15 Of The Strangest Unsolved Mysteries And Urban Legends In WWE History

As with many businesses, wrestling is a world where people rarely tell the truth and speculation about certain events spreads like wildfire. WWE, in particular, is a place where many urban legends have begun and still, it seems that years later the WWE Universe are no closer to finding out the truth behind these mysteries.

Podcasts are helpful nowadays because they allow many superstars to talk openly about their careers and about many of these mysteries that have been plaguing the business for a number of years. The real person that the WWE Universe needs to hear from is Vince McMahon and it seems that he is no closer to revealing the company's secrets than he was a few decades ago.

There are a number of differing stories from many different sources when it comes to some of these mysteries, but the one person that could finally reveal the truth is the patriarch of the McMahon family, but it seems that he is not open to talking about them.

Without someone like The WWE Chairman to finally lift the lid on the real secrets of the company, it leaves the WWE Universe to speculate about what the truth behind many of these mysteries, that are no dubbed urban legends, could really be.

The following list looks at 15 of the strangest, unsolved urban legends and mysteries that have plagued the business over the past few years, and if they are any closer to being solved now then they were a few years ago


15 Stephanie McMahon And Randy Savage

It is perhaps the best-known WWE urban legend of all time, but it is still one that remains unsolved. Did it actually happen? Did Randy Savage manage to seduce a 17-year-old Stephanie McMahon and when her father Vince later found out he then refused to let him return to WWE?

Is this the real reason it took Macho Man Randy Savage so long to be put into the Hall of Fame or is this just another story that has been created based on pure speculation? If the story was completely false then the McMahon family would have already denied it by now, but the fact that the family was reported to have been ready to address rumors in a DVD that was never made a few years ago, says all that it needs to say about this one. It seems that there could actually be some truth behind it, which is not that shocking for WWE.

14 Was There More Than One Kane?


One of the biggest rumors to ever come out of WWE concerns one of the men who has been around the company now for more than two decades. While there was once an imposter Kane and an imposter Undertaker, and there was even the time when Undertaker dressed up as Kane. But there are apparently reports that at one point there was someone else who was portraying The Big Red Machine on WWE TV.

It is thought that Glen Jacobs, who also portrayed Fake Diesel and Isaac Yankem in his early WWE career, wasn't the only person who portrayed Kane while he still wore a mask. This comes from many members of the WWE Universe who think that Kane was once much taller and when he used to wear a mask he had long hair, something that Kane didn't have when he was eventually unmasked. It's not something that anyone has ever really questioned Glenn Jacobs about, but it would be interesting to see his take on the subject.

13 Bruce Hart And The Child

This is an urban legend that has been born out of the fact that it seems that two members of the Hart Family can't actually get their stories straight. It seems that Diana Hart wrote in her book entitled Under The Mat, that her brother Bruce had gotten one of his students pregnant back when he worked as a substitute teacher. The girl was just 14 years old at the time and Bruce then went on to marry her.

Bruce's actual autobiography called Straight From The Hart actually states that it was love at first sight and he met Andrea when she helped him change a car tire. It is reported that Diana didn't like Andrea very much because she ran off with her husband Davey Boy Smith shortly before his death, and this could be the main reason why she would write something like this. The truth is thought to have been that Andrea actually became pregnant when she was just 16 and he was 33 years old.

12 Vince McMahon And Christian


Christian managed to have quite a lengthy and successful WWE career before he announced his retirement last year, and while Christian is perhaps best remembered for his Tag Team Championship days alongside Edge, he is still recognized as a former World Champion in his own right so he definitely managed to climb his way up through the company.

It is reported that despite the amount of success that Christian had in WWE, Vince McMahon didn't actually like the way he looked. According to a former WWE writer, Vince McMahon wanted to put a blue dot over Christian's face whenever he was on WWE TV because he thought he looked "ratty." Vince appeared on the Edge and Christian Show back in 2016 and even joked about the historic rumor. JBL even commented about it on WWE TV as well, so it seems highly likely that this is something that Vince said and now he sees the error of his ways.

