15 Of The Most Unlikely Real-Life Couples That Wrestling Created And Destroyed

Wrestling isn't like a regular job; wrestlers can't clock off at 5 pm and go home and see their family. They are on the road for around 300 days a year, which means they often miss Christmas and birthdays with their family, because WWE never has an offseason.

Many WWE superstars decide to get married before they join WWE, whilst others seek company with the stars that they are on the road with, because it seems like a much easier option.

Of course, this isn't always the case, the likes of Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy, and Carmella and Big Cass were split up during the WWE draft. This means that even though they are a couple both working for WWE, they rarely have time to see each other because they have different traveling schedules.

WWE has pushed together some of the most unlikely couples over the past few years, couples that could only have ended up together because they are forced to spend long periods of time in the same kind of proximity. Superstars that have nothing but wrestling in common have decided to try the dating game and it seems that it is much harder than they expected it to be.

Many of these relationships are ones that are developed out of convenience. Because they were working together so closely, they thought that the obvious next step was a relationship. Bearing this in mind, it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise that many of these didn't last very long and some actually ended in tears.

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15 Emma And Zack Ryder

via: cagesideseats.com

Emma is currently part of Raw's Women's Division and competes for the Raw Women's Championship next Sunday night at No Mercy, but like many other superstars on the current main roster, Emma made her way to WWE through NXT.

Whilst Emma was performing for NXT, Zack Ryder was moved back down to the NXT roster to create The Hype Bros with Mojo Rawley, and it seems that is where the duo first began dating. Emma and Ryder were one of many WWE couples who were split up during the WWE draft last summer, and even though Emma was out with a back injury at the time, and Ryder later joined her on the injured list a few months later, the couple were unable to continue the romance that began in NXT. Ryder has recently updated a number of images with his new girlfriend Chelsea Green, showing that his relationship with Emma is definitely over.

14 Velvet Sky And Chris Sabin

via: cattieswomenswrestling.wordpress.com

Velvet Sky has recently been rumored to be another wrestler making her way from TNA over to WWE to join in on the current Women's Revolution. As well as being one of the most attractive female wrestlers in the world, it seems that Velvet also has quite the dating history and a very public breakup with former TNA superstar Chris Sabin.

Velvet and Sabin looked like the perfect couple during their time together in TNA, and even had a sanctioned match against each other at one point, but it seems that Velvet had her head turned by another TNA based superstar. Tag Team legend Bubba Ray Dudley stepped in and somehow managed to steal Velvet away from Sabin, and the current Ring of Honor superstar didn't take to well to Velvet cheating on her with one-half of The Dudley Boys, so the duo later decided to air their problems publicly on Twitter.

13 Taryn Terrell And Drew McIntyre

via: allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Taryn Terrell is perhaps best remembered by the WWE Universe for her time as Tiffany when ECW was rebranded under WWE's umbrella. Current NXT Champion Drew McIntyre met Taryn when she was performing for WWE, and he proposed in 2009, with the couple marrying a year later in May 2010.

It seems that the cute couple didn't work out as well when they were married, since it was reported less than a year later that Taryn had filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2011. At the time, Taryn was performing for TNA and Drew was still with WWE, which could have created a number of problems when it came to their travel schedules. Both stars have since moved on with Drew marrying long-term partner Kaitlyn Frohnapfel back in December, and Taryn going on to marry motorcyclist and stuntman Joseph Dryden in 2015.

12 Melina And John Morrison

via: wrestlingmedia.org

Melina and John Morrison worked together for a number of years as part of MNM before it was revealed that they had been dating ever since they met on the set of Tough Enough a few years before. Melina was part of a cheating scandal with Batista in 2006, but it was later stated that Melina and Morrison were on a break at the time, so they managed to fix their relationship afterward.

Following their respective departures from WWE, Melina and Morrison continued to date but were said to have quite a toxic relationship. It is unknown how they managed to last together as long as they did, but when Melina posted a picture of Morrison's medical prescription online, which confirmed that he needed tablets to help with erectile dysfunction, it seems that this was the final straw. Morrison has moved on and got engaged to fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie earlier this year.

