15 Photos That Are An Embarrassment To The WWE

Professional wrestling has been long known to be extremely secretive about what happens outside of the squared circle. Things were very strict back in 70s through the 90s but they have relaxed some ov

Professional wrestling has been long known to be extremely secretive about what happens outside of the squared circle. Things were very strict back in 70s through the 90s but they have relaxed some over the last 30 or so years. However, that doesn’t mean that the wrestling organizations want you to see their stars plastered all over the internet. Well, at least not looking unprofessional.

The WWE has always had extremely strict rules about how their athletes conduct themselves outside of the ring. The company can’t stop all of the heavy partying that happens but they severely frown on pictures being taken of the action. No organization wants the face of their company to be caught on camera while getting a lap dance or maybe using a sink as a toilet. It’s not good for business and sponsors are certainly never happy to see these types of photos splashed across the internet.

Another thing an organization will never want is for the public to see its athletes, who are taking part in a rivalry in the ring, hanging out and partying together during their off hours. When “arch enemies” are photographed drinking together or hanging out together it ruins the credibility of a certain storyline that is being played out inside of the ring.

Today you will see a lot of photographs that more than likely had the WWE losing its mind when they came out.

15 Drew and Sheamus Mock Money In The Bank

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Drinking is obviously a major part of the lifestyle outside of the ring. You will see many instances of this as you continue to read on. The truth though is that nobody really needs to be told that at this point. It’s more than common knowledge that the WWE stars party it up when not in the ring.

Here you see Sheamus and Drew making fun of one of WWE's signature events, Money in the Bank. This could not have been a good day for Vince McMahon when he saw this photo and you can bet that he did. He sees everything that comes out about the company and his watchful eye doesn’t miss much.

The Money in the Bank ladder match is one of the signature events of the year for the WWE and I’m fairly certain that McMahon doesn’t want anyone talking about it in a negative light, or making fun of it in any way. The match was first held in 2005 and it’s one of the most exciting pay per view events of the year.

Sheamus held the real briefcase in 2015 for 161 days before cashing it in for a shot at the title. He used the opportunity to knock out Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

14 Jack Swagger Cheering On a Fellow Boozer


Professional wrestlers spend a lot of time out on the road. It’s clear to see how boredom can come easily when they are not at the arena. We all know that most of the down time is filled with a lot of partying. However when the one they like to call “The Real American” shows off his true colors in a bar, it might not be a good look for the company.

Here you can see Jack Swagger cheering on a fellow party-goer as he drinks right from the bottle with a little help from a friend. Then again, Swagger may just be waiting for his turn to get filled up. Either way, it’s not a good look to have on the internet. Swagger's real name is Donald Hager Jr. and he went to college at the University of Oklahoma. Anyone that knows anything about the campus there will tell you that heavy partying is on the list of requirements to attend the school. So we can safely assume that Swagger received his training while on campus.

During his career, he has won the WWE United States Championship, the ECW Championship, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Certainly, Vince McMahon wasn’t happy when he saw this photo. We'll talk about him more in a few minutes.

13 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella In a Hooters


Back in the days before Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were married, both of them were with other people. That’s part of life and not very surprising. For some reason, Brie thought she had found love with Sheamus and the pair was quite an interesting couple for a while. Eventually, Brie started cheating on Sheamus with Bryan and the couple became very public.

They ended up getting married and recently announced that Brie is pregnant with a daughter. That’s all fine and well but the WWE certainly can’t be happy anytime a photo comes out that has Bella and Bryan together as a couple while she was supposed to be with Sheamus. Anything that calls anything at all into question is something that Vince McMahon doesn’t like.

This picture looks like it was taken at a Hooters restaurant and if you look carefully you’ll see plenty of drink glasses on the tables – another thing that can never make McMahon happy. You’ll see several other stars in the picture as well including Natalie, Nikki Bella, and Rosa Mendes.