11 Mae Young And The Fabulous Moolah

Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah were pioneers of Women's Wrestling. They paved the path for many of the women who are now seen on a weekly basis as part of WWE TV. But that doesn't mean that Mae and Moolah don't have their own fair share of urban legends floating around.

One of the strangest is that fact that many stars who worked closely with the duo stated that they were much closer than friends. At one point before her death, Moolah and Mae were actually living together and helping to take care of each other. It's quite cute that even when the two women got much older, they were still there for each other and looked after each other. It was quite well known that Moolah was actually bisexual when she was part of the wrestling circuit and throughout her wrestling career so this one could actually be true.

10 Wrestlers Will Defecate In Anything


There are a number of rumors that can all be put together into this one section of the list and that looks at the fact that apparently, wrestlers will defecate anywhere except the actual toilet that they are supposed to go into.

There's the famous story about Randy Orton deciding to relieve himself in former WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen's gym bag, and she seemingly didn't have anything nice to say about him after this, but he had maintained his innocence. Way before Orton forgot where the toilets were, it seems that members of The Kliq made this a fun activity backstage and one member of the group was said to have defecated in Sunny's Chinese order, while another decided to take his beef with Jerry "The King" Lawler a step further by using his crown as a toilet as well. It seems highly likely that all of these are true, some of the things that wrestlers would do to each other backstage in the 90s were absolutely disgusting, and this doesn't' even scratch the surface.

9 The Stories About The Fabulous Moolah

Moolah will always be remembered as the longest reigning Women's Champion in the history of the company as well as the first ever WWF Champion. For someone who named herself after the money that she was hoping she would make from the wrestling business, it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise that many former wrestlers have claimed that they were financially and sexually exploited by the former Women's Champion.

Moolah opened a training school for women in the 1950s and it is stated that many women have come forward over the past few years and stated that Moolah took a lot of money from them and even used many of the women that she trained as sex objects when it came to adding them to shows. Many women stated that they had to do "personal favors" before they were even allowed to appear on shows. Other reports suggest that other women who were part of her school were raped, drugged and controlled by her which is why she had such a death grip on female wrestling for so many years.  This is the real reason WWE didn't name their recent tournament after Moolah and instead opted to honor Mae.


8 Lita's Early Training


Lita is considered to be one of the best female wrestlers of all time and is a four-time Women's Champion in her own right, but it seems that there is a lot of talk about how Lita actually made her way over to WWE.

Lita was relatively inexperienced in a wrestling ring and after being inspired by Rey Mysterio, she decided to travel to Mexico and learn to be a wrestler. Lita didn't have any money when she moved to Mexico and stated in her autobiography that she paid for her training by being a dancer in a nightclub, but there are a number of stories circulating about the former Women's Champion that state that she paid for her training by having sex with the men who would train her. Lita's speech at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony seemed to make fans ever more convinced of this, but it's something that the fans will perhaps never know the truth about.

7 JBL's Hazing

The recent reports about JBL's bullying of fellow commentator Mauro Ranallo seem to have opened many of the WWE fans' eyes to what the former WWE Champion is actually capable of, considering the fact that there are many stories about his backstage hazing that many people refused to believe.

There are a number of stories that talk about just how far JBL was willing to go with many of these hazing rituals, with him even reportedly soaping up a number of wrestlers in the shower, including Shannon Moore and WWE Hall of Famer Edge. JBL was also said to have been one of the main instigators when it came to wrestlers court and caused a lot of problems backstage in his early career. Although, there was one person who did stand up to him after months of putting up with his bullying and that would be the fantastic Joey Styles.

6 Was There More than One Ultimate Warrior?


Ultimate Warrior finally took his place in the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2014 just days before his sudden passing, but it seems that the former Champion had finally been able to build bridges with a number of WWE stars before he passed away.

