15 Of The Most Messed-Up Relationships In WWE History

We can't help but wonder how these relationships even happened in the first place.

When men and women are forced to work closely together for more than 300 days a year both travelling and backstage, sometimes they create friendships and even find a way to begin relationships. Obviously, many of these relationships are born out of convenience because these stars are unable to return home and see their own families for long periods of time, so this seems like the best option for them. This is the case for many relationships that have started in WWE and while some of them have been able to last, there aren't many that could not be considered toxic or even destructive when we look at the superstars who decided to latch themselves onto each other.

At their very core, WWE superstars are competitive on a level that the WWE Universe will probably never fully understand. It means that they see competition in everything that they do, which includes their personal life. The internet has added a new dimension to many of these relationships since the couples can now air their dirty laundry online for the world to see as well. It seems that there is nothing stopping many of these relationships from self-destructing and in the end, someone will always get hurt.

The following list looks at 15 of the most messed-up relationships in WWE history, the ones where many fans questioned how the stars had remained together for as long as they had, or how they managed to forgive each other for the things that they had put each other through.

15 Sunny And Shawn Michaels


It was one of the worst kept secrets in wrestling for many years, but Sunny and Shawn Michaels' relationship was something that went on to not only affect their careers but the lives of a number of friends who were dragged into their issues as well.

It's hard not to feel bad for Chris Candido throughout, even though Sunny claims that she was partially separated from her long-term boyfriend before her relationship with Michaels ever began. Michaels and Sunny went to such lengths to hide their indiscretions that Michaels even accused Bret Hart of having an affair with the WWE Hall of Famer, something that had a knock-on effect when it comes to his marriage. Michaels and Sunny were both heavily under the influence of various substances throughout their union but it seems that Sunny will always hold a candle to Michaels and wish that the relationship was much longer than it actually was.

14 Diana Hart And Davey Boy Smith


Diana Hart may have been a member of The Hart Family, but she wasn't one that became a wrestler. Instead, she decided to marry into the business when she met The British Bulldog. While there are moments of their marriage that made it seem like any other union between two friends, Diana revealed the details of what it was like to live with the former Champion in her autobiography that was written shortly before his death and following their divorce.

In the book, Diana claims that Davey was abusive to her and even used a suplex on her on one occasion while also stating that she believes she was once drugged and assaulted by her own husband. There are also the allegations concerning Sunny and Davey from a time when he was still married to Diana, which show that there was much more to this marriage than meets the eye.

13 Chyna And X-Pac


X-Pac was seemingly the rebound that Chyna was looking for after her split with WWE COO Triple H. When she was released from the company back in 2001, she was struggling with a drug addiction, which led her straight to her former DX teammate.

The couple obviously had differing relationships with Triple H, but that didn't prevent them from remaining together for a number of years and even releasing their own private tape, which then opened the door for Chyna to make a career in adult entertainment. There were a number of issues in their relationship and this was highlighted in 2005 when Chyna was arrested for allegedly attacking her boyfriend, which then led to their split. Even after their break up, they seemed to still be connected with X-Pac being part of The Surreal Life when he tried to reconnect with his former girlfriend, even though she had already decided that she had moved on.

12 Sunny And Chris Candido


Sunny was one of the most attractive female wrestlers of her generation, but it seems that her looks hid something more sinister inside. Considered to be the first ever WWE Diva, Sunny made her way to WWE alongside her long-time boyfriend Chris Candido and it seems that this was one of his biggest mistakes.

Sunny was seduced by the wrestling experience which led to a number of affairs behind her boyfriends back, ones that many of his friends knew about and were then forced to lie to him about where she was. There was one incident that became public knowledge a few years ago when it was revealed that Candido was once waiting for Sunny at the bar while she was busy with another wrestler in a room close by. It seems that Candido's career also suffered because of Sunny's personal problems, which left his wrestling career in a mess before his passing in 2005.