11 Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

via: gramunion.com

Enzo Amore has recently been moved over to 205 Live following an injury to his former Tag Team partner Big Cass, which has left him without a feud on Monday Night Raw. Enzo first came through the ranks in NXT, which is where his former girlfriend Liv Morgan now performs in the Women's Division.

Enzo and Liv once worked together at Hooters before The Certified G helped Liv to get a tryout with WWE, and the two have been quietly dating over the past year. Recently, it was revealed that the fact that the couple was stuck on two separate brands with separate travelling schedules came between them. Furthermore, Enzo was spending much of his spare time in strip clubs, and there were then rumours that he had cheated on the former waitress. Liv recently updated her Twitter to state that she is now single, even though there are rumours that she has started dating former United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate.

10 Dolph Ziggler And Dana Brooke

via: pinterest.co.uk

Dana Brooke is currently part of the Raw Women's Division, but she is taking some time away from WWE right now following the death of her boyfriend Dallas McCarver. Dana's first relationship when she signed for WWE was with fellow WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler. The couple met when Dolph came down to work for NXT for a while, and it seems their love of fitness bonded them for a while.

Dana was drafted to Monday Night Raw as part of the WWE draft and Dolph was sent to SmackDown Live. It seems that this was another couple casualty from the WWE draft, since they were unable to remain together after being split up. Dana moved on to date fellow bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, while Dolph has been focusing on his career in recent months as rumors begin to surface about The Showoff finally hanging up his wrestling boots after more than a decade.

9 Angelina Love And Davey Richards

via: youtube.com

Angelina Love found fame as one of The Beautiful People in Impact Wrestling, alongside Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Whilst working in TNA, Angelina met former Ring of Honor World Champion Davey Richards and the couple began dating before they announced their engagement in 2015.

Angelina and Davey married in June 2015 and later announced that they were expecting their first child. Angelina asked for her release from GFW last month but still continues to wrestle on the Independent Circuit, whilst her husband Davey parted ways with GFW back in June after he decided that he wanted to become a doctor. It has been speculated that the couple has decided to go their separate ways, as they haven't been seen together for a number of months and brush over the topic of their relationship in interviews, which many wrestling fans have picked up on in recent months.

8 Paige And Alberto Del Rio

via: metronews.ca

Perhaps the most talked about wrestling couple in the business over the past few years, Paige and Alberto Del Rio, were thrown together when Del Rio returned to WWE back in October 2015. Del Rio was still married when Paige publicly announced that they were an item in early 2016.

Both superstars were suspended from WWE back in the summer of 2016 before Del Rio was released from his contract. Paige was then part of a sex tape scandal, and the couple was then arrested after an incident at an airport earlier this year. There were a number of reports that stated that the couple often fought backstage at wrestling show tapings so it didn't come as much of a surprise when the couple went their separate ways back in June. Paige is now working on returning to WWE following her neck surgery, in the hope that she can put the past year behind her and get back to doing what she does best.

7 Bram And Charlotte Flair

via: heavy.com

Charlotte is The Queen in WWE, but on top of following in her father's footsteps when it comes to her in-ring work, it also seems that Ric Flair's daughter has also had quite an interesting personal life as well. Charlotte had already been married and divorced before she met TNA superstar Bram whilst the duo were both part of NXT, and the couple later married in 2013.

Bram and Charlotte obviously didn't work out, and she was divorced for a second time in 2015 amidst rumors that Bram had abused one of his girlfriends, even though it was never confirmed if this was Charlotte. The former Raw Women's Champion later moved on to date Alberto Del Rio, before he chose to be in a relationship with Paige over Charlotte. Bram was arrested for domestic battery, but although he was released from jail in September 2015, all charges were later dropped and it seems that Bram has since continued to focus on his wrestling career.

6 Robbie E And Brooke Adams

via: youtube.com

Brooke Adams was part of WWE's Diva Search back in 2006, but after the competition was won by Layla, Brooke was still signed to WWE and sent to their ECW roster. Brooke later left the company and became known as Miss Tessmacher in Impact Wrestling. It was whilst she was in TNA that she met Robbie E and the two began an affair.

