15 Photos Of Real American Cheerleaders That Make Us Salute The Flag

Have you ever been to a game where cheerleaders brightened up your day, regardless of whether your team was losing or winning? These beautiful women not only look like angels, but they dance so well you would think they have spent their whole lives learning how to dance. The cheerleaders' main job is to encourage their team to play the best that it can, as well as to encourage the fans to keep showing their support to the team in the loudest possible manner. Owing to the intensity of the practice sessions, the enticing clothing, and even the makeup they put on, these cheerleaders always look so hot; they would easily pass for supermodels. The effect they have on the game and especially on the fans would easily make someone want to salute the flag.

Cheerleaders are an integral part of any game, and although the fans and the teams they cheer for truly appreciate them, it's so sad to learn that the companies which employ them hardly ever seem to appreciate them. This lack of appreciation here in most cases is in terms of remuneration and the working conditions, where the latter affects the NHL cheerleaders more than the others.

You would be shocked to learn that a team mascot can earn over 10 times what a cheerleader can earn in a season, which is crazy when you consider their effort and sacrifice. Since these teams put up so much time and energy into their routines and the dance sets they perform, and they help the players to play even harder, you would expect they'd get a decent piece of the cake. Here are some of the cheerleaders in the United States who are so hot they deserve praise, honor, and respect.

15 Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders are officially called the Jacksonville Roar. This group was established back in 1995, and many beautiful girls have been part of this amazing squad. These professional cheerleaders perform beautiful routines in all the Jaguars home games, although it's common to find them in different functions in Jacksonville and when the NFL is on tour entertaining the United States servicemen anywhere in the world.

These beautiful ladies are the goodwill ambassadors of the Jaguars, and they participate in different events in Jacksonville together with the team's mascot. Since most of the dancers are students, although there are also nurses, hair stylists, as well as an accountant, each member who leaves the squad has to be replaced through interviews held in March of every year.

Here's an image of one of the beautiful dancers watching the game. She has no idea someone is taking this breathtaking photo, and that’s one of the reasons it looks so good.

14 Carolina Panthers

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Here are some of the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders having fun at the beach. These beautiful girls work hard to come up and perform the complicated dance routines they perform whenever they're needed, so it's only right for them to have some time out to enjoy themselves. These are just three out of the 31 members of the squad, and as you can see, they're more beautiful than their dance routines are.

Their official name is the Carolina TopCats, and they frequently practice and perform at the Bank of America Stadium, where the Panthers call home. In addition to this squad, the TopCats have a "Junior TopCats" program, where girls who are interested in performing at a Panthers home game participate in a number of clinics to learn a routine. The successful participants get to perform in an actual game.

One of the best news about the Carolina Panthers and the TopCats is that the current head of the NFL team's operations, Tina Becker, used to be a Carolina TopCat.

13 Washington Redskins

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These are some of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. Just like the other Redskins cheerleaders, these babes are impressive both as dancers and as beauties, and they're one more reason why you should salute the flag.

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders have a rich history since they were the second team of professional cheerleaders set up and the longest running cheerleading organization in the NFL. As you would expect, they have cheered for their team since 1962, and have been an integral part of the team.

The original team went by the name the Redskinettes, a name that stuck for a while, before changing to the Washington Redskins cheerleaders. In addition, the original team wore Native American themed costumes, before adapting to the very attractive uniforms they wear these days.

12 Atlanta Falcons

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Have you ever seen so much beauty in one image? These three beautiful girls are a section of the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders, a team of 40 highly talented dancers who are the definition of beauty. These dancers are so attractive some guys come to the games just to watch them during the breaks.

Just like all other cheerleading squads, these beauties will only dance and cheer for the Falcons when they're playing at home, a situation many people would love to see change because everyone loves watching these dances. Therefore, you can only be sure of watching these girls dance at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, or during the Super Bowl, if the Falcons get that far. However, it's possible to invite them to any event within Atlanta, and when you hire them you can also get the team's mascot to attend.

The young girls in Atlanta who admire cheerleading usually sign up for the Junior Cheerleader Program. Here the girls train with the team for a while and even get a shot at performing at the games.

