15 Pics Of Young Divas Who Will Outshine Their WWE Parents Soon

With the huge strides that women’s wrestling has made in the mainstream entertainment world over the past few years, it’s no wonder that we have so many young female athletes making headlines in World Wrestling Entertainment. The Divas division of yesterday is dead and has been buried in a forgotten grave; though it once was impossible to imagine a day when the women of WWE were expected to be trained professionals in the ring, it is now difficult to remember a time when they weren’t. So many of these women – such as Ember Moon, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley– have worked their way up through the independent scene with nothing to go on but a dream.

However, others have had the benefit of a family history in the professional wrestling business to give them a bit of a boost to their success. That isn’t to say they haven’t worked just as hard as their peers, but it certainly gives them a head start as far as their resources and mass appeal to the wrestling audience. The generations of wrestling personalities many of us grew up with now have children of their own who have grown into beautiful and successful adult daughters, and while some of them haven’t made it to WWE (yet), in the era of technology and social media, they all have the potential to go places their famous parents never dreamt of. Here are 15 of the most attractive wrestling daughters who have every intention of outshining their mothers and fathers.

15 Noelle Foley

Every wrestling fan of the 1990's knows the Foley name. In fact, most of the younger fan base knows it, too, especially after Mick Foley’s stint as the Raw General Manager a couple of years ago. Mick will go down as perhaps the most notorious hardcore wrestler of all time. Of course, if you were a fan of his during his active wrestling years you more likely knew him as Cactus Jack or Mankind, but Foley will forever be beloved by wrestling audiences for all the risks he took just to entertain a crowd.

His three brief stints as WWE Champion, however, are largely forgettable, and that is why his daughter, Noelle, has a shot at outshining him. Noelle is a gorgeous model and social media star, and she has recently shown interest in becoming a WWE Superstar. This premise was the basis for the Foley family reality show on WWE Network, Holy Foley, which followed Noelle through a failed attempt to get into NXT. It is unknown for now if Noelle has decided to continue her wrestling training, but even if she doesn’t turn out to be the next Charlotte Flair in the ring, she certainly has the looks, the personality, and the following to be a real asset to WWE.

14 Shaul Guerrero


The late, great WWE Hall of Famer, Eddie Guerrero, will go down as one of the most well respected professional wrestlers in the history of the business. There’s no doubt about the amazing legacy he has left behind as a former WWE Champion and one of the most beloved wrestling characters of all time, and no one will likely be able to surpass that. However, his wife, Vickie Guerrero, would go on to a pretty memorable WWE career in her own right. Not as an active performer (at least not full-time), but as one of the most hated villains in WWE history– which is to say she became the antithesis of her late husband.

The daughter of Eddie and Vickie, Shaul Guerrero, is a professional wrestler herself and while no one is likely to outshine Eddie Guerrero, Shaul might just have a shot at outperforming her mother’s stint with WWE, which should be no easy feat itself. She worked with NXT a few years back as Raquel Diaz but left due to an eating disorder, which she opened up about in an interview with Headlocks2Headlines. Shaul recently returned to wrestling and will hopefully find her way back to WWE to participate in the ongoing women’s revolution.

13 Bianca Carelli


As the daughter of Santino Marella, Bianca Carelli could already have her foot in the door with WWE if she truly wanted. Santino is a respected veteran of the WWE ring, having made his WWE debut by winning the Intercontinental Championship from the dominant Umaga, and then having gone on to become one of the company’s most beloved comedy acts in recent memory. Santino Marella’s legacy will never be measured in championships, though he certainly had a few of those. Instead, his wrestling career will be remembered for all the laughs he provided the audience over the years.

Santino is now officially retired from the wrestling ring and as of now, it is unclear if his daughter, Bianca, has any interest in stepping into the ring herself. However, she is a beautiful and multi-talented young woman who has dipped her toes into music, acting, modeling, and dancing. There is no telling what heights Bianca Carelli could climb to, and although there don’t seem to be any plans just yet for her to make her way to WWE, she most certainly has the skills necessary to succeed with the company in various different roles they might give her a shot at.