11 John Morrison And Melina


John Morrison and Melina met when they were both part of Tough Enough, a few years before they made their official WWE debut alongside Joey Mercury as MNM. Melina led the duo to Tag Team Championship gold before going on a singles run in the company that saw her become both Women's and Divas Champion.

Melina and Morrison looked like the perfect couple on screen, but behind the scenes, Melina's ego was becoming too much for many people backstage. She cheated on Morrison with Batista, an affair that became public knowledge but they seemingly were able to move past this. Melina was later released from WWE and went on to force the company to release Morrison too since she wouldn't stay away from WWE after she was fired. The final straw came when Melina shared a screenshot of Morrison's private prescription on her Twitter account. The two announced that they had gone their separate ways in 2015 more than a decade after they first met.

10 Miss Elizabeth And Lex Luger


Miss Elizabeth and Lex Luger were two people that many of the WWE Universe refused to accept as a couple. Elizabeth had divorced Randy Savage back in 1992 and following her second divorce in a matter of years, she started an ill-fated relationship with Lex Luger.

It was a union that would prove fatal for Elizabeth since there were a number of warning signs throughout the relationship that no one seemed to pick up on. Back in 2003, Luger was arrested and charged with battery after a dispute at their home had left Elizabeth with cuts and bruises, before the two were involved in an altercation a few days later while Elizabeth was an intoxicated passenger in Luger's car. It was just two weeks later that this relationship reached its climax as Elizabeth sadly passed away after she had taken a lethal mix of vodka and painkillers. She was just 42 years old.

9 CM Punk And Beth Phoenix


CM Punk has quite the track record when it comes to his personal life and the number of women he was linked with while he was part of the company. Punk had a number of high profile relationships with the likes of Maria, Kelly Kelly and even Lita as well as what was a toxic relationship with former Women's Champion Beth Phoenix.

While Beth and Punk's relationship looked like one that would have worked out on paper the two weren't that much of a match in reality. Following their breakup Punk and Phoenix didn't have a lot of nice things to say about each other, with the former WWE Champion stating that Phoenix just wanted a boyfriend and didn't care who that person was as well as labelling her a “flake.” Despite how much this relationship seemed to work on screen with the couple's memorable addition to The 2010 Royal Rumble, it was never destined to work out.

8 Triple H And Chyna


Triple H and Chyna are a couple that the WWE Universe has been reading about for the past decade. The Ninth Wonder of The World was brought into WWE as the bodyguard of Triple H and as well as being together on-screen they struck up a relationship off-screen as well.

Following their break-up, Chyna made claims that Triple H hit her a number of times, even though these weren't taken seriously. The WWE COO broke up with Chyna after a lengthy affair with Stephanie McMahon after the two were put together on WWE TV. Chyna obviously didn't react very well to the news that Triple H was choosing the boss' daughter over her, so she was then released from the company as well so that she couldn't cause any more problems. The fact that Triple H allowed his former girlfriend to be treated this way and didn't even try to help her afterwards shows the kind of relationship they must have had in the beginning.

7 Jerry Lawler And Stacy Carter


Stacy Carter and Jerry Lawler's relationship was one that was hard for many fans to digest given the age gap, but since Lawler had a history of dating much younger women, she seemed to fit the bill. The couple met at a softball game back in 1989 before Lawler introduced Stacy to the world of professional wrestling.

Stacy later went on to become a Women's Champion in WWE and was known as both Miss Kitty and The Kat during her tenure, before she was fired from the company after a backstage altercation. Lawler quit the company in protest before he found out that Carter had been cheating on him for some time. The couple filed for divorce and incredibly WWE welcomed Lawler back to the commentary desk despite his loyalty to his former wife. Lawler's personal life hasn't improved much over the past few years either since he was suspended from WWE back in 2016 for an altercation with his current girlfriend.

6 Edge And Lita


Edge isn't a superstar who has a great history when it comes to his personal life. The Rated R Superstar has been married three times now but back in 2005 he had only recently married his second wife and was then partnered up with former Women's Champion Lita when Matt Hardy was put on the sidelines for a number of months.