The WWE doesn’t hide the fact the Brie and Daniel are married but you can bet they don’t like to see reminders of them together when they were still playing it off as she was with Sheamus.

12 Nikki and Dolph Together Get Close at a Club


Before Nikki Bella got together with John Cena they both had previous relationships. That goes with the territory of life. The issue, however, seems to be that Nikki’s ex, Dolph Ziggler, keeps reappearing in her life. Thankfully at least Cena doesn’t seem to have a problem with this, at least not that we know of.

Ziggler has made it known several times that he regrets not treating Nikki the way she deserved and they also had a lot of other issues that he has now changed his thinking about. He has told her very publicly many times and has strongly hinted that he wants her back. He even went so far as to kiss her once while cameras were around.

When John found out about the incident it didn’t seem to bother him much. That could be because he is just an easy going guy that is confident in himself or it could be that it’s always just the part of another storyline. The latter has to be what it is because pissing off John Cena doesn’t seem like the smartest idea, even if you are a professional wrestler.

The bottom line, however, is that Cena is one of the main faces of the WWE. Anytime a photo comes out that doesn’t depict him in the best light they can’t be happy. This photo of Nikki with her arm around Ziggler couldn’t have made Vince happy at all. That and the fact that it was obviously taken at a bar with some more drinking going on.

11 Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly Get Too Close and Personal


Chris Jericho was a married man when pictures of him started to surface that showed him and WWE diva Kelly Kelly together. The photos showed them arm in arm and there were also several that showed them kissing. You may think it’s no big deal but there are a couple of things to take into consideration before you make your judgment. First of all, when the pictures came out Jericho was married, and Kelly Kelly was not his wife. Secondly, the pair was involved in a heated rivalry inside the squared circle. While many people might not care too much about the photographs, at the very least, the WWE did.

It’s never a good thing to have the public see two people that are involved in a feud, being all lovey dovey out in public. It’s even worse for the company when one of them is married to someone else. Something like that could, and most likely did, ruin a storyline that was taking place inside of the ring. That hurts the credibility of the story and directly effects ratings. That’s something that Vince McMahon will not stand for at all. Ratings equal money and if you reach into Vince’s wallet you will certainly suffer the repercussions.

10 CM Punk Surrounded By Partiers


CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) has spent time with the WWE and has seen a lot of MMA action as well. He has also spent his share of time partying. Punk was a two-time WWE Champion and one of his title reigns lasted for 434 days, sixth longest of all time. He also won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on three different occasions. That puts him in the good graces of boss man Vince McMahon, well, at least until photos of him partying hit the internet.

He always played roles of the “good guy” in terms of not wanting to drink and do any type of drugs. These are said to be his beliefs outside of the ring as well but there are plenty of photos that may lead people to think that it’s all an act. McMahon couldn’t be happy anytime a picture was taken with Punk out and about with friends that were drinking. Even though he doesn’t have a drink in his hand in this photo, it still leads to more questions than answers.

When Punk left the WWE he gave the company a good amount of trash talking and that couldn’t have sat very well with McMahon either. It’s safe to say that with all of the photos and what came out of his mouth, Punk is now more of an embarrassment to the company than anything else.

9 Jeff and Candice Wasted in a Club


Jeff Hardy and Candice Michelle were no strangers to the party scene during their prime. They accomplished quite a bit inside the ring during their time near the top, but they accomplished just as much outside of the ring as well.

The pair was known to do quite a bit of partying and one look at this picture will verify at the very least, one time that it happened. This picture was obviously snapped after several drinks in a night club and it’s quite clear that both of them are feeling pretty good.

That’s nothing that Vince McMahon wants the public to lay eyes on and he must not have been very happy when this picture hit the internet. McMahon goes to great lengths to keep everyone in good public standing because it greatly affects his empire. The bottom line, however, is that you can’t control people twenty-four hours a day and you will never stop them from having some fun. All you can do is hope that nobody is around with a camera. Now that most phones have a camera in them, Vince’s worst nightmares have finally arrived. There is no stopping the photos from hitting the internet when his stars hit the bars.

