15 Of The Hottest Female Olympians Of All Time

When we think of the coveted tradition of the Olympic Games, the first things that generally come to mind are athleticism, sportsmanship, and world records. Sexiness is not what is on sports-minded folks’ minds when they are watching fast-paced relay races or seeing who can throw the shot put the farthest. Not until now anyway.

The elite competition just got hotter! Sexiness and sportiness can go hand in hand. These knockout 15 female Olympians are not only stellar stars in their respective sports, but they are totally beautiful babes who surely impress with their fantastic medal-worthy looks as much as they wow us in their Olympic area of expertise.

Of course, being an acclaimed athlete means having a healthy and fit body, but these 15 lovely ladies are far more than simply bulky muscles and all over tone. They are total stunners from head to toe and their fine physiques are only a small part of what makes them smoking hot.

These 15 gorgeous gals come from all over the world and vary in age and they compete in a variety of sports and other Olympic-level events. Diving, tennis, running, volleyball, gymnastics… you name it. These wow-worthy women are super-fierce on the field and wonderful in the water. They are strong, shapely, sleek, and mostly, sexy. The Olympics has never been better looking.

They all deserve the gold, so you decide who you would love to give the medal to. Probably all of them. They are definitely all perfect 10s.

15 Maria Sharapova - Tennis

The blond and well-built beauty, Maria Sharapova hails from Russia, but currently, resides in sunny Florida in the good old U.S. of A. Her stunning looks rival her prowess on the tennis court, and at age 29, she keeps improving her form, swing after glorious swing. She was a silver medalist winner in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England, but she’s certainly a gold winner in the eyes of her adoring fans worldwide. Rumor has it that the tennis playing temptress is eyeing a spot in the 2020 games, but we’ll see about that after her recent suspension following a drug test. No matter whether or not she competes in the Olympics, she’s still competing for the fellas’ attention! Tennis may be her passion, but Sharapova herself is the passion of her admirers. She’s got a court-full of beauty and a knack for whacking balls. What a match!

14 Alex Morgan – Soccer

Soccer was never so sexy now that the brunette stunner, Alex Morgan is running across the field and kicking the ball with her toned legs. She is currently with the team Olympique Lyonnais, and played with all her might in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, scoring the game-winning goal. She competed in Rio too in ’16. Her position is that of a striker, but the fellas adore her no matter what position she’s in. Heh heh. At 27-years-old, this soccer stunner is in her prime and will surely keep on kicking with a female force for years to come. She’s an All-American hottie who hails from sunny California. With her fine form and supreme stamina allowing her to play for hours, Morgan has a body that’s fit and fine with a beautiful face to match. Even when she’s all sticky and sweaty after a major game, she’s still far hotter than any soccer mom could ever hope to be.

13 Sophie Horn - Golf

If you consider golf to be a boring sport, think again. The seriously sexy British golfer, Sophie Horn, who competed in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, has made the game of golf one of the hottest sports around. The show-stopping stunner has been seen showing off her assets on many major men’s magazine covers flaunting her glorious goods, and she was even voted “World’s Hottest Golfer.” No kidding! Her beautiful blonde hair and pin up- ready body are made for the movies, but her fierce athletic prowess in the game of golf is where she excels the most. Along with her raw talent on the golf course, Horn is also a fashion model and presenter. Wouldn’t you want to get a hole in one alongside this golfing babe? She can swing with the best of them and still keep her cool under pressure. Is there a medal for that?

12 Antonija Sandric – Basketball

The Rio Olympic Games was certainly hot, but what made the temps rise even higher was the beautiful basketball babe, Antonija Sandric, who hails from Croatia. The 28-year-old hottie plays the position of point guard in the Liga Femenina for the Spanish team Lointek Gernika Bizkaia as well as the Croatia women’s national basketball team. The blonde bombshell stands at a tall 5’11” making her grand stature perfect for scoring big time in the game of basketball. Her shining athleticism paired with her natural beauty makes Sandric one to watch both on and off the court. While many fellas are dribbling over the sexy ball bouncer, she is happily married to another basketball player, Marko Sandric. He certainly scored! Sandric is a fit and fabulous woman who makes the sport of basketball even more exciting that it already is and fans love to watch her glide down the court with elegance and eagerness.