12 Brooke Hogan

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The fact that Brooke Hogan needs no introduction to even some of the most casual wrestling fans is likely a testament to both her family legacy and the path she has been forging in her own right. Brooke is no professional wrestler and likely never will be, but she’s been a reality television star for over a decade and has made a go at a career as a pop star and more recently, as an actress, even having a brief role in the wrestling-centric Netflix comedy, GLOW.

According to the Telegraph, Brooke was a fan of the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion back in the 1980's and now, has intentions of starting her own women’s professional wrestling business alongside other famous wrestling daughters. This might all seem small time compared to the industry shaping career of her infamous father, Hulk Hogan, but the WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE Champion hasn’t exactly done wonders with the upkeep of his own legacy. Hogan’s recent troubles due to some old racist comments that have come back to haunt him have tarnished what was once gold, and now, it falls to his daughter Brooke to wave the Hogan flag with as much pride as she can muster.

11 Rachael Ellering

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If you’ve watched NXT in the past couple of years, you’ll know Paul Ellering from his time spent as the manager for Akam and Rezar, known collectively as the Authors of Pain. Young fans may think this pro wrestling thing is a new gig for Paul, but in fact, he’s an established legend in the business and a WWE Hall of Famer to boot. He rubbed shoulders with the likes of the Four Horsemen and is perhaps most fondly remembered for his association with the iconic Road Warriors and as one of the most influential wrestling managers of all time.

His daughter, on the other hand, takes matters more into her own hands. As a full time in-ring competitor, Rachel Ellering is making a big name for herself on the independent circuit. In the last couple of years, she has even been slowly developing a working relationship with WWE, having competed in NXT and having left a mark on the all-female Mae Young Classic tournament which aired on the WWE Network in 2017 to much success. Rachel Ellering certainly has the potential to make it big as a future WWE Superstar and will likely outshine her father’s career as a wrestling manager.

10 Brittany Page

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The legendary Diamond Dallas Page got a late start to the wrestling business. According to WWE.com, the man affectionately known as DDP didn’t pick up pro wrestling until the late 1980's when he was already in his 30's. That wouldn’t stop him from going on to become one of the biggest original stars in World Championship Wrestling at the height of the Monday Night War between WCW and the World Wrestling Federation. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion also competed for WWE for a time in the early 2000s, but he is now long retired and focusing on his yoga business.

His daughter, Brittany Page, is following in his footsteps in more ways than one. She has a fitness career of her own, and although she hasn’t shown interest in stepping into DDP’s old wrestling boots for a career as an in-ring competitor, Brittany has told TMZ about her plans to start a women’s professional wrestling league alongside Brooke Hogan and Ariel Toombs, the daughter of yet another WWE legend, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. With the women’s wrestling landscape currently in such a great place, Brittany Page certainly has a chance to live up to her father’s amazing legacy and perhaps even manage to outpace it.

9 Jessie Belle Smothers

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You may not know the name, Jessie Belle Smothers, right now, but the chances are high that we will all be seeing a lot of her in the coming years. Her professional wrestling career is quite young, but she has already been racking up wins and championships on the independent scene. That could be due to having the privilege of being trained by her father, a long time veteran of the ring you may know by the name of Tracy Smothers.

Though you won’t find Tracy Smothers in the main event of any past WrestleMania events on the WWE Network, you might spot him racking up losses as a “jobber” during his years with the World Wrestling Federation. He had more respectable runs in World Championship Wrestling and Smoky Mountain Wrestling in the early 1990's, but it won’t be a particularly difficult shadow for his daughter, Jessie Belle, to step out of, especially since she is currently working with Ohio Valley Wrestling, which is the training territory for Impact Wrestling. Should her career take off into the mainstream in this era of pro wrestling when women are given just as many opportunities to succeed as men, she will undoubtedly outshine her father.

