15 Photos That Invaded The Privacy Of WWE Superstars

Since the wrestling boom back in the late 80s and into the 90s, the wrestling business continues to gain popularity till this day. Don’t be fooled by the rating numbers nowadays, the WWE is still doin

Since the wrestling boom back in the late 80s and into the 90s, the wrestling business continues to gain popularity till this day. Don’t be fooled by the rating numbers nowadays, the WWE is still doing very well as a publicly traded company and they understand that much of their demographic is online today. Along with that, the company has a larger reach than ever before.

With that said, it’s important that the Superstars within the company continue to produce both off and on screen. Due to its array of sponsors, the company holds their talent accountable for their actions outside of the ring, something that was unthinkable back in the 90s. Today, the talent is more professional than ever and needs to be on their best behaviors at all-time.

Which leads to our question, how much is too much? A lot is asked of the wrestlers already, but just imagine trying to live a normal life when a lot of people know who you are. Whether it be in airports, shopping malls, restaurants, or even bathrooms, these WWE stars have seen their privacy go the way side because of fans asking for pictures. We'll let you guys decided which pictures you believe really do evade the personal space of these WWE Superstars. Here are 15 photos that invaded the privacy of WWE Superstars. Enjoy and let us know which pictures you believe went a little too far!

15 Bray At The Pharmacy

In what seemed like an asterisks type of career turned into something unbelievable for Bray Wyatt who became the new “face of fear” in the WWE. Although he is yet to win a major Championship since his character re-birth in 2012, fans remains optimistic about the future of his character. It also helps that he has time on his side at the age of 29.

Mysterious in the ring, but anything but that outside of it as Bray has been seen time and time again, whether it be at airports or casually shopping with his wife and two kids. This picture taken with a fan is at a pharmacy (out of all places) as Wyatt poses with a young fan while sporting a slight and modest smile. Although you would probably classify this as an invasion of privacy, Wyatt remains an absolute professional outside of the ring when dealing with fans, no matter what the scenario may be, whether it’s meeting a person at an airport or in a random pharmacy as you see in the picture above.

14 Orton In The Bathroom

Hard to believe Randy Orton has been an upper-card player for the WWE for already more than a decade now. The master of the RKO continues to be one of the big players in the WWE and rightfully so, as he possesses both the look and skill that requires one to be a high profile wrestling star.

Outside of the ring however, the rumor mill has been very skeptical when it comes to Orton and his past behaviors. Some make the claim that Randy was insanely unprofessional behind the scenes while being regarded as a jerk to fans. Well, after years of researching what goes on behind the scenes with WWE Superstars, there isn’t a wrestler that has more pictures with fans outside of the ring.

Living in Missouri away from the limelight, Orton is always taking flights and fans have taken advantage of that over the years. To Orton’s credit, despite the heat he receives it's truly remarkable how many pictures he’s taken over the years with fans, whether it be in a gym, an airport, a store or even like you see in this picture, a bathroom. Whether he was a jerk or not back in the day is valid, but surely judging by his recent fan pics, it seems like those days are done.

13 Roman In The Street

Say what you must about Roman Reigns but the guy hasn’t been as bad as the WWE Universe has played him out to be. The thought of him being 'the chosen one' has infuriated fans leading to the boos week after week no matter how hard he tries or no matter what he does.

Like John Cena, Reigns has taken the “let your work do the talking route”, which seems to be paying dividends at the moment. Roman is always front and center at every event no matter what it may be, whether it’s a house show or Monday Night Raw. Along with that, Roman continues to improve in the ring becoming one of the very best in the company. If you don’t agree, just ask the rest of his peers.

And most of all, his fan interactions are quite genuine with a minimal amount of fans having anything bad to say about the person he is outside of the ring. Roman has had his privacy invaded several times at airports only to stop with a genuine smile for a fan waiting to meet the WWE Superstar. Say what you must, but his actions truly prove otherwise.

12 Nikki and John At Wal-Mart

Give props to Cena and Nikki, as despite their obvious popularity and being recognized by millions, the couple truly aren’t afraid to make their way out in front of the public eye. Instead of hiding out in their beautiful home, the couple loves to go out on the town and enjoy anything from a shopping session to a fine glass of wine at a restaurant. Major props to the couple for this mentality!

