15 Photos That Prove Ronda Rousey Is More Than A Fighter

We hear a lot about the differences and similarities in men and women in the news these days as the fight for gender equality rages on. This is certainly true in the world of sports where the “fairer sex” has been fighting an uphill battle to be represented on an equal footing with their male counterparts for decades. Women like Billie Jean King, Venus and Serena Williams and Danica Patrick have been laying the foundation for generations to come with their incredible strides in what has always been considered a man’s world.

Then you have the woman who can probably be considered a modern-day rock star in the sports world: Ronda Rousey. She not only broke into the masculine landscape that is mixed martial arts and became a standout, she became perhaps the most famous fighter in UFC history. She’s rough and tough and no man or woman would ever want to make her angry, especially with an eight-sided cage around them, but don’t ever be fooled into thinking Rousey doesn’t have a feminine side. Here are fifteen photos that prove there is so much more to Ronda Rousey than being one of the world’s most elite fighters.

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15 Gym n' Black

Of course, we all know Ronda Rousey as the MMA behemoth who, for a very long time, went undefeated and mowed down anything and everyone in her path, but this is a photo that proves she knows how to look tough and sexy at the same time. In this shot, Rousey is sporting a complex but revealing black bathing suit which hugs her frame in stark contrast to the bright and blinding white walls around her. She appears to be in a weight room, perhaps in the middle of one of her UFC training sessions and manages to use the tools around her to add even more sex appeal to this already steamy photo. All sports figures hit the gym regularly, but few of them look this good doing it.

14 Black's Cool

If a photograph like this doesn’t get your heart racing, then you might want to see a doctor because you might just be a dead man. This is a very unique photograph because it shows an incredibly different side of the ruthless brawler we have all come to know and love. The look on her face here might be intense and give off the vibe that she’s about to rough you up, but the incredibly hot garments she’s wearing probably make you feel like you’re perfectly okay with that. Ronda’s so gorgeous here that you barely even notice the fact that she’s lounging on what looks to be a very run down couch of some sort.

13 Denim Style

Who says a woman needs to be half-naked on a beach to look hot as hell? Honestly, no one is ever going to complain about Ronda Rousey taking almost everything off to enjoy her time in the sun, but for this former UFC champion, it doesn’t need to be that simple. When you are as smoking hot as Ronda, you know you have enough sex appeal that you can truly do almost anything and get the attention of every man watching. Here Ronda is looking very casual in her every day wear, and let’s face it: there is very little as gorgeous as a hot blonde in a white tank top and tight jeans, especially if she knows how to rock them like Ronda Rousey obviously does.

12 Kicking Back At The Beach

We are all used to seeing Ronda inside the octagon putting a beating on her opponents and inflicting a type of suffering that makes them practically beg for her to give them a break. There are few fighters in the world who can claim to be as vicious and naturally gifted as Ronda Rousey, but there is more than just this one side to her that we all know so well. Ronda is a big fan of the outdoors if the photo shoots she tends to do while not fighting other athletes are any indication. It would seem as if Ronda loves to put on a bikini and go for a dip in the ocean and, as this smoking hot photo would suggest, she apparently likes to go to the beach as well.

11 Gold And Black

Ronda Rousey has been a major cash generator for UFC, being the banner fighter on more than one occasion. She has become notorious as an athlete whose fights rarely lasted very long because she is such a strong fighter that she tended to put almost everyone down in record time. Although she has now tasted defeat, her accomplishments as the first ever UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion will never be taken away from her and no one will ever doubt that she is a legitimate badass. Here, we see her on the red carpet looking as ravishing and as feminine as they come, and she still never has to worry about anyone trying to pick a fight with her.

10 Yoga It Is

Ronda obviously loves to hit the gym and then mix it up with other women inside the octagon for a throw down, but even the sportiest of female sports stars sometimes like to just be a girl. Ronda Rousey is no exception to this as you will see throughout this list that she still loves to slip on a bathing suit and enjoy the warm sun. That’s what is apparently happening in this photo as the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion seems to be simply relaxing outdoors in a dark bikini. The way Rousey casually does yoga in the photograph perfectly meshes with the way her beautiful blonde hair is flowing in the breeze. This is one of those shots that make you forget she’s a fighter.

9 Pumpin' Iron

We’ve already seen Ronda posing in the gym wearing a black bathing suit in the middle of an apparent workout. Here she is again in a similar swimsuit posing with more weight training equipment but in a much different setting. This is a gorgeous photo that shows why Ronda Rousey is the perfect example of the hybrid woman, as she appears to have been just coming off of an intense workout, as evidenced by the weight bench and the very serious, determined expression on her face. Her blonde hair is wet and stuck to her fair skin, presumably due to a swim as she is apparently on a beach. There are a lot of elements to this one that marry the tough and sensitive sides of this athlete.