8 Tamina Snuka

We’ve seen Tamina Snuka raising some serious hell in WWE’s women’s division for many years now. For a decade, she has been a dominating force, one used by the company many times in order to help her opponents impress and wow the crowd. Tamina has a natural ability in the ring unlike many of her peers, especially in the “Divas” era where most of WWE’s women were barely trained athletes at all. Unfortunately, she has still yet to win a women’s title, but while Tamina has never managed to cement her own legacy in the form of a physical championship, she still seems to have outshone her father’s wrestling legacy.

Who is her father? That would be none other than the late WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Snuka was perhaps most widely known for his daring leap from the top of a steel cage, a rare sight in his era. The downside for Jimmy came in the form of legal troubles that would follow him for the rest of his life. According to Fox Sports, in 2015, Snuka was accused of third-degree murder in a thirty-year-old case that was eventually thrown out due to his inability to stand trial. This is now likely what he’ll always be remembered for and his daughter, Tamina, will easily have a more respected legacy.

7 Tessa Blanchard

Tully Blanchard was no man to be looked over. You can see his many legendary battles on the WWE Network from the 1980's when he was one of the original Four Horsemen, an iconic wrestling stable led by none other than the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Blanchard went to war on a number of occasions with “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes over the NWA United States Championship and competed briefly alongside his Four Horsemen running mate Arn Anderson in the World Wrestling Federation. However, these days, the typical young wrestling fan wouldn’t just have a tough time recalling any of this, they might not even know who Tully Blanchard is!

Instead, the name, Blanchard, might ring another bell for them. Though Tully’s daughter, Tessa, is currently competing for Impact Wrestling, she has worked closely with WWE in recent years and many believe that is where she will ultimately end up. That’s not a far-fetched conclusion to jump to considering her exceptional work as an extra in NXT and in the amazing Mae Young Classic tournament in 2017. Tessa Blanchard’s wrestling career is young, but it would seem she’s well on her way to leaving her father’s legendary in-ring legacy in the dust.

6 Natalya

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You don’t need to have been watching WWE over the past decade to know that Natalya is no wrestling rookie. Sure, she has been one of the most consistent parts of the women’s division for many years and is one of the company’s longest-tenured employees, but if you didn’t know any of that you can see from just one of her matches why she is one of the most respected female grapplers of all time. She is a natural when it comes to in-ring competition and that likely comes from a combination of being the only woman to train in the infamous Hart dungeon and the fact that her father is legendary tag team wrestler, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

During his time, Neidhart was often seen running with WWE Hall of Famer, Bret “Hitman” Hart, and certainly still holds a place in many a wrestling fans' hearts, but you would be hard-pressed to find a WWE fan on the younger end of the spectrum who can list for you anything the Anvil ever did. He was great, sure, but Jim Neidhart’s wrestling career was already overshadowed by his gorgeous daughter, Natalya, years ago – and she’s got a Divas and SmackDown Women’s Championship to prove it.

5 Stephanie McMahon

In the past few years, it has been no secret even to the casual fan that World Wrestling Entertainment is shooting for the goal of making Stephanie McMahon the corporate face of the company. She has been involved with countless charities and is one of the busiest women in the world. While Stephanie has been an on screen character with WWE since the Attitude era in the late 1990's, for the last five or so years, she has been a larger than life authority character and she’s made news just about everywhere. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter ahead of WrestleMania 34, the idea behind Stephanie and her husband, Triple H, facing Kurt Angle and the newly signed, Ronda Rousey, was to take advantage of Rousey’s mainstream appeal and make Stephanie into the star her father, Vince once was.

That’s obviously quite the ambitious goal, considering the fact that Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin revolutionized the wrestling business in the ‘90s, but there’s also no doubt that it seems to be working. If Vince is positioning Stephanie to be as strong a personality as possible for when she eventually takes over the company, then he’s doing a remarkable job and Stephanie certainly has all the talents needed to succeed.

