15Noelle Foley

Every wrestling fan of the 1990's knows the Foley name. In fact, most of the younger fan base knows it, too, especially after Mick Foley’s stint as the Raw General Manager a couple of years ago. Mick will go down as perhaps the most notorious hardcore wrestler of all time.

Of course, if you were a fan of his during his active wrestling years you more likely knew him as Cactus Jack or Mankind, but Foley will forever be beloved by wrestling audiences for all the risks he took just to entertain a crowd.

His three brief stints as WWE Champion, however, are largely forgettable, and that is why his daughter, Noelle, has a shot at outshining him. Noelle is a gorgeous model and social media star, and she has recently shown interest in becoming a WWE Superstar. This premise was the basis for the Foley family reality show on WWE Network, Holy Foley, which followed Noelle through a failed attempt to get into NXT. It is unknown for now if Noelle has decided to continue her wrestling training, but even if she doesn’t turn out to be the next Charlotte Flair in the ring, she certainly has the looks, the personality, and the following to be a real asset to WWE.

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