15 Photos That Prove NXT's Women Are Hotter Than WWE's

Who do you think is the WWE’s sexiest female? Maybe it’s Alexa Bliss. The pint-sized blonde Harley Quinn cosplayer certainly is beautiful. Maybe you prefer Sasha Banks and her bright pink hair. Is it the goth style of Paige that does it for you? Or maybe it’s Becky or Carmella or Bailey...it doesn’t really matter. All of these gorgeous WWE women have one thing in common: they refined their craft at NXT, the WWE’s developmental system that calls central Florida home.

Mainstream WWE fans are very quick to knock anything that doesn’t have the words Raw or SmackDown attached to it. Unless it’s a Vince McMahon-created WWE product, they don’t want to pay attention. This goes for the indies, but it also goes for NXT. Despite the hardcore fan who watches the show on the WWE Network or Hulu, it still goes ignored by the vast majority of the audience.

Nothing is more irritating than being a bandwagon jumper. Those of us who watched NXT could have told you how sexy Alexa Bliss was almost two years ago. We could have told you that Carmella was going to make a big splash. Now, you’ve got WWE fans falling all over each other singing these, and other fairly new women’s praises. Well, latecomers, we knew these athletes were sexy before you knew they existed.

If you want to be on wrestling’s cutting edge when it comes to the next big thing, you’ve got to watch NXT. With beauties like Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Aliyah and others, if you want to see who the next crop of WWE women will be, they’re being prepped for greatness now. And here’s the thing...they just get hotter. You think it’s nice in the WWE now? Wait till next year. Doubting us? We’ve got the proof. Here are 15 Photos that Prove NXT’s Women are Hotter than WWE’s.

15 This Lady is Going To Be World Famous Someday

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If you asked us to put our money on who will be the next long-term babyface in NXT similar to what Bayley was for a few years, we’d point directly to Aliyah, whose real name is Nhooph Al-Areebi. We’re going to go a step further and say in 25 years, when she’s giving her Hall of Fame induction speech that she’ll be recognized as the first person to break through the “arab” stereotype that still exists in wrestling. Her family was very conservative which probably led to Aliyah going to nursing school, but her adventurous side took hold and she enrolled at a circus training school. She’s one of a dwindling number of ladies who was on the indie circuit for a couple of years, wrestling as “Jasmin Areebi” most of the time. She’s prominently featured in a great documentary series WWE did for the network called Breaking Ground showing how her character evolved.

14 Somebody You'll Be Seeing A Lot More Of

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The WWE brought back Tough Enough for a less-than-stellar run in 2015 that featured horrible ratings, the disappearance of Hulk Hogan after a few racist rants were released and producers completely unable to guide the audience toward the result they wanted. This would explain why there was no 2016 version. The same story was true with the Diva Search toward the end of the Attitude Era. Usually, the people who win go on to be busts and the people who finish seventh or fourth have long careers in the WWE. The jury is still out on exactly what the fate will be of the 2015 cast, but it’s winner, Sara Lee, has already come and gone from NXT. The runner up, who producers were clearly pushing, was Mandy Rose. Unlike Lee, who ended up pregnant with Wesley Blake’s baby, Rose has started to make waves in NXT and we see a nice long career in front of her, not only at the development level, but as a WWE woman wrestler for years to come.

13 They Don't All Have to Be Wrestlers

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The sad truth is, most of the women in the NXT women’s division don’t have very interesting stories. They either went to college or dropped out, became a fitness model or personal trainer, before the WWE discovered them. Not for new interviewer/ring announcer Andrea D’Marco, whose resume is pretty impressive. First, she was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Once she decided to retire, she was chosen from thousands of women and became the national spokesperson for Zumba, touring the country introducing people to the exercise fad. Once that gig was up, she spent four season as the digital reporter and arena host for the Florida Panthers hockey team. And when she wasn’t busy doing that stuff she also has appeared for Fox Sports, Florida Atlantic University Football and the spanish version of CNN. Finally, she’s also a travel host for Walt Disney World/About.com. We have a feeling she may not stay with NXT forever, but while she’s here, we’re certainly going to get an eyeful.

