15 Of The Biggest Misconceptions WWE Fans Have About Vince McMahon

Thanks to the fact professional wrestling is based on a lie, the average fan of the industry tends to think they know more than WWE is ever willing to let on. In many respects, this is almost true, at least insofar as what happens when cameras are rolling. However, any fan who claims they know every little detail about Vince McMahon’s empire, down to the thoughts and feelings of the man and his performers, would be suggesting something borderline impossible.

This is especially true when it comes to the theoretical fan who believes he knows everything about McMahon himself, as despite how long he’s spent in the public eye, much of the WWE patriarch’s actions remain bizarre and inexplicable to those who study him. To this day, Vince makes moves that are contrary to the very laws of common sense, and when people question him about it, all he does is yell his name and strut away like only he can. The most bizarre part is that somehow this works and has worked for over three decades.

Given everything this article has contended thus far, it would be quite bold of us to suggest we have the answers the rest of the world is lacking. The truth is, Vince McMahon is as much a mystery to us as he is to anyone else who has ever attempted to define him. That said, there are a couple things about Vince we know for sure are not true, and yet plenty of people seem to believe they are, so maybe it’s time to clear some of these issues up. Keep reading to learn the truth about 15 misconceptions WWE fans have about Vince McMahon.

15 He’s Letting Triple H And Stephanie Take Over

With the usual American retirement age being 65, Vince McMahon should've been thinking about an exit strategy for some time now. At the time of this writing, McMahon is a mere two months shy of his 72nd birthday and 7 years above the national average for retirement, yet he’s still showing no signs of slowing down. That said, it’s not entirely wrong to assume Vince is letting Triple H and Stephanie gradually replace him. The catch is that although McMahon may be content in knowing that one day, his daughter and son-in-law might assume control of WWE, he has shown no intentions of letting this time come a single second faster than it absolutely has to. Of course, the good news for WWE fans holding out hope this will happen is that they won’t be waiting forever, as Vince has an expiration date just like anyone else.

14 His Wife Hates Him

Quite frankly, if it were true that Linda McMahon hated her husband Vince, it would be pretty hard to blame her for doing so. Throughout their 50+ year marriage, Vince has cheated on Linda countless times in the open and in private, on television and in real life. Practically every female to work for WWE has been groped or kissed by Vince as part of a storyline, and somehow, Linda has been watching it from the sidelines with a smile from day one. Granted, the McMahon family probably has less time together, in general, now that Linda is the Administrator of the Small Business Administration, and their collective advanced ages make it hard for Vince to keep getting side action. That said, Linda never harbored any resentments against Vince when both were at the peak of their lives and careers, even at times when most other women would be furious.

13 His Father Would Be Furious

For some time now, there has been a growing perception in the industry that Vince McMahon is destroying WWE from the inside. While there’s no denying this idea has been intensifying in recent years, if one was to ask a wrestling traditionalist, they might argue this practice started way back in 1982, the moment he purchased the company from his father, Vince McMahon, Sr.. These traditionalists would also largely try and claim that also from that moment, McMahon, Sr. would despise everything his son went on to accomplish. There's a small kernel of truth in this in that McMahon, Sr. would not have appreciated his son putting all of his friendly rivals out of business, but that’s about where the resentment ends. Beyond that, McMahon, Sr. would likely be extremely proud of his son turning a regional business into a global phenomenon and becoming a billionaire in the process. And come on, when it gets put that way, what father could possibly be disappointed?

12 He Doesn’t Do Anything

In the modern era, Vince McMahon makes maybe a handful of appearances on Raw or Pay-Per-View each year, and the trend is going downward. Even ten or twenty years ago when he was on TV every week, McMahon would only be in a segment or two where he was the sole focus. Combine these issues with the reality that in the rest of the sports world, a team owner genuinely doesn’t do much more than sign paychecks, and it almost makes sense some fans would think the same about McMahon. While it’s true the wrestlers might be putting in more physical effort than their boss, make no mistake about the fact none of them would be in the ring at all unless McMahon had an idea he wanted them to bring to life inside of it. Vince is constantly writing, producing, editing, and all other sorts of jobs behind the scenes, all integral to his company’s existence.

