15 Photos UFC Doesn't Want You To See Of Their Four Horsewomen

There was once a point in time when the UFC's Four Horsewomen were considered to be a force to be reckoned with. With UFC superstar Ronda Rousey at the helm as the de facto leader of the group and biggest name among them, she stood tall beside gal pals Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke. As well as being a play on words in reference to the old-school wrestling stable known as The Four Horsemen, The Four Horsewomen is a faction name that is meant to exemplify both the strong bond between four friends and to identify them as the undisputed elite women of the MMA world.

In more recent years, luck has not been on the side of The Four Horsewomen. The previously undefeated Ronda Rousey has lost much of her star power since suffering two Earth-shattering losses respectively from Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. Meanwhile, the star power of the remaining three Horsewomen has never come close to that of Rousey herself. Not to mention, none of these three women have had the best win-loss record ratio over the years. Shayna Baszler has a 15-11 win-loss record, and Jessamyn Duke's record isn't much better at 3-5. Marina Shafir's MMA ratio being even worse at 1-2. Needless to say, despite how hard UFC and the MMA world, in general, may continue to try and hype them up, The Four Horsewomen name does not have the same oomph to it as it used to. A name that used to be respected and revered has now shrivelled down to the butt of a joke. UFC's Four Horsewomen have seen more blunders than triumphs in more recent years, and here are such blunders captured on camera that the company hopes their fans never see.


15 Ronda's 1st Defeat

If we could ever pinpoint the exact moment the acclaim and fame of The Four Horsewomen reached its downfall, its this moment. As the analogy goes, if you take out the totem pole, the rest of it is surely going to plummet down. The moment Ronda Rousey was knocked out for the first time in her UFC career was the moment that The Four Horsewomen stopped looking so prestigious as a unit. A big reason why The Four Horsewomen were looked at so fondly as a group was because the formerly undefeated Ronda Rousey was at the helm. When she got knocked out by Holly Holm in a stunning and rather embarrassing fashion, then suddenly, The Four Horsewomen didn't look so tough after all.

14 Ronda's 2nd Defeat


Speaking of embarrassing defeats, we did not think the Ronda Rousey brand could take a more humiliating hit than the one she suffered at UFC 193 to Holly Holm. Then, Amanda Nunes came into the picture. Over a year after losing to Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey was ready to come back and prove that her loss was merely a fluke that will never happen again. She faced Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 and not only was she knocked out again in quicker fashion, she left the fight in worse shape than she did in the Holm fight. Suddenly, Ronda Rousey lost some shine to her name. People stopped looking at her like some unbeatable MMA beast and started questioning whether or not her undefeated streak itself was a fluke.

13 Ronda Rousey, Ashamed

It has often been believed that a person's character is determined not by their wins or even their loses, but how they respond to their losses and come back to triumph. This picture shows Ronda Rousey does not respond to loss very well. Previously considered a strong fighter who is willing to keep her head held high whether in triumph or defeat, here, she looks crushed by defeat — ashamed even. Especially considering the fact that this was supposed to be her big comeback match, only to lose once again to Amanda Nunes. This had to be a massive confidence detractor for Rousey and it shows.

12 Ronda Rousey, The Meme


The only thing worst to happen to Ronda Rousey than losing her undefeated streak was the aftermath that came out of it. There was a time when Ronda Rousey was the most feared woman to ever step foot in the octagon. If you saw her on the street, you would have no choice but to treat her with respect out of fear that she would knock your head off. Then, when she lost her first match, she did not look so scary or formidable. She looked beatable, vulnerable, and weakened. Now that the fear is gone, people did not bat an eyelash when it came to making fun of her. What proceeded out of her first lost were several memes poking fun of Ronda's first knockout loss, this being one of them.

11 Shayna, Knocked Out

Jessamyn Duke was not the only Four Horsewoman cohort of Ronda Rousey's to fall victim to Bethe Correia in the middle of the octagon. Shortly after defeating Jessamyn Duke, Correia fought Shayna Baszler at UFC 177. While Duke, at the very least, was able to withstand Correia from bell to bell to the very end of the fight, Baszler barely made it out of the second round. Correia won their fight via TKO in less than 2 minutes into the round. Granted, Correia is no slouch, but considering that Rousey made quick work out of Correia while her buddies could not make Baszler and Duke look even worse than these pics do. Correia used Rousey's friends as stepping stones in her quest for UFC gold.

10 Correia Beats Duke


Bethe Correia is just one of the many women among the UFC's Bantamweight division who were laid to waste by Ronda Rousey during her undefeated reign as the Bantamweight Champion. Rousey defeated Correia at UFC 190 after a sudden and startling knockout blow that occurred just 34 seconds into the first round. It's easy to say Rousey dispatched Correia with ease and in quick fashion, but Rousey's fellow Horsewoman Jessamyn Duke could not say the same thing. As photographed above, months before Correia challenged Ronda Rousey for her title, Correia defeated Duke in a match at UFC 172. Correia didn't knock out Duke, but she mopped the floor with her so bad throughout the bout, she won by unanimous decision.

