15 Photos NFL Dads Don't Want You To See Of Their Daughters

One of the weird things about fame is that it doesn't just affect the person who got famous in the first place, spreading out amongst the people that they hold the closest which can often end in tragedy. However, this does allow the public to take a look at some people that they would've otherwise never gotten a chance to as they would've just walked past them in the real world. What we're saying is, there are a lot of women out there, usually daughters, who have managed to get out there by simply being fathered by someone famous. Today, we decided to take a look at some of the NFL daughters that have made a name for themselves because of their style and beauty.

We always thought it was pretty weird and creepy when dads became obsessed with their daughters being seen as a foxy object to other men in the world, but it actually makes a bit of sense when you’re famous. These are your children that are being splashed across magazine covers and placed into websites so that people around the world can gawk at them. It’s for that reason we imagine a lot of the NFL dads of these daughters probably won’t be happy with you taking a look at the images below.

So, are we ready to make some NFL dads angry? We’ve pulled together some of the most beautiful NFL daughters out there, so get ready for quite the treat.

15 Tracy Phillips

We don't know if everyone will be able to see it, but we reckon Phillips has a bit of a Paris Hilton look going on here, which isn't a surprise when you consider where they've both come from. They were both born into a huge amount of money, and while Hilton has enjoyed a significantly larger amount of media attention, it only makes sense that they'd both give off similar vibes due to their background. However, unlike Hilton, Phillips actually has quite the impressive resume when you take a look at what she’s done with her life. Not only has she appeared in numerous films that have gone on to review well, she also spends her time as a choreographer in LA. Furthermore, she spends a lot of time following the career of her father and brother, who both work within the sports world.

14 Alexa Flutie

New England Patriots cheerleader Alexa Flutie, daughter of former New England Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie, on the sidelines prior to an NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers in Foxborough, Mass., Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Does anybody else think it's slightly weird to see the daughter of a professional athlete become a cheerleader? It's like they looked at what their dad did and decided that instead of being inspired by this to go on to doing something worthwhile or impressive, they went for something that is paid less and is regarded as pretty useless. Not only that, but these women are pushed out in front of crowds to shake themselves at whoever is willing to look. We're not judging you here Doug Flutie, but you would've thought you'd have at least tried to talk your daughter out of doing this with her life, especially seeing as you've spent your life watching women being objectified on the field. Not only is your daughter better than this, you're better than this Doug.

13 Sydney Esiason

We're not trying to judge anyone here, but there's something a little depressing about watching a woman who has been handed everything in this life do pretty much nothing with it, choosing instead to upload half naked pictures of herself on the Internet and go out with a pro athlete just like her father. This way, she won't have to do anything with her life, as someone working for the NFL will always be able to hand her money as soon as she needs it. If anyone is to blame here, we reckon you can point the finger straight at her parents, so we're going to have to blame Boomer for this one. Sorry mate, but if you let your rich children grow up like this it's only a matter of time before somebody comes along to call you out for it.

12 Alexandria Schlereth

Like Phillips before her, Alexandria decided that what she wanted to do with her start in life and notoriety from being born into a famous family was to become an actress, which really does make sense when you think about it. You have the money to start your training whenever you want and your name is already known around in showbiz. We bet it must be hard shedding that image of being some rich guy's daughter, but if you actually have the talent and a little bit of luck, it shouldn't be long before you've managed to remove that label completely from yourself. We say all power to her!

11 Rooney Mara

Okay so now we've hit our first entry on the list that we imagine most of you have already heard of, as Mara already has an illustrious career as an actress, having won some prestigious awards during her time in showbiz and having appeared in some well-received films. She's probably most famous for her appearance in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the film that put her on the map in the first place. From there, she starred in other films such as Her and it doesn't look like she has any plans of stopping while she's ahead. Rather than resting on her laurels, Mara seems to be putting out at least one film a year, if not more. We suppose there'd be no point in stopping while everyone knows her as an actress to keep an eye on!

10 Angela Rypien

This woman has actually managed to achieve a lot during her 27 years on this planet, although that's not to say her famous father didn't have a pretty major influence on that from day one. We know we're being cynical, but it's also being realistic to accept that in this world, there are a lot of ways of getting a step up into doing something you want. Having a rich and famous father is one way. Rypien chose to be a stylist at first, making money by doing the makeup of others, but eventually went on to become a professional athlete just like her father. She plays football in a women's league and is known for her aggressive play. We can't know this for sure, but we bet her dad must be pretty proud of her at this point.

