15 Photos Athletes Don't Want You To See Of Their Daughters

It's a father's job to be protective of their daughter. They can't help it if they find themselves being a little bit overprotective of the girl who used to be their little angel, even once they grow up to become full-fledged women. No type of father is more guilty of being overprotective of their daughter than the father who used to be an athlete, especially the athletes who made it to the pros once upon a time ago. See, athletes are used to dominating and controlling the field they play on. So, naturally, they try their best to control their daughter's lives in the same way once they become fathers. Obviously, this is easier said than done.

In the time of the Internet, especially when daddy's little girl can post a provocative picture online where it stays forever, it becomes even harder for a father to try and micromanage his daughter's life. The best these dads can do is hope they raised their daughters right and prevent them form posting anything scandalous. Unlucky for them, we have seen these pictures and it turns out, there are enough pictures of this nature out in the world that we were able to compile a whole list — go figure.


15 Sierra Pippen — Daughter of Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen is one of the most celebrated basketball players to ever bounce a ball for the NBA. Pip is most fondly remembered for his time with the Chicago Bulls where he earned six NBA titles while on the team. He is one of only four Chicago Bulls players to have their jersey retired after ending their career. Because of Scottie alone, there are plenty of accolades to hold to the Pippen family name. One thing that the Pippen family are not too proud to indulge with the public about is how Scottie's daughter, Sierra, got arrested in 2015 for urinating in a hotel lobby. Sierra Pippen was 20 years old at the time and was already arrested in the same lobby earlier that month for public intoxication.

14 Bianca Gascoigne — Daughter of Paul Gascoigne


Paul Gascoigne is a prolific soccer player who is best remembered as one of the best midfield players to play out of England. Lately, he's seen better days as he has spent the last decade as an alcoholic in and out of rehab, most recently entering rehab in January 2017 after fracturing his skull in a hotel. While Paul Gascoigne continues to battle addiction, his adopted daughter, Bianca, is doing quite well as a model. She has worked as a model for the past 10 years. Since the beginning her career, the 31-year-old has appeared on multiple covers for mainstream magazines, joined the cast of Big Brother, and frequently modeled partially nude, such as this photo of a topless Bianca with her breasts covered by her hair.

13 Charlotte Flair — Daughter of Ric Flair

An argument can be made for Ric Flair being the most iconic and celebrated professional wrestler. A 16-time World Champion, the legendary superstar has become a staple of pop culture and his daughter Charlotte Flair hopes to follow in his esteemed footsteps. Originally, Charlotte had no interest in becoming a professional wrestler, but when her late brother Reid insisted that she try it out, Charlotte has been glued to the sport ever since. In just under 5 years in the sport, she has become a four-time WWE Women's Champ. Her entrance includes the former gymnast doing the splits. Knowing the naughty thoughts of certain male wrestling fans, Ric probably wishes she didn't do that.

12 Angela Rypien — Daughter of Mark Rypien


A sight so nice, they had to add it twice. If we took a second to linger our eyes back up from this woman's backside and to her eye sight, this woman is Angela Rypien. Angela Rypien is the daughter of Mark Rypien. Back in his heyday, Mark Rypien was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Prior to his retirement, Mark Rypien won the Super Bowl MVP award the year of Super Bowl XXVI. It appears as though his daughter, Angela, has decided to follow in her father's footsteps. She herself is a quarterback playing for the all women's Legends Football League. So far in her career, she played for the Seattle Mist in 2011 back when LFL was known as the Lingerie Football League.

11 Kylie Jenner — Daughter of Caitlyn Jenner

Long before she Caitlyn Jenner, this reality-TV star was the world-renowned super athlete Bruce Jenner. As Bruce, Jenner was a decathlete, an Olympic gold medalist, a Wheaties cereal box spokesman, and even a Playgirl cover model. When Jenner later went on to marry Kris, he took responsibility of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob as stepchildren. In addition to that, Jenner had two other children with Kris. Those children grew up to be Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. Both Jenner daughters have entered the modelling game. We can assume Caitlyn wishes people would stop referencing this pic in relation to her daughter solely because Kylie was mercilessly slandered for this pic and accused of culture appropriation for sporting braids.

10 Kendall Jenner — Daughter of Caitlyn Jenner


On the offset, this picture looks innocent compared to most of these pictures where athlete's daughters are in wildly compromising positions, or at the very least, scantily clad. Caitlyn Jenner's daughter, Kendall Jenner, is fully clothed in last season's jeans, holding a trademarked can of Pepsi and getting ready to hand it to a police officer. That is exactly where the problem lies. For those not so savvy to the controversy surrounding this image from last year, or those who may not have the best memory, this image comes from a Pepsi commercial where Kendall Jenner shows up at a race protest, hands some Pepsi to some police officers, and basically ends racism in one fell swoop. The social obliviousness of this ad prompted Pepsi to drop it, but not before social media tortured Kendall Jenner for it.

9 Noelle Foley — Daughter of Mick Foley


Mick Foley is truly worthy of his Hall of Fame status as a professional wrestler. In his nearly 30-year long career, Foley won the WWE Championship, had his ear torn off during a match, was thrown off of a giant cell by The Undertaker, wailed over the head repeatedly by The Rock with a chair, and competed in the main event of WrestleMania. With a career like that, it would be hard for anyone to even try to live up to the expectations of the Foley name. Which explains why his daughter, Noelle, is not in any hurry to kickstart a wrestling career of her own. Instead, she chooses to model and pose in revealing shots like this.


