15 Pics Of WWE Superstars Driving The Most Expensive Cars

The life of a WWE Superstar can be extremely grueling barely allowing a performer the time to enjoy life outside of work and the squared circle. This is something that hasn’t changed and probably won’

The life of a WWE Superstar can be extremely grueling barely allowing a performer the time to enjoy life outside of work and the squared circle. This is something that hasn’t changed and probably won’t any time soon; the schedule was grueling in the 90s and it remains just as difficult today with several live events per week and an addition of extra PPVs.

With more and more power, comes more and more dollar bills. Some save this money wisely, while others love to indulge on the finer things life has the offer... like cars. In this article, we’ll feature some of the most prestigious wrestlers and their booming rides. Some just love nice cars, while others like John Cena and Batista, collect automobiles as a hobby. Goldberg takes things a step further by customizing some of the most unique cars in his very own home garage. Some of his work will certainly impress you, especially if you have a love for muscle cars, like most of the wrestlers on the list do.

So without further ado, let us begin with one of Goldberg’s most prestigious rides. Enjoy this list of 15 pictures of WWE Superstars driving the most expensive cars! Let us know your favorite car on the list!

15 Goldberg: 1970 Boss 429 Mustang

Outside of his life as a current WWE Superstar, Goldberg has a deep passion for modifying older cars. Residing out of his beautiful home on Bonsall, California, Goldberg owns a fantastic four-car garage which he uses to modify some of his favorite cars that are typically older models.

This car specifically has an outstanding history. In an interview with GQ, Goldberg discussed the historical significance of this 1970 Boss 429 Mustang. Bill purchased the car with only 720 miles on it and the automobile is the only automatic 429 in the world. When it comes to Goldberg’s long list of cars, this one is the most rare of his entire collection. The car drives like a dream but Goldberg takes greater pride in the fact that he has the ability to show off this prestigious car to the American public since it’s in fact such a historical piece.

14 John Cena: Corvette Z06

Like Bill Goldberg, John Cena is a huge fan of the older muscle cars, although he does also enjoy high-end sports car like the Corvette. Cena owns one of the more prestigious Corvettes in his garage which is the Corvette Z06. Known as the InCENArator, the car is all about show as it is truly a dream to look at for the fan of the sports car. With a love for loud cars that have some serious speed, this one truly fits the bill in Cena’s massive collection of prestigious cars.

This is one of the many American made muscle cars we’ll take a look at out of Cena’s garage. The 15-time WWE Champions has an array of vehicles from all types of eras, whether it be the 60s, 70s and even the more recent cars coming out of the 2000s. When John calls it a career, look for him to only add to his already impressive collection.

13 Ric Flair: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe

Before we get started, let us begin with a giant WOOOOOO! Ok, now that we got it out of the way let us begin to discuss Flair’s former ride, the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe. Flair was not an avid car collector like the other two on the list, but he still loved a good old American classic muscle car. He was spotted several times with the vehicle by various fans throughout his stint with the car.

Unfortunately, Flair would end up auctioning off the car for some extra coin. Oddly enough, he sold the vehicle on eBay. The car was up for bid with a “buy it now” at $27,000. The highest bidder got the car at a decent price of just over $22,000 (US). Not only did the winner get a nice Camaro, but they also earned a piece of history getting the car formerly used by the Nature Boy himself Ric Flair. Seriously though, does it get better than knowing your driving Flair's former vehicle?

12 Rey Mysterio: Customized Toyota Tundra Truck


Like some of the others you’ll see on this list, Rey loves his cars and he enjoys modifying them as well. Along with an impressive car collection, Rey also owns a motorcycle which was customized by former WWE Superstar Chuck Palumbo. Palumbo has modified various pro wrestler cars and motorcycles which includes the rides of the mentioned Mysterio and Batista (who we’ll discuss later in this article).

The car you see in the picture was used as Rey’s everyday car. He loves riding with big trucks. He customized both the front and back bumpers to give the truck a meaner look. He also customized the lights and added some fog lights to the truck as well. Rey admits he gets a lot of props on the car for its paint job and customization, although many are surprised to see someone of Rey’s stature come out of such a vehicle. Nonetheless, Rey enjoys his trucks and appreciates a good customization every so often.

11 Seth Rollins: Black Lambo

Posing with his Money in the Bank briefcase, Rollins is standing in front of a beautiful black Lambo. Although the picture seems fitting with such a car, Rollins actually prefers the quiet subtle life away from the public’s eye.