8 Relaxing On Gym Mats

It would seem pretty obvious from the photos we have discussed already that Ronda Rousey enjoys spending ample amounts of time outside and under the sun, usually near the beach, too. But even though she apparently loves to wear a bikini in as much of her down time as possible, she knows how to embrace that more feminine side of herself in an indoor environment as well. Here Ronda is in a photograph wearing a somewhat simple black bathing suit as she lies in a very seductive pose on top of some electric blue mats, making this shot a feast for the eyes in color and in form. She is also wearing some gold bands on her wrist just to add a little more class to the scene.

7 Cool Breeze

Though we may have taken a detour from this type of thing long enough to see Ronda getting personal while hanging out in an old warehouse in her underwear, no red-blooded straight man is ever going to complain that we have a shot of Ronda Rousey hanging out on the beach in a bikini. This one is special in its own way, though, for many reasons. For one thing, Ronda isn’t getting down to business in this beach photo by working out or going surfing. Instead, she seems to be just lounging and enjoying the weather. Another thing that makes this photo unique is how brightly she is smiling, and it’s always nice to see a gorgeous fighter like Ronda letting herself take it easy.

6 Ronda In The Water

It would probably be a safe bet to assume that once you’ve finished with this list of Ronda Rousey photos, you are going to be much more appreciative of Sports Illustrated than you ever thought you would be. For many years the magazine has been giving us some of the steamiest photos of women who truly know how to rock a swimsuit, but to have the opportunity to see someone like Ronda, who is usually so serious and stern, shown in this capacity in so many various shots is something special. Here she is in a lighter bikini than we’ve seen so far, truly letting herself soak up the sun as she lounges soaking wet, face down in the sand and water, enjoying the incoming tide.

5 Bright Red

We have already seen a few photos of Ronda Rousey getting down to business with her weight training, even some of her bringing her intense workout to the beach while most of us would certainly be lounging. That’s just how life goes for UFC’s first Women’s Bantamweight Champion, who apparently rarely gets to take any downtime. In this photo, she has once again brought her equipment outdoors with her, but this one is a little different. In contrast to the darker, more serious swimsuits we see Rousey wearing in this article, here she is wearing a sexy, shockingly bright red two-piece as she proves that it is indeed more than possible for a woman to look both incredibly strong and incredibly hot.

4 Dog Time Is Ronda Time

Ronda Rousey is one of the most well-known fighters in the entire world and is quite possibly the most famous competitor in the history of UFC. She has made history for women in sports and takes her status as a role model very seriously, having been an outspoken advocate for gender equality in the athletic field. She will certainly go down as an icon of feminism, but that doesn’t mean she can’t take it all off sometimes and be just as sexy as the next hot babe. Here Ronda’s playing at the beach with what seems to be her dog, a picture that clearly proves she's more than a tough fighter.

3 She Can Still Take You

There is more than one way to stay fit and if anyone can tell you that it would be the woman who has almost single-handedly altered the course of professional sports for women everywhere. Everyone knows Ronda trains for a big fight through intense practice and extended time in the weight room, as we’ve clearly seen in several of her photographs already. However, in this shot, Ronda shows us a different side to staying fit as she serenely poses in a super tiny black bikini that looks as though it is just about to snap right off of her. It is photos like this that not only show us how she manages to stay so fit all the time, but also leave very little to the imagination.

2 So Many Fans

Here we are lucky enough to have been blessed with yet another shot of Ronda Rousey that is both sexy and unique. Once again this pic serves us well by placing Ronda in a habitat that agrees very well with her: the ring. The light perfectly illuminates Ronda’s form here, which is snugly covered by a very colorful top that stands in stark contrast to the background of cheering fans. Ronda is looking as golden as ever with the perfect beauty in this photo and her blonde hair is beautifully draped across her back as she gives an alluring pose to the camera and fans and gives all of us an image we will never forget.

1 Fierce

Throughout this list, we have been lucky enough to see some of the steamiest photos we will ever see of any female athlete. Ronda Rousey has proven to us that she knows how to kick major ass and become one of the world’s most renowned and respected fighters in a landscape dominated by men, while still retaining all of the feminine qualities given to her by Mother Nature. If anyone in history has ever been the quintessential example of what it means to be both strong and sexy it is Ronda Rousey, and photos like this one, with Ronda seductively posing on the red carpet wearing a bangin' black dress, are certainly proof of that.

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