This picture shows the two at a Walmart. Cena's dressed in his preppy wear, while Nikki looks like she's ready for bed. This picture was likely taken on the road as Cena and Nikki now have the luxury of travelling together as they both ended up on the same brand, SmackDown Live. Cena is said to be a low key gentlemen who rarely turns down a picture despite his insane popularity. The same can be said for Nikki who is said to be one of the most genuine souls you can meet outside of the ring. The couple has a plethora of candid fan photos online.

11 Del Rio Napping

The airport must be a nightmare for WWE Superstars. Not only are you constantly traveling, but your recognizable face is usually recognized by a plethora of people. Airport pictures are some of the most common forms of invading a wrestler’s private space but taking a picture of a guy sleeping on a plane is a whole other level.

This picture shows former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, getting some sleep on the plane. The poor guy must have been drained as it looks like the flight hasn’t even started yet. The fan takes advantage of Del Rio knocked out and decided to snap a quick pic without the former WWE star even knowing. Shame on you sir, shame on you!

The reactions about Del Rio outside of the ring seem to be mixed for what it's worth. Some label Del Rio as a really cool down to earth guy, while others have speculated the exact opposite after Del Rio snubbed several fans at the unveiling of his new restaurant recently. Which side of the coin do you guys believe?

10 Invading Backstage

via:The Coli

When it comes to invading the privacy of WWE Superstars, it doesn’t get any worse than snapping a picture of them behind the scenes while at a television taping. Even though the business has changed and the integrity of the behind the scenes aspect has changed, the company is still very strict when it comes to the engine that is running away from the fanbase. This picture certainly crossed the line to a degree.

WWE Superstars are asked to attend shows hours before. It helps the agents set up matches and give the Superstars an idea of what they're doing on the night. Along with that, the company has a catering service that fuels up the Superstars before a show. This picture invades the privacy of these four WWE faces as they're getting a quick meal in backstage. Those featured in the photo include Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel, CM Punk and AJ Lee. Poor Paul is practically eating on a damn hockey net!

9 Xavier At The Airport

Although the New Day are arguably considered one of the most popular acts in the entire WWE, outside of the ring, reactions to the group have been mixed. Some believe that the group seem to be a bunch of cool, down to earth dudes, while others disagree and believe the group couldn’t care less about their fanbase. Nonetheless, the reactions might be skewed because of the places that the Superstars are heckled at.

One online story claims the group bolted passed a red light once they were spotted in their rental car. This picture also shows Xavier pulling an arrogant smirk while posing for a picture with a fan. The airport is certainly a common place to spot a wrestler but when it happens to be the same fan over and over again, you can legitimately make the claim that the fan is starting to invade the privacy of a Superstar. Like Seth Rollins has said, when the interaction is genuine and spontaneous, it's cool, but when fans are purposely planning to meet wrestlers at public settings, it starts to push the boundaries of invading a Superstar’s personal privacy.

8 Backstage With The Miz Forums

Again, this is a picture that not only invades the privacy of those present but also the WWE. The picture features The Miz dressed in his full gear alongside another notable face, former WWE head writer Ranjin Singh, who currently serves as the company's assignment editor.

The picture shows a room with stuff all over the place, as one can imagine, that's probably the scene you usually see backstage when the WWE comes to town. We’ll leave it up to you to speculate what's going on in this picture, but one can only imagine it's Miz getting some last minute notes before he goes out in front of the crowd.

For what it's worth, although The Miz plays the role of a heel to a tee, he's actually one of the nicer guys outside of the ring. Rarely has Miz turned down a picture and he is said to be quite genuine despite his gimmick that would indicate otherwise. Living in the limelight of LA, you can imagine he's gotten his privacy invaded a couple of times before.

7 Even Slater Gets Stalked

Again, an airport picture surfaces on the list and Heath Slater looks rather uninterested as he quickly poses for the picture and pretends to go back on his phone after it's snapped. Again, the same fan is shown in the picture, which might cause a couple of WWE Superstars to think twice about taking the picture with the dude. Seriously though, who keeps snapping these pictures for him? Does he have someone there with him or is he asking random strangers? Probably the strangers....

Nonetheless, Heath takes the picture as the others on the list have as well but the question remains, are fans pushing limits when purposely meeting wrestlers at airports? Would you guys consider that invading a wrestler's privacy or do you think that it's the duty of a popular wrestler to fulfill fan needs, seeing as it's them that poor money into the WWE's massive machine? Let us know in the comments section!

6 Sasha's Not Impressed One Bit

One of the best photo bombers in the entire WWE has to be Sasha Banks. Especially at airports, as Sasha is totally against fan interactions and she's made that abundantly clear in several pictures that have surfaced online. One of them was so bad, that The New Day decided to print Sasha's face onto a pair of socks cashing on her comedic reaction. Yes, it's truly that bad.