The norm for a pro wrestler nowadays is to reside in the Florida or California area due to its weather and proximity to the WWE Performance Center and other travel destinations. Seth instead opted away from the norm and chose to reside close to his birth place in Iowa. The former WWE Champion currently lives out of Davenport, Iowa, close to his previous home as a child in Buffalo, Iowa. The Superstar enjoys the quiet life and is still surrounded by most of his childhood buddies. He also owns a wrestling school, which he uses to teach the new generation during his extra time away from the ring. Although the Lambo looks cool, it couldn’t be further from the truth pertaining to Seth’s personal life.

10 Hulk Hogan: 1968 Dodge Charger

Before his terrible divorce to wife Linda, Hogan had a terrific lot of cars in his stunning Belleair estate. Like the others on this list, Hogan owned some fantastic muscle cars including the one you see above, the 1968 Dodge Charger. Hulk held the cars in his huge garage and it later influenced his son Nick, to take a liking in the car business as well developing a passion for it.

For Hulk, it all came crashing down (no pun-intended) following his divorce. Hogan was forced to sell his home and chances are, most of his muscle cars were also put on the market for sale. Following his Gawker court case victory, Hogan was finally able to rebuild his personal life, along with residing in the Clearwater, Florida area alongside his new wife Jennifer. It remains to be seen how much longer Hogan will be living away from the public eye, living under the radar. Rumors are currently circulating that his WWE return shouldn’t be too far away.

9 Goldberg: 1965 Shelby Cobra

Continuing with Goldberg’s impressive resume of high octane cars, we turn our focus to the beautiful 1965 Shelby Cobra which is loaded with horsepower. The car has 900 horsepower to be exact and features a NASCAR engine (just to give you an idea at how powerful this vehicle truly is). Goldberg bought the car for the inside, due to its incredible engine which was pulled out of a race car. The automobile is also insanely loud for you American muscle-car enthusiasts. Goldberg took the car for a spin during an interview with GQ magazine showing just how powerful and in mint condition the vehicle still is to this very day.

The car is said to be worth $160,000 and will continue to increase in value as time goes on. If you haven’t done so yet, we strongly urge you to go and take a look at Goldberg’s GQ interview where he shows off his entire set of stunning vehicles inside of his home garage.

8 John Cena: Cutlass Rallye 350

We’re not quite done with John Cena’s extraordinary car collection. This one’s another beauty coming out of his fascination for the muscle car. The picture above features Cena alongside the rare Cutlass Rallye 350. John has kept the car in tremendous shape and it’s one of his most valued cars out of his entire collection. The car comes out of the 70s but can still kick quite heavily despite its older age. The car is very valuable in not only its price, but to Cena as well.

John’s garage is filled up with these types of cars but he also enjoys sport cars (as we discussed earlier). In terms of value, his 1969 Red COPO Chevrolet Camaro is regarded as his most expensive piece in the former WWE Champ’s garage. His long list of cars features close to 20 different vehicles both of the vintage and new school class. Not to mention, John has been featured on several car programs including several cameos with NASCAR.

7 Shane McMahon: Indian Larry's Motorcycles

Not too surprising that the crazy daredevil himself Shane McMahon, has a passion for living on the dangerous side of things. One of those hobbies consists of riding motorcycles, one of his first loves growing up.

While away from the WWE, Shane-O-Mac entered the business partnering up with a shop out of Brooklyn, Indian Larry's Motorcycles. Shane, alongside his partner Bobby Seeger, had their shop featured in the May 2016 Inked magazine issue. In the magazine, McMahon talked about the company and their customization skills, along with his passion for the motorcycle since a young age. Shane is still a part of the company and looks to continue moving forward. McMahon even recently posted on Twitter discussing his newest addition to his already prestigious bike collection. He got the bike in May of 2016, and of course, the purchase came from his shop, Indian Larry’s. For those interested, the shop sells parts, merchandise and their prestigious hand-built motorcycles.

6 Chuck Palumbo: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

In one of the more interesting post-WWE careers, Chuck developed his passion for cars and motorcycles by opening up his own customization shop. Named CP Kustoms, the shop repairs and customizes both cars and motorcycles. He is also known for building motorcycles from scratch as well. Chuck has done some great work in the shop, particularly for some former WWE stars like Batista and the previously mentioned Rey Mysterio.