That being said, one of the strangest urban legends in WWE history states that the original Ultimate Warrior actually passed away and so WWE hired a lookalike and he is the one that the WWE Universe later became familiar with. It is thought that The Ultimate Warrior that left WWE back in 1991 and didn't return in 1992, because it was a completely different person. The main reason behind this theory is the fact that Warrior looked different after a year away from the ring, too different for WWE fans to believe that he was the same person. This one has to be the most unlikely one on the list. Surely fans would know if Warrior was different.

5 Vince McMahon And Christy Hemme

Vince McMahon doesn't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to the women in WWE. Vince has been linked with just about every female who has stepped through those ropes, but it seems that his links to Christy Hemme have been the ones that have followed him for a number of years.

Christy Hemme won the 2004 Raw Diva Search and it seems that not only did she earn a lot of money in her rookie year with WWE, something that managed to annoy fellow Diva Victoria, but it was also stated that there was a reason why Christy's release from the company came from out of nowhere back in 2005. It is thought that Stephanie McMahon found out that her father and the former TNA Knockout were embroiled in an affair and she forced him to push her out of the door to stop the family feeling the shame of his actions. WWE states that budget cuts were the reason for her dismissal, but it seems that this could be much deeper.

4 Shawn Michaels Sabotaging The Rock


The Rock and Shawn Michaels are two of the biggest stars that WWE has ever created. While The Rock moved on to a career outside of WWE, Shawn Michaels remained part of the company and only retired a few short years ago.

Many of the WWE Universe have wondered why Michaels and The Rock were never able to have a rivalry, despite there being time in Michaels' second WWE run for the duo to work together. It seems that the idea was actually pitched but The Rock flat out refused to work with Michaels. Apparently, Michaels attempted to sabotage Rock in his early days in WWE and he still held a grudge. Bret Hart even mentioned the fact that Triple H and Michaels attempted to destroy Rock's career in his book, so it is likely that The Rock was the main reason that fans never got to see this historic showdown.

3 The Montreal Screwjob Was A Work

The Montreal Screwjob is legendary in WWE circles, it seems that back at Survivor Series in Canada in 1997 when Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart for the WWE Championship, this was a real incident because Vince McMahon didn't want Bret to take the title with him to WCW. It was an event that caused a rift between all three men for a number of years, but it is now thought that it was all a work.

There are a few names in wrestling who seem to think that it was all a work, mostly because it allowed Bret Hart to head over to WCW as one of the hottest names in the business. It also allowed Vince McMahon to become a heel character in WWE and many state that it's rather convenient that there was a camera crew of Bret's waiting to film his reaction to the entire scenario and when it was released WWE didn't have any problems with it. It all does seem somewhat convenient.

2 Sid And The Squirrel


Sycho Sid was definitely a strange star both in and out of the ring, and it seems that while he was on the road with WWE, he decided that it would be entertaining to take a squirrel with him. Obviously, many of the other men on the road with him found out about his traveling companion and dared Sid to put the squirrel down his pants for one minute.

There was a reason Sid was called a psycho and obviously, he took the bet. The squirrel was only down his pants for a number of seconds before it managed to do what everyone knew it would and poor Sid was then rushed to the hospital and forced to undergo emergency surgery following the stunt. Not the smartest thing he has ever done and definitely not something he would ever admit to either, but it's likely that this one is true.

1 Vince McMahon And Shawn Michaels

Vince McMahon may have been linked with a number of female wrestlers over the past few years, but that has nothing on the link that the WWE Universe has made between The Chairman and the former WWE Champion.

It seems that the duo was quite close for a number of years and even Bret Hart has claimed that Michaels and McMahon were in a homosexual relationship at some point during his career. This could explain why Michaels was able to get away with as much as he did in WWE in the 90s. Michaels was untouchable, unless you were The Chairman. It is a theory, it could just be the fact that Shawn and Vince were friends and they respected each other, or Vince saw Michaels' potential even when Michaels himself didn't. But Bret Hart's confession has seemingly opened the doors to much more speculation about an actual relationship between them.


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