11 West Virginia Mountaineers Cheerleaders

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One of the best things about the cheerleading squads in colleges and universities is the stunts they perform, as well as the inclusion of men in the routines. In these learning institutions, men play the important role of facilitating some of the most daring stunts in any sport, as well as strengthening the lower sections of the pyramids. As you can see in this image, these girls are way up in the air, and the hands that will catch them and place them gently on to the ground belong to men.

However, it's common to find that the only men who are involved in professional cheerleading squads are those who show up as the mascots, possibly because out there cheerleading is the preserve of attractive ladies.

This team from West Virginia University is called the Mountaineers Cheerleaders, and in addition to being the official cheerleading squad in the university, it's one of the most attractive squads in college sports.

10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Although these two girls look so beautiful in their red and black uniform, the current one the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders are wearing, the most beautiful aspect of this image is their smiles. Since these are just two of the 27 members of the cheerleading squad, you would be crazy not to desire to find out just how beautiful the other 25 members are, and even to see them in action.

If you look closely, you will see what appears to be an image of six hot girls on a beach. That is one of the pages of the swimsuit calendar this squad releases every year, and if you live anywhere near Tampa Bay, you should grab a copy.

If you want to watch these girls dance, make your way to the Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Buccaneers, especially when the team is hosting another team. The original cheerleaders went by the name SwashBucklers, which they dropped in 1998.

9 Miami Dolphins

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When you hear someone mention Miami, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Most people will immediately think of the beautiful beaches and the women, although there's so much more the city has to offer. Therefore, when you mention Miami, most people will think of this image: girls this hot, smiling, and basking in the sun on a beautiful beach.

If you didn't know what this article was about, you'd probably think these girls were models, since you don't even need to see the rest of their bodies to conclude that they're super hot. Together with the rest of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, these girls perform amazing sets at the Hard Rock Stadium, which is the home of the Dolphins.

The original cheerleaders from 1966 to 1977 used to be called the Dolphin Dolls, which was a huge team consisting of 125 girls. However, in 1978, the numbers were reduced to 30, and they changed their name to the Starbrites. Currently, the squad has 36 members and they go by Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

8 Miami Heat

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Since 90% of the student population in any institution is made up of guys and girls who want to be part of the "cool" group, there's a 90% chance you weren't one of the cool kids in school. Just by looking at this image, you don’t need anyone telling you how cool these girls are, and they already know it judging by those poses.

These four girls are part of the Miami Heat cheerleaders, the amazing dancers who always entertain the crowds and cheer on the Miami Heat during their home games. Actually, these dancers are officially called the Heat Dancers, but they don’t mind people calling them the Miami Heat cheerleaders.

Some of the dancers in this crew have gone on to appear in different media, with some of the most notable ones being Hennely Jimenez, who became an actress, and Kristina Akra, who became a reporter. Others include Jessica Sutta, who became a singer and dancer, and Jenni Croft, who was a contestant on The Bachelor season 11.

7 Denver Broncos

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It's pretty obvious that these two ladies belong to the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad, judging by their dress code and their beautiful smiles. Although it's hard to tell where these ladies are and what they're doing there, we can see they're having fun, and the rest of the team is probably with them.

The squad has 26 members, and what we love most about them is their commitment to spend at least 1000 hours on different charities as well as events in Colorado. When the squad is looking for new members, an exercise they hold every spring, in addition to having the ability to dance, the ladies have to be beautiful, have particular achievements, and have contributed to the community in different ways.

Young girls between the ages of six to fourteen who are interested in cheerleading have the opportunity to perform during the pregame and halftime shows alongside the cheerleaders, through their Junior Broncos Cheerleaders program.

6 Boston Celtics

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When most men lay their eyes on this image, of course, they immediately notice just how attractive this cheerleader is, and they would love to attend a session where they'd have the opportunity to watch her dance. In addition, this image gives them an answer to how these pretty ladies in bikinis carry their phones since they seldom carry handbags but they always flash out their phones to take selfies.

This cheerleader's name is Ashley, and she seems to be in the zone, listening to her favorite music using the Celtics branded headphones. We can see two of her fellow Celtics cheerleaders in the background, so we can assume that they're getting ready for a practice session.

