15 Pics Of Stephanie That Vince McMahon Doesn't Want You To See

Making her WWE debut back in 1999 thanks to Vince Russo, perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact Stephanie would have on the business. In the early 2000s, she dominated the WWE scene working as a heel alongside her husband Triple H. Today, she not only holds a similar role, but she’s also the WWE’s Chief Branding Officer responsible for enhancing the WWE’s reputation on a grand public platform. I think we can all agree, she’s done a fine job in her position.

Although she’s a dominant woman in power, and dresses like one on a weekly basis, that truly wasn’t always the case. Stephanie underwent some gimmick changes that the WWE would like you to forget about. One of them, was playing the role of SmackDown’s GM in the early 2000s. Her role as a babyface was also accompanied by some seductive outfits that Vince would love for you to forget about, but don’t worry, we’ll refresh your memory.

This article even includes a Stephanie photo that just took place in 2017 believe it or not. Keep your eyes peeled for the number two entry that happened during the first 2017 edition of Monday Night Raw.

Enough of the chat, let us begin. Here are 15 pictures Vince McMahon doesn’t want you to see of his daughter Stephanie. Like always, enjoy and let us know your favorite pic on the list!


15 The Wardrobe Malfunction

Ironically, Stephanie would suffer from this wardrobe malfunction just as she was calmly resting her head between the crotch of her husband Triple H. During that particular night, Stephanie wore a super tight dress which ultimately couldn’t sustain the pressure from her growing chest area which was peaking at that point following an enhancement surgery.

This moment took place during the tail end of a wacky Attitude Era which featured various wardrobe malfunctions. However, since it happened to his daughter, Vince would love for everyone to forget that this ever took place. Give props to Stephanie though, who managed to pop the breast back in despite the fact that she was being held in such an awkward position. In real time, it was hard to notice, but thanks to the uprising of the internet, fans can relive that moment over and over again for years to come.

14 Another Wardrobe Malfunction

Particularly in the early 2000s, it seemed like a wardrobe malfunction was a common occurrence for Stephanie. What made the situation so comical was the fact that one of her breasts always seemed to be the victim slipping out of her tight outfits.

This particular incident wasn’t as bad, but it did take place on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. Looking at the history of the show, Stephanie has made it a point to dress extra sexy for the event and WM X-8 was certainly no exception. McMahon wore a skin tight dress as she served as the valet for long time foe Chris Jericho, on the night. Ironically, she was against her husband at the time and fell victim to another wardrobe malfunction which saw her chest area get briefly exposed. Although father Vince was probably none too pleased, he can sleep easier looking at Stephanie’s wardrobe changes in the next couple of years which weren’t as revealing.

13 Her Days With Test

Although reviews are mixed when thinking about the legacy left behind by Vince Russo, the WWE can thank him for persuading Stephanie to take up an on-screen role. Because of Russo, Stephanie has become one of the greatest villains in WWE history.

In her on-screen debut however, that wasn’t the case as Stephanie played the role of Vince’s innocent little daughter. Following a storyline with The Undertaker, Stephanie was kept on television and began to work an on-screen relationship with the late Test. The storyline lasted a couple of months but finally came to an end when Triple H crashed their wedding showing a video of an intoxicated Stephanie marrying The Game. This caused Stephanie to eventually turn on her father and dominate the landscape of the WWE alongside her real-life husband throughout the 2000s. Looking back at this piece of history, Vince would probably like for you to forget that the prior relationship between his daughter and Test ever happened.

12 His Daughter On Something...

We just discussed it in the previous entry; Triple H drugged Stephanie McMahon forcing her hand in marriage. Yes, this actually happened on WWE television during the end of the 90s. It was quite the circus-like atmosphere at the time.

Catering to such a young audience nowadays, something like this would never happen again. In fact, rarely has the WWE used any type of drug-related incidents in their storylines when observing the past. Looking at all of the WWE’s new found partnerships with other companies, something of the sorts would never fly today and it would cause the WWE to lose a serious amount of money from various sponsors.

Although the nature of it all was pretty light-hearted, it doesn’t take away from the fact that two of the most powerful faces in the WWE took part in such an angle. Don’t expect such content to be shown on the WWE Network anytime soon.