8 Paulina Gretzky — Daughter of Wayne Gretzky


One of the most important and iconic names in all of sports happens to be Wayne Gretzky. No one gets dubbed nicknames like "The Great One" and not be an absolute master of what they do. What Wayne Gretzky did was hockey and he did it superbly well. In the 20 seasons that he played in the NHL, he has more goals and assists than any other player in NHL history, is the only player to make over 200 points in one season, and holds 60 NHL records to this day. His daughter, Paulina Gretzky, is a model and pop singer. And from the looks of this picture here, a heavy partyer, or at least she was once upon a time ago. Don't expect to see this pic hung up anywhere in the Gretzky family household.

7 Avery Schlereth — Daughter of Mark Schlereth

Mark Schlereth is currently a football analyst for Fox Sports, but many years prior, the man was doing big things on the field himself. During a 12-season career that saw him switch back and forth between the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins, he was part of three Super Bowl championship teams. On the day of his 32nd birthday, he won Super Bowl XXXII with the Denver Broncos. His daughter, Avery, is a Los Angeles model best known for her appearances on the dating show Catching Kelce. In one of her more provocative photoshoots, she is seen here sucking the tip of a popsicle. Knowing the kind of idea such an image can provoke in the male mind, her dad probably isn't a fan of this pic.

6 Brooke Hogan — Daughter of Hulk Hogan


An argument can be made for Hulk Hogan being the most important and influential professional wrestler in the history of the sport. It's easy to forget the fact that in light of hearing his racist slurs in the middle of his sex tape, he truly is a major part as to why the WWE is so successful today. With that said, that does not mean that Hulk Hogan has not been problematic in his own right when it comes to things outside of his career. Case in point: The sex tape where he said racist things. Also case in point: This picture where he is getting way too handsy with his own daughter, Brooke. Considering the incest rumors that came out of this pic, Hulk probably regrets even putting sunscreen on his daughter's bum to begin with.

5 Gina Carano — Daughter of Glenn Carano

Gina Carano has made a strong name for herself as a prominent MMA fighter. She was dominating the MMA women's division as their premiere athlete long before Ronda Rousey did. Carano has been making a name for herself for so long, many of us forget (or even lack the knowledge of knowing) that Carano was a big name in sports long before she put on a pair of combat gloves. Before there was Gina Carano, there was her dad, Glenn Carano. Glenn was an NFL quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys for seven seasons and along the way, became a Super Bowl champion. He has to be very proud of everything his daughter has done, although he probably could've done without this pic.

4 Crosby Hull — Daughter of Brett Hull


Brett Hull lived a very prolific life back when he used to play full time in the NHL. He is currently the executive vice president of the St. Louis Blues, but before he earned that position, he played for the team. He also played for several other teams under the NHL sun, and to this day, holds the record for fourth-highest number of goals in NHL history. He also happens to be one of only five men to score 50 goals in 50 games. Brett Hull was the real deal in his profession. In his retirement, he used the free time to raise his three kids, including Crosby Hull, his daughter who is attending the University of Arizona and is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority.

3 Courtney Force — Daughter Of John Force

John Force is one of the more prolific drag racers to ever make a name for himself in NHRA. As a 16-time Funny Car champion with 144 career wins under his belt, John Force is a bonafide legend in this industry. His three daughters were anxious to follow in his footsteps and become drag racers themselves. His daughters in question being Ashley Force Hood, Brittany Force, and of course, Courtney Force. Courtney Force might just be the most successful drag racer among her sisters. In 2014, Courtney even passed one of her sisters as earning the most Funny Car wins by a female driver in NHRA history. No wonder why she earned a well deserved spot on the cover of ESPN's Body Issue, although her dad might've wished she did so without going nude.

2 Brittny Gastineau — Daughter Of Mark Gastineau


From 1979 until 1988, Mark Gastineau worked the defensive line for the New York Jets. His work on the field made him into a 5-time Pro Bowler. To this day, the NFL still considers him one of the very best and fastest pass rushers to ever enter the sport, thanks to his 107 quarterback sacks in just his first 100 starts. At the time of his retirement, he was the NFL's all-time leader in sacks. While his daughter did not follow in his footsteps as an athlete, Brittny Gastineau chose to be a model and reality-TV personality instead. Here she is getting rather intimate with her boyfriend during a trip to the beach; a sight her dad probably wishes would have stayed out of the tabloids.

1 Sara Kosar — Daughter Of Bernie Kosar

Bernie Kosar became famous for winning the Super Bowl when we was with the Dallas Cowboys. His daughter, Sara, on the other hand, became famous for a completely different reason. This right here is a screenshot of an adult film which Sara Kosar appeared in. For a brief time, Sara Kosar pursued a career as an adult-film star. She only appeared in two pornographic films, but they are still out there, and she can be seen working under the name Lexxi Silver. Obviously, Bernie Kosar is not happy about the nature of his daughter's work at all, especially if speculation is to be believed that she was driven to pornography after being stressed out by her father's divorce.



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