9 Marina, Defeated

As we stated earlier, Marina Shafir never had a great fighting record and there is a reason why she is the only member of Ronda Rousey's Four Horsewomen group to never be hired by the UFC. As photographed above in her losing effort against Amanda Bell, Marina Shafir found herself knocked out with her eyes dazed up at the ceiling after a fight more often than she ever had her hand raised. More recently, she has not had a fight in a while and has actually spent more time as a mother raising her first child with her fiancé, pro wrestler Roderick Strong. It leaves us to assume that for the time being, Marina Shafir has retired. Considering her past octagon efforts, retirement may be the best option for her.


8 Shayna In WWE


While her MMA record was never horrible, Shayna Baszler's fight record was not exactly great either. This could be a big reason why Shayna Baszler has made the transition from the octagon to the squared circle in more recent years. After training under MMA superstar Josh Barnett, Shayna Baszler started wrestling on the independent wrestling circuit in 2015. Her newfound path as a professional wrestler has led her to WWE, where she competed in a tournament used to commemorate WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young. Shayna Baszler impressed many in the Mae Young Classic tournament and lasted all the way until the finals, where she lost to Kairi Sane, but pictures like this aren't very flattering. Staged or not, an odd sight to see a so-called accomplished MMA fighter struggle against regular wrestlers.

7 The WWE Confrontation

Dana White has never been very kind to the sport of professional wrestling. He's gotten flak in the past for calling pro wrestling fake and has on more than one occasion denied Ronda Rousey of wrestling in a one-off match for WWE, no matter how often she has campaigned for the opportunity as a long-time fan of the sport. So he probably is not too happy that WWE booked a confrontation between UFC's Four Horsewomen and WWE's Four Horsewomen (Bayley, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks, who wasn't at the event). Granted, none of these UFC competitors could do something like this without White's approval, but unless there was something in it for him, he's probably not crazy about the idea of a UFC versus WWE match.

6 Duke Pounded


As we stated earlier, Jessamyn Duke has a weak MMA record. Her fight record currently stands at 3 wins and 5 losses. As a UFC competitor, UFC obviously wants to highlight their fighters showcasing the best of their abilities. To help promote the best work of their fighter (and, in turn, help sell future fights where the fighter is involved in), UFC wants to capture every strike their fighter lands and every win they rack up for future highlight reels. In Jessamyn Duke's case, there aren't a lot of reels out there that feature highlights of her career. It's mostly made up of pitfalls, like this shot here of Duke getting pounded in a fight with Elizabeth Phillips. A fight that Duke eventually lost.

5 Ronda, Embarrassed

The general impression that we used to get from Ronda Rousey as audience members is that she was a fighter who always prided herself on two things: always winning and humbly staring the idea of losing in the face with her head held high and promising to bounce back from it stronger than ever. When she finally did suffer defeat after her shocking loss to Holly Holm, Rousey proved the opposite. Immediately after the fight saw its final bell ring, Ronda Rousey stormed out of the octagon and shortly after, was seen storming back to her car to leave the arena. Her face was buried in a pillow, but its clear she was sobbing her way to the car.

4 Ronda In Tears


Going back to the idea that Ronda Rousey cowered in the face of defeat rather than bounce back as one would suggest from her prideful personality, this is a shot from a rather monumental episode of Ellen. In one of Ronda Rousey's first interviews since she suffered her first career loss to Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey balled her eyes out on camera on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show. One of the more memorable aspects of the interview came when Rousey admitted she contemplated suicide following her loss. In what seemed to be a genuine and heartfelt monologue coming from a typically braggadocious fighter, many viewers accused Rousey of trying to get people to look passed her loss by trying to gain cheap sympathy.

3 Foreshadowing At The Weigh-In

During the public weigh-in promoting their soon-to-be historic encounter at UFC 193, Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey finished things off with a staredown, as weigh-ins usually end. While squaring up and posing with their fists up, their arms interlocked into each other. That is when the moment got tense. These two ladies took that notion as a challenge to each other — a test of strength, if you will — and neither wanted to back down from the other. So much so that as the two pushed against each other and Holm brushed her fists across Rousey's face. This proved to be an interesting bit of foreshadowing as Holm went on to pummel Rousey in the face at UFC 193 until she won by knockout.

2 Duke Wounded


This shot comes from an interview with Jessamyn Duke that came shortly after a match — a match that she actually lost, surprise surprise. The UFC does not typically want to showcase shots of their fighters looking scarred up and wounded in the face. Granted, shots like this add character to a fighter and shows what kind of damage they can take, but that is usually only a good thing when that fighter wins a match after getting pummelled. In this case, this picture is only a reminder of how Duke took a substantial amount of damage before finally getting knocked flat on her face.

1 Marina Partying

This picture was one of the many party pics found from Marina Shafir's Myspace page from back in the late 2000s. A lot has changed since Marina Shafir was the major party girl from back in the day. Since then, of course, she has kickstarted an MMA career. A career with a poor fight record, but an MMA career nonetheless. She started dating and a couple years ago, got engaged to WWE professional wrestler Roderick Strong. And most recently, Shafir and Strong had their first child together. Shafir has taken a step back from fighting in order to focus on being a mother to a newborn. All things considered, both Shafir and UFC probably want pictures like this buried as deep below the depths of the Internet as possible.


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