12 Yes, Enzo Amore Goes Home With Her

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Not too long ago, Enzo Amore went to Lana’s hotel room in a segment for Monday Night Raw. It was all a set-up designed to let Rusev kick his butt. Early in the segment, Enzo kept trying to tell himself not to go. If wrestling were real, there’s one person who would have been very, very upset about what happened and that’s NXT hottie Liv Morgan, who has been in a relationship with the Certified G and Bonafide gangster. Yes men, this is proof if you have a strong personality, you can also look like you’re growing a palm tree on your head. Morgan, whose real name is Gionna Jene Daddio, which we think would be an awesome name in the ring, has a fun to follow Instagram with plenty of cute photos. What we really wonder about are those double-dates with Enzo/Liv and Big Cass/Carmella. They must have a system for whose turn it is to talk.

11 And You Thought Asuka Only Beat Up People

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It’s because American wrestling fans think the world begins and ends with WWE and because she can’t give long interviews in English that Asuka remains a mystery to most people. That’s OK, because they work it into the character, but this woman, who went by the ring name Kana in Japan, has quite a resume outside of the ring. First, she released three gravure DVDs. These are like the softcore of the softcore of the softcore adult film industry in Japan. Gravure books and DVDs are meant to appeal to men who like innocent, playfully teasing ladies rather than more aggressive presentations of sexuality. She’s also written for Xbox Magazine and designed graphics for Nintendo DS and other apps. That’s not all. When she’s not busy with all of these things - and wrestling, of course - she owns a hair salon in Yokohama named Another Heaven.

10 1o. The Other Australian on NXT's Roster

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When Mickie James was brought back to face Asuka at Take Over: Toronto, one of the commentators mentioned that the two grapplers had more in-ring time and have logged more miles than anybody else in the locker room. That may be true, but we’d put Billie Kay into the mix if we were a betting person. Prior to coming to NXT, Kay was well known in her home country of Australia and wrestled around the world for nearly 10 years, usually under her real name Jessie McKay. Along with being a top name in Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia since 2007, Kay has worked with Shimmer, Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling and Chikara. In NXT, she was turned heel after several women left for WWE, forming the always-necessary bad girl team with Peyton Royce. Of the duo, we think Royce will have more staying power, but for a person who has paid their dues like Kay, it’s nice to see her finally getting a chance with the biggest wrestling company in the world.

9 The Second Most Beautiful Woman on the NXT Roster

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If you took Billie Kay and created what the WWE absolutely wants in a future NXT call-up, you’d get Peyton Royce. That’s probably why it’s no surprise NXT paired up the women to be a heel team. While Kay still has a long career in front of her, Royce is a bonafide model with wrestling experience who is still only 24 years old. We also suspect they paired Royce with Kay because the two have a history together and that natural chemistry can do nothing but give Royce more confidence. The two began wrestling each other in 2009 in Pro Wrestling Women’s Alliance matches in their homeland of Australia and she too worked a couple of appearances with Shimmer. She’s still got a bit of a ways to go before she can be considered a good wrestler, but as long as NXT is willing to work with her, we have a feeling that even WWE audiences with their heads in the sand will know of Peyton Royce before too long.

8 The Best Bathroom Break Ever

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Yes, Mandy Rose may be one of the two most beautiful women on the NXT roster (Peyton Royce being the other) and Daria Berenato has been able to blend her mixed martial arts background as a character with a more traditional female presentation to successful, not to mention beautiful results. So why is it that you could put these two together in a picture for WWE.com and they look hot but when Mandy picks up her phone and shoots a poorly little backstage selfie of her and Daria it’s one of the sexiest photos of two NXT women stars we’ve ever seen? We don’t think it has to do with the bathroom or the posting on Snapchat this seems to be. We think it’s because it proves they don’t need great lighting or specific poses to be gorgeous. They are what are called natural beauties and this picture absolutely proves it.

7 Crazy, Beautiful

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Her real name is Sarah Bridges and she’s been using that name while appearing exclusively on NXT house shows, but we’re really curious what she’s going to be presented as when she first appears on television. Based on her history, she should be added to Sanity. You see, Bridges took her character very serious on the indy circuit. With a character like “Crazy Mary Dobson” you have to play it straight or it becomes a comic character. Considering one of her trainers was Madman Pondo, we can see where the character evolved from. Bridges, however, never tried to live the part and make people think that’s who she really was. Before signing to be with NXT she appeared in a bunch of WWE vignettes: as a concession stand worker, on the Viagra parody commercial Sandow made and as one of Adam Rose’s rosebuds. She’s clearly creative and is good at the character side of things. Hopefully NXT will recognize they have a uniquely beautiful talent and allow her to shine.