11 He Hates Wrestling

Quite a few of the misconceptions on this list would be fairly ironic if true, and none fit this bill as perfectly as the assumption Vince McMahon hates the very product he produces on a virtually daily basis. Obviously, McMahon doesn’t have any problem raking in billions, but one can’t help but notice he almost never uses the word that describes his programming and has actually banned WWE announcers and talent from using it in their interviews. Despite the fact “wrestling” is one-third of his company’s name, Vince clearly doesn’t appreciate the word, and yet it would be a massive stretch to think this means he hates the concept in general. Granted, this misconception has more legs than most others on this list, but the truth is pretty much all about branding. “Sports entertainment” is poorly defined and can mean anything, so Vince uses it simply to broaden his horizons and potential fan base. Is it going a step too far to cover his ears whenever he hears the word wrestling? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean he despises the idea.

10 He Has No Idea What He’s Doing

Considering how unhappy many WWE fans have been in recent months, with ratings hitting all-time lows and crowd resentment practically at its peak, the natural conclusion is that Vince McMahon is completely in over his head at this point in time. Fans obviously aren’t happy with the product, and applying Occam’s razor that the simplest solution is often the best, many are blaming McMahon for things going off the rails. Although it’s true that McMahon deserves the blame for whatever wrong happens in his company, the fact remains a whole lot is still going perfectly fine for the WWE Universe. The staff is still getting paid, arenas are still selling out, on occasion, and the USA Network remains happy despite ratings starting to sag. All of this adds up to a CEO who has a pretty good grasp of his company, the exact opposite of having no clue how to run things.

9 He’s A One-Man Show

The flipside to the belief Vince McMahon doesn’t do anything in WWE would be the suggestion he’s in complete control of absolutely everything. Granted, statements about how McMahon is constantly micromanaging all facets of his business kind of lead towards this impression, yet it's still a leap to go from “Vince has some hand in everything” to flat out claiming he does it all by himself. While Vince certainly has an interest in the writing and production of his show, he also has dozens of people to perform the less important tasks, albeit always under a watchful eye, of course. As time goes on, Vince has gradually been reducing his role more and more, to the extent there are a few areas of the show he’s only involved with in a tangential manner. Of course, in order to do this, he needed to find people he could trust…

8 He Doesn’t Care About His Fans

This list should already be presenting the idea that not all WWE fans are particularly happy with how the company has been going lately, and Vince McMahon is obviously the main source of this feeling, whether one happens to agree with it or not. Given these two simple pieces of information, it could be pretty easy to put the facts together and assume McMahon doesn’t care what his audience thinks anymore, and that’s if he ever did. Although it certainly feels this way at times, the fact remains McMahon and his entire empire are still entirely reliant on people actually tuning in to the show in order for them to make money. It might be accurate to claim McMahon doesn’t really care about whether or not the crowd enjoys the show, but he most certainly cares that they're in attendance, buying his merchandise and giving him money.

7 His Employees Hate Him

Vince McMahon relies on his fans to make money, and thus, he can’t entirely ignore their likes and interests. On the other hand, if one of Vince’s employees happens to cause trouble with him, they can easily get fired, forcing everyone to walk on eggshells and do whatever it takes to keep him happy. Or at least that would be the case if McMahon was as hateful and resentful of his talents as people say, which isn’t the case in the slightest. Obviously, a few former WWE employees haven’t been entirely happy with their former boss, and yet there’s a reason people keep rushing to work for him again. It’s not just that Vince is the top name in the business; McMahon has also shown a surprisingly large amount of generosity to those who work for him, and they appreciate it the same way anyone is thankful for a decent boss.