11 Losing Her Top On Raw

Once again, something you’d never expect to see today, Stephanie McMahon did in fact get her top ripped off during an episode of Monday Night Raw. Of course, the ordeal took place during the Attitude Era and featured a segment between the face of the era in Steve Austin and villain herself Stephanie. After a back and forth exchange, Austin proceeded to put a vendors bag on Stephanie. When Austin went to take it off her entire shirt was completely ripped off. The crowd popped big time for the angle as Stephanie immediately ran to the backstage area with only her bra.

Today, looking at Stephanie’s place in power as one of the most powerful people in the entire company, you certainly wouldn’t imagine seeing this again. Chances are, Vince probably regrets it ever happened to begin with, but hey, it was the Attitude Era and pretty much nobody was immune from the antics of Stone Cold Steve Austin!

10 Getting Frisky With Kurt

Along with the previously mentioned Test and her current husband Triple H, Stephanie did have another love interest in Kurt Angle at one point in time. The WWE teased a relationship between the two and it led to a brief make out-feast backstage. Again, it was the Attitude Era, so pretty much anything went.

The two would revisit the storyline while Stephanie was in power as the GM of SmackDown. However this time, it was only a tease. The two got close and were moments away from kissing again but this time, Stephanie stopped it from happening. Somewhere out there, both Vince McMahon and Triple H were breathing a sigh of relief that they didn’t have to endure another kissing session between the two. Looking at Angle’s status with the WWE and the fact that he’s been gone for over a decade, Vince would probably prefer you forgot it ever took place.

9 Her Run As the SmackDown GM

In 2002, the WWE decided to shake things up by initiating the first ever brand split. Eric Bischoff would be in charge of Raw, while Stephanie would run SmackDown. Unlike her previous role as a super heel, the WWE decided to change things up by making McMahon a babyface this time around. The outcome of it all was truly bizarre and something Vince probably wishes you never saw in the first place.

During Steph’s GM run, for the first time ever, McMahon seemed to be very flirtatious with the wrestlers and the viewers. She wore low cut shirts along with the tightest skirts you’d ever see. The fans loved it but it was truly weird to see Stephanie play such a role. The picture above was just an example of Stephanie’s antics during the time as she’d purposely bend down to show off some of her cleavage during backstage promos. Again, this is something you’ll never see again, and Vince can assure you won't.


8 Kissing Eric

This particular incident took place during Steph’s weird provocative run as SmackDown’s General Manager. During that time-frame, Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon were foes as Eric led the ship for Raw, while Stephanie ran SmackDown. The rivalry would take a weird twist during a Halloween episode of SmackDown which saw Stephanie and Bischoff kiss to close the show. To make matters even more bizarre, Eric was wearing her father’s mask before the kiss took place.

Adding even more confusion to the event, nothing ever came of it and it was pretty much swept under a rug following the incident that ended the episode of SmackDown. One can only assume the WWE intended to follow through with the angle, but it abruptly stopped following the kiss. One can imagine that perhaps Stephanie threw in her creative control card and called anything further off, just as she did during that time that her dad wanted to work an incest storyline. Oh Vince...

7 Father Versus Daughter Match

Vince didn’t get the incest story with his daughter, but he did however manage to get an 'I Quit Match' out of her, which took place at the 2003 No Mercy PPV. One can only assume it was, and would be, the first and only father/daughter 'I Quit Match' in WWE history.

With Stephanie set to leave, the WWE planned out her exit with a story against her father. Tension started between the two when Stephanie signed Hogan to SmackDown. Things would worsen once Sable entered the picture as Vince’s mistress. The entire ordeal would peak at No Mercy with the match that ended with Linda McMahon throwing in the towel. The match was hard to digest and something Vince wants you to forget about. After her loss, Stephanie would leave the company for two years starting a family and marrying WWE star Triple H during her hiatus.

6 Chris Jericho Antics

Stephanie has arguably been the greatest heel of the entire 2000s looking back at her fantastic work as a heel. During that time, Stephanie engaged in some classic feuds with the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind and Daniel Bryan. One of her very best however, is arguably Steph’s work alongside WWE legend Chris Jericho.