8 The Real American Jack Swagger and His Friend


Jack Swagger is called The Real American. It turns out that he parties and gets into trouble just like a real American and Vince McMahon can’t be too thrilled about that. While photographs can be explained and lied about, an actual arrest can’t be. Once the fans and sponsors read about it, they can never unsee it. That has got to have McMahon out of his mind whenever it happens, and believe me, it happens plenty in the WWE.

Swagger is pictured here with a beautiful woman while obviously out partying. It’s hard to say if it’s his wife or not because his wife is also hot but she has several different looks to her at different times. This really doesn’t look like her though but we could be wrong on that. What isn’t wrong is that it’s another case of Swagger having a good time with the implication that alcohol is involved.

It wouldn’t be the first time for him as in February of 2013 he was arrested for DUI and weed possession. Poor Vince has got to cringe every time one of his stars gets arrested. This photo is just another example of embarrassment for the WWE. But Jack certainly looks like he is having a great time!

7 Ric Flair and Batista Under The Influence


Ric Flair is one of the most well-known icons in professional wrestling. Obviously, he isn’t what he used to be now and his roles have significantly diminished over time as he gets up there in age. But that’s ok because for many years he gave us a lot of great entertainment. It’s also well documented that Flair likes to party.

Former broadcaster Tony Schiavone appeared on an episode of the Ross Report podcast once (hosted by Jim Ross) and let the cat out of the bag about Flair’s partying habits. First of all, he said that he eventually stopped partying with Flair because "At the end of the night, Flair would take his pants off and show everybody his thing."

He also said that Flair had a habit of making it look like he drank a lot more than he really did. He said "He had a gimmick. He poured the drinks out - everybody thought that he could out-drink anybody, but the fact is everybody else would get drunk, but he wasn't." The WWE wishes that was true in all reported cases of Flair drinking because there are plenty of documented instances that the icon was clearly drunk. That’s never something Vince McMahon wants the public to see, so you definitely know this photo is one that Vince wishes was never taken.

6 Hey, That Isn't Nikki Bella!


The WWE doesn’t always like to relive the past. There have been countless episodes of bad press that they want to keep dead buried. They have the same thought process when it comes to personal relationships, especially when it pertains to their main superstar. They want the world to know that John Cena and Nikki Bella are a couple, but they don’t want anyone to know that each had previous relationships.

Cena was married to Elizabeth Huberdeau and during the time she went by “Liz Cena”. There are several reasons why the WWE prefers that the public does not remember their time together.

First of all, Cena cheated on her and that’s never good for the image, but secondly they would prefer the public think that John and Nikki have been together forever. They portray Cena as someone that can do no wrong but the fact of the matter is that he is no different than anyone else.

He drinks and parties just as much as any of his fellow wrestlers do and this picture is a complete no-no in WWE terms. It shows him with his ex in what looks to be a limo. There is also at least one other person partying with them and the alcohol is quite obvious. At least they aren’t driving the car so you can hope Vince would take it easy on him!

5 The Hardy Boyz Getting Down


When you talk about embarrassments of the WWE you have to think of the Hardy Boyz. They are as well known for their partying antics than for anything they have accomplished in the ring. They have been involved in countless episodes that have embarrassed the company and this photo is just a typical night out for them. The woman looks like she is a willing participant but it’s still not a good look and Vince had to be annoyed when this one came out.

We have already talked about some of Jeff’s antics but Matt is involved in them quite often as well. Matt once beat up his wife during a New Year’s incident so you can only guess that alcohol played at least a minor part in that one. Jeff has also been arrested numerous times so he’s no angel as far as legal things are concerned.

The reputation that follows them must have had Vince checking his email first thing every morning, looking for what new embarrassing items were released on the pair. It’s never good to have your stars being photographed in not so professional situations and the Hardy Boyz found themselves in those situations more often than not.