4 Charlotte Flair

It takes only a quick look at WWE’s official website to start wrapping your mind around the pedigree of Charlotte Flair. In just the few short years, she has been in the ring she has racked up half the title reins her infamous father, Ric Flair, managed to win across his entire career. She’s a four time Raw Women’s Champion, she was the final Divas Champion and she has held the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship and the NXT Women’s Championship. If you’re keeping track that’s seven championship wins, which is only nine short of matching her father’s record.

And if you’re one of those people who don’t measure success only in championships you can also have a look at her track record of having some of WWE’s most memorable matches in recent years. Charlotte has been at the forefront of so many history making moments in women’s wrestling, including when she competed against Sasha Banks in the first women’s Hell in a Cell match. There’s no doubt that if any woman here is going to outshine her wrestling parent, it’s going to be Charlotte Flair outshining her two time WWE Hall of Fame father, Ric; that’s no easy feat, but it can be said she’s already more than halfway there.

3 Samantha Starr


Samantha Starr has been making a name for herself in recent years on the independent circuit. Samantha, whose real name is Mikala Smith, makes it a point to remind everyone that she is a third generation professional wrestler and that’s certainly something to brag about. In fact, she has one of the most impressive wrestling lineages of any active in ring performer. Her father is wrestling veteran, Sam Houston, who worked for the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling and numerous other organizations throughout the 1980's and ‘90s.

It doesn’t stop there. Samantha’s grandfather was wrestling legend, Grizzly Smith. Her aunt is former WWE Women’s Champion, Rockin’ Robin, and her uncle is none other than WWE Hall of Famer, Jake “The Snake” Roberts. That’s certainly a lot to live up to, but if Samantha sees her wrestling career through, she might just end up in WWE someday soon. WWE is always looking for up and coming talent for NXT and with the current demand for quality women’s wrestling, it is no longer a stretch for any talented woman on the independent scene to hope to get noticed and signed. If that happens, then the sky is the limit for Samantha Starr.

2 Dynamite Doll


Dynamite Kid was one of the most influential tag team wrestlers of the 1980's. He was one half of the legendary British Bulldogs with Davey Boy Smith and the two revolutionized the tag team division in the World Wrestling Federation. It wasn’t until Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz, and the Dudley Boyz wowed the crowds with their ladder matches over a decade later that this type of change in the WWE Tag Team Championship picture would happen again, but the success of the British Bulldogs – especially Dynamite Kid – would be short lived.

Dynamite Kid would soon be forced into retirement, due to an injury and his career would come to a halt before it could ever truly get going. His time as a professional wrestler is fondly remembered, but now it falls to his daughter – appropriately known as Dynamite Doll – to carry on the legacy. Dynamite Doll isn’t exactly a wrestler herself and is more of a manager, but is paving her own path at a time when women in the sport are experiencing great success. If she keeps with her career as a wrestling manager then at this rate, Dynamite Doll might just have a shot at outshining her father.

1 Amy Hennig


If you don’t recognize the name, Curt Hennig, from his success outside of the World Wrestling Federation, perhaps you will remember him for his time as one of the great Intercontinental Champions of the 1990's under the moniker, Mr. Perfect. Few men could hang with Mr. Perfect in terms of in-ring performance, as he was known as one of the most naturally gifted technical wrestlers of his time. He is one of the reasons the Intercontinental Championship has been such a well respected title for such a long time and many of today’s pro wrestlers site him as an inspiration to their careers.

You may be aware that Curt Hennig’s son is currently working for WWE as Curtis Axel and that Curt’s father is another legendary wrestler known as Larry “The Axe” Hennig. However, what you may not be aware of is that his daughter, Amy Hennig, is also a professional wrestler who has been making waves on the independent scene. In the years before now, Amy might not have succeeded as a WWE Diva, but in today’s environment, in which WWE encourages athleticism in their female athletes, Amy Hennig might just stand a chance to follow in her father’s footsteps.

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