6 Howling at the Moon, or For the Moon In This Case

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There are two types of women in NXT and one is a dying breed. That’s the lady who is around 30 years old and has learned the art of professional wrestling by busting her butt on the indie circuit for years. It’s one thing for men to still work the indies, but when seven out of eight indie matches on a card are for men, women have to break their back to get work from Day One. Ember Moon, whose real name is Adrienne Reece, is one of this dying breed and we hope she’ll be able to get through NXT onto the main roster before too long, but until then, she brings a certain rugged sexiness more and more NXT ladies are showing. Ember Moon sounds like an anime character and with contacts that make her have orange eyes, she appears the part of mysterious female warrior. Then she talks and it’s all normal. It’s a good character, but maybe better for someone who isn’t as naturally outgoing as Reece. Either way, we look forward to seeing her in NXT rings for quite some time.

5 Don't Judge This Book By Its Title

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Even NXT fans don’t know much about our next reason the women of NXT are hotter than those on the main roster: Binky Blair. Yes, we hate the name too, but she’s currently only appearing at live NXT events so hopefully they’ll change her name before she appears on the eponymous television show. Bianca Blair, as she was known coming out of the womb, is an All-American and All-SEC track-and-field athlete from Knoxville, Tennessee who graduated from the University of Tennessee. She’s apparently smart too, having been named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll in 2011 and 2012. She also may be the cutest girl to ever step into an NXT ring. Her beauty has caught the eye of others as she’s appeared in RX Magazine, Femme Rouge Magazine and on Crossfit.com. Just please, ditch the name.

4 Can we see Peyton Royce Again?

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In doing the tough research, necessary to compile this list (read: spending far more time than needed looking at beautiful women) one thing became clear: the two most beautiful women employed by World Wrestling Entertainment currently call NXT their home and they are Mandy Rose and Peyton Royce. It’s no surprise that both have worked as models in the past and have dozens, if not hundreds, of sexy photos out there. If you’re not familiar with either of these women, do some research and your eyes will thank you. Royce is a decent wrestler and Rose is still learning. They both seem perfect for today’s WWE roster where being a stunning beauty is still highly regarded, but also being able to entertain in the ring is a must. Unless life takes them in unexpected directions, we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of these two as the years roll by.

3 The One in the Middle Is Doing OK For Herself

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This picture shows one bad bunch of (a word we’d never call these ladies to their face for fear of getting our teeth knocked down our throat) ready to pounce on the competition. It’s awesome to see Alexa Bliss doing so well with the main roster on SmackDown, but we miss her in NXT where she was that perfect mix of beauty, attitude and talent. Those three things come in different packages these days and the three of these women display that. Daria Berenato, on the left, finished lower on Tough Enough than Mandy Rose, on the right, but the winner that year isn’t even employed by the WWE anymore. Why? Aside from the fact she got pregnant, Sara Lee did not know how to use her beauty to her advantage, she looked iffy in the ring and couldn’t sell attitude. All three of these ladies can and it’s why they’ve been successful to this point.

2 Mandy Rose: The Hottest Woman Wrestler in the History of World

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If we seem partial towards Mandy Rose, all we can say is “Good work, Captain Obvious.” There is not a woman in wrestling today, nor can we think of one who has ever been as beautiful and had as much potential upside as Mandy Rose. We first met Amanda Saccomanno on the Tough Enough reboot, where she was the female runner-up. In the show’s finale, she wrestled Alicia Fox and used the name Mandy Rose for the first time. That should have been a tip-off the WWE had bigger plans for her. She didn’t work her way up through the indies, having gone the fitness model route, but she seems to be putting in the work to get better. There was another blonde fitness model who came to WWE with little expectations and went on to become one of the most famous females wrestlers ever. Her name was Trish Stratus. If you’re going to put all of your money down on an NXT woman to make it huge in this business, it should be on the sexy Mandy Rose.

1 We Are Lucky To Be Alive in This Era of NXT Hottness

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Elsewhere on this list, you’ll see a candid photo of Mandy Rose and Daria Berenato taken by Rose with her cell phone. While this photo clearly isn’t a selfie, it captures a lot of the same elements we love about that photo. There is just something about these wrestlers out of character when they can show who they really are that we find them the sexiest. Who knows what Liv Morgan is trying to communicate in this picture, but it’s all her, not what some script writer told her to act like. Same thing with Aliyah, who may have the best hair of any woman in NXT. Yes, we know most of the girls’ hair is probably fake, but let us have our fantasies. Looking at girls like Aliyah, Morgan, Berenato and Rose makes us very optimistic for the next 10 years of women’s wrestling in both NXT and WWE. It only took 60 or 70 years but finally they’re getting it right.

Source: WWE.com

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