15 WWE Divas Who Dislike Each Other In Real Life

The wrestling world is sometimes seen as dog eat dog and more often than not the women are only given a short amount of time on WWE TV, which means that they are all fighting it out for spots in the locker room. Just because these women work together, doesn't mean that they actually like each other, which is why there have been various reports of real-life heat between many female wrestlers over the past few years. Shows like Total Divas have caused even more heat between these women and it could explain why it seems that there aren't as many friends in the locker room as before.

Over the past few decades, there have been a lot of women in the locker room who have been unable to keep their dislike of certain other stars a secret. Sometimes this boils over onto social media and sometimes there can be issues between these women on a live show that will then lead to many members of the WWE Universe working out that there is a problem in real life.

The following list looks at just 15 pairs of women who have been in the WWE locker room over the past few years and have made it public knowledge that they don't like each other. Just because these women have to work closely together, they don't have to like each other. They just have to act professional and civil around one another on WWE TV.

15 Alexa Bliss And Sasha Banks

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Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women's Champion and throughout her reign as Champion over the past few months, it seems that Alexa and Sasha Banks have crossed paths once again.

The former NXT stars have apparently disliked each other since their time in NXT where Sasha had a problem with the fact that Alexa had come to WWE without any prior experience, while she had worked hard to be where she was.

Alexa even confirmed these rumors last year, according to Sportskeeda. There was an incident in NXT where Sasha accidentally broke Alexa's nose. This was the start of a rivalry between the two women that has seen them drop a number of hints on WWE TV. It even cost Banks the Women's Championship when she ranted on Raw Talk about Alexa and was then punished when WWE decided to take the Championship from her a week later. Right now the women are in different feuds, but when they come together their real-life heat definitely helps to build a good rivalry.

14 Nia Jax And Maryse

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Nia Jax is a former NXT superstar and someone who has come through the ranks in WWE to be where she is on the main roster.

Maryse was one of the lucky women who were able to bypass a lot of the hard work and get to WWE though the annual Diva Search a number of years ago.

Maryse and Jax are currently both stars of Total Divas. According to ProWrestling.com, as part of a backstage segment a few months ago, Maryse was offended when Jax asked her if she had ever been in a gauntlet match. Nia wasn't trying to offend Maryse she was just asking for some help ahead of her match, but this started something of a feud since Maryse was upset that people thought that she wasn't part of the Women's Revolution. She only returned to WWE in 2016 and has wrestled once, so you can't argue with Nia's logic.

13 Lita And Melina

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Lita is a former four-time Women's Champion and despite the scandals that Lita was part of when she was part of the WWE locker room, she was seen as quite a laid-back person in real-life, which is why it came as a shock when it was reported by PWPIX.com that it was Lita who threw Melina out of the Women's Locker Room. It seems that Melina's ego became too much for even Lita to put up with and she gave the former Champion her marching orders.

Melina was later allowed back in since Lita retired from WWE not long afterward, but Lita and Melina have yet to patch up their differences.

Lita left WWE back in 2006 but has returned a number of times since while Melina was released a few years later and hasn't been asked to return to the company in the years that have followed.

12 Sunny And Ashley Massaro

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Sunny was the original WWE Diva but ever since her last WWE appearance when she was part of the WrestleMania 25 Women's Battle Royal, Sunny has had a number of issues outside of the ring and has stooped to some low levels to earn money. According to Wrestling Inc, Sunny and Ashley ended up in a Twitter feud a few years ago after Ashley got her hands on some images of Sunny from a Skype session she had with a fan and posted them publicly.

Sunny revealed that Ashley had been working as an escort before she was hired by WWE after she won the 2005 Diva Search and this then started a back and forth between the two women who were attempting to one-up each other. There is definitely no love lost between these two women, who have both been away from WWE TV for almost a decade.

11 Paige And Lana

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Paige was the first ever NXT Women's Champion and is seen as one of the women who kick-started the Women's Revolution in WWE during her time in NXT. Paige and Lana crossed paths a number of times during their time together in NXT but they weren't friends.

According to eWrestlingNews.com, Lana once posted publicly on Twitter that Paige had bullied her while she was in NXT, which was a shock to many fans, but Paige wasn't affected by Lana's outburst and accused the former dancer of trying to get herself a storyline. The two women have never seen eye to eye since then and are now on separate brands, which was probably the best option for them. Lana could have learned a lot from Paige when she was training to be a wrestler a few years ago but instead, their relationship turned sour quite early on and still hasn't been fixed.

10 Maria And Nikki Bella

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Maria and Nikki Bella may both have come to WWE through the Diva Search and both be currently part of WWE, but the two women have never seen eye to eye because it was reported by Bleacher Report that Maria had the audacity to dance with Nikki's boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler even though he and Maria were friends at the time.

Nikki apparently approached Maria, tapped her on the shoulder and asked her what she thought she was doing dancing with her boyfriend.

This then led to a number of issues between Maria and Nikki which included Nikki sabotaging the former stars return to the company back in 2012, but Maria has been able to return to the company now and recently announced the arrival of her daughter Fredrica. Nikki and Maria haven't crossed paths since her return, so it's unknown if the two have fixed their differences.

9 Melina And Candice Michelle

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Melina had a lot of backstage heat on her throughout her WWE run because she was said to have had a huge ego that was a problem for many of the other women. Melina had her own issues with the other women as well, including a well-publicized problem with former model Candice Michelle. According to PWInsider.com, the issues between the two women stem back to Candice Michelle posing for Hugh Hefner's famous magazine and the fact that Melina believed that Candice was only where she was because of her looks.

Candice was learning to wrestle at the time, but Melina felt threatened by her.