Robbie E was married when the couple first met, and he left his wife for Brooke when the couple went on to compete as part of The Amazing Race. When they didn't win the competition, the holes in their relationship finally began to show and Robbie then went back to his wife, who has since had twins. The duo had bad blood for a while and aired a lot of their dirty laundry on social media, which forced TNA to put them in a feud against each other, and the feud turned out terribly. Brooke has since gone on to marry as well and recently announced the arrival of her son, Jace.

5 Luke Gallows And Amber O'Neal

via: cagesideseats.com

Luke Gallows is currently part of WWE's Raw roster as one-half of The Club, alongside Karl Anderson. Whilst wrestling allowed Gallows to meet his former wife Amber O'Neal when the duo were both part of New Japan Pro wrestling together, it seems that wrestling has also ripped the couple apart.

Gallows came over to WWE back in 2016, and it is thought that one segment on WWE TV between Gallows, Anderson, and Dana Brooke ended up costing him his marriage. Brooke and Amber later had an awkward exchange on Twitter where Amber referred to Brooke as "Miss Piggy" before it was later reported that the couple had divorced. It seems that Amber being left back in Japan whilst Gallows was performing for WWE miles away in America was never a solid foundation for a relationship to begin with.

4 Seth Rollins And Zahra Schreiber

via: youtube.com

Seth Rollins is perhaps one of the best-known wrestlers in the world right now as a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and one-half of the current Raw Tag Team Champions, along with Dean Ambrose. Back in 2015, when Rollins was Mr. Money in the Bank, things were quite different.

It was discovered that Rollins was having an affair with NXT star Zahra Schreiber whilst he was engaged to his long-time girlfriend Leighla Shultz. Rollins decided to break up with his fiancee and continue his relationship with Zahra for another year following the scandal, but in February 2016 it was revealed that the couple had gone their separate ways, after Zahra was released from WWE and Rollins had been out of action following a knee injury. Rollins has since moved on to date a woman called Sarah who doesn't have a connection to the wrestling business, whilst Zahra now works as a merch girl for Chris Jericho's band Fozzy.

3 Bobby Lashley And Kristal Marshall

via: tedxzagreb.info

Bobby Lashley is a former ECW World Champion and was part of WWE before he went on to really make a name for himself in TNA. Kristal Marshall was another woman who came to WWE through the Diva Search and was later part of the SmackDown Women's Division.

Bobby Lashley and Kristal began dating before Lashley left and joined TNA. The couple even appeared on TNA TV together for a while, and they have two children together. It seems that the couple couldn't make their relationship work outside of wrestling since Kristal tweeted that the couple had gone their separate ways in 2010. Lashley wanted to focus on an MMA career, which is why the storyline that used the duo as a couple was ended so quickly by TNA.

2 Alicia Fox And Wade Barrett

via wrestlingforum.com

Alicia Fox is considered to be a veteran in WWE after being with the company for more than a decade, and she is a former WWE Divas Champion. Alicia joined the cast of Total Divas in their third season and has since been able to share much of her personal life with the WWE Universe.

Alicia once dated former King of The Ring Wade Barrett, but it seems that the couple was too different to have a future together. Wade confirmed on an episode of Total Divas that he didn't see himself having a future with Alicia and that was why he decided to end their relationship. Wade has since left WWE so that he can concentrate on his acting career, whilst Alicia has remained part of WWE on its 205 Live brand. It seems that Alicia's luck in her personal life hasn't changed either, since she was taken off Total Divas and replaced by many of the next NXT stars recently.

1 Mickie James And Kenny Dykstra

via slam.canoe.com

Mickie James made her return to WWE back in January and has since played an integral part in the Women's Division on both Raw and SmackDown Live. Mickie is a former Women's and Divas Champion in WWE and also had a lengthy stint in TNA, where she is a former Knockout's Champion.

During her first stint in WWE back in 2005, she began dating spirit squad member Kenny Dykstra, and the couple later got engaged. Mickie was then reported to have had an affair with former WWE Champion John Cena, and when Kenny found out about the affair, he overreacted and this was one of the main reasons he was released from WWE. Mickie has been able to move on from this and married TNA star Magnus back in December 2015 and the couple have a son together. Kenny still blames Cena for ruining his career and seemingly hasn't been able to move on from the incident that happened almost a decade ago.

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