6 He Doesn’t Care About His Employees

Hand in hand with the fact Vince McMahon’s employees like the guy is the fact he also seems to like the majority of them. Again, if Vince had a problem with anyone working for him, he could just fire them or simply not hire them in the first place. Instead, Vince has kept people employed even after major public blowups, mostly because he deeply appreciates the work they put in for him. Sure, there are some employees Vince likes more than others, and he probably does, in fact, hate a few of them, but these outliers are never around for long enough to the point it really matters. Also, more important than the fact Vince is fond of his employees is the fact he truly does what he feels is best for them, as evidenced by his paying for countless surgeries and rehabs for wrestlers that don’t even compete anymore.

5 He Hates His Kids

No matter what children's personal relationship is with their own father, almost everyone can agree Vince McMahon and his kids have a pretty unique situation going. Even the unlucky amongst us who have gotten into a fight or two with the old man never did so in the middle of a wrestling ring he owned, watched by millions, and the fact Vince has done this with both of his offspring would imply they aren’t on the best of terms. On the contrary, it was, in fact, a high level of trust between them that made family matches possible in the first place. Sure, Vince beat the crap out of his daughter and choked her unconscious with a pipe at No Mercy 2003, and counting his various wars with his son would take quite a while. However, he’s also kept his kids employed and strongly promoted throughout their entire lives and might even let them take his place when he physically cannot go on, making this one of the more tenuous assumptions one could have about the man.

4 He Can Do No Wrong

Naturally, the opposite of Vince McMahon essentially being incompetent in his job would be that he’s performing it better than anyone else ever could. Only a select few people could pull off both reputations at the exact same time, and McMahon happens to be one of them. For every fan out there complaining WWE is worse than it's ever been or ever could be, there’s someone else out there who feels the company is firing on all cylinders, with no end in sight to this newfound golden age of pro wrestling. Were these issues of fact and numbers, it would be impossible for both sides to be right; however, the quality of McMahon’s programming is a matter of opinion, so if anything, this particular misconception is closer to true than anything else on the list. That said, while it’s completely fine for someone to love everything Vince creates, the fact is most people have at least one or two qualms with his business practices -- and some have thousands.

3 He’s Insane/Losing His Mind

Based solely on what this list has presented thus far, it may be starting to look like Vince McMahon is more contradiction than man. Every misconception about him has some sort of factual basis, leaving a very complicated persona with whom it's often difficult to separate fact from fiction. Of course, the problem here is with people trying to understand McMahon and has nothing to do with the man himself. The mere fact it can be hard to read someone is far from a sign something is wrong with that person's head, although many people seem to treat it this way. Throw in the fact Vince is technically a senior citizen, and this only intensifies this feeling, as some elderly people do indeed start to lose their capacity with age. This may happen one day, but it hasn’t happened yet.

2 He’s Never Going Away

Take how much control Vince McMahon has over his product and combine it with everything this list has contested thus far, and it would be easy to come to the conclusion the man will never leave WWE behind. In a manner of speaking, this is probably true, in that McMahon has no intentions of willingly making his exit from the business. However, as already established, not to mention as everyone should probably know, Vince McMahon is going to die one day. It’s morbid to think about, and we’re certainly not hoping this happens anytime soon (nor should anyone). That said, death is an inevitability for all of us, and McMahon is no different. Whether he wants to hand the reigns of his empire to someone else or not, fate will one day intervene and force things to change for McMahon, his family, and his WWE Universe. The only mystery left is what happens next…

1 WWE Will Collapse Without Him

So now that it’s in the clear Vince McMahon cannot possibly be around forever, the remaining question is what will happen to the WWE Universe when the CEO and owner is no longer around. Some fans worry (or maybe hope) that the answer is rather simple and obvious: the company will completely fall apart without a dictator in charge, and the wrestling world will never be the same. Granted, the last bit of that sentence might be true, as the industry will certainly experience some major changes when McMahon’s influence is no longer the dominant force within it. At the same time, though, WWE isn’t going to blink out of existence, and in fact, the change might do everyone a little good. Once again, no one is asking for McMahon to pass away, yet the reality is things won’t be catastrophically bad when that happens, at least in the long run.

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