when Triple H asked a fan to lift up her shirt and show the goods. Not only did she oblige, but she gave the fans full access. Looking back, Hunter probably isn’t too proud and we can bet Stephanie isn’t either.

8 Feuding Against Each Other

Rarely did Triple H ever square off against his wife throughout his WWE career, but it did however manage to happen once during the year 2002. Rarely a babyface during his career, Hunter returned to an outstanding ovation during his January 7th, 2002 MSG return. The crowd roared at his comeback and it’s still regarded as one of the greatest pops in WWE history.

With Hunter being so over with the crowd, the WWE decided to keep his wife Stephanie, away from him and instead, make her a rival in his title pursuit. Stephanie joined forces with Chris Jericho as the two became a formidable heel duo. The feud would peak at WrestleMania X8, featuring a main event bout with Triple H taking on Chris Jericho with Stephanie by his side. It was an awkward scene which even featured Stephanie almost eating a Pedigree at one point. Following the feud, the two would never be pinned against one another again ending the awkward storyline.

7 Being Bullies

Along with the new PG climate, the WWE has several program outside of the business such as anti-bullying campaigns led by Stephanie, the WWE’s Chief Branding Officer. Although it looks like a great move to those who are not familiar with the WWE product, those that know the business aren’t quite buying into the campaign considering Stephanie’s various bully roles in the past. Even to this day, Stephanie continues to strong arm and bully both men and women on the main roster.

The picture above is one of the more blatant examples featuring Stephanie’s feud against Brie Bella back in the summer of 2014. During the feud, Steph bullied Bella throughout and it didn’t get much worse than the contract signing which took place before their SummerSlam bout on Raw. Stephanie along with Triple H, humiliated both Bella twins leaving the fans with yet another example of the power couple contradicting their message of anti-bullying campaigns. Without a doubt, Stephanie and Triple H aren’t too pleased with some of their past on-air antics.

6 Hunter Botching A Pedigree

The word Triple H and botching certainly do not go hand in hand. Say what you want about The Game, but the fact remains that he was one of the smoothest wrestlers in the history of the WWE, and one that was rarely caught in an in-ring botch.

However, even some of the greatest ever underwent some mess ups and this one took place at the beginning of his WWE career back in June of 1996. During a match against Marty Garner on Superstars, the two failed in communication as Marty expected an Underhook Suplex, while Hunter performed his finish the Pedigree. The result is truly hard to watch as Garner jumps and it results in him landing on his neck. Garner would go on to sue the WWE and the dispute was later settled outside of the court room. It was a rare blunder in Hunter’s career that he truly wants you to forget ever happened.

5 Hunter’s WCW Career

Triple H failing at something was an aspect we rarely saw in his pro wrestling career, particularly during his WWE run. Triple H became a pivotal player for the company dominating the landscape of pro wrestling during the early 2000s.

However, this wasn’t always the case for Hunter who struggled early on. Signing with WCW in 1994, Triple H was polished in the ring but withstood some awful gimmicks which hurt his overall credibility. He started off as a Terra Ryzing and later turned into some French dude despite the fact that he couldn’t speak a word of the language. His time with the company was going nowhere fast and he decided to take the wise choice of asking for a release and joining the WWE under a fresh new start. With an emphasis on matches and in-ring ability, Hunter grew up the ranks becoming a big time player. Today, he’s a 14-time WWE Champion and arguably one of the greatest heels of all-time. He wants us to remember those times, but not the times before, with WCW.

4 Ruining Chyna’s Career

We discussed Triple H and Chyna’s relationship earlier in the article but what we didn’t mention was how it ruined Chyna’s professional career. At the time of the incident, Chyna was suspicious of some activity going on between Stephanie and Triple H. After doing some snooping around, the former WWE star found a letter from Stephanie dated a year back to Hunter. It was at that point when things exploded.

Chyna approached Vince, with McMahon already aware of the entire ordeal. The next week, Chyna was approached by Stephanie who told her how it was, although that didn’t go smoothly and Chyna apparently threatened to choke out Stephanie if she didn’t call her dad. Vince settled things down and sent Chyna home telling her they’d negotiate a new deal. Soon after, she was faxed with release papers by the company.

The incident and firing destroyed her professional career. Chyna hit rock bottom after her departure and never recovered. She sadly passed away in 2016 and we wish things would have gotten resolved before her tragic passing.

3 Katie Vick Storyline

In 2002, Hunter was dominating the World Title scene and taking down opponents with ease. He would then enter a bizarre and forgettable storyline which is still discussed today, the Katie Vick storyline.

A match against Kane for the title was more than enough to book the two in a No Mercy matchup, but the WWE decided to take things a step further adding a brutal twist. The name Katie Vick was mentioned as being an ex-girlfriend that Kane apparently murdered and sexually assaulted. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Hunter would show an alleged tape of the ordeal which was basically Hunter himself in a Kane mask molesting a mannequin. The angle was horribly received and one of the very worst in WWE history. Hunter would go on to beat Kane at the No Mercy PPV, unifying the two titles and ending the terrible storyline once and for all.

2 The Weight Gain

It was Triple H’s initial passion for the world of bodybuilding that drove him to become a professional wrestler. Hunter himself admitted that had it not been for his love of fitness, he most probably would have never became a professional wrestler.

His outstanding physique would blossom in the world of pro wrestling. During the late 90s and into the 2000s, Triple H was in the best shape of his life, especially during his 2002 return from injury looking better than ever and putting hours upon hours of work inside the gym.

However, surprisingly, Triple H would undergo a rare point in his career where it looked like he let go a bit. During the year 2010, Hunter was appearing sporadically and it seemed like his days in the gym followed suit. Of course, that was only temporary and he’d once again display some tremendous muscle tones at various WrestleManias, including his latest appearance against Roman Reigns. Today, at the age of 47, Hunter is in amazing shape changing from his conventional bodybuilding approach to a new conditioning and strength program which has kept him looking insanely young.

1 The Nip Slip

As wrestling fans, we can’t deny how much we love the art of the botch when it happens on WWE TV. With the company going live three to four times a week, botches are rather likely to go down at any point.

This botch was ironic because it happened between husband and wife. The botch type was a wardrobe malfunction, something we’ve seen several times in the past and even recently with the beloved A.J. Styles tearing his pant attire. This one took place on the commentary booth as Hunter locked Stephanie in for the Pedigree. As she was locked in, her tight dress completely gave out, exposing her breast for a couple of seconds. Thankfully, she was able to jar her hand free and pop it back in but it was too late as the WWE fans got just enough to be satisfied. We’ll never see a similar botch again unfortunately, but both Stephanie and Hunter won’t be too pleased that we got to see it at one point in time.

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15 Pics The McMahon-Helmsley Family Don’t Want You To See