15 Pics Of Australia's Coffey Sisters Being Hotter Than The Kardashians

Hot Coffey, order of four! Coming right up...

Maybe you haven't heard of the Coffey sisters but they're making big waves in Australia and soon they should be making a splash over in the U.S. and other countries, too. They are Australia's version of the Kardashians but of the surfing world, as they like to say. I say they are more like the Kardashians but of Opposite World. Instead of having dark hair, they are blonde. Instead of having names that all start with the same initial, they all have adorable names that seem to be plucked right out of The Beverly Hillbillies or Dukes of Hazard. Instead of being famous for absolutely no reason, they actually have talent that propelled them to fame.

The Coffey sisters from Australia are skilled on surfboards and love to be photographed. The whole family of seven (five siblings plus parents) have a deep love for surfing but it's Ellie-Jean and Holly-Daze who have won surfing championships and are making a name for themselves as up-and-coming pro female surfers. If that's not enough, they're pretty talented on a skateboard, too.

Sit back, mate, and see 15 hot photos we've found of Ellie-Jean (the Kim), Holly-Daze (also sometimes called Holly-Sue, the Kourtney), Ruby-Lee (the Khloé) and Bonnie-Lou (the Kendall and Kylie in one) Coffey being hotter than those tired old Kardashians.

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15 Better Photo Opportunities


The Ks love a snappy photo op whether it be a posh hotel room with a view or a luxury shopping trip for a glamorous backdrop. These surfy Coffey gals would much rather grab a board, catch some waves and if there's a camera around, well then they've got no problem striking a pose in the place where they feel most at home. They quite literally are at home on a surfboard. As young children, they toured Australia's coast with their parents, learning a love for surfing as they went along. Blue water and boards are their home and their comfort zone is the Indian Ocean. Can the K krew top that? I think not. While the Coffey girls do not seem to mind a camera or two pointed their way, they appear much more down to earth than the non-aquatic Kardashians.

14 Sister Act On Surfboards, Skateboards, You Name It...


If you see one Coffey girl on skates, surfing her heart out or shredding the sidewalk, you can bet that there will be three more Coffey sisters soon to follow her and perhaps a brother, too! That's because this is a tight family and the four sisters are especially close. When it comes to their hobbies and athletic interests, the sisters all seem to share the same talent genes and spirit for competing when they can. When Ellie-Jean and Holly-Daze are surfing for a competition, you can bet the whole Coffey fam has claimed a front row patch of beach to cheer them on. But these sea-loving sisters trade the Kardashian brand of drama for family fun, sweet beachy memories and surfing championship titles.

13 Friends & Sisters


"We are sisters by blood but best friends by choice," Khloé Kardashian once said of her famous for nothing sisters. It would appear that the Coffey sisters clearly share that sentiment. They all seem to be best friends x 4 and rock their sister vibe as well, with the two older sisters doing their part to watch out for the younger sisters when appropriate to do so. Whether hanging out in the Coolangatta Australian suburb they call home or surfing it up on some of the prettiest shores the Indian ocean has to offer, the sisters keep their friendship strong.

Each Coffey sibling is a sponsored surfer but it's just Ellie-Jean and Holly-Daze shown here who have gone pro... so far. The younger Coffeys are chomping at the bit to follow along in their big sisters' waves! Sound familiar? Only with this family, everything's done with true talent and skill.

12 Friends In Watery Places


Aside from their sisters, the Coffey girls have lot of friends. They have ample opportunities to meet people their age at surfing competitions and are familiar and friendly with the other regular contestants. The Kardashians have friends in high places, celebrities, fashion designers, producers, etc... but the Coffeys have real friendships with real people and they don't need to worry about having their secrets sold out to trashy tabloids. In Coffeyland, if the water's blue with waves begging for a ride, all is right with the world.

Friends of the Coffey girls don't mind taking a few snaps with their budding famous gal pals. They know that they have a good chance of ending up on a Coffey Instagram account, with about 1 million plus followers between them. Besides, what's a little picture sharing between true pals?