Before Chris became the loveable face we currently know him for, he struggled early to find an identity. Before he could become an after-thought, Jericho struck gold working programs alongside Stephanie. The content from their feud is certainly something you won’t catch the WWE replaying. However, it elevated Jericho to new heights seeing how great of a promo worker he really was. Who can forget the segment that saw Jericho put up a before and after pic of Stephanie following her breast enhancements. Although the content was edgy, it came at a time where it was accepted by all during the Attitude Era. Regardless, Vince would rather you forgot about this given his daughter’s place of power in the company.

5 Anything With AJ Lee

Rarely did Stephanie have any bad relationships behind the scenes. Although she plays the role of a villain perfectly, she’s actually quite genuine and one of the nicest people you’d ever meet behind the scenes. Looking at her current position as the Chief Branding Officer of the WWE, you’d think she has pretty decent people skills.

In a rare instance however, Stephanie would catch the wrong side of former WWE star AJ Lee. The wife of CM Punk took expectation to a Tweet made by Stephanie and went on a rant claiming the Divas were not given similar treatment in comparison to the men when it came to TV time and pay, despite the fact that women like Lee were great sellers. Stephanie handled the situation calmly and agreed with AJ. Ironically, since AJ’s departure, the women’s division seems hotter than ever and is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

4 More From Her GM Days


Ever wonder why the WWE doesn’t seem to talk much about Steph’s run as the GM of SmackDown? Well, here’s another example as to why. Stephanie was once again caught showing off her assets during an episode of SmackDown. The segment featured the camera slowly climbing up her legs onto her backside. As you can imagine, the segment was well received by the WWE Universe, although you shouldn’t expect anything of the sorts to happen again.

As we discussed, her babyface run would come to an end in 2003 following a loss to her dad at No Mercy. She’d only return in a permanent position in 2008 reclaiming her spot as GM, this time, of Raw. Since that period, Stephanie has stayed in her role as a villainous heel. Along with that, her outfits have been TV-PG ever since, much to the displeasure of many male WWE fans aged 18 and up.

3 Brock Gets Too Close

With the WWE capitalizing on the Women in Power movement, you’d think this is a picture they strongly want out of the public’s eyes. The picture was taken during an episode of SmackDown which saw Brock Lesnar smother McMahon’s daughter into a corner while forcing himself on her. In today’s WWE climate, this would not fly.

Nowadays, men hitting women in any fashion is strongly prohibited by the company since it began under the new PG Era. Rarely do we ever even see men and women competing together in a match, unless it’s a rare instance of an inter-gender tag match which sees the men compete against the men and women compete against the women. With such a mentality, surely the WWE discourages any type of footage pertaining to male and female in-ring interaction. Don’t expect to see Lita get thrown through a table by the Dudleys anytime soon on the network, or this situation either.

2 Google Screen

The amount of interest and buzz around this form of sports and entertainment is truly remarkable. The WWE universe is everywhere with fans around the world. Nowadays, most of the fanbase is online either via WWE forums, or just browsing around to see what’s new on the gossip websites. With such a dedicated fanbase, it’s hard for the company to get away with anything, and that was once again apparent on the first Raw episode of the year.

The casual fan missed it, but never fear as other eyes caught this botch. As Stephanie was making her way to the ring, her video package on the big screen was a Google search page. It was an obvious error by the production team, and the screen quickly cut. Even the cameramen took note and changed the angle of the shot. Although the botch was brief, the WWE universe was very vigilant. For obvious reasons, the WWE wants you to forget about this botch that took place on their usual flawless telecasts.

1 Getting Spanked By John Cena

Only in the world of the WWE will you find the face of the company over the last decade in Cena, along with Stephanie, one of the higher-ups in the entire company, work a previous segment of this nature back in the day.

During Steph’s run as the easy going General Manager of SmackDown, she asked John Cena to spank her in the middle of the ring in front of millions at home and thousands in attendance. Stephanie literally bent herself over waiting for John to spank her bottom.

Thinking of this happening today surely makes you chuckle, especially because of how prestigious the two have become for the company. Plus, Nikki Bella and Triple H wouldn’t be too thrilled if they revisited that awkward moment today. We don’t think it needs to be said, but looking at the fanbase of youth Cena has by his side and Stephanie's role as an empowered woman, surely, it’s best this gets thrown under a ring somewhere.


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