11 Paige Selenski – Field Hockey

The game of hockey is now hotter than ever, thanks to the 26-year-old American Olympian field hockey hottie, Paige Selenski. She is from Kingston, Pennsylvania, but her sizzling sex appeal and sporty attitude are adored by fans from all over the globe. Her buff body is as fit as can be, making her muscles look stunning and sculpted. The stunner has earned over 125 appearances for the USA national hockey team and is one of their highest-scoring players. She and her team played with prowess at the Rio Olympic Games and Selenski was a big part of the team’s overall success. She also competed in the 2012 London Games. Ice hockey can make you shiver, but field hockey is always hot, only made steamier by watching Selenski do her thing with her hockey stick. Look out for more athletic achievements to come in the years ahead from this seductive star player.

10 Jacqueline Carvalho - Volleyball

The Rio Olympic Games of 2016 was certainly a crowd pleaser, but Brazil’s Jacqueline Carvalho who played Volleyball during the games was one of the Olympics’ hottest attractions. She is a tall drink of water who stands at over 6-feet. The volleyball player is a long-haired brunette and has golden bronze skin that’s smooth and supple. The athletic angel won the “Best Spiker” award from the 2010 FIVB World Grand Prix and had two gold medals before heading to Rio. Volleyball may be a team sport, but all eyes are on Carvalho when she’s bashing that ball over the net. She’s a sporty woman, but she’d succeed just as well as a model thanks to her super-long legs, gorgeous face, and elegant posture. If you see this Brazilian beauty on the beach, look out for the nearest volleyball net and get ready to be crushed by this Olympian stand out.

9 Aly Raisman – Gymnastics

The 22-year-old gymnastics genius, Aly Raisman, stands at just 5’2”, but she is a powerhouse as she does her fabulous floor routines, breathtaking balance beam acts, and unique uneven bars programs. She was part of the 2012 Olympic Games with her “Fierce 5” teammates, and in the 2016 Rio Games with the “Final Five” gymnastics standouts. Raisman is an adorable brunette with a killer compact muscular body and sublime athletic skills few can match. She hails from Massachusetts and is adored by gymnastic fans worldwide. As her fame has soared, the athletic gal decided to give dancing a go and appeared on season 16 of the hit reality show, Dancing With the Stars where she finished in 4th place. Don’t take your eyes off this sporty sex symbol, because at her young age, she still has many good years left to continue to compete with conviction. Gymnastics was never so fantastic!

8 Natasha Hastings – Sprinter

If you don’t look fast, the stunning Natasha Hastings of America may zip right past you. She is an Olympic-level sprinter, after all. The 30-year-old stunner is from Brooklyn, NY and is of Jamaican and Trinidadian descent. The gorgeous gal is now a Georgia peach residing in Locust Grove. At age 22, she made the USA Olympic Track and Field Team in 2008 and won the coveted gold medal in the Women’s 4 x 400M relay. She was also in the Rio Games in 2016 running with stellar speed. Hastings was known as the “400M Diva” while in college at the University of South Carolina where she ran with all her might while completing her higher learning. She’s toned, taut, and terrific as she sprints with suave sexiness. Her long hair flies in the whipping wind and she looks totally flawless as she crosses the finish line with finesse and flair.

7 Darya Klishina – Long Jump

The Rio Olympic Games certainly had sports-loving fans jumping with sheer excitement out of their seats, but none could go nearly as far as the ravishing Russian beauty, Darya Klishina, an Olympic-level long jumper. Not only is the 26-year-old a totally toned track and field babe, but she is tall – 5’11”, super-sexy, and having more fun than you are as a blonde. When the Russians were suspended from the games due to doping scandals, this lovely long jumping hottie was given special permission by the IAAF to compete. How could they resist? She finished 9th, but at least she was allowed to jump at all. The Soviet stunner is super-cute and her tall frame allows for her long legs to go the extra distance. Her personal best is 7.05M making her a leaping lady to jump for joy over. Track and field has never been so interesting or easy on the eyes.