11 True Talent


While some complain (you can probably cross young men off of the list of complaining suspects) that female surfing has gotten too "sexy" and the sexy angle is taking away from the sport, second oldest sis Holly-Daze is all for it. With somewhere around one thousand bikini shots with her sisters filling up her social media account, she's not lacking for fans. In an interview, Holly-Daze admitted that, "We have the upper hand because guys don't want to post selfies." When she said "we" she was either referring to women in surfing as a whole or just specifically her band of Coffey sisters. Either way, she confirms, "Being sexy and being competitive go together. Sponsors want the whole package." Seeing as she's sponsored by Billabong and a whole host of other brands and sis Ellie-Jean is proudly sponsored by Billabong as well and SurfStitch, Von Zipper, OBfive Skate and Simmo Boards, I'd say that maybe this girl knows what she's talking about.

10 They Even Have Their Own Rob - But This Brother Is Hot And Talented Like His Sisters


There's no depressed, moody, sock-designing brother in this family! Jackson who is 18 years old, follows in his big sisters' sandy footsteps, boasting a stellar surfer for himself. He has not just the genes but the chops to prove it being sponsored by Billabong, GoPro cameras, Von Zippers, Shapers and more. His tall, tanned and blonde good looks don't seem to hurt his social media account either. Jackson has several thousand followers on Instagram just like his sisters. This brother isn't just famous for having famous for nothing sisters -- he actually has talent just like his female siblings. He's sure to have his hands full soon protecting his sisters from lovestruck social media suitors and surfing fans x 4! Hang tough, Jackson.

9 The Camera Is In Love


Just like the Kardashians, Holly-Daze (above) and her sisters have gotten the camera to fall in love with them. But unlike the Kardashians, the Coffeys have effortlessly cast a love spell onto the lens while the Kardashians seem to have put some time and effort into the task. Here, Holly-Daze Coffey sits atop a pink surfboard in the crystal waters she loves so much with a self-assured look rather than a smug-looking, arrogant smile or blank stare. The beautiful aquamarine water and backdrop of hotel buildings completes the photo, making it just one of many that her fans can't seem to get enough of. Her black criss-cross bikini top is just the kind of extra bonus that brings her female and fashion-loving followers back for more... they love the low-key Coffey look!

8 Sandy Sister Talk


When one of the Kardashian sisters permits an interview to a "lucky" interviewer, they usually are fully primped and polished looking with a full hair, makeup, and wardrobe crew on standby. And who knows how long the prep time took? We like the fact that the Coffey girls seem perfectly content to give a relaxed, fly by the seat of your bikini bottoms kind of interview. Their hair looks au natural and they don't appear to be wearing a hint of makeup — so refreshing! An extra ounce of 'refreshingness' worth noting is the wall they are sitting on. Not some lush seating area with plenty of cushions and perfect lighting to make sure they look their best. The Coffey girls have enough confidence to face an interview as is!

7 Sisterly Love


"A day at the beach" doesn't necessarily mean a day of relaxation for everyone. Ellie-Jean (left) and Holly-Daze (right) understand that completely. Though they have a ton of fun surfing, it's hard work turning into a pro surfer. They share the same dream and are more than sisters, they are absolute best buds even when they happen to be competing against one another. So when it comes time to relax from a hard day of taming and sometimes fighting waves, these sisters kick back together with the help of a striped hammock to get into full relax mode. Here, these surfing sisters show us that at the end of the day, working hard to achieve your dreams is important but friendship and family are always of the utmost importance.

6 Practice Posing Makes Perfect


Though it's clear that the Coffey girls don't have the same practiced "dead stare" that Kim Kardashian and her sisters have been accused of in thousands of selfies and paparazzi shots alike, they certainly have been photographed more than the average beach bear by now, selfies by the hundreds not included. As they gain fame and the interview offers start pouring in, they have no doubt spent plenty of time in front of a camera. Even unintentionally, Ellie-Jean (for example, here) seems to have picked up some posing tips and tricks. She masterfully smiles for the camera and produces a seemingly effortless and near-perfect photo. Of course the almost cloudless blue Australian sky and blue-green waves lapping over rocks don't hurt the photo but Ellie-Jean seems to have a way with the camera just like her sisters. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it comes from lots of practice with tons of interviews!