9 Avery Schlereth

While her sister Alexandria took a different approach to life, wanting to express herself through the medium of acting so she could show the world she was more than just a rich daughter, Avery decided this wasn't for her. Instead, her contribution to the world comes in the form of appearing on as many reality television shows as possible. To top it off, she models in racy photoshoots, something we imagine goes against her staunchly Christian father's wishes. Whatever, it's not like the only reason she's famous is that her dad actually did something with his life or anything, so she should be able to do whatever she wants in this world.

8 Meredith Oden

Seriously, why would somebody look at the things their parents have achieved by pushing their body to the limits, turning themselves into one of the most famous athletes in the world through hard work and determination, and then decide become a cheerleader? We're sure there's a lot of cheerleaders right now who are reading this and getting upset but you have to admit that it really doesn't hold a candle to what the rest of the people on the field are doing. Not only that, but cheerleaders are notoriously messed around by the NFL, getting paid much less than their male counterparts, so why would you ever choose to work for them?

7 Sara Kosar

If the name Sara Kosar doesn't ring a bell, maybe Lexxi Silver does. If you haven't already guessed, Silver here has actually spent time as an actress in the adult industry. It's not a surprise that women who crave attention, but probably haven't been handed that much of a talent other than money and looks, would end up turning to the adult industry when you think about it. Where else are they going to get the attention that they want? The only other avenue is taking part in reality television and we're not sure which one we think is worse if we're being honest.

6 Leigh Mayock

Yet another woman who followed her father into the world of sports, Mayock has made a career over the past few years as a sports journalist, having worked for FOX News in the past. Her father continues to be a voice in the NFL having spent his time calling the NFL draft for years now, arguably becoming more known for that than his time in the NFL. It's nice to know that people can see what their parents do and decide they want to follow in their footsteps because they actually enjoy doing so. So many people are forced into the business by their parents, but you know that this woman could've done anything she wanted to with the leg up she was given in life. Despite that, she started working for the NFL.

5 Brittny Gastineau

51196503 Socialite and reality star Brittny Gastineau soaks up some sun in Miami, Florida while enjoying Labor Day with her boyfriend on September 2, 2013. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Socialite is one of those titles that is given to somebody who is in the public eye but has essentially done nothing with their lives or for the world, which is why it's no surprise that Brittny is described as a socialite on her Wikipedia page. Like so many famous daughters before her, she's spent her adult life modelling for people and appearing on reality television, two things that allow people with no talent to appear as if they're doing something. While we're not saying there aren't models with a level of skill and talent that surpasses this woman, it's definitely possible to model with no skill whatsoever in a way that is not seen in other forms of work.

4 Deiondra Sanders

If you had to guess what this woman has spent her life doing after reading the rest of this list, would you guess that she has spent a lot of time reality television? Because if you did, you would be right. Not only that, though, Sanders has decided to throw her hat in the ring of business like so many famous children before her. While we know nothing about her business life, we would imagine that she has done what most people in her situation do and has just thrown her name on a product so that she can make money out of doing nothing. Maybe she hasn't done that, but it would be weird if she was the only famous daughter out there that was actually great at coming up with her own business ideas.

3 Jordin Sparks

One of the three people on this list that you could genuinely argue have made their own name in the world of showbiz outside of the shadow left by their father, Sparks is recognized as a genuine singer and actress. Unlike many people out there who start from a privileged position in the world of showbiz, Sparks supposedly writes a lot of her own songs, which means she deserves a lot more of our attention and respect than some of the other people on this list. She's not just sticking to her standard work though, since she'll be judging Miss America 2018 with Molly Sims and Thomas Rhett. Nice to see that she's not just resting on her laurels like so many others would if they were in her position.

2 Kate Mara

While she has appeared in films in the past, this Mara sister is probably better known for her work on television, specifically her time on 24 and House Of Cards. Do you think it must be hard for the Rooney sisters working in the same business? When the whole family meets up for a holiday, it must feel like they're trying to make sure that the other person doesn't overshadow them. The world of acting is such a hard one. You can be famous and loved one year and then completely forgotten about the next if you're not careful. Hopefully, neither of them will ever have to worry about this happening to them so they can continue having a great career and a good family relationship as well.

1 Rachel Bradshaw

Yet another daughter of an NFL legend that went on to be with an NFL player, although this story ends tragically. Bradshaw's husband sadly passed away, but she hasn't let this stop her. As Terry Bradshaw would tell you, the two were very much in love, which is what he told Jimmy Kimmel when he appeared on his show, but that doesn't mean she's going to stop living. Bradshaw has spent a decade pursuing a career in music, something that she continues to do to this day. While her music may not be for everyone, anybody with an interest in country music would probably benefit from giving her a look. One of the greatest inspirations for art is tragedy and hardship, something that this woman knows a lot about.

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