6 Amber Hill – Skeet Shooter

She is only a mere 19-years-old, but the brassy and bold British skeet shooting babe, Amber Hill, is an outrageous Olympian who is gunning for major worldwide attention. At just a compact 5’2”, Hill is a petite little thing, but don’t let her short stature or young age fool ya. She is a winning wiz with her weapon and she is aiming for the gold. Not only is the exciting English rose a real rebel on the Olympic stage, but she is sponsored by a lingerie company! Sporty and sexy… what a perfect combo. She is bullet-proof when it comes to destroying the competition and fierce enough to go up with guns blazing against athletes older and far more experienced. Hill is beautifully blonde, fantastically fit, and totally talented, and we will surely see her in many more Olympic Games to come. Heck, what were you doing at 19?

5 Kassidy Cook – Diving

The adorable diminutive diver, Kassidy Cook, wowed the crowds at the Rio Olympic Games in the 3m springboard competition. She placed 13th, but she’s a winner in the eyes of her adoring fans and her United States national diving teammates. Cook is a 21-year-old Florida native who attended Stanford University. The perky brunette stunner stands at 5’3” and is all sweet smiles and captivating cuteness. Her diving skills are only getting better and it is always a thrill to get to see your favorite (and sexiest) Olympic athletes bare nearly all in their skin-tight swimsuits. Diving with precision surely is not easy, but Cook makes entering the pool waters look effortless. At just 21, she’s got the world at her feet, so we are sure to see much more of the delightful diver as she improves her springboard skills. Don’t you just want to splash around with this diving diva?

4 Michelle Jenneke – Hurdler

The brunette beauty, Michelle Jenneke, hails from New South Wales and is a silver medalist winner for her impressive hurdling skills at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. She was also a participant in the Rio Olympic Games. There, she came in 6th place in her heat. Her Olympic events include the 100-meter hurdles and the sprint medley relay race. Jenneke competes with the Athletics Australia team. Before her races, the athlete does a little dance that has garnered her media attention after going viral, but she is surely just warming up in order to hurdle to her best abilities. The hurdling hottie stands at 5’7” and is as fit as a fiddle with impressive musculature paired with fine femininity. She is one to watch in the future Olympic Games, so jump over whatever hurdles you must in order to tune in to see the Olympian break her previous records.

3 Tonia Couch - Diving

Tonia Couch is no couch potato. The breathtaking British bombshell is a daring diver with the Plymouth Diving Club and hails from Devon, England. Her beautiful blond hair and winning smile make her easy on the eyes as she competes in the not-so-easy-task of diving at the Olympic level. She was at the Rio Games where her diving chops helped cool down the hottie from the warm Rio sunshine. The beachy babe is 5’2”, but her alluring appearance makes her stand high above the crowd, even when she’s under water. She’s got a chiseled body that makes her look like a gold medal winner in any swimsuit competition. The stunner is 27-years-old and makes the water look even more magical than it already is. Diving is tricky, but Couch makes it look like it comes to her naturally. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come from Couch. And save a seat on your couch for her to join you (in your wildest dreams, of course).

2 Ella Nelson – 200m

Do not look away, otherwise, you may not see the seriously stunning athlete, Ella Nelson run past. She’s an amazing Australian beauty, hailing from Sydney, who was at the Rio Games competing in the 200m race. She placed 9th in her field, but she is a first place winner in the minds and hearts of her many admirers. The brunette babe is 22 years of age and stands at 5’7”. Running quickly takes lots of stamina and hard work… could you keep up with such a rigorous regime? Nelson is sure to continue to impress in more races in the future since she ran her personal best at the Rio Games. Speed and sexiness is a winning combination whether or not you bring home a medal. Nelson is an impressive Olympian with oozing sex appeal, so lace up your running shoes and try to catch up with this ravishing racer!

1 Maria Kirilenko – Tennis

The blonde Russian tennis babe, Maria Kirilenko, brought home the bronze medal as a fierce doubles player at the London Olympic Games in 2012. The Moscow-born beauty is 30-years-old and made it to the Rio Games as well, swinging and serving hotness as well as awesome athleticism. She is not only a sporty sensation on the tennis court, but she is also a gorgeous model. She was chosen to be the face of Adidas by Stella McCartney and has graced the alluring pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Sorry fellas, but this tempting tennis cutie is taken… she is married and has a baby boy. But if you love tennis, Kirilenko is certainly one to rave over. She is as sexy as she is sporty and anyone would love to be her doubles partner if given the chance. It’s not clear if she’s set to make it to the next Games, but we’d love to watch her slam those balls over the net!

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