Lita and Edge stepped into an affair after spending some time together, an affair that was later made public knowledge and forced Edge into his second divorce as well as ruining the relationship between Matt and Lita. The affair would be later used as an angle on WWE TV but it was well known that this point that the relationship between all three stars was toxic and they were only holding it together because of the on-going storyline. Needless to say, Lita and Edge didn't continue their relationship after the affair was made public knowledge.

5 Randy Savage And Miss Elizabeth


Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were the couple that the WWE Universe was completely behind throughout the 1980s, but it seems that even the golden couple had their own fair share of issues behind the scenes.

Savage didn't expect the world to take to Elizabeth the way that they did, which could be why he ended up turning into a possessive and jealous man when it came to his wife. There are a number of stories that talk about how Savage would lock Elizabeth away in her own dressing room and forbade her from talking to any other man. He also made it his mission to go after any man who tried to talk to his wife, which could be why their relationship met such a sad end in 1992. Even though they are a couple that will go down in history as one of the best that the sport has ever produced, it seems that sometimes reality isn't able to recreate art.

4 Steve Austin And Debra


Steve Austin and Debra were another wrestling couple that was born out of the fact that two people were pushed together for a long amount of time. Austin was married when he met Debra but later filed for divorce so that he and Debra could continue their relationship.

The two married back in 2000 and it seems that this is where their relationship took a nosedive. Austin's temper started to rear its head with him later being arrested for domestic abuse when it was revealed that he had struck his wife on more than one occasion. Debra later filed for divorce and even stated that WWE had tried to cover up a number of his "roid rage" problems. Debra has since gone on to auction off her wedding ring and used some of the money to work with a number of charities who are there to help women who were victims of domestic violence.

3 Marlena And Goldust


Goldust and Marlena are the two stars who really pushed the envelope throughout The Attitude Era when it came to what was deemed acceptable at that time. The two were married in real life and seemingly worked well together on-screen, which is why it comes as such a shock that even their relationship wasn't perfect.

Following their breakup, Marlena revealed that Goldust's father was one of the main issues for their relationship since he didn't approve of her, called her a gold digger and often spread rumours about her infidelity, something that later became true since this led to her cheating with Shawn Stasiak. Incredibly, Marlena and Goldust have been able to patch things up since their divorce and the fact that they have a daughter together means that they have been forced to remain civil. Sometimes couples find it much easier to just be friends, which is what these two found out.

2 Paige And Alberto Del Rio


Paige has recently returned to WWE TV and could finally be able to fulfil the potential in the company that many fans have known she has had for most of her career. 2017 will definitely be a year that Paige would rather forget, given the issues that she was forced to overcome.

Paige and Alberto Del Rio revealed that they were in a relationship back in the spring of 2016 but it seems in the months that followed Paige stepped into self-destruct mode and almost threw away her entire wrestling career because of her boyfriend. The two were set to be married a number of times but these were called off because of arguments and fights they would have in very public places. It seems that even though the two were full of passion for one another, they just didn't fit and Paige has now been able to return to the thing that she does best without her former fiancé.

1 Nancy And Chris Benoit


Many of the WWE Universe will never forget the final actions of Chris Benoit, that took place more than a decade ago. These actions marked the end of a relationship that had seemingly been doomed from the beginning.

Nancy and Chris were forced together at the beginning of their relationship as they attempted to remain inside the Kayfabe bubble despite Nancy having a husband. This then led to an affair between Nancy and Chris and led to their marriage back in 2000, just months after the birth of their son. Nancy filed for divorce just three years later when she stated that she had been the victim of "cruel treatment" by her husband but the couple managed to move past this. The events of that fateful night in June 2007 will live long in the memory of wrestling fans when it is thought that the entire thing could perhaps have been prevented.

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15 Of The Most Messed-Up Relationships In WWE History