This picture is yet another instance where Sasha feels like she's getting her privacy invaded by a fan. Again, this is the same fan we've seen in a plethora of pictures and he certainly wasn’t satisfied by meeting just a couple. It seems like he met every single one on that day.

It should be noted that Sasha is apparently considered one of the nicest WWE stars at organized meet and greats. However, if you invade her personal place outside of the ring, the result has proven to be otherwise.

5 The Look Of The Titus

In what appears to be another airport picture (and our final one on the list), Titus O'Neil gives the camera a death stare while starring into the soul of the person taking the picture. Even the dude wearing the Alberto Del Rio t-shirt looks like he just crapped his pants.

Whether or not you consider this an invasion of a wrestler's personal space remains a question that is still up in the air. However, it should be noted that O'Neil is one of the nicest guys on the entire roster, so for him to look slightly disgruntled, you best believe it should be considered an evasion of his personal time especially when you're in an airport travelling to a couple of days at home or back to work. Needless to say, we here at The Richest believe it's best to leave these poor guys alone and only approach them at an airport if it's totally spontaneous and their mood seems to be right.

4 Another Cena and Nikki Sighting


We weren’t kidding when we said Cena and Nikki aren’t afraid to go out in front of the public eye. The couple has been spotted numerous times in locations like Walmart (as you saw before), restaurants, people sniping pictures of them out during the day from their car window and even as you see here, the two making a quick pit-stop at Apple.

Cena looks like he's playing the role of her bodyguard in the pic as he towers over her. Nikki is getting some help from the nice Apple man as she rests her Starbucks coffee on the table. Cena instead, is in full alert mode and he scouts the premises while giving somebody the eyes of death. A certain fan takes advantage of the situation by snapping a picture of the couple as they both seems to be distracted. However, we truly believe Cena hit a powerbomb onto the fan before storming out of the store with his lovely girlfriend by his side.

3 Paul & A Pregnant Stephanie

Results are truly mixed when it comes to Triple H. Some love him, while others can't stand the political power that he's used throughout his WWE career. Nonetheless, Triple H has improved his ways throughout the years and he's now all about the people and giving them what they want. This has been especially demonstrated through his project of NXT which continues to improve. Without a doubt, he's listening to what we really want.

Now to the picture, we truly don’t even know where to begin. For one, Hunter is wearing his own hat which is truly awesome. Second, the dude in the picture invading Hunter's personal space time is wearing an epic Attitude Era shirt that features Austin, Rock and Mankind. Surely, Hunter was bitter he didn't make the cut on the shirt. Finally, Stephanie is seen in the background looking extremely pregnant as she struggles to get up off of the stairs. In the words of Booby Roode, this picture is absolutely GLORIOUS.

2 Taker In Scuba Gear

The Undertaker is another one of those wrestlers that isn’t afraid of going out and about in public despite his obvious fame. Taker has been spotted several times at airports and has a plethora of pictures online posing with fans. What's most shocking about his pics is the fact that he looks happy every time. The guy is an absolute pro and when you think backstage leaders, there might never be one as respected as Taker was and is throughout his career.

This picture features Taker getting caught in public. Although the photo takes place in one of the last places you'd expect to see Taker, which is at sea dawning a full blown scuba gear attire, while posing for a quick picture. Again, Taker isn’t shying away from the pic and is actually pulling another one of his classic fan smiles. Seriously though, how can you not respect the guy who's a class act both in and out of the ring.

1 Is That The Mayor of Suplex City?

We conclude the article with the Mayor of Suplex City, Brockkkkk Lesssnarrrr! Because of his strong dislike for people, Brock decided to move from Minnesota far, far away from the public eye transporting himself over to the fine city of Saskatchewan. All jokes aside, how much does one have to hate people to decide to move to such a frozen location? We think, a heck of a lot.

To Lesnar's credit, he's been spotted a couple of times at various locations such as airports, restaurants and even random auctions, but despite his hatred for people, he normally poses for a picture and is said to be a class act despite his cold demeanor. Lesnar embraced people even more by recently taking his sons and wife to a Winnipeg Jets hockey game. Lesnar was well received by the team but took some heat by the players after he accidentally stepped on the Jets logo in the locker room. Ironically enough, he attended the game on a Monday night. So you're telling us he doesn’t watch Raw? It can't be!


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15 Photos That Invaded The Privacy Of WWE Superstars