5 Natural Photo Filters


It's true, these girls do love Instagram so it goes without saying that they probably use filters like other 'grammers do but when they are getting photographed professionally, the only filters are those found on their natural turf... and surf. In nature, filters are things called "sun" and "shade from clouds." The reflection from the sun bouncing off the water gives a nice boost to their already shiny blonde locks.

Here, Ellie-Jean and Holly-Daze pose arm in arm displaying fitted rashguards from the company that proudly sponsors them, Scoot. Just one of many sponsors for each sister. While girls wearing rashguards may not be the sexiest image that comes to one's mind, this is what these ladies are famous for... an actual talent! And in a world where a part of our society seems to worship people for no real reason, what this photo represents can help to restore your faith in humanity just a bit.

4 Earning Fame


Ellie-Jean Coffey's talent for surfing has earned her attention from some huge names. GQ said of the oldest Coffey sis, "Pro surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey practicing her skills on a skateboard is probably the best thing on the internet." When people talk about Ellie-Jean "breaking the internet" what they are referring to are examples like one Instagram video of her skateboarding in a white tank top and pair of Daisy Dukes that has gotten over half a million views and over five thousand comments. Online attention like this is the kind of thing that led Playboy to recently rank her sixth in their list of the hottest female surfers. Ellie-Jean, now a Billabong model as well as pro surfer, is getting a lot of recognition for some of her racy photos and sexy shots but it all started with fame.

3 Proving Their Versatility - From Surfbunnies To Snowbunnies


From sand to snow, the Coffey girls prove that they are not fish out of water in this snowbunny photo. Though the chilly environment may not be what they are accustomed to, it would seem that they had no problem adjusting to the white wonderland they found themselves in. They did, however, make sure to bring a piece of home with them... their trademark matching suits. A comfort from their natural territory, perhaps? All in black, the Coffey girls stand out from the snowy scene while they blow kisses to the camera. Their Instagram followers likely rejoice over photos like this. They love to see pics posted of all the sisters having fun together. Matching bathing suits and bikinis while ironically posing in the cold snow with fuzzy winter hats? Just a big plus!

2 All In A Day's Work


In this photo, we see Ellie-Jean toting her pink stickered surfboard, her blonde hair full of sea water. Her fans love candid photos like this that show the other side to her life as well as her sisters' lives. With a contemplative look on her face, she's likely going over the waves she just tackled and perhaps what she could have done to improve the ride. She could be done and packing it in for the day or she could just be heading out for another run among the Indian ocean waves. This photo could have been taken for a small competition or just part of her regular practice routines. Whatever the case may be, fans love to see photos that look like the beach paparazzi snapped them on a whim. Maybe her female fans love her so much because she gets to go to work in a bikini all day and swim in some of the nicest beaches for a living!

1 They Clean Up Nice


Okay, so the Coffey siblings aren't exactly red carpet ready in this photo but they do look more formal here than they do in the skin-tight beach wear they are so often photographed in. Proud surfer bro Jackson smiles widely as he holds onto the baby of the family, Bonnie-Lou whose arm is wrapped around big sis, Ellie-Jean who is squeezed next to second eldest, Holly-Daze who holds onto Ruby-Lee, the second youngest sister.

What do you think... could these surfing siblings give the Kardashian family a run for their money? All signs seem to indicate that the Coffey parents are down with the comparison. If it works out, instead of trips to beauty salons and overseeing a clothing store, there could be a reality show about trips to buy surfboard wax and the opening of a rashguard store. But I think the biggest question about this family remains, does Jackson feel left out without a hyphenated name?

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