The two had a number of blogs on WWE.com that were aimed at criticizing the other until it seems that Candice hit a nerve and WWE pulled it from the site because they wanted Melina to focus on her on-screen rivalry with Ashley. This is another feud that was never patched up.

8 Maryse And Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella has climbed the ranks in WWE over the past few years and will always be known as the longest reigning Divas Champion thanks to the boost that dating John Cena has done for her, but Nikki had to step on a few people to get to where she is and one of those people was Maryse.

According to Bleacher Report, Maria, Nikki Bella, Maryse and Brie Bella were all set to resign contracts with WWE back in 2012 but they all decided to hold off and wait for the company to offer them more.

Nikki and Brie then went behind their friend's backs and signed contracts while also guaranteeing that Maryse couldn't return to the company, which didn't go down to well with Maryse.

The former Champion has since returned to WWE and had quite the confrontation with Brie Bella on Total Divas when the two women decided to air their differences.

7 Christy Hemme And Stephanie McMahon

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Christy Hemme won the first ever televised WWE Diva Search and seemed to be heavily pushed by WWE following her win, which included a match against Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21 the following year. Despite her popularity, Hemme was shockingly released from her contract not long afterward and she then went on to switch over to TNA.

According to PWPIX.comher release reported that Hemme and Vince McMahon or the Diva Search winner and Triple H had become much closer than friends backstage and Stephanie had found out about it and this is why Hemme was released from the company so quickly. She went on to make a career for herself in TNA, but she has never been asked to return to WWE, which shows that there must have been more to her release then meets the eye, but nothing has ever been officially confirmed by the McMahon family.

6 Sunny And Sable

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Sunny and Sable are widely considered to be two of the first WWE Divas but they were also two women who were on opposite sides of their own war. According to Wrestling Inc, Sunny revealed in an interview back in 2013 that she and Sable had a lot of heat in the locker room but this wasn't a case of professional jealousy; it was because Sunny believed that Sable really wasn't a nice person.

She stated that Sable once told her that she was happy that her husband had passed because it allowed her to meet Marc Mero and then become a WWE Diva. It seems that this was too much for Sunny to take since Sable had an eight-year-old daughter from her first marriage and because this comment struck a nerve she decided that she was going to stay away from the former Women's Champion in the future.

5 Natalya And Summer Rae

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Natalya and Summer Rae had quite an epic feud throughout Total Divas after Summer was disrespectful to Natalya and even showed up at her house so that she could slap her on her doorstep.

Summer didn't make a lot of friends throughout her stint in WWE and this could have been one of the main reasons why the company avoided bringing her back to TV for so long.

According to E! News, her issue with Natalya stemmed from the beginning of Total Divas and Summer's lack of respect for the other women. She later went on to annoy Brie Bella so much that she was the only female wrestler in the company that wasn't invited to her wedding in 2014 because she didn't like being around her and wasn't a fan of the way she was acting around Natalya. Summer is probably happy to be away from the pressure cooker that is referred to as the WWE locker room.

4 Nikki Bella And AJ Lee

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Nikki Bella rose through the ranks in the Women's Division to the point where she was the one who dethroned AJ Lee back in 2014 to then become the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. These two women were not only huge rivals on-screen but they hated each other off screen as well.

It was reported by E! News that AJ wasn't a fan of what The Bella Twins represented along with the Total Divas following, which was something she tried to fight against throughout her career in WWE. Nikki and AJ took a number of shots at each other as part of promos where Nikki talked about AJ's lack of title defences, while AJ then told The Bellas that talent wasn't something that they could gain from their boyfriends. The heat on AJ was one of the reasons why the former Divas Champion walked away from the company in 2015 and allowed The Bella Twins to then take over.

3 Maria And Melina

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Maria and Melina are two women who clashed a number of times when they were both wrestling for WWE, but their feud could have been a classic case of a rivalry that managed to spill out into their real lives. According to Bleacher Report, after Maria left WWE, she did a number of interviews where she didn't have a nice thing to say about Melina.

Maria stated that Melina was not very nice backstage and would actually hold meetings with the women in the locker room to state who she thought should date who.

She also revealed that Melina wasn't a very good worker and spent most of her career trying to outdo Mickie James as well as telling the other women that they were only allowed to do certain moves in the ring. Maybe there's a reason why Melina hasn't been asked to return to WWE in the past few years.

2 Becky Lynch And Liv Morgan

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Liv Morgan was promoted to the main roster back in November as part of The Riott Squad and it seems that because Liv hasn't been in the business for very long, she has made a number of mistakes. One of these mistakes happened a few months ago when Liv was owned on Twitter by Becky Lynch. According to IWNerd.com, her wrestling skills came into play when Lynch remarked that the fans walked out when The Riott Squad walked in before Liv then responded that she cringed when Becky screamed her "Straight Fire" catchphrase.

Becky ended the conversation when she told Liv that everyone cringes when she wrestles, much to the delight of her best friend Charlotte Flair.

Needless to say, there is no love lost between these two women, which could be why both groups of women have been able to have such a believable feud over the past few months.

1 Charlotte Flair And Paige

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There was once a time when Charlotte Flair and Paige were the best of friends and two thirds of PCB alongside Becky Lynch, but it seems that this friendship came to an end when Paige revealed that she was in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio in the spring of 2016. According to Give Me Sport, it was reported that Charlotte had been in a secret relationship with ever since he returned to the company the year before.

Paige was suspended from WWE a few months later and was off TV for more than a year, which allowed Charlotte to become the standout star in the Women's Division. Even though Paige has returned, it's interesting to note that the women are on opposite brands and are never seen together outside of the company, implying they probably haven't put their issues behind them, which is a shame because they once worked well together.

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