Along with his shop, Chuck has been featured in a variety of shows such as the Discovery Channel’s Lords of the Car Hoards, which Palumbo co-hosted at one point. Great to see the 45 year old veteran enjoying so much success since his time came to an end with the WWE back in 2008. Success stories outside of the WWE are very rare, but the Rhode Island native can safely say he made it without the help of the company or the pro wrestling industry.

5 Randy Orton: Black Hummer


Like Ric Flair, Orton didn’t own a huge garage, but he did enjoy some time with a black Hummer as his vehicle of choice. With a net worth of almost $16 million, affording the car wasn’t a big problem for Orton, even if the vehicle isn’t the greatest on gas.

Believe or not, it’s already more than a decade since Orton was first involved with the WWE. He made his debut back in 2002 and drove up the ranks rather quickly as a member of the Evolution stable. Ever since his push to the top, Orton has remained a big player in some capacity and his accomplishments prove just that. At the age of 36, the veteran is still an upper-card performer and holds some amazing accomplishments which include a 12-time WWE Championship reign along with becoming the 17th Triple Crown Champion in the history of the company. When Orton hangs them up for good, it’ll be interesting to see which car he’s going to have at his disposal alongside his wife and kids.

4 Batista: All White Everything Collection

Making your first big paycheck can be life changing for many WWE Superstars, and this was especially the case for Batista. Once he made his name known as a member of Evolution, Batista decided to spoil himself, buying his first ever prestigious vehicle, a black BMW 754 LI which is fully customized with new rims and tints to the widows. He would only add to his collection with some white vehicles, the first was a Mercedes Benz SL 500. Batista decided to go a step further by adding white rims, giving the white-on-white look. Batista was inspired by the look, as it was never done before.

Finally, along with two beautiful motorcycles, the Animal also had a white Hummer H2, which is customized from top to bottom. At the time, that was Batista’s main everyday ride. The car also featured a killer sound system located in back of the vehicle.

3 Goldberg: 1967 Mercury Pickup

Out of all Goldberg’s prestigious cars, this pickup truck has to be the most bizarre and unique of his entire collection. The car came from Goldberg’s wife’s family and was untouched out of Saskatchewan for over 30 years. Bill brought the car over to his house and completely restored the vehicle. Rightfully so, Bill claimed the car is the most expensive version of the 1967 Mercury ever created and we certainly don’t doubt that one bit. Bill put in some extensive work to restore the vehicle as he put over $50,000 worth of repairs into the truck. Although he has some big, bad cars with a lot of horsepower, this one gets the award for the most peculiar of his impressive lot.

With a WWE return, we can only assume Bill put his passion on hold for the time being, especially announcing his recent entry in the Rumble. You better believe Goldberg’s going to be living in the gym. When his time comes up with the WWE, look for Goldberg to get back to his passion of modifying and collecting cars.

2 The Rock: Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

Dominating the world of the WWE and now killing it in Hollywood, The Rock has an impressive net worth of over $125 million nowadays. With that said, you’d expect the Great One to indulge in his car choice but that hasn’t been the case. Living a modest and humble life, Rock proudly displays his modified 2016 Ford F-150 Pickup truck.

While waiting for a private plane, Rock posted a photo with his favorite truck. The pickup was customized by California Custom Sport Trucks and includes a lift kit, dual exhaust system, custom hood, black customized matte grille and a booming sound system. Of course, his windows are also tinted but The Rock isn’t afraid to stop for a fan as he’s shown in the past via his Instagram and other forms of social media. He truly is somebody a lot of us inspire to be like one day. Don’t change, Rock!

1 John Cena: Plymouth Superbird

He’s the face of the WWE, and he's quite wealthy with a net worth of $35 million. No matter how you feel about his in-ring abilities, you cannot question the work ethic of this man who truly deserves everything he has today. At the age of 39, it looks like Cena isn't stopping anytime soon and we’re thankful for that.

We close the article off with another rare piece of history that Cena owns, the Plymouth Superbird, Orange Edition. The car is a staple when it comes to muscle cars and can rev up at an insane horsepower level. Without a doubt, this is one of Cena’s most prized possessions given his love for muscle cars. His collection runs very deep with most of his muscle cars coming out of Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet and even Buick. Look for his collection to only improve as the years go on and the paychecks get bigger.


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15 Pics Of WWE Superstars Driving The Most Expensive Cars