Cheerleaders like Ashley here make watching a game while in the arena even more entertaining and worth the experience. One of the cheerleaders in this squad is called Michelle Leonardo, and she won the Miss New Jersey beauty pageant back in 2012.

5 Dallas Stars

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Just like all the other major sports, fans of the National Hockey League (NHL) also get the opportunity to watch the beautiful cheerleaders entertain them during the games. In some of the teams, these beautiful women not only come out to dance while wearing skates, but they also help to clear the ice. They shovel the built-up slush in sections where there's a lot of traffic.

One of the fascinating things about the cheerleaders in the NHL is that they wear almost the same type of clothing as those worn by cheerleaders in the NFL and the NBA, despite the freezing temperatures on the ice.

These three beauties belong to the Dallas Stars Ice Girls, the official cheerleaders for the Dallas Stars. They appear to be in an event where we wish we were invited because they look stunning and they're excited to be there. These women mean so much to the game, and their dedication and sacrifice make you want to salute the flag.

4 The Laker Girls

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The Los Angeles Lakers is a very successful team in the NBA, since it has bagged 16 National Championships to date, and it's the second most valuable franchise in the NBA according to Forbes. The Laker Girls is the official name of the all-girl cheerleading team that performs for the Lakers during their home matches at the Staples Center arena. These cheerleaders have amazing dance routines because they understand what it takes to boost their players' morale and their fans energy to cheer.

This picture of two Laker Girls in their sequin gold uniform looks amazing because they're so beautiful. Many people have voted for The Laker Girls as the favorite cheerleaders in the NBA, a title they deserve since they have remarkable performances that keep people glued to their seats during the breaks. Besides cheering for their team, they also perform at different events whenever they're called upon.

3 Houston Rockets

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The Houston Rockets is a professional basketball team, which is based in Houston, Texas. One of the most memorable things about this team is its amazing performance in the 2007-2008 season, where it bagged 22 consecutive wins, making it the third-longest winning streak in the history of the NBA.

The champions of the time were McGrady and the huge Yao Ming. Most people know Yao Ming because his face is still popular today in funny memes. The Houston Rockets play their home matches at the Toyota Center Arena in Downtown Houston, and their games are never complete without their amazing cheerleaders, the Houston Rockets Power Dancers.

The Houston Rockets Power Dancers entertain their fans with their dancing skills on the court and team spirit. They have been voted best dancers and the most popular dance team in the NBA numerous times. This picture highlights a few of the gorgeous dancers in their bold red and white uniforms during a friendly meet and greet with their fans.

2 Minnesota Vikings

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Can you imagine how great it would be to be on the same team with a close relative, especially if he or she is your twin? That feeling of excitement is what these identical twins Karmen and Kirsten Nyberg are feeling.

These two got the opportunity to join the official cheerleaders for the Minnesota Vikings. The cheerleaders perform breathtaking dance routines every time the Vikings have a home game in the U.S. Bank Stadium. For people who want to see all the current 35 members of the team, they can get their hands on the annual swimsuit calendar they release.

These two got an opportunity to join the team in 2015, and their previous experience in cheerleading for other teams played a huge role in their acceptance and continued success in the team. In addition to their physical beauty, they look lovely in their blue and gold uniform, and just looking at them is enough to make you want to salute the flag.

1 Patriots Cheerleaders

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Arguably, the New England Patriots cheerleaders have more pressure to dance better than all other cheerleaders have been dancing, because they are cheering on the Super Bowl Champions and entertaining their fans. Although there's no question about how great these girls can dance, all of them are so hot they make you proud to be an American.

Some people are claiming that the Patriots will sure defend their title, although the Eagles, the Vikings, and the Steelers will give them a run for their money. Either way, the Patriots cheerleaders need to be prepared to dance all the way through to the finals, though we're confident they're up to the task.

In this image, the cheerleaders had gone to visit the boys at the orphanage Fundacion Un Mundo Mejor para la Ninez Desamparada in the city of Higuey, Dominican Republic. In addition to spending time with the boys and donating some stuff, the cheerleaders shared a dance routine with the boys who really enjoyed it.

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