4 Paige Proving Why She Is The "Wild Child"


Paige has been with the WWE for quite a while now and Vince just can’t seem to keep her under control. She’s been deemed the “Wild Child” by other superstars and the name wasn’t given to her without reason.

You can’t really blame her as she is still in her early twenties and the normal thing to do during that time is to have fun. She certainly doesn’t hold anything back and she’s not much on caring what other people think. Take that Vince!

There is never a shortage of photographs of her because she is a beautiful woman and she likes to go out and party. That combination will have cameras at the ready whenever she walks into an establishment for an evening of fun. Another thing that has got to get Vince hot under the collar is that Paige doesn’t shy away from the cameras. She doesn’t care enough to make that effort. She also likes to stick her tongue out as you can see in countless photos of her.

McMahon really had to have a near heart attack though when this picture was released of her making out with another woman at a nightclub. But then again, maybe he liked it!

3 What is Hulk Hogan Doing To This Cake?


Hulk Hogan quickly went from an icon in WWE history to a complete embarrassment. During his trial against Gawker, it came out that he had said some pretty unpleasant things and the company quickly distanced themselves from him on a permanent basis.

It’s amazing at how quickly it was done. The once legendary wrestler is now no longer mentioned in anything that has to do with WWE. They want absolutely nothing to do with him, which in itself is kind of funny because Vince McMahon himself has said as many controversial things as Hogan did. I guess it must be ok to do if you’re the boss, though.

When this photo came out McMahon had to do a double-take. It was long before the company parted ways with the Hulkster and it could be taken in several different ways, none of them good ones. Is he trying to cut the cake with a judo chop? Or is he about to mount the cake and have a little fun with it? Whatever he was doing it is obvious that he was doing it for shock value and judging from some of the reactions, he got exactly that.

Obviously, this is not something that the company wants the public to see, their hero about to do something questionable to a cake. Whatever he is doing, his crotch is way too close to it!

2 John Cena Getting a "Dance"


The WWE is considered entertainment. Vince would prefer to have everyone consider his company family entertainment. That’s hard to do though when photos like this one are released for the public to see. John Cena, long time face of the company, is seen here getting a pretty vigorous lap dance and that could not have made Mr. McMahon happy at all. The woman is Cena’s ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Huberdeau, who then turned into his wife and then ex-wife, but still, Vince could not have liked it when this one was leaked.

First of all, he would prefer that nobody knew about her. He wants the world to think that Cena and Nikki Bella have been together forever. Secondly, he never wants his top guy to be seen in a not so family friendly atmosphere. A close look at the photo shows that it must have been at a party and there was definitely alcohol involved. There is nothing wrong with that at all but when you are the face of a global company you have to be more aware of who has a camera.

You can bet that Vince had a nice little chat with John once this photo came out. And Nikki probably doesn’t appreciate seeing it either!

1 Kelly Kelly Going #1 In a Sink

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Kelly Kelly had a lot of issues a few years back. First of all, her name could have been given a little more thought. Secondly, she made some questionable decisions while having an affair with a married man. Thirdly she liked to party, a lot.

Her friends were not very good influences to her as you can see in this classy photo of her peeing in a bathroom sink. There is obviously a party going on in the background and the two friends that accompanied her to the bathroom are cheering her on, giving a peace sign. You can say that it is certainly not one of her shining moments in front of a camera.

Can you imagine the look on Vince McMahon’s face when he saw this picture? He probably had to look at it three or four times to make sure of what he was seeing. You can also bet that a nice little chat was had between the two after the public saw this picture.

It might have been a pretty funny thing had it been the part of some type of story line but this is obviously not that at all. Could it be that she was sending a message to Vince? You just never know with her and I’m sure more than one WWE star has had that thought in the past.


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15 Photos